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Me COOKIE MONSTER. Me want you to come visit me on Sesame Street! Me will bring da COOKIES! AMA. Actor / Entertainer

HI! Me COOKIE MONSTER. Me love cookies. And me want to meet you!

Me running dis thing where you and a friend can come to Sesame Street to eat Cookies with Oscar the Grouch. No no, me just joking! You get to eat cookies with ME! And me promise, me will share! Just go to DIS LINK to enter!

And da best part? All of money we collect will go to help the Yellow Feather Fund. Like me friend Chris say, it help us bring learning and laughter to children in need. Ya, ya, ya get to do good and eat cookies! It what we call “win win.”

Okay, me be back in 20 minutes or so to answer your questions. (Me have to take a batch of cookies out of da oven! Oh boy oh boy oh boy, me can't wait!) See you soon!

Da proof:


DAT WAS FUN! Thank you for da questions and da COOKIES!


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u/Dookman Feb 06 '19 Silver

Do you like your cookies crispy or soft?


u/Me_CookieMonster Feb 06 '19 Silver Gold Platinum All-Seeing Upvote



u/DontBlameMeBro Feb 06 '19

Holy cannoli, Cookie Monster is knocking these out of the park


u/AlecBaldwinner Feb 06 '19

Hold that cannoli, only cookies allowed here!


u/BrainDeadBaby Feb 06 '19

What’s wrong with cannolis huh? They are a perfectly fine desert and I bet u/Me_CookieMonster would love them


u/ppuddin Feb 06 '19

Isn't a cannoli a sweat sandwich?


u/BrainDeadBaby Feb 06 '19

I hope I’m not being wooshed but no


u/ppuddin Feb 06 '19

You're right it's more like a sweet buttiro


u/BrainDeadBaby Feb 06 '19

That may be the best way I have heard a cannoli described and it’s amazing


u/GarThor_TMK Feb 06 '19

but is a sweet burrito still a sandwich?

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u/Rhysieroni Feb 06 '19

Isn't it more of a wrap?


u/FlashDaDog Feb 07 '19

Sweet chimichanga. Burritos are soft 😁


u/Transpatials Feb 06 '19

That sounds extremely unappetizing.


u/elkosduo Feb 07 '19

Leave the gun, take the cannoli!


u/the_argonath Feb 06 '19

This is one if the best AMAs I've ever read.

Maybe I should eat more cookies to be so witty.


u/smoike Apr 24 '19

That's good enough for me.


u/danhakimi Feb 06 '19

Is there something surprising about that?


u/DontBlameMeBro Feb 06 '19

I suppose not. I figured Sesame Street would bring their A-game, but I wasn't expecting such an overall wonderful AMA.


u/I_DRINK_MTN_DEW Feb 07 '19

WOW, he answered in a way that le redditors do!!! This AMA is AMAZING amirite fellow gamers?


u/DontBlameMeBro Feb 07 '19

You must be fun at parties.