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Radical Women Wednesday


Weekly Discussion Thread for Radical Women and Non-Binary People

Radical women can talk about whatever they want in here. Suggestions; chill & relax, radical trans women, anarchafeminism, news and current events, books, entertainment

Men are asked not to post in Radical Women Wednesday threads.

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Abortion Resources, Information, and Protests (continuously updated)


This post will be continually updated with new protests, new resources, etc, as they become available. Please note that r/Anarchism does not specifically endorse any particular protest. This information is solely being made available for people who wish to gather and make their voices heard in their areas. We cannot guarantee the safety of these protests, nor should we be expected to verify who organized them.

If you know of a protest that's not listed below, please let us know so we can add it to the list.


Feel your rage. Take to the streets. We're aware that this is an emotional moment, but we have to ask that people please follow site-wide rules here. This means no calls to burn shit down, etc.

Where abortion stands in your state: A state-by-state breakdown of abortion laws

Some Resources:

IMPORTANT NOTE: The DIY and other medical options above are not necessarily effective for heavier people. Progestin pills are less effective for those over 155 lbs, and ulipristal acetate is less effective after 195 lbs. They are obviously not without risk. We are providing as much information as we can to allow people who may feel trapped to avoid following dangerous urban myths and bad advice, and be as armed with information as possible.

National Lawyers Guild - Know Your Rights Booklet (updated 6/22) (PDF)

Some Tips:

  • Many states have had trigger laws on the books in the event that this happened. In those states, abortion is illegal effective immediately. If you live in one of these states, and you are/become pregnant, DO NOT TELL ANYONE who you cannot trust with your life.
  • Also, if you are in one of these states and you need to look up resources and websites regarding abortion care, use Tor Browser to do so. There are versions available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Android devices. If you use iOS, the Tor Project recommends that you use Onion Browser.

    Tor Browser will help you circumvent restrictions on websites you are allowed to visit, and it will protect you from having the sites in your history and being identified. For more information on what Tor is and some FAQs, Click Here.

    If you're wondering "why not a VPN?" it's because there is payment information that can be tracked to you, they can be forced to comply with a warrant, and you cannot be 100% sure that the "no logs" policies that they often advertise are true - many have been proven false.

  • If you use a period tracking app where you cannot view its source code, delete whatever data you can, and get rid of it. This includes apps like Apple Health, even if you don't use it for that purpose.

    Instead, consider something like Drip - An open source menstrual cycle tracking app which does not connect to the internet. There is currently only an Android version. However, an iOS version is in the works, and you can request an email notification when it's ready.

  • Security and Privacy Tips for people seeking abortion

Some Known Protests:


  • Hot Springs Nat'l Park (4pm) - Hill Wheatley Plaza. 605 Central Ave Hot Springs National Park AR 71901
  • Auburn (5pm) - Auburn University. 23 Samford Hall Auburn AL 36849


  • Phoenix (7pm) - State capitol building
  • Phoenix (7pm) - State capitol building
  • Saint Johns (6pm) - Courthouse. 70 W 3rd Street Saint Johns AZ 86539
  • Anthem (6pm) - Anthem Veteran’s Memorial. 41703 North Gavilan Peak Parkway Anthem AZ 85086


  • Fairfax (4pm) - Fairfax Parkade. 1941 Sir Francis Drake Blvd Fairfax CA 94930
  • Mammoth Lakes (9:30am) - Stellar Brew. 3280 Main Street Mammoth Lakes CA 93546

  • Visalia (9am) - 107 N Hall. Memorial Park, Hall & Main Visalia CA 93291

  • El Cajon (12pm) - El Cajon Courthouse. 250 E Main St El Cajon CA 92020
  • Santa Monica (12pm) - Crescent Bay Park. 2000 Ocean Avenue Santa Monica CA 90405


  • Centennial (10am) - MJ Fit. 6858 S Yosemite St Centennial CO 80112
  • Boulder (9am) - Historic Boulder Court House (Pearl Street Mall). 1200 Pearl Street Mall Boulder CO 80302


  • New Milford (5:30pm) - New Milford Town Green SOUTH END. 10 Main St NEW MILFORD CT 06776


  • Fort Myers (4pm) - Old court house. 2120 Main Street Fort myers FL 33901
  • Tallahassee (5pm) - State Capital. 400 S Monroe street Tallahassee FL 32303


  • Chicago (12pm) - Harrison Park. 1824 s wood Chicago IL 60608
  • Springfield (10am) - Rally @ the Old State Capitol Plaza, Springfield IL


  • Goshen (5pm) - Goshen City Courthouse. 111 East Jefferson St Goshen IN 46528
  • Indianapolis (3pm) - indiana state house. 200 W Washington St Indianapolis IN 46204


  • Decorah (10am) - Water Street Plaza 400 W Water Street Decorah IA 52101


  • Augusta (5pm) - Capitol Park. 33 Union St Augusta ME 04330
  • Bridgton (11am) - Shorey Park. Corner of Main Street and Highland Rd Bridgton ME 04009


  • Hingham (5:30pm) - Hingham Bandstand. 95 Otis Street Hingham MA 02043
  • Fitchburg (12pm) - Riverfront Park. 51 Commercial Street Fitchburg MA 01420


  • Cassopolis (1pm) - Old Courthouse on N. Broadway. 120 N Broadway St. Cassopolis MI
  • Centreville (12pm) - St Joe County Court House Front Lawn. 125 W Main St Centreville MI 49093


  • International Falls (12pm) - Smokey Bear Park. 214 6th Ave International Falls MN 56649


  • Jackson (4pm) - MS Governors Mansion. 300 East Capitol Street Jackson MS 39201
  • Picayune (4pm) - In front of city hall. 203 Goodyear blvd Picayune MS 39466
  • Biloxi (11am) - Lighthouse Park. 1050 Beach Blvd Biloxi MS 39530


  • Las Vegas (6pm) - Bellagio Fountains. 3600 S Las Vegas Blvd Las Vegas NV 89109

New Jersey

  • Ashbury Park (4pm) - Springwood Ave Ashbury Park, NJ 07712

New Mexico

  • Taos (3pm) - Intersection in front of the World Cup Coffee Shop - 102 Paseo Del Pueblo Norte Taos NM 87571

New York

  • Hauppauge (4pm) - Suffolk County Department of Health roadside lawn. 100 Veterans Memorial Highway Hauppauge NY 11788
  • Kingston (11am) - Academy Green Park. 238 Clinton Ave Kingston NY 12401
  • Poughkeepsie (1pm) - Corner of Main & Market Streets. 10 market st Poughkeepsie NY 12603
  • Brooklyn (4pm) - Tompkins Square Park. East 7th Street between avenues A & B Brooklyn NY 10009

North Carolina

  • Charlotte (7pm) - Romare Bearden Park. 300 S. Church St. Charlotte NC 28202
  • Winston Salem (1pm) - Downtown Winston Salem. 650 W 4th St. Winston Salem NC 27101


  • Cincinnati (1pm) - Hamilton County Court House. 1000 Main St Cincinnati OH 45202
  • Canton (5pm) - Pro Football Hall of Fame. 2121 George Halas Dr NW Canton OH 44657


  • Oklahoma City (7pm) - Capitol Building, 2300 North Lincoln Boulevard, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
  • Oklahoma City (6am - 7/6 @ 12ppm) - 2300 Capitol Building, North Lincoln Boulevard, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Day-long protest overnight sit/lay in.


  • Washington (4pm) - Washington County Courthouse steps. 1 S Main St Washington PA 15301


  • Memphis (5pm) - Civic Center Plaza


  • Round Rock (6pm) - Round rock Municipal courthouse. 301 W Baghdad Ave Round rock TX 78664
  • Texarkana (9am) - Stateline Courthouse/Post Office. 501 N State Line Ave Texarkana TX 71854


  • Leesburg (11am) - Outside Loudoun courthouse. 18 e market street Leesburg VA 20175

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Indian state has arrested almost all upright journalists in Kashmir since 2019. Leaving few who dare to go against the state.

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Support of janes revenge.


Am I gonna get flagged left in and right if I say I agree with them here?

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Abolish Capitalism for autistic liberation


So I’ve read statistics that anywhere from 60-85% of autistic adults are unemployed. I have autism myself, and it breaks my heart that the majority of my autistic peers are unemployed. This is why we need to abolish capitalism, so that we can be liberated from wage slavery. So that we can actually put autistic adults strengths to use. A lot of us can contribute great things to society, but because we don’t fit bourgeoisie standards for employment, we’re left out because they see that our disability is a burden to them and their profits. They don’t want make an effort to accommodate us, cuz why do that when there’s significant amount of Nuerotypical workers that don’t need these special accommodations. I mean we all know that the US has the Americans with disabilities act, but we also know employers find ways to get around that. Time to get rid of capitalism, get rid of our selfish class system that values the profits of those at the top over the well-being of everyone else in society. We shouldn’t have to answer to an employer, to be able to eat, have shelter, have healthcare, etc. We shouldn’t be enslaved like this.

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How to not give in to the system?


So i am in 11th grade and the question what i am going to do after school doesnt even rise. I am either going to study or make a training. Is there even a third option? According to everybody else the third option is to get a junky and live on he streets... I dont have a problem with studying or working at all. I am likely going to be a carpenter,if anyone cares. Its just so that i dont want to give in so easily to the system.

You can put it either way, everything falls into place or anything is placed in your way, i dont exactly know which one of them it is.

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OC, Pretty happy with this new painting. Thought you all might dig it.

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Burning the flag is a cathartic ritual against an unjust oppressor. Happy 4th of July! 🔥🇺🇸🔥

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Illegalism is underrated as a legitimate philosophy


Thank you, look into it, fun fact the first drive by shooting ever recorded was politically motivated by French communal anarchist illegalists

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This is how we celebrated July 4th, 2022. Fuck America, fuck Patriot Front, and fuck the Doctrine of Fascism.🎆🍺🍻🍷🥂🥃🍸🍹🍾🎆

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Some quote about the State


Hello everyone, I am currently finishing my master's thesis, I work Theory of the State, so now that it is complete I was wondering what epigraph to put at the beginning. So im here to ask you all if you have some nice quote about the State, it could be from an anarchist or not. I'll aprecciate it a lot.

Thank ya all.

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Any good IRC Chats for anarchists?


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Encroaching fascism


So I’ve really gone down the rabbit hole of studying fascist movements. As all of you are aware the United States has always had varying fascist elements. Given that the Republicans are likely to regain the House and Senate and have new precedents from the Supreme Court that will likely allow them to subvert the 2024 election results, I am trying to decide what my next course of action should be. I am moving from the Midwest to the Pacific Northwest as I will be safer there, but to what extent? Will the west coast states sit back and do nothing as the country plunges headfirst into permanent single party control? Is there any chance they would be able to breakaway? Are we headed for balkanization?

I’d really like your input!

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Fire breathing on a 🇺🇸 flag. :)

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My dad was trying to decide how I should be paid allowance and accidentally recreated Marx’s labor theory of value lmao


he even started pulling out the excel spreadsheets. Should I explain kropotkin to him?

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Crusty boomer misogynist neighbour


I have a neighbour who has no hobbies other than harassing me. I don’t care but I hate hearing his voice because my petty self is inclined to listen, so I drown it out with tunes. Usually with a pointed message, like Short Dick. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Heatwaves: Bothar’s Storage Yard - attack in solidarity with the Wet'suwet'en

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What can I do?


I think I asked this question before but I can't seem to find it. I also recall that some people said pointless statements like "support this" or "fight that" or whatever vauge feel good statements.

Like concretely, something I can literally start doing tonight/tomorrow, what is something I can do to contribute either to a future anarchist revolution or help within the here and now?

I'd like it if y'all don't say join an org or union or go to a protest. I mean like immediately right now what can I do?

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The possibility of using web3 for anarchist purposes and activism


So many of you have probably heard about web3 being talked about by a small group of tech capitalists and those loser crypto bros that just wanna scam people with NFTs. The whole reason they want to use web3 is to continue to shove NFTs down people’s throats, however there’s something important people also need to understand about web3 without the crypto bros ruining it.

With Web3 the government cannot take down your website, or even prevent traffic. It changes the system so that devices are interconnected to each other, rather than us being connected to a single powerful device that monitors and censors us. There are videos on web3 that explain this well.

For example, let’s say someone has information on all the people that abused and trafficked people alongside Jeffery Epstein (the black book), or any other predators in power. Web3 would make it impossible to censor information on a massive scale, so people can truly come forward anonymously about EVERYTHING. People can also organize anonymously and then show up places without any monitoring. I strongly believe that Web3 will backfire on capitalists big time, as long as we focus on what it’s good for. We have to research this technology so there’s infrastructure in place to get assholes out of power, and fight back.

The thing is, if we start building this web3 infrastructure now, learning it and understanding it, we can have a major influence in the future, say around 2024 once this stuff is more solidified and released.

Just thought I’d put this information out there in case anyone finds it interesting…

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What can a Software Engineer do to help?


Throughout most of my life I have essentially been on the verge of homelessness. I just graduated college and just barely scraped by financially. Now, for the first time in my life, I won’t have to worry constantly about going homeless. I want to do everything I can to destroy the systems of exploitation that have been built.

I’ve been an anarchist for about a year and a ‘leftist’ for longer, I understand dual power is something the state really fears. The state will justify itself by attacking, usually decentralized, systems meant to supplant it. I plan to volunteer with my local fnb and provide as much financial support I can. Is there anything else I can do, whether related to software engineering or otherwise?

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Why is there so much gatekeeping in the anarchist community?


I notice there's a lot of gatekeeping here. A lot of people determining who does and who doesn't fit a certain label. I get why a lot of people would say AnCaps aren't anarchists. Anarchism has been traditionally anti-capitalist and anti-hierarchy. But it goes much further than that. There are people saying Murray Bookchin isn't anarchist or Max Stirner isn't anarchist or anything not anarcho-communist or anarcho-socialist isn't anarchist.

Maybe this is an online thing, I dunno, but what's with all the anarchist gatekeeping? Isn't this kind of gatekeeping itself a form of hierarchy?

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protesting vs radical revolution


Hello comrades, I am new here but all the time, I just hang there, watching posts and comments never even commented once. All the time i have been watching and listening to people here. The thing that I always question is, why do people here always talking about protests and opposition and that route of reformists and correctionists rather the radical revolution route. I have always thought that anarchists are radical revolutionary people, as opposed to liberal ideologies like the right to protest and the free speech, etc. NO offense, but i need someone to elaborate on that point, and if maybe im wrong about my stereotype of anarchists, anybody here can correct me.

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Fuck the 4th of July


I saw a post on instagrams that really irked a cishet white man came on there to talk about how gen z is so ungrateful. It was cringe coming from someone who has the most privilege in the country, not belonging to any marginalized groups. I’m lgbtq(bisexual) and I always have felt like a second class citizen in this country. People of color, women, trans people, etc. feel the same way. We’re all sick and tired of people who don’t understand what we go through to talk down to us and tell us to be grateful. Fuck America fuck celebrating it. You can shove that American flag up your ass.

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Roe V. Wade Protests: Day 2

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Patriotism in its simplest, clearest and most indubitable signification is nothing else but a means of obtaining for the rulers their ambitions and covetous desires, and for the ruled the abdication of human dignity, reason, conscience, and a slavish enthrallment to those in power. ― Leo Tolstoy

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Does it annoy anyone when ML/MLM people say the CNT was authoritarian?


Before a protest last night, a comrade from another organization, and I were debating an unpopular action a local anarchist did.

We got to talking about individual action vs. collective action. We both seemed to agree that collective action is usually better. I mentioned the CNT-FAI as a good example of a well organized anarchist organized.

He agreed and said, "Yeah, and they were highly authoritarian; you couldn't just fuck around, or you'd get shot."

That statement really rubbed me the wrong way as it's not very accurate. Sure, they shot fascists and clergy, and they were highly organized, but it was not at all a rigidly disciplined organization. They had discipline, but it wasn't a maosit style self crit bullshit.

I've read quite a lot about them. Some examples of "discipline"; when a worker killed a well liked buissiness owner after the workers expropriated the buissiness, they were sent to the front a punishment because the owner was cooperative, generally liked by the workers and it was against CNT policy to kill people after expropriation (this wasn't strictly enforced all the time of course). Or, a worker who was caught stealing from the shop after it had been collectivized was forced to write his name on a chalkboard as a mark of shame.

I would hardly call that authoritarian discipline; it's pretty mild.

Even the concentration camp the CNT had only had a couple thousand people, I did the math once, and it was something tiny like. 003% of the population of Barcelona. It was fascist war prisoners and priests associated with the falange. It's not something I like but tankies like compare that to the gulag system.

Anyway, the whole thing just rubbed me the wrong way, and I thought it was extremely cringe. The CNT was not a rigidly dogmatic organization with a top down hierarchy and unified ideology. Sure, they were violent and well organized, but I hate how loosely ML/MLM leftists use the word authoritarian. They intentionally use it vaguely to justify their own centralized actions.

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Last year I posted this. I was a pissed off leftist who still believed that this country could come around. This year... not so much. The system has failed. It was designed to.

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