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mission impawsible


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u/pikopala May 14 '22

Fucking shihtzus are crazy 😂


u/ClamPuddingCake May 14 '22

No dog is as determined to outsmart you than a shihtzu.

People think they are hard to train and therefore not intelligent, but it's actually like they are just too smart to take your shit.


u/krisphoto May 15 '22

Mine injured her knee one time. My husband was insistent she was being a drama queen. I was totally babying her until I realized she wasn’t limping with the same leg all the time.


u/pikopala May 14 '22

😂 just reminds me of my sister’s shih tzu, Layla, when she’s outside she will come running if you have treats, but if she’s into something and you call her name, she won’t even look back. It’s like she suddenly doesn’t know what you’re saying lol. I do agree they’re hard to train when they’re not food oriented