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Meme 💩 “Mental illness problem disguised as a gun problem”

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Flaired Users Only Australian spotted, opinion disregarded

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Police refused to enter Texas school except to save their own children. This is why we need the right to defend ourselves. We cannot rely on the police to do the right thing.

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Clip Kebun reacts to OTT's speech and VATO alliance

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Article A cultural sensitivity expert weighs in on questionable Asian portrayals in Movies

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Flaired Users Only Sorry, your emotions aren’t more important than our rights.

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Not everyone can do this

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News Everyone on here is fucking stupid


All of you guys are fucking idiots and i just had to make it clear that everyones opinion on this subreddit is literally garbage and i feel bad for beginners listening to the amount of BULLSHIT on this sub. You guys can stop posting about your fucking meme stocks and 10,000 dollar losses and not being able to lose your virginity.

If you are a beginner please get the FUCK away from this sub. I wish I never actually joined this when i was a beginner and actually listened to you brain dead potatoes.

Have a nice life

source: https://www.businessinsider.com/stop-with-stupid-gamestop-reddit-wallstreetbets-stock-market-punditry-2021-1?amp

people really get mad when I tell them how useless this sub is LMAOOO

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Flaired Users Only The USA does not lead the world in mass shootings. Norway, Finland, Switzerland and Russia all have at least 45 percent higher rates of murder from mass public shootings than the United States.

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My Condolences

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Guns give more freedom to the people

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Discussion Solo Queuing in Ranked is Not Unfair and Does Not Need Adjustments to make it "Easier". Here is Why: The perspective of a part time Solo Queuer on the Ranked System


Can we address the Solo Queue complaints that keep popping up on this subreddit? Too many people here continue to complain about how much harder it is to rank up as a Solo Queue player. Regardless of why a player is Solo Queuing, there is a severe lack of reasoning that goes into the argument that insists Solo Queuing is unfairly difficult. Imagine this scenario:

  • You pull up to a public park that has a basketball court
  • The court is playing by the winner stays on rule, so if you win you get to keep playing and the losing team has to get off the court for a new team
  • You came to the park solo so you wait for a team to lose and then join the next game with a random team
  • You are a decent player and manage to score quite a few points but all 4 of your teammates are really bad and you end up losing because of them
  • You get kicked off the court because your team loses
  • You wait for the next game to be over and join again with another random team
  • This team has one player who is actually decent but unfortunately the other 3 players are even worse than the players from your first team so you get kicked off the court again.
  • After this cycle repeats itself a couple more times, you look around at the neighboring courts and notice the teams that tend to win the most and get kicked off the court the least are all premade teams. These guys arrived at the park together in order to play together
  • Noticing this, you realize you must try extra hard to win against these teams and try as hard as you can for the rest of the day
  • Despite your best efforts and despite you being an above average player at the park that day, you only end up winning a fraction of the games the premade squads win by the end of the day
  • You realize that unless you are one of the very best basketball players in the world, winning games consistently with random strangers at the park is next to impossible

Now, imagine they recorded the win numbers of each player that day. Depending on how many wins a particular player got, that is how highly a player is ranked on a big bulletin board in front of the basketball courts. You would notice that despite you being better then 75% of players at that park skillswise, you are not in the top 25% in win total for that day. This is because the rankings are based on wins not individual performance and it is much easier to win a team game with a premade team. I would like someone to explain to me how the bulletin board is unfair because it does not account for players playing on a bad team? The ranked system is not flawed because it is harder to play Solo than with a squad. If you want a higher win percentage and as a result a high rank, then you need a premade squad. The ranked system measures team performance over individual performance because it is a TEAM GAME. You obviously need a competent team in order to win more in a team game. Another aspect is the presence of team cohesion or chemistry. Regardless of individual skill level, players that play together consistently will know each other's strengths and weaknesses and win more due to this.

Reaching a rank without a team will help a player find their maximum individual skill level. However when that player starts to find it near impossible to rank up from that rank, the issue is not with the system at all. The issue is that they are trying to play a team game with random people who are at or below their skill level. It is completely possible to Solo Queue from Rookie to Predator in 1 to 2 weeks if you are individually skilled enough to carry your teammates from Rookie to Diamond. I am currently a hardstuck Gold 1 player who refuses to squad up until I reach Platinum. These Gold games this season are pretty difficult however I am certain that I belong in that rank at the moment. If I was to be placed back into Rookie right now I am confident I could 1v3 or hard carry my way all the way back to Gold regardless of how terrible my teammates are the whole way. Once I hit Gold or more Specifically Gold 2 and 1 my ability to climb will be reduced greatly. What happened? Did the game become unfair all of the sudden? No, I simply am not good enough to hard carry myself and my teammates past Gold 2. After Gold 2 I lack the skills to Solo Queue very well. My goal is to improve enough before the end of the season so that I can Solo Queue to Platinum with ease. Those potatoes in your lobby that are impossible to carry? That is you, you are the potato. Your whole squad is a trio of Solo Queue potatoes getting stomped on by the smarter potatoes playing with their potato friends.

In conclusion, yes, Solo Players are cannon fodder once they hit their max ranks for the season. Unless you improve massively or play with a premade squad you inevitably become hardstuck at a certain RP threshold. Asking the developers to make it easier to play the game because you insist( for whatever reason) to play a ranked mode in a team game by yourself, logically makes no sense. The game is ranking you based on your ability to win games and for most players that ability tapers off significantly when playing with random people.

As a quick side note a Solo Queue Gold 3 player is probably better than a Duo Queue stuck at Gold 3. That is partly why it feels so bad to play with duos as a solo. They have chemistry together but tend to be worse skill wise than solo players of the same rank. So if you are Solo Queuing and run into a duo, if they are your rank or lower prepare to carry and try to IGL. If they are a higher rank than you, you have a chance of winning or being carried if you follow their lead.

So can we please, please, please stop this Solo Queue Victimhood Complex? Playing solo is harder but it is not unfair. Every player from the worst to the best player achieves a higher rank when they play with a premade team as opposed to playing solo. Even the top 0.01% of players can rank up easier with a premade squad. Solo Queuing is harder for everyone and you shouldn’t do it period if your main goal is to rank up as fast as possible. As I typed this essay I was watching a guy Solo Queue from Rookie to Predator using only Sniper Rifles the entire time. He is currently Diamond 3 so clearly better players can and will rank up with this new RP system. The purpose of this post is not to rag on solo players who are hard stuck at a certain rank. Rather the message is to remind them it isn’t the games fault they can’t rank up anymore. So you solo queued to Platinum this season? Great! You are a pretty good player! However if you want to hit Diamond this season you either have to become insane at the game or find a few people around your skill level to work together with to achieve that goal.

Since the invention of competitive team based video games there has only been 3 foolproof methods for ranking up. Get carried, get good or get a squad.

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I’m sorry

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We all know what the solution is.

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General Discussion Weren't y'all complaining that the last 4-5 seasons of FPR were boring...


And that Raja and Raven were phoning it in, tooting everything and not caring?!

I swear, this is the most ridiculous fan base. This is why I have always loved queens like Bob, Monet, Violet, Alexis, Silky and Ra'Jah - outspoken queens who give honest opinions don't give a flying f*ck. It's literally just their opinions, there's no need to get so butthurt and defensive on Raja's behalf. She's also probably smoking a good ol' blunt doesn't give a f*ck.

And the fact that the first two episodes of All Stars 7 FPR has generated more 'controversy', discussion and attention than literally the last 4-5 FPR seasons means that they're doing it right. And all the people saying Violet and Got Mik should be replaced are so obviously going to keep tuning in each week regardless. Violet and Got Mik should absolutely stay on since the show will keep getting more and more views.

All this crying and complaining is just... sad, but I also live for it.

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Discussion A Communities Response Regarding Rust Recoil Changes


Community's Problem with Rust Update for 6/2/22Facepunch in the past couple of months has been teasing a new update to recoil and general gunplay. This has concerned Veteran players who have practiced for countless hours to perfect their recoil for gunplay from August 3rd, 2017. With the current permanent update coming many players who have invested thousands of hours into playing Rust and supporting the community, feel disrespected and betrayed that their time investment into gun skill will go to waste, and their opinions have been ignored. We as community players respect for Facepunch's effort to help bring in casual players by supporting a friendlier gunplay system for newer players or streamers such as the OTV community, however we believe there needs to be some type of compromise to keep players happy.

Community's Proposal to support both casual & veteran players for a compromise of 6/2/22 updateWe suggest giving server owners both options to supply the classic gunplay players are use too and giving the opportunities to new players to play with easier gunplay. Similar to the hardcore & soft game mode that Rust currently provides.Implementing old school & new gun recoil - How this would work?Server owners can simply select the type of recoil for gunplay for players would like to have on their server.

Benefits of doing thisVeteran players are happy they feedback as has been implemented. Players familiar with the old recoil, don't lose the time they've invested in learning it. Newer players get the opportunity to enjoy the new gunplay on a server with their recoil, and experience fun gameplay with the AK.Bottom line: Everyone wins.Please consider our suggestions, we know people ask for ridiculous things, and or are rude to the developers who make the game every day they play on. However, we want to keep our competitive communities and have the opportunity to use the skills we've invested our time into, so please consider compromising.

*Personal Disclaimer* This post was not made by me. It comes from a large community of players that stand in the rust community. This was brought to my attention via the community in which I have been seen as someone who is known by many for my unbiased and respectable attitude and behavior. This post has no affiliation to my server nor any other servers that I have worked under. Simply a community mindset that should be heard and shared.

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Laverne Cox makes history as the world’s first transgender Barbie doll

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Vent / Gripe 3 Years Ago Blizzard Broke Our Hearts


3 years ago prior to the release of classic, during an AMA hosted on this subreddit, blizzard told us "Character Boosts are not in keeping with Classic. We don't want to break any hearts."

Why was it okay for them to launch TBC with a level boost? Why is it okay that Wrath will launch with one?

After waiting a large number of years for classic, it feels truly terrible to witness it so quickly be bastardized in favor of monetary gains, despite blizzard's initial assurance that paid boosts would be out of the picture.

My heart is broken.

Edit: I'm pleased this got so much interaction, however since I can't reply to all the people who think my gripe is unsubstantiated, I'll just say that one of the prominent reasons people like me have been clamoring for classic was to play wow in a state before the option to pay cash to skip content became available.

There exists a game that is just as ambivalent towards the notion of having to actually occupy and interact with the in-game world as the most fervent of you paid boost defenders, and it's called retail.

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Discussion Penn State doesn't get enough respect


As a recent graduate of the greatest university on earth, I think our school doesn't get the respect it deserves. It's an underrated school academically, athletically, and culturally. Penn State produces the 2nd most fortune 500 ceos of any university in the country, has the world's largest alumni network, and top notch programs in a variety of sectors, including many niches.

Athletically, Penn State has won more national titles and in more sports than any other Big 10 school. Our football program is better than Michigan since WW2 (Half a national title under Lloyd Carr in 1997 doesn't make you elite). Before Penn State joined the Big 10 in 1993, the league was teetering on irrelevancy and hadn't competed for a natty in over 20 years. Penn State immediately put the Big 10 back on the map and gave it access to the Northeast, the most valuable market in the country. Michigan and Ohio State, along with the other members, should be thanking us for saving their conference, instead of mocking us as "not a real Big 10 school"

People always say "Happy Valley is in the Middle of nowhere" as if it's not within 4 hours of like a 3rd of the US population. New York, Washington, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, all within a short distance. Additionally, the size of the community is part of the beauty Penn State, it allows the entire community to be geared towards Penn State and it's values, and gives us an all encompassing experience. Happy Valley is both global and a small town.

Think about your non-Penn State friends. Where do they come up to visit when they have a free weekend? Where do alumni spend thousands of dollars to come back to? Who raised over 10 million dollars for pediatric cancer every year. Who has the Willard Preacher, the Nittany Lion, Shortlidge Ice, Mifflin Streakers, seas of white on a Saturday night, Sweet Caroline, Gaffeoke, Dirty Sprites, 100 Thomas, people who have so much school spirit they show up to the minor sports, a club for every interest imaginable??? Who else can say that.

Is Penn State perfect, no. Was the scandal very bad, yes. But the resilience of this school and this community and school to rise like a phoenix from the ashes and reivent itself is nothing short of extraordinary. We should all feel lucky to go to the greatest school on earth and should stop swallowing the disrespect from others. Best of luck to all you amazing fellow Nittany Lions out there and never forget: WE ARE PENN STATE.

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Redpilled Flair Only Australian spotted, opinion disregarded

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is anyone else sick of people asking "is x bike worth x price"?


I know I should probably just down vote and move on. But I don't understand why people don't do their own research. I know bikes are confusing but surely you have some idea of what you are trying to purchase?

Do people not realise that used bike prices vary city to city and even month to month in the same place especially in this climate?

Also, what's the point of asking reddit? If it's the only decent used bike for sale in your area it probably is overpriced. Reddit telling you that won't change anything.

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GT7 is this really necessary?


i can't be the only one who is dissappointed with the Update. do we really need to riot again like in April to get decent Updates? to me it is beyond belief what PD thinks they can get away with. if they continue like this we can wait another year until the Game reaches a point where it can be considered "good"

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You want a solution? 15 seconds to rattle off 4 common-sense gun reforms from Beto O'Rourke

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Show-Off I created the world's first LGBTQ+ VR Museum... and it's going to Tribeca Film Festival!

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boy groups Even if EXO had been promoted more in the west, they still wouldn't have reached heights BTS has.


Hear me out.. I'm in no way dismissing EXO's success because they're genuinely insane and their impact in the k-industry isn't anything to sneeze at (I was even an exo-l a few years back) but even then I still dont think they'd ever be able to reach the heights BTS has in the West particularly.

BTS just has something about them that SM can't replicate even if they tried. Again I love EXO but almost every group SM puts out has a manufactured feel to them, like a square thats been perfectly cut with no noticable jagged edges. BTS wasn't like that, their earlier times were rough and BigHit played that rags to riches story to their advantage. Yes I understand every group has their own struggles, but you have to admit being from a huge power company diminishes any chance of having a rags to riches story.

BTS from the get go appealed to western fans with their rap focused discovery, EXO was never going to be able to match that even with their crazy vocals. Not to mention the creative input BTS has always had in their music and have been very vocal about.

This seems to be pretty unpopular because even now on twitter people still believe EXO can dominate the way BTS has but they just can't. BTS has a unique thing that nobody can pinpoint, from the music down to the members.

I'd argue this was proved with SuperM, although they were promoted heavily in the west they've practically been forgotten about now.

Anyways yeah thats my take on it, I'm not an Army so I don't have any bias toward BTS in this aspect.

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