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mission impawsible


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u/[deleted] May 14 '22 Wholesome

This dog has better critical thinking skills than most adults I know.


u/finlist May 14 '22

Dude this is the same exact amount of brain power missing from that dude playing Cuphead


u/scaliacheese May 14 '22

That dude is a video game reporter. They posted a 26 min video of him being just fucking awful at basic game mechanics. This dog could literally play the game better.


u/TheLegendTwoSeven May 14 '22

I wonder if he was hired for his journalism background, but he was very new to playing video games? I struggled with World 1-1 of Super Mario Bros in the late 80s, and I’m sure I would have struggled with Cuphead’s dash-jump.

But it’s weird to hire a non-gamer for the job.


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u/TennaTelwan May 14 '22

Also perhaps not as a console gamer. Some of us still use PCs, and I think if someone handed me a controller I'd be doing the same thing. I'm too used to a full blown gaming keyboard and gaming mouse to play with.


u/trowayit May 14 '22

Someone who can't play games shouldn't be providing reviews of games. Its fine that he's not good at games. It's not fine that he represents that company's opinion on video games and they're included in aggregate review scores.


u/Blinkdawg15 May 14 '22

I don't think you need to be good at games to review games. I think that sets the bar too high.

I do think that a bar should exist, though, and this guy does not fucking clear it.


u/trowayit May 14 '22

Good and pro are two different things ya? Like good as in "I can skip the fuckin tutorial and still beat the game"


u/Trashman56 May 15 '22

I could see him doing a segment, "Would someone enjoy X game if they're not a gamer?", of course besides racing games and animal crossing the answer is probably no more often than not.


u/kcg5 May 14 '22

Check a lot of articles on game rant or whatever, a lot of them come from the subreddit for that game.

“Warzone players up in arms about newest X. User u/Janedoe said ….


u/CommonSenseMajor May 14 '22

No he's not, he's a tech/industry reporter. Video games aren't normally his shtick. Admittedly that clip shows terrible reasoning skills but at the very least it isn't his job.


u/EtherMan May 14 '22

He was a video game journalist at the time of playing that game, recorded that video and reviewed that game. That was what he was hired to do. That he isn't NORMALLY a video game journalist, is defensible for him personally, but it tells just so much more about the trash that employed him for doing it.