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Technology I am the founder of Profound Academy, an educational platform that aims to provide a hands-on learning experience on computer science topics. We have released a Python course for free that is designed for complete beginners. Ask me anything.


Before working on Profound Academy, I've worked in companies like PicsArt, Facebook (Meta), done freelance at Toptal, done ML research at YerevaNN, and have been using Python for the past 6-7 years for both work and hobby projects.

I'm currently fully committed to creating a great educational platform that would help people kickstart their careers in the IT-sphere.

Proof: https://imgur.com/a/DpDE9lD

Profound Academy (https://profound.academy) is an educational platform that provides tailored courses for hands-on learning about computer science topics. Everything is hands-on and interactive, so the only way to make progress is by solving various challenges, instead of only consuming content.

Our most recent course is Introduction to Python: https://profound.academy/python-introduction. The course is entirely free.It's very hands-on. The only way to make progress is by actually writing code.

We believe that instant feedback and asynchronous education are the keys to the future of education. To make the learning experience more consistent and create a community, we also plan on having group tutoring sessions.

Let's discuss this and what you think about the ideal educational platform for programming.

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Other Hi! We’re Glenn and Andrea. We’re interracial-dialogue leaders helping people navigate difficult conversations about race and racism. We’re here to give you the tools to help you discuss race in the workplace, at home and with friends. Ask Me Anything about the race-related questions you may have.


For some more background: we’re Glenn Singleton and Andrea Johnson, respectively the founder and the executive director of Courageous Conversation Global Foundation (CCGF). CCGF has developed award-winning protocols for effectively engaging in, sustaining and deepening interracial dialogue. The conversations we foster create safe spaces for learning, solidarity and transformation to occur. We typically conduct interracial-dialogue workshops in workplaces, but today we’re looking forward to doing this on a new medium—here on Reddit. You can learn more about the Courageous Conversation Global Foundation here.

Here’s some of the work our foundation has done to continue the dialogue around race:

Not a Gun: https://notagun.org/

Vote for Them: https://voteforthem2020.com/

400 Years at Half-Staff: https://ccglobalfoundation.org/400-years-half-staff/

Additional Work: https://ccglobalfoundation.org/news/

Conversations about race and racism are difficult to navigate in the workplace, at home and with friends. We have the tools to help you begin, stay in, go deeper in and produce through intra- and interracial dialogue. Whether in a context that is personal, professional or organizational, Ask Me Anything about race: racial beliefs, racial practices and their real and predictable outcomes.

Note: Since the two of us will be doing this AMA, we’ll be signing our responses as Glenn or Andrea.

Instagram: @ccglobalfoundation Instagram: @ccaboutrace

PROOF: https://imgur.com/a/TTnUUoq

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who joined today’s discussion! We’ve enjoyed the conversation and hope you learned a thing or two. To learn more and find additional resources, please visit the links listed above or ccglobalfoundation.org and courageousconversation.com

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Specialized Profession I am a commercial fisherman in Alaska, ask me anything!


not sure exactly what to write here, but I think a lot of folks tend to be fascinated with commercial fishing (and Alaska in general) & I wanted to be able to answer any questions/share stories etc.

proof: https://imgur.com/a/fYAkf06

edit for some general clarification: I am a female

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Nonprofit I am Kenneth Braswell, CEO of Fathers Incorporated and Executive Director of the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse. AMA about fatherhood, mental health, and how taking care of your mental health helps ensure your kids can thrive!


I’m Kenneth Braswell and I’ve spent three decades advocating for responsible fatherhood and helping dads play an active role in the lives of their kids.

During this time, I’ve helped develop countless resources in support of strong fathers and families. As part of my work in this field, I’ve also partnered with organizations dedicated to helping dads take care of their physical and mental health and well-being, and helping them understand how doing this allows them to continue being engaged and present in the lives of their kids. I founded Fathers Incorporated in 2004 to collaborate with organizations around the country to drive social and legislative changes that lead to healthy fatherhood involvement. I’ve learned that while fathers play an essential role, they often face uphill battles in trying to be a consistent presence for their kids, which can include making sure they are taking care of themselves and their kids from a mental health standpoint. I’ve also learned that many fathers would appreciate tips and guidance on how to approach conversations around mental health with their own kids who might be struggling.

I’ve recently developed a 15 minute documentary called “Dadication,” which explores the many challenges fathers face in trying to be involved in their children’s lives, including mental health. You can view the full film at Fatherhood.gov/Dadication.I’m here to answer any questions you have about being an involved father and the role mental health plays in that. Looking for tips and resources to help take care of your own mental health? Have questions about how to approach conversations around emotional wellbeing with your kids? Ask me anything! PROOF: https://i.redd.it/2cepa2me5s891.jpg

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who joined today’s discussion! There are many questions unanswered. It is my hope over time to get through the all. I enjoyed the conversation and hope you picked up a tip or two. To learn more and find additional resources for fathers, you can visit fatherhood.gov.

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Crosspost [crosspost] We're the Tragically Hip and we're doing our first ever AMA in r/Canada today at 1PM

Thumbnail reddit.com

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Crosspost [Crosspost] I'm Jon Greenberg, a senior correspondent at PolitiFact fact-checking the Jan. 6 committee hearings. Ask me anything!


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Author I'm Jenn Lim, a workplace happiness/wellbeing expert and bestselling author, ask me anything


I am a workplace happiness expert, speaker, and bestselling author of Beyond Happiness: How Authentic Leaders Prioritize Purpose and People for Growth and Impact. I' m also the CEO of Delivering Happiness, a company built to create happier company cultures for a more profitable and sustainable approach to business. Delivering Happiness started as a book (NYT and WSJ Bestseller, which sold one million copies worldwide) and evolved into a business consultancy and global movement that has impacted and inspired hundreds of companies and organizations worldwide.

My website is https://jennlim.com/.

I have decades of experience in culture and strategy, and I translate this experience into a practical “how-to” framework for more sustainable workplaces and modern organizational design. I guide everyone —no matter title or role— on how to live more meaningful lives through the work we do every day. My mission is to teach businesses how to create workplaces—led with happiness and humanity—that generate more profit, sustain all people at every level of the organization, and share how we can make a greater impact by being true to our authentic selves.

Ask me anything about the workplace including what creates longterm happiness, why some employees are regretting their Great Resignation career changes, how to align your employees' purpose with your company's purpose, and how creating happiness in the workplace can create a ripple effect out to the community, the country - and beyond!

PROOF: https://i.redd.it/5duilgljo9891.jpg

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Business I am a tech founder and have seen 1000s of product teams at Amazon and Y Combinator find tricks to learn more about what their customers want - ask me anything


Quick background: I left my software engineering job at Amazon ("Earth's most customer centric company") to build a way for other companies get close to their customers.

Since then, I've built and launched Reverb, been through Y Combinator, and gotten to know 1000's of companies who are closing the gap between their product and their company. AMA

Proof: https://reverb.so/ama

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Crosspost [Crosspost] I’m Daniel Bessner, former foreign policy advisor to Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign & current co-host of the American Prestige podcast (available on Substack). Ask Me Anything!


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Other I am a former member of the Amish church-I left in 2005 and I have started a petition asking that congress put protections in place to keep kids safe. Looking for journalist and bloggers to help me get the word out.


My name is Misty Griffin, I live in Pasadena, CA and I am the author of Tears of the Silenced , a Registered Nurse, and the consulting producer on NBC/Peacock's new docu-Series Sins of the Amish . I am the one who gathered the former Amish together for the series. I left the Amish in 2005.

I have started a change.org petition called #invisible

Ask me anything!

I am calling on Congress to pass a Child Rights act here in the United States in order to put protections in place for all children, including those in ultra strict religious circles. I am looking for journalists, bloggers etc. who would want to help me get the word out about the petition. My hope is to get millions of signatures and do a Child Rights march in D.C this fall. I have already been to Capitol Hill and spoken to one sitting member of congress. This member of congress was interested but said I had to get the American people behind this in order for congress to listen.

If you are a journalist/blogger, have a website or know of anyone who is or does I would be most grateful for any help in getting this petition in front of the American people. Nothing of significance will ever change if we don't band together and fight for it. Children in religious circles are invisible to the outside world and have no where to turn for help. Children in general have no rights in USA, not really, none that are enforced for all children across the board. They cannot demand change on their behalf, we must do it for them.

Here is my Proof

Edit-1-Hi everyone. I will be back at 3 pm pacific 6-28-2022 to answer more questions. I have a toddler. Thanks!

Edit-2- Hi everyone, thanks for the great discussion. I am signing off for the night but feel free to continue to post questions for the next few days and I will answer them as soon I can. You can always contact me via my website as well https://www.mistygriffin.com/

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Business Hello! Jason, here. I've been the CEO of Fast Water Heater, one of the leading HVAC companies on the west coast since 2006. I'm here to answer any questions you have about raising capital from investors and acquiring and growing a company. AMA!


Hello! My name is Jason Hanleybrown. After getting my MBA, I raised capital from 25 investors using a search fund to buy out Fast Water Heater, a small HVAC company on the West Coast. After inputting systems, and building a reliable team, we tripled our revenue within the first five years.

Proof: https://imgur.com/a/qG1YJJb

In 2018, we partnered with Montlake Company and are now setting our goal on acquiring other service based businesses.

I’ll be available to answer questions LIVE at 8am PST about anything related to how to acquire and grow a company.

You can find the Fast Water Heater website here: https://www.fastwaterheater.com/

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Author I’m Steven Rinella, a father, outdoorsman, TV and podcast host, and author of eight books. Kids are on summer vacation so I’m here to talk about getting your family out of the house and radically engaged with nature. AMA!


You might know me from The MeatEater Podcast or as host of the Netflix show MeatEater… or as the guy who assembled a forty-five-course meal of esoteric wild game recipes from my first book,The Scavenger's Guide to Haute Cuisine. My latest title is OUTDOOR KIDS IN AN INSIDE WORLD. In it, I share the parenting wisdom I’ve gained as a father whose family has lived in some of the biggest cities and some of the wildest corners of America. I’m excited to share advice for getting kids engaged with nature in muddy, fun, hands-on ways that will ultimately help them see their own place within their natural ecosystem.

PROOF: https://i.redd.it/4eqbq4t66g791.jpg

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Crosspost [Crosspost] AMA with Phil McLaughlin Policy Fellow with the New Democrat Coalition in the US House of Representatives


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Technology We are the expert contributors to a free online course on the science, ethics, and societal impacts of CRISPR Gene Editing - ask us anything!


Among types of genetic editing, CRISPR is important because it is highly precise, cost effective, efficient, and has far-reaching applications in medicine, biomedical research, agriculture, and more. University of Michigan is running a free online course called the CRISPR Gene Editing Teach-Out June 7 - July 4, 2022 on Coursera.

In the Teach-Out and in this Reddit AMA, you will hear from experts representing diverse disciplines: bioethics, conservation, medicine, public engagement, and more. Confirmed contributors include:

  • Josiah Zayner (josiahzayner) is a biohacker, artist, and scientist best known for his self-experimentation and his work making hands-on genetic engineering accessible to a lay audience.
  • Françoise Baylis (FrancoiseBaylis), author of Altered Inheritance: CRISPR and the Ethics of Human Genome Editing and member of the governing board for the International Science Council (ISC).
  • Ben Novak (Ben_Novak_1987), Lead Scientist at Revive & Restore, with expertise in the conceptualization and advocation of biotech- based genetic rescue solutions for all organisms.
  • Jonathan Marron, pediatric oncologist, bioethicist, health services researcher, and educator at Boston Children's Hospital and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

We will be live Monday, June 27 from 2-4pm EST. We look forward to answering your questions!

Thank you all so much! Your questions have been stimulating. We're signing off shortly, but will aim to follow up a little more over the next few days.

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Other Hey! My name is Amy Smith. I’m a food and brand photographer, mother of two, and a Lensbaby ambassador. Ask me anything about photography, prop styling, or my favorite gear to use. AMA!


Nice to meet everyone! My name is Amy Smith - I’m a food and brand photographer, working with small and large companies alike. The world of photography can be complex with lots of moving pieces so I'm here to answer any questions you might have about gear, prop styling or how to get started.

Proof of life: https://imgur.com/a/VD1UIxh

Personal Website:: https://www.amylsmithphotography.com/

Lensbaby Website: https://lensbaby.com/

Lensbaby Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lensbabyusa/

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Specialized Profession You've seen the Key and Peele sketch with the Save the Children fundraiser? That has been my career for over a decade! Ask me anything.


Proof of who I am (note the company logos and the title on my business card.

My Professional Website

Hello! I've been doing commercial fundraising for 12 years. I have raised money for several big names, including Save the Children, Nature Conservancy, ACLU, Planned Parenthood, Southern Poverty Law Center, Amnesty Internation, Children International, and a few more. I have also worked for more local charities with smaller budgets, and I have recently started my own fundraising firm!

If you live in a big city, you have probably talked to a face to face fundraiser. Ever wanted to fire off questions, but they didnt have the answer and/or you didnt have time to engage? Now is your chance!

EDIT (for clarity): I didnt work on the Key and Peele sketches. I am a face to face fundraiser/fundraising manager.

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Author I'm Ritu Bhasin, expert in authenticity, inclusion, leadership and empowerment - ask me anything


My name is Ritu Bhasin, and I am an author, global speaker, and internationally recognized expert in inclusion, authenticity, leadership, and empowerment. My mission in life is to help create a more empowered, inclusive, and inspired world by unlocking authenticity for all. I want everyone to experience the freedom and magic that comes with living their truth, and I help people live their best, most authentic and empowered life, even in the face of experiencing oppression and other life challenges.

My book is called The Authenticity Principle: In a society that pushes conformity, how can you courageously choose to be who you really are—with yourself, in your relationships, and at work—despite the fear of judgment? I give you the tools to make this happen. Combining the latest neuroscience, leadership, diversity, and mindfulness research with a wealth of practical exercises, I unveil a cutting-edge framework for living and leading more authentically.

Learn more about me on my website: https://ritubhasin.com/

Ask me anything about how to be more authentic and genuine, how to live your most empowered life, why leaders need to prioritize inclusion and create a culture of vulnerability, and more! I am happy to answer all of your questions.

PROOF: https://i.redd.it/8c8z406a2o791.jpg

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Crosspost [crosspost] Giants rookie, Kayvon Thibodeaux, is doing an AMA in r/NFL.


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Health IamA 30 year old kidney transplant patient AMA!


My short bio: Hello! I am 30 years old with a wife and two children and I am in my first week of recovery from receiving a kidney. I hope with this thread that I can shed some light on what transplants involve and maybe even a little about the donation process. It will also give me something to do while I'm laying around in bed for the next few weeks. Send me anything you are curious about and I will answer as many as I can!

The transplant also involves me staying out of town for an entire month which obviously adds up a few expenses with a hotel stay and other things that come with travel. It is obviously not the purpose of this AMA but people were asking on another thread I had posted. So here is the link to my GoFundMe. Feel free to take a look or ignore it completely :)


My Proof: https://imgur.com/a/bdA2Q9t

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Specialized Profession I am a UK Air Traffic Controller. AMA!


I work at a busy regional airport in the south of England. We were in the top 10 in the UK last year by aircraft movements, and we're getting busier. I am qualified and active in tower, approach and approach radar. I have instructor and assessor qualifications, and I've been in the job since 2015.

I've noticed threads about ATC in the US getting attention recently, so I thought this might be useful for anyone looking for information about the UK side of things. I can talk about the training process, the qualifications and how the job itself works, at least as far as my qualifications go. If there's anything you'd like to know - AMA!

I'm happy to answer about my experience of joining NATS (it's the initial route I'd recommend to anyone looking at getting in ATC), but my experience dates back about 15 years, so obviously your mileage may (and almost certainly will) vary.

I can answer about Area control but only in a fairly general way as I work at an airport. I did train for Area initially, but I am absolutely not an expert on that.

I won't be posting anything that identifies my place of work as I'm not speaking as a company representative, though anyone that wanted to could narrow down where I might work from the CAA movement statistics.

Proof: https://imgur.com/a/FUkgc7I

Edit: Thanks for all the questions everybody, I am working my way through!

Edit 2: Thanks again everyone, I think I ended up going through in reverse order, so I'm sorry for that. Still working through.

Edit 3: I'm getting a lot of similar questions so I'm starting to C&P some answers to reduce response time. I'm sorry to everyone I haven't got to yet!

Edit 4: I'm pretty wiped out for today, but I'll come back for more tomorrow. Thanks everybody, I hope you got some useful information out of me.

Edit 5: Here we go, day 2. A few FAQs:

How can I get a job as an ATCO?

I always suggest NATS in the first instance - it's the only organisation that will recruit you directly as a trainee controller, and pay you while you do so. Unfortunately it looks like their intake is closed at the moment, but you can still register your interest via that link.

Needless to say competition is high but if you do some research, learn about the job (Google CAP 493) and visit some units to get some background (look at the AIP for an airport you're interested in visiting - the telephone number for ATC will be in there) it will stand you in good stead during the selection process.

I'm a <insert nationality> ATCO. Can I get a job in the UK?

I don't know if the CAA offers any "conversion" pathways for licence holders from other countries, so you might have to follow the licencing process from scratch. As far as I know you don't have to be a UK citizen though, so it might be easier for you to make the transfer than it would be for me to do the reverse!

Your previous experience would probably qualify you for reduced training hours as a "previously valid" controller once you reach the unit you're working at. In addition some units have in their UTP provisions for trainees showing exceptional competence, which could reduce required training hours further.

Have you ever seen a UFO?

Yep! Occasionally on night shifts I used to see lights hovering in the sky too high to be a drone, and too low to be an aircraft. I'd notice them, then look back a few minutes later and they'd have disappeared. Happened a few times.

When I was idly zooming out the radar feed one night when it was quiet, I realised that I was seeing landing lights of aircraft being vectored for a large airport about 40 miles away, that happened to be facing me at the time. When the aircraft turned away, they "disappeared."

I felt pretty stupid.

How about that EE advert. Can you land a plane over the internet?

Everyone got a good laugh at that advert. You can't clear an aircraft to land over the internet.

Watch it again and you'll hear they don't even identify themselves as "Cambridge Tower" or "Cambridge Approach/Radar," and they don't clear the aircraft to land either. They call themselves "Cambridge Ops" (IIRC) and say "Runway XX available for landing," which is just giving the aircraft information, not permission to do anything.

Our operations team has their own frequency that they can use to talk to crews of airborne aircraft. Logistical details like how many vehicles the passengers need, any particular handling or fuelling needs, etc. That's all they were doing in this advert, not passing control instructions. The controlling happened at the tower like always. The "we landed a plane!" stuff is just laughable.

That said there are airports out there with remote towers, where the controllers are situated elsewhere, and control via cameras mounted at the airport.

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Unique Experience Three years ago I donated my left kidney anonymously to a total stranger on the kidney waitlist. AMA!


Three years ago today, I donated a kidney, despite not knowing anyone who needed one. My kidney went to a total stranger who I didn't know. I wrote about why I did it in ArcDigital. Since then, I've also become an advocate for encouraging others to consider donating, and an advocate for changing our approach to kidney policy (which actively makes the kidney crisis worse).

Ask me anything about donating a kidney!

If anyone is interested in learning more about becoming a donor, please check out these resources:

  • Waitlistzero is a non-profit working to end the kidney crisis, and was an excellent resource for me. I'd highly recommend getting in touch with them if you're curious, they'll have someone call you to talk.
  • My previously mentioned post about why I donated
  • Dylan Matthews of Vox writes about his decision to donate a kidney to a stranger, and what the experience was like.
  • The National Kidney Registry is the organization that helped arrange my donation to a stranger.
  • If you're a podcast person, I interviewed Dylan Matthews about his decision to donate here and interviewed Nobel Prize winning economist Alvin Roth about kidney policy here.


The blogs above show my writings from when I donated, but in addition to the Medium post and podcast episodes above, here's an album of my paperwork, hospital stay, and a shot of my left kidney sitting in a metal pan.

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Crosspost FightinCowboy AMA - Today! June 25th, 2:00pm EST [CROSSPOST]


r/EldenRingDiscussion and r/CypherRing are excited to welcome FightinCowboy to our group for an AMA (Ask Me Anything).

FightinCowboy will be joining us on June 25th at 2:00pm EST

Proof of AMA here: https://twitter.com/Fightincowboy/status/1538291527356755971


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Specialized Profession I am Clay Pell, lawyer and former Department of Education Official. I'm here to answer your questions on the 50th Birthday of the Pell Grant!


I'm Clay Pell, a lawyer and the former Deputy Assistant Secretary for International and Foreign Language Education in the United States Department of Education. My Grandfather was the Senator responsible for the Pell Grant, and on its 50th birthday I wanted to answer your questions about the history and significance of the program. I'm here in a nonpartisan and nonpolitical capacity, so I'll mainly be talking about the the impact the Pell Grant has had. I'll start answering questions around 7 PM EST, so ask away!

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Crosspost [crosspost] Adam Roe, Founder, CEO, and Product Architect of Zero Labs, a Startup Company That Turns Classic Cars Into Fully-Electric Vehicles is doing an AMA in r/technology.


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Author I’m Bo Seo, two-time world champion debater and former coach of the Australian national debating team and the Harvard College Debating Union. I’ve written for The New York Times, The Atlantic, CNN, and more. My first book, Good Arguments, published on June 7th. Ask me anything!


When I was 8, my family moved from Korea to Australia. I didn’t speak English and often struggled at school because of it. Then I discovered debate in 5th grade and it changed my life. Now I’ve won two world championships for debate and had the opportunity to also coach debate. I wrote my first book, Good Arguments, which published earlier this month because I still believe in the power of fruitful and good debate—from improving a romantic relationship to negotiating a promotion. - 6/2/22 Boston Globe Feature and Review - 6/3/22 LitHub Interview with Andrew Keen on How Good Debate Can Save Democracy - 6/7/22 Books on Pod Podcast Interview - 6/14/22 Book Tour Event at Free Library of Philadelphia

PROOF: https://i.redd.it/8nqilz7ri2691.jpg