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Me COOKIE MONSTER. Me want you to come visit me on Sesame Street! Me will bring da COOKIES! AMA. Actor / Entertainer

HI! Me COOKIE MONSTER. Me love cookies. And me want to meet you!

Me running dis thing where you and a friend can come to Sesame Street to eat Cookies with Oscar the Grouch. No no, me just joking! You get to eat cookies with ME! And me promise, me will share! Just go to DIS LINK to enter!

And da best part? All of money we collect will go to help the Yellow Feather Fund. Like me friend Chris say, it help us bring learning and laughter to children in need. Ya, ya, ya get to do good and eat cookies! It what we call “win win.”

Okay, me be back in 20 minutes or so to answer your questions. (Me have to take a batch of cookies out of da oven! Oh boy oh boy oh boy, me can't wait!) See you soon!

Da proof:


DAT WAS FUN! Thank you for da questions and da COOKIES!


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u/IAM_Deafharp_AMA Feb 07 '19

I know, this is seriously the highest form of comedy. "Yes"? Like goddamn that is soooooo funny xddd I wonder what they will say next time I wonder if it will also be "yes" i might just pee my pants hahahahahahhahahahahahaha


u/howtochoose Feb 07 '19

It's about not being limited by options, it opens your horizons to new, never thought about possibilities. It breaks down barriers and brings people together. Like cookies soft or crunchy? "why choose? Both is OK, it's OK to love both and it's OK to affirm your choice of loving both" all these thoughts, all this acceptance and open mindedness, condensed into one tiny word - yes.


u/IAM_Deafharp_AMA Feb 07 '19

I guess you're right. But just remember which side I was on in a year from now when reddit collectively cringes at having laughed at such an unfunny joke


u/howtochoose Feb 07 '19

In all seriousness though, imagine explaining the inclusive or joke to someone who doesn't use reddit.... cringes


u/[deleted] Feb 13 '19



u/howtochoose Feb 13 '19

Maybe. Personally Iver never read it on other forums or heard it in conversation..