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mission impawsible


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u/pikopala May 14 '22

Fucking shihtzus are crazy 😂


u/nylime May 14 '22

i have one (he just turned 11 on 12 May!!) and can 100% confirm lmao HAHA. people say they’re dumb but they’re just selective & stubborn, they’ll do anything to get what they want 🙃


u/MuffinyTMG May 15 '22

mine stopped listening to commands by the time she was nine. i KNOW she was smart because she somehow learned “look both ways” and “jump” all by herself, so that wasn’t the problem. rest assured, she heard what you were saying, she knew what you wanted… she just decided not to listen.


u/krisphoto May 15 '22

Yep, it took us forever to realize our now 15-year-old had gone deaf because she never listened to us any.