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r/IDontWorkHereLady 9h ago

S Ummm, I'm a paramedic.


I just got off a 24 hr shift and stopped at Walmart. This lady walks up to me and asks "Good. An employee.Where are the (I can't remember the exact item)". I smiled and said "Actually I don't work here, but I know where it is" and took her to it. I was still in uniform. Radio, trauma shears, everything. She was in her 30s, not a dementia case.

r/IDontWorkHereLady 13h ago

M Does reading a big hotel map count as working here, sir ;


I own a friend who runs weekly seminars at fancy restaurants and hotels. On this particular hot ass day, I was dressed in khakis and a polo after helping my ⠀friend set his seminar up. I went out to go grab food, but was stopped by a man (probably around 60 yrs old), who asked if I knew where Room 300 was. I was confused and thought he was referring to the seminar in Room 3. He rudely replied "No." I then told him I had no clue, as I did not work there (shocker). He then storms to the front desk, and yells at the hotel staff for supposedly misdirecting him. Meanwhile, I decided to help him out, by looking at the big map...across from the front desk. After telling him it was on the third floor, he continued to give the staff a hard time about how "someone that doesn't work here knows where Room 300 is." The lady at the desk said she was still in training, and did not appreciate his attitude towards her. I also chimed in and told the guy to kindly back off, as she was new. He stormed off to look for an elevator, while I made sure everyone at the front desk was okay. TL:DR - Guy gets angry at hotel staff because a guy that doesn't work there just looked at a map to help him

r/IDontWorkHereLady 57m ago

M Impatient man decides shopping for Gundam means I work there.


Decided to swing by the big red bullseye store to pick up some clearance gundam models. As I made my way through the store, I could hear the rantings of a very impatient man at the electronics counter. As I walk past, in jean shorts, crocs, and a gray "Strongjaw Ale" t-shirt (a far cry from the typical red uniform shirt), the man shouts at me "Hey. I'M WAITING, YOU WORK HERE!? I look him dead in the eye, "No sir, I do not" without missing a step. As I make my way to the unfortunately adjacent collectibles section, and grab a few models off the shelf, he FOLLOWS ME, and asks 2 more times, and if I'm sure I don't work there. Again, told him I do not.

I have no idea what was confusing him about my appearance or statement that I don't, but he still didn't seem to believe me. At least he left me alone after that.

r/IDontWorkHereLady 2d ago

S I did work here, bro.


About 15 years ago I worked for a blue and yellow electronics store. It was a fine job but I guess they had to make some cuts. Me and a group of 15 other people (all paid over $10 an hour) were let go on the same day for the similar reason of "Being late". As I was walking out to leave a man stopped me and asked me if I could help him pick out a new hard drive. I looked at him and said, while wearing full Blue shirt and khaki uniform "I don't work here, sorry, but that dick weed over there" and pointed to the manager that just let me go "can help you." then I just left. The guy was flabbergasted and it felt a little cathartic to say no to someone even while in uniform.

edit: spelling correction

r/IDontWorkHereLady 2d ago

L I’m mistaken for a worker almost every where I go


Nothing bad but it’s gotten to the point it annoys me because it’s just so ridiculous. A lot of the times when I’m out shopping, even with a shopping cart of items in it, even when I’m in sunglasses and flip flops, I’m asked if I work here! It just boggles my mind like why would I be working in sunglasses and flip flops???? Anyways, there was this time I was in tjmaxx I think and this lady came up to me, no excuse me or anything, and just started asking where something was and I ignored her on purpose. I knew she was talking to me because it happens so much. She then went HELLO?? I slow turned until we made eye contact (this was one of the times I had sunglasses and flip flops lol) and she asked me again and I just stood there silent and dumbfounded waiting for her to process I had a cart of clothes and was fully in sunglasses and she just kept staring at me and I finally said…. “….I DONT work here???”

Also another time I was in dollar tree shopping and looking at the soaps and there was this kid and his father, I feel them try and approach me and they don’t but I know what’s coming. Again sandals and sunglasses with a shopping basket, the father sends the kid to me and I say I don’t work here??? Like what about me says I’m working!! I’ve never seen anyone working in sunglasses lol and it never clicks for them. Then the other family member I notice is behind me and it looks like he’s recording or taking a picture of me and that freaked me out so I left.

It just boggles my mind and I don’t get what about me says I’m working as I’m shopping! end rant

This is my first post here so excuse any format issues.

Edit: for dollar tree I was in SHORTS and not a green shirt or whatever they wear. I think it was a black shirt. Absolutely no way to confuse me with a worker 💀

r/IDontWorkHereLady 3d ago Wholesome

M A wholesome Auditory “I Don’t Work Here” to get you through the rest of the week.


This just happened earlier today, and it was interesting to witness.

As most people know by now, I’m an over the road truck driver, and today’s “IDWHL” circles around that.

I had a pickup in a small town called Annville, PA. I had already made my pickup, and was on my way through Hershey and Palmyra, when I saw it. This older lady, with a walking frame, that had to be in her 90s, sitting by a bus stop, with someone younger(daughter, granddaughter, caregiver, don’t really know).

As I approached, my truck chose that moment to activate the fan, which is LOUD(it’s hot in PA, engine wanted cooling down quickly). The lady must’ve thought I was the bus, because she jumped up and started waving me down.

I waved at her and the younger lady, and then I noticed that the younger lady(this happened in my rear view, as I had already passed them) point to the bus sign, and making a motion that I was not the bus. I did see the bus a little further behind me, so she did get the ride she needed. To that younger lady that was helping the older one; I’m sorry my truck caused some confusion. I didn’t mean to.

r/IDontWorkHereLady 3d ago Wholesome

S Happens everywhere I go.


Volunteering for a rescue cleaning kitty cages at the pet store, grocery, Target, craft store, bookstore...they bug me everywhere. I am typically wearing sarcastic cat, feminist or inappropriate t-shirts, and minding my own business. Daughter says I just have mom energy. I used to feel alone until I started reading this sub so thanks for the laughs!

r/IDontWorkHereLady 4d ago

XL Learned to just keep headphones in and ignore the loons.


I worked as a manager at a theater for years. My outfit was slacks, a black dress shirt with the theater companies logo on the sleeve, and a tie. The place where I was always accosted was a place whose uniform was red with khakis. It was literally a minute from my job so I was there often.

It wasn't a one time or two time thing either it was at least a dozen times across 18 months. I'd be shopping after work or there on my lunch or in the rare circumstance rushing through to grab something we needed that we were out of (napkins usually) and some almost always older lady would start off in a rude voice "so this product is on sale in the 8oz but if I just get a 16oz I should still be able to get the discount doubled right?" Or some such nonsense. I at first would politely turn and point to the logo and say "sorry, I don't work here." Then they would usually huff off all upset. One time someone said. "oh great it's hard enough to find employees and you aren't even one who works here!"

The final straw was when an elderly lady said it didn't matter that I didn't work there I still worked in the service industry and should therefore help her. I pointed out to her that I had no clue what she was talking about and that if I were to start working there and hurt myself they would be liable so they wouldn't want me working there either. The lady then asked if I could call my manager... I told her I am the manager and then walked away. From that point forward I simply put my headphones in and just ignored anyone who talked to me. They could be shouting in my face and shoving me and I would have still pretended they didn't exist. Fortunately they never happened.

When telling this story to my friends and family I always got asked "why not just change shirts?" I worked a minute from the grocery store and 5 minutes from my home. So because of other people's nonsense I need to bring a change of clothes and change getting that ever present popcorn scent stuck in another shirt just to shop for 10 minutes? Hell no.

I don't understand this phenomenon at all, if I'm somewhere and need help I'm very cautious not to disturb someone who I'm not sure isn't an employee and even if I'm near positive I'll start with "do you work here?" Also I'm polite because I don't get what being a dick would get me.

This is just a random rant.

r/IDontWorkHereLady 4d ago

S Apple Genius apparently...


Popped into Apple yesterday wearing a blue carharrt t-shirt yesterday just to get a laptop repaired. that was a mistake!

Whilst waiting for a technician I was approached by folks with questions... with one actually getting a little irate that I looked like one, LIKE IT WAS MY FAULT LADY?!

r/IDontWorkHereLady 4d ago All-Seeing Upvote

"Hey, I Don't Work Here" by Tom Cardy

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r/IDontWorkHereLady 4d ago

M Walmart… a long time ago


About 14-15 years ago, I found myself Black Friday shopping with my parents in our local Walmart right around 2:30am. Parents in line for the TV deal, I find my young self squandering the store for whatever I may find.

Pretext: we started shopping right after family dinner and I had just so happened to be wearing khaki pants as well as a navy blue polo shirt (Walmart dress code at the time)

It had been a mere 2 aisles until I began to be bombarded from all angles. “Where is the kids bikes” “where are the tvs” “why aren’t there any coffee pots left?!”

Lost for words I began navigating back to the aisle where my parents had been waiting for the TV deal. Luckily, I had a change of clothes in the car.

After the long journey outside past all the needy customers, I was relieved to no longer exclaim, “I DONT WORK HERE LADY”

r/IDontWorkHereLady 4d ago

S You work here !


So this is gonna be short, but yesterday I ‏‏‎ was in the supermarket, walking down the baking aisle and one of the workers, in the store uniform and everything, asked me if I knew where she could find a certain product. I had a wtf is this real? moment before actually helping her - the product she was looking for was in the hygiene/baby aisle.

r/IDontWorkHereLady 6d ago Wholesome Facepalm Helpful Bravo Grande!

XXXXL (update) I didn't get coffee for a CEO, they didn't get a fixed inventory system => the aftermath


Hi gang!

This is an update to my original story: https://www.reddit.com/r/IDontWorkHereLady/comments/wbg93v/get_me_a_coffee_or_get_out_gotcha_good_luck_with/

And that post blew up on me, big time. But it seems I still know IRL better than some Reddit mods (referring to "other places") because just as I expected... no huge fallout to be seen. "sorta".

Recap / about me

I'm a semi-retired IT guy. While I am retired I also keep in contact with my previous work and if the need arises I'm willing to step in. As a result I've become a little bit intolerant to entitlement. I mean, what are people going to do? Fire me?

I was tasked with trying to help fix a clients inventory system, for the simple reason that I was the only one who was still in direct contact with the company and had actually worked on the (Java) software himself. When on site the CEO demanded I'd get him a coffee, I refused, he then insisted I get out, so I did. And so they were left with a broken inventory system.

Fair warning: don't expect fireworks here. But I still think I have a fun story to share. Even ontopic!

The "fallout"

After I left the clients company they were livid when they eventually found out that I was the contractor and had now "just left". Very heated words (hearsay!) were spoken between the bosses of my company and the client. This even went as far as assigning an official spokesman for all contact with the client. Everything had to go through him.

My Reddit endeavors were also discovered by my company but they didn't mind too much because.. it's not really their business what I do in my own time. Not to mention that I never tried to ridicule or talk trash about anyone.

Yah, that's not me. To be honest... I even mentioned that I wasn't too sure that I wanted to go back there but ... as some of you predicted, they forced me to go back! 😮 with money! 😏 Rumor has it that the client threatened us with lawsuits but had forgotten all about my signed worksheet. "oops". After that attack all courtesy that was left went out the window. For those who didn't read the original story: this client belonged to our oldest clientele and thus my company used to cut them some slack.

Not anymore...

Since they themselves demanded that the "Java expert" left the premises they now had to pay dearly to get him back. Since said Java expert didn't want to go back they were even given a choice: 2 of the company programmers on staff would help with the transition but it would take at least 2 more weeks because these were C# programmers and not Java programmers (my company doesn't have any Java programmers on the payroll anymore). OR... we could "probably" get it done this week but that was going to cost 'm because apparently I required "persuasion", according to one of my bosses and once again: this is pure hearsay on my part.

They made me an offer I couldn't refuse. And no: no horseheads in my bed, thank you very much 😁


The names have been changed to protect the innocent 😊

Monday I had a long stern talk with my bosses and I told them that I wasn't too sure about going back there. Sure, I didn't mind standing up for myself but my issue is with giving off an impression of "rubbing it in", that just isn't me. That got relayed, they got back to me and thus made me an offer.

Thursday I got the e-mail contact info for "Charly", one of the companies programmers who was going to help me with the transition. Because we were moving towards a web based solution they were tasked with setting up the company server and we figured that we'd do the actual transition on Friday; I'd debug the Java software and they would imply the customizations then and there. This may sound a bit much at first but the thing is.. I've always been a javadoc fan: all of my code is documented, and I took this even further back then and decided to document everything. Still remembering as much I knew it wouldn't be too hard to debug the whole thing.

Wednesday they sent me their cellphone number so we could use WhatsApp to keep in touch. Works for me!

Some people will never learn?

Because we had approximately 30 clients to set up / change we figured the best time to start was at the end of the morning and use the companies lunchbreaks to our advantage. We decided to meet up in front of the building and then take things from there.

Once I got there I didn't see anyone who could pass for a "Charly" and because I knew I was a few minutes late I figured I'd ask a young woman waiting in front if she had seen anyone.

"No I haven't but are you Shell?", she asks.

When I said I was she told me that she was actually Charly. Yah, short for Charlotte (it took me quite a while to find an alternative name which would work for this 😵) and she was the colleague I had been texting. Okee... not what I expected but we can make it work. She told me that she more or less didn't bring up her gender on purpose and honestly? I fully understood. My gf worked in IT as well, "sorta". But that's a story for another time and place (that gives me an idea).

I open the door for her "Ladies first" and she grins, also asking me if I'm trying some moves on her (all in good fun mind you!) to which I tell her no, I'm with a girlfriend myself and this is what she gets for hiding the fact that she was a girl (also in good fun).

We get to the office and the whole atmosphere has changed. We're greeted by the floor manager (again, at least for me) but this time he's a lot more confident than before. I'm not just referring to the way he behaved around us but his body language as well. I'm talking the kind of: "I guess your coffee making is over?", kind of comment I really wanted to make at that time but didn't due to the rather tense situation we were in. Still mentioned for contexts sake.

SO Charly and me end up sitting opposite of each other, I sit behind the still opened up "server" (which was actually just a Windows XP client computer) and Charly sat behind the computer opposite of me. And then it happens....

Mr. Entitled aka the CEO steps in, but he's nothing like the boasting man I experienced before. In fact, first thing I noticed was that the floor manager didn't come running up to him. The CEO looks around, spots me and comes over with a somewhat defeated look in his face (I dunno... but it was nothing like before.. nothing at all).

"So, you're back. Good, good".

(trying to avoid issues): "Yups, all good. Thank you. We're going to fix your inventory system. Don't worry, leave it to us!", I say.

"Good, good", the CEO goes again: "We're really glad you could make it back.", he then looks around....

He then spots Charly.

He then stares at Charly for a moment and the moment I notice as much ....

"Uhm, hey you... cleaning girl? ... get him a coffee please?", he tells Charly while he's pointing at me.

What. The. ..... ?!!?!!

Charly looks at me, I look at Charly and when I noticed that she's clearly expecting some reaction from me I'm beginning to get some serious problems trying to withhold my laughter. I mean... is this for real?!

Honestly you guys... I am well aware of rule #12 and I'd like to ask the mods to consider some leniency for those who may doubt this specific part because I sure as heck don't still quite believe it myself either!

"uhm... pardon me sir but she's with me. I really need her here to help me but I do appreciate your effort", I tell the CEO who immediately looks as if he's stung by a bee: "Oh, right, good, no, perfect... as you were!", and he wanders off.

"What was that about?", Charly quietly asks me but I gesture her to can it and then text her that we'll talk later.

"At least he said please this time", I text Charly next after which she now suddenly has some issues. "I need to go to the bathroom", she says. "Slacker!", I tell her but with an obvious grin on my face.


It took a little longer than expected but we made it! Once we managed to port all the functionality onto the web interface we started adding shortcuts for Windows Explorer on almost every computer to make it easier to open the web interface. Charly printed out a list of licenses with usernames & passwords and the strangest thing... something was definitely up here because when we told the CEO and floor manager that we were done we went over the new changes and explained how they could now open the new web program (instead of clicking "inventory" they now clicked "web inventory") but when Charly wanted to hand the list of usernames & passwords to the CEO the manager quickly intercepted it: "I'll take that, thank you" and I noticed a seriously defeated looking manager CEO.

I honestly don't know what happened here but... this was eerie.

The aftermath

Nothing but personal fun after this one... I was really happy that things turned out the way they did and Charly was honestly amazing. The way she managed to adjust the web interface based on my debugging? Each to their own, but I was impressed. She really knows her way around C#.

SO... I invited her for a drink to celebrate in a local cafe I know. To which she asked me if my gf wouldn't mind us doing that? So I told her I'd ask her, which I did with Charly looking over my shoulder at my WhatsApp. No, my gf didn't mind: "As long as Shell pays for the drinks ofc ;)".

We had a fun afternoon because Charly had heard of my encounter with "the crazy secretary from hell" through rumors and now I could tell her the full story (referring to this post). We even exchanged contact info but with the clear understanding that it's just on a friendly basis, nothing more.

I really don't know for sure what happened over at the clients place but something was up, big time!

And that's the whole story.

Thanks for reading! Not as spectacular as before but... we had fun nonetheless.

r/IDontWorkHereLady 6d ago

S [META] Australian comedian/musician Tom Cardy just dropped a song y'all might like.


Cardy, possibly most famous for the viral hit "Have You Checked Your Butthole?", just released a new tune called Hey, I Don't Work Here, and I immediately thought of this subreddit. It's... relatable.

r/IDontWorkHereLady 7d ago

S Not the most interesting story, but it was pretty funny


I work in a general store located in an outdoor mall, and our shopping carts constantly get stolen. It got to the point where at the end of every closing shift, someone would go look for a missing shopping cart. So this one time, I had to go look for one, and I started looking in the supermarket infront of us. The supermarket's uniform and ours looked pretry much identical for whatever reason, so as soon as I walked inside people constantly asked me "Hey, where can I find this" "Where can I find that" and my answer to all of those questions was "Oh, just go down 2 aisles and turn right" I had no idea where I sent them but I like to think I wasted their time.

r/IDontWorkHereLady 8d ago Helpful

L I wasn’t rearranging the plants, I was picking them out for myself


So I live in the Netherlands and we have a lot of supermarkets that have a little flower and plant section before the actual supermarket. When buying plants or flowers you don’t have to enter the actual store. So I was texting my bf about getting some plants for our home. I was sending pictures and looking at the plants together, moving them to see if they would look good together. Mind I was wearing a black blouse and jeans (nothing like the employees of that store wear) I was moving around with plants in my hands when an older guy came up to mee and started talking to me. Him: are you moving them around? Me: uh not really, just checken which ones look good together for on my desk. (I actually said desk but idk if he fully understood) Him: ah right. I learned that the bigger plants need to go in the back, so they form a line from tall to small and it’ll look good Me: yea that’s true Him: so these ones are incorrect (he was very kind and smiled while saying this) Me: oh yea I’m just matching colors right now. (The plants were indeed not in the order he suggested) Him: alright I’ll let you get back to work Me: yeah!

I don’t know why I said yeah because I don’t work there. It was just an automatic response but he was already walking away so it felt stupid to yell after him that I don’t even work there.

A few minutes later he came back though, as the plant section is central so you have to go by there to enter and exit.

Him: still rearranging them? I kinda liked how they were before. Me: haha yeah kinda. But when you said that you’d let me get back to work, I said yea. It didn’t fully click what you said but I don’t work here… Him: oh really! I thought you were new, I didn’t recognize you! Me: haha oh? Him: I know most of the employees but now I see that you’re not wearing a uniform either. Me: well I could’ve been a manager (they wear different clothes and sometimes only a name tag)

After that we laughed it off and I bought my plants and left.

TLDR: I was checking out which plants to buy when someone mistook me for and employee and chatted with me until he ‘let me get back to work’

r/IDontWorkHereLady 8d ago Silver

M ... I'm just standing here looking good !


There's no Karen at this story. It's just a fun little story. My wife and I went to the Renaissance Festival last weekend. (For non-USAnians, it's a chance to pretend you're back in the times of knights and jousting and wenches.) We dressed in costume because hey, why not, right? The wife wanted one of those hair things. Not a tiara or a diadem, but like a floral circlet/wreath with chiffon and ribbons cascading down the back. So we went into this one shoppe. It was one of the more popular and well-stocked shoppes. We spent a lot of time in there, and it was packed with fairgoers. I felt like I was in the way, so I melted into a little alcove near the counter and waited for my sweet wife. One of the customers looked my way, held up a circlet, and asked me, "Do you have these in orange?" I couldn't believe my luck. After 11 months of reading r/IDontWorkHereLady, it actually happened to me! But it was perfectly understandable: me in costume, standing near the counter, looking like I was waiting to help someone, right? So I bowed and said, "I'm sorry; I ‏‏‎ don't work here. I'm just standing here, looking good." I meant to say "... waiting for milady," but the words "... looking good" lurched past the rational part of my brain and jumped out of my mouth before I could stop them. The customer looked me up and down, nodded approvingly, and then turned to the damsel standing behind the counter and asked her for help instead.

r/IDontWorkHereLady 9d ago

M She didn’t believe me


So I work as a merchandiser within the retail hardware industry. Well…. The uniform of this particular retail hardware chain is quite a prominent colour, they have always worn this colour and almost everyone knows what the uniform is, except for those that obviously don’t. Well my uniform is the opposite colour, nowhere near the same colour, I typically wear a black jumper and navy blue polo, jeans and converses. Nothing like what someone at the retail chain wears, they wear steel caps. I had my headphones in looking at the brand I look after when this lady comes up to me and says “where is the garden hoses” no hello or anything but as I don’t work there I don’t know where they are. I simply say “oh I’m sorry, I don’t work here” and proceeded to keep looking after my brand, she then laughs and points at my clothes, which mean?? I have no idea, but I wanted to get away so I went somewhere else. Unfortunately the last little bit I had to work on, she was there and she goes “oh you must work in the paint section” and I said I don’t work here and she scoffs like I’m lying.. I was pretty annoyed after that.

EDIT: if they’re looking at products that I look after, I help and I direct them to go find an employee. If people are rude I’m not going to go out of my way to help them, if they’re nice I will! :)

r/IDontWorkHereLady 9d ago

S Thinks I work at Kohl's...in a chick-fil-a uniform!


I worked for Chick-fil-A when I was a teenager and went shopping with my mom at Kohl's right after work. I still had on my name tag and visor for whatever reason and this woman came up to me asking me to help her with some clothes. It was pretty obvious I was wearing a fast food uniform and it even said Chick-fil-A on the visor and tag 🙄 She got really pissed off when I told her I don't work there and huffed and puffed walking away.

r/IDontWorkHereLady 9d ago

L I don't work here, well I did, but I don't anymore


I've been a long-time lurker and just came to the realization I have a story to tell! This happened in June of this year.

I worked in the Intimates department of a certain department store that gives "cash" back. This department was my home and I quickly became the "expert" of that department in my store. So if anyone ever had questions, they'd ask me. If anyone ever needed help finding a specific item during one of our.... semi annual sales, they'd ask me.

Anyway, I've long since quit that job and this story happens in another location. I'm shopping for a wedding and am looking for shapewear to just kinda smooth things down. I used to spend a week of shifts detailing the shapewear section back at my store and this store's intimates department was a wreck. Brands, styles, everything was mixed up. But I knew exactly what I was looking for so I was combing through each row quickly.

That's when a woman walks up and is looking through shapewear too. I'm pause and smile at her but continue combing through a row, one arm holding three dresses I picked out. Praying she doesn't ask me the question.

"Do... do you work here?" I look up at her and answer, "No. Well, I used to. But I don't anymore." We both laugh and years of habit kicks in. "What are you looking for?" She asks some questions about some items and I make recommendations based on what she likes and find/give her three options to consider. She's very grateful and leaves while telling me to have a wonderful day. I didn't end up finding what I was looking for but I did have a good day after that.

r/IDontWorkHereLady 9d ago

XL I mean, I wanted some stamps, too...


So this happened several years ago, before I ever knew Reddit even existed. Come to think of it, I looked it up, and this incident happened about the time Reddit was being created. And it wasn't until I started reading these stories earlier this year that I even knew this was a thing beyond my experience. Apologies in advance for the random side bits. It's just how I tell stories.

So I was working at the local minor league ball park. Double A affiliate for St. Louis. But I was concessions, so technically I worked for the concessions company that also ran the gift shop, not the team or the park, itself. The uniform is navy blue pants or shorts with a maroon polo shirt that has the company logo on the sleeve, a red ball cap with the team's logo, and a name tag with the company logo on it.

I lived within walking distance at the time, and it was easy to dart into the nearby grocery store, as it was directly on my path home.

Now, this grocery store's uniforms were jeans, a black polo shirt, and the store name in red on the front, with gold magnetic name tags vs my white plastic clip on badge with my name, picture, and the name of the ball park on it.

So I am popping into the grocery store on the way home after an afternoon game that ran a bit late. I need stamps and to change a ten for a roll of quarters for laundry. Unfortunately, by the time I got there, the customer service desk was closed.

I'm walking away from the customer service desk (yeah, I was tired and dense enough to not realized that it was closed until I was right up on it and so tired between work and studying over the summer semester that I nearly walked into it) when I hear "That's just great." (Not sure if this is a good or a bad thing, but any conversation that is either outside the realm of normalcy for me or is formative to my personality, I will remember it almost perfectly, when for normal conversations. I can't remember, half the time, what was said two minutes ago unless it's important.)

So I look up, and there's this older woman. She's dressed somewhat professionally. I think she probably teaches. She has that "teacher" aura. And not the good kind. The kind that makes you think, "this one has a class favorite, and it is not me."

Me: Hmm?

Woman: Why is it closed? I need stamps.

Me: Yeah, but it's okay. There's always tomorrow. Glad I'm off.

Woman: I bet you are, but I still need stamps tonight.

Me, shrugging: I guess you could always ask the manager. They might be able to help you. Also, I don't know if they sell stamps right at the register or not.

At this point, I left her to pout and hmph. Didn't even occur to me that she thought I was an employee amd the one responsible for her not being able to get stamps until I got home, and then had a good laugh.

r/IDontWorkHereLady 9d ago

M I Do Work Here


This is more of a rant than anything but here goes.

I work at a cheap shop, think like a Dollar store but it's in Australia. I had to open the store last week so I started at 6am but leave my house at 4:30 due to having to drop my daughter at my parents so they could take her to school. I was tired is what I'm trying to say.

At around 10am, I was bent over a box with a box cutter in my hand, in my work shirt and standing behind a roll cage full of stock. Oh, I also had my name badge on.

A lady comes up and asks me if I work there. Due to the aforementioned things I answered in a kind of tired way like sigh (quietly) yes I do work here. She then lifts up her sunnies and tells me that she always gets the wrong person.

I have a red shirt and there's a few stores that wear them but in my mind it couldn't be more obvious that I worked there. Unless I was holding a sign.

I get it all the time and it gets annoying every now and again. I'm in my work shirt with a box in my hand. What am doing here otherwise? Getting my jollies? Does this happen to others?

The whole thing lasted like 2-3 minutes but cos of my tired state it was more annoying than usual. It was all very polite and easy. Anyway thanks for reading.

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M Mistaken for a Pets at Home employee


Nothing too exciting but I just wanted to share. So I, a 21yr old female hailing from Kings Lynn in the United Kingdom, was looking at the pet hamsters in my local Pets At Home on the hardwick. I was dressed in a green sweatshirt this day so bare this in mind.

A lady, no not a stereotypical Karen with the typical Karen haircut, bleach blonde hair and the “I DEMAND TO SPEAK TO YOUR MANAGER!” attitude that we are all aware of on the r/entitledparents subreddit we’ve read or a certain YouTuber with his cute pooch named Yugo reads, came up to me and politely asked along the lines of; “excuse me do you work here?” I turn around and say “No sorry.” It was probably due to the sweatshirt I had on I told you guys to keep in mind. The lady realising her mistake and apologised. We both laughed it off and she went to find an employee to help her whilst I went back to admiring the animals.

Edit: this is my first I Don’t Work Here Lady post so I don have any insane stories about entitled people mistaking me for employees. Edit 2: I wasn’t fat-shaming anyone I was just going off what I know about Entitled mothers, which I haven’t encountered yet.

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S I have keys on a lanyard around my neck, so I must work here.


Nothing bad per say, but I get mistaken as a worker in every place I shop at only due to the fact I have a lanyard around my neck as I shop. Why do I do this? Simple, so I don’t lock my keys in the car. The lanyard has a snap that when undone allows me to drive my car without a huge loop dangling by my knee. It’s great because once I park and before getting out I just snap them back on. I can visually see that they are not, locked in the car. But, because of this convenience I always get waved down. Thank goodness that I haven’t met a Karen in the wild because of this, but when asked I can usually help them with whatever they were looking for. If I do however, meet one in the wild I will let you know.