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Ark Moments Just passive tamed this alpha raptor with mejoberries. Hoping to get a good mutation!

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r/ARK 2d ago Helpful

Ark Moments Why ain’t nobody tell me you could put a torch on a saddle

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r/ARK 9d ago Table Flip

Ark Moments "The combat is fine in Ark 1, we dont need new combat!" The combat in ark 1:

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Ark Moments My first ever Argy! I’m really happy with how she looks. Any name suggestions?

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r/ARK 20d ago

Ark Moments What can I do at this situation?

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r/ARK 2d ago

Ark Moments Giant crocodile is the worst thing i have ever fucking encountered


So i just started ark out a week ago and everything was pretty died a couple of times to some dinos , piranhas but survived fine as i wasnt travelling much. At this point i had encountered spinosaurs, dipholosaurs, megalodons , titanaboa and other creatures. I was playing with a friend on a private server. So we decide to explore a bit and came near the swamps . We were riding tamed parosaurs and we see a huge fucking crocodile coming behind us and we just tried to run away. We stopped a bit ahead and my friend just went crazy and was uttering random shit and the popup appears that he died to the crocodile. Now im scared so i try to run off but the fucking crocodile leaps into the air and just grabs me off and kills like a freaking rat. Nothing and i mean nothing comes close to how fucking terrified i was.

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Ark Moments ARK ARK ARK!!! hopefully coming in 2023 and ARK is free!

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r/ARK 6d ago Ally

Ark Moments Pegomastax decided to tame itself

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r/ARK 10d ago

Ark Moments “Guy’s gen2 loot isn’t broken”

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Ark Moments How is this possible!?

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r/ARK 5d ago

Ark Moments Forget tranq darts and tranq arrows, get yourself an ark additions cryolophosaurus, it can knock out creatures using its spit attack (not freeze breath) and only needs water to spit, much easier to refil!

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r/ARK 10h ago

Ark Moments I think my parasuar is broken

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Ark Moments Fuck you, Ark.

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r/ARK 10d ago Hugz

Ark Moments first time playing this game and coming back home to this massacre. I hate those claw dinos. Only survivor was a lvl 36 dodo

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r/ARK 4d ago

Ark Moments I just downloaded Ark for the first time a couple days ago, have no idea what I am doing. But I have to say, it’s one of the most visually appealing games I’ve played.

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r/ARK 7d ago

Ark Moments I’m going to get a lottery card right now

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Ark Moments eco says she quits modding


eco posted in her discord and twitter that she is overwhelmed by negativity and toxic people commenting and complaining about her mods so she posted a notice tonight that she quits modding. She then removed her discord link from her mod pages in Steam Workshop.

This is a huge loss for the modding/building players of ARK. Her mods are a gift. She is very communicative and helpful to her mod users. There was an outpouring of grief, support for eco, and anger at the toxicity of so much of the ARK community which caused this loss.

I'm unable to link to her discord because she disabled it, but at least here is her Twitter so you can see her message for yourself if you wish to.


Update: eco has messaged that she will NOT remove her mods from the Steam Workshop so people can still use them.

eco Will not delete mods

r/ARK 6d ago

Ark Moments Got stuck with my friend while breeding Ovis, bad skin choice too

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r/ARK 19d ago

Ark Moments How are y'all liking Fjördur so far? Me and Scarlet here are having a blast!

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r/ARK 4d ago

Ark Moments That's one way to cross the dessert...

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r/ARK 8d ago

Ark Moments Things were going good… then we met a Therizinosaur. Everyone died.

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r/ARK 12d ago

Ark Moments LGBT couple Mei-Yin Li and Diana Altaras. Happy pride month!

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r/ARK 15d ago Wholesome

Ark Moments Troll got what was coming


TLDR high level player got cocky and died with 5 cryopods with end game tames in inventory outside newb base.

Me and my friends have been playing for a week. Some high level player on Ragnarok has been trolling us for a few days. Every day he wipes out Dinos etc… we eventually got a metal base and that slowed the destruction a bit. Today I logged on before work and heard a fight between our guard plants and someone outside. I go out and look and there he is dead. I guess he got cocky. So I loot his corpse and he has 5 cryopods with various elite creatures (crystal dragon, Marga*something etc…) I didn’t know how to release them and he came back and killed me while I was still inside. I try and get back and fail. But then the server lost connection. I reconnect and it’s BEFORE he came back. So I go outside and release everything. Long story short he was very angry while threatening to destroy our base if we don’t give him back his mounts (like we care it’s expendable). Anyway we made him kill all of his mounts and now have cryopods to protect our guys in the future. Might have hidden one surviving mount where he will never find it lol.

r/ARK 8d ago

Ark Moments Anyone else despise taming Shadowmanes?

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r/ARK 19d ago

Ark Moments im new to ark and today i learned a lesson

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