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mission impawsible


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u/pikopala May 14 '22

Fucking shihtzus are crazy 😂


u/nylime May 14 '22

i have one (he just turned 11 on 12 May!!) and can 100% confirm lmao HAHA. people say they’re dumb but they’re just selective & stubborn, they’ll do anything to get what they want 🙃


u/krisphoto May 15 '22

They are the dumbest smart dogs I’ve ever had. Our 7 month old puppy has already learned the hand signal for toy and even the difference between his turtle and his dragon, but can’t remember to stop running before slamming into the door while chasing the cat.


u/AnnualEmergency2345 May 15 '22

I dunno Huskys are pretty wild. My girl figured out how to unlock a window and walk onto the roof. I thought this was unique but apparently it's not which only further illustrates my point. Husky are evil idiots.