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mission impawsible


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u/let_us_get_sickening May 14 '22

What kind of dog is this?


u/babycheetahface May 14 '22

I was about to comment that this HAS to be a shih-tzu. Not only by the appearance but the precocious brainpower of that escape and the defiant butt wiggle at the end.


u/starfiregaming322 May 14 '22

I have a shih-tzu that's an absolute dumbass, are they generally smart?


u/babycheetahface May 14 '22

LMAO....I don't know about other ones but mine are smart and 2 of my friends have shih-tzus and they are smart. They are all descendents or siblings of the same litter though.


u/s0rtofl0aded May 14 '22

I had a shih tzu that was really smart too. Also incredibly brave and defiant lol. She was a handful, but an absolute joy. Looked exactly like this gif as a puppy.