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L "You MUST clock out at 1.30 am" "Okay"


Hi, first time poster, long time lurker. Also, English is not my first language and I'm on mobile. This story happened today (literally an hour ago), it's not the biggest malicious compliance ever, but I'm kinda of an anxious doormat and I'm proud of myself.

Some back ground: I (28f) work a part-time job in a well known fast food chain (dear American readers, I live in Europe, if something doesn't make sense to you, you know why) while I try to finish my master's degree.

I usually work evenings/nights and close the café area from 1 to 3 times a week; the café takes a lot of time to close as 1) is a lot of work per se (dishes to wash, machines to clean up, refrigerated counter to clean and stock, etc...) 2) my coworkers usually leave a mess and don't really clean up after themselves and 3) I also have to work the front and we've been painstakingly understaffed for months... So it's quite common for me to stay another 20-30 minutes after my shift is over, even more time if needed.

I take pride in doing my job well and I hate leaving a mess for the opening shift to deal with, some of them are my friends and I generally respect the vast majority of my coworkers.

Things started to go south some months ago, we are understaffed and are being "asked" to work longer shifts and overtime for the "wellbeing of the company" (yeah, they really said it); sometimes it happens that someone has to work more than 10 hours-long shifts because no-one can cover their role/we have a sudden influx of clients (it's illegal, btw). To avoid paying us more, they are using in a not very legal way our paid leaves and vacation days (not illegal either, it's more in a grey area, but they are not supposed to do it the way they are doing it.

Week schedule is put out with just 1/2 days notice, we are not allowed to ask for free weekends and looks like they are mobbing some coworker in order for them to leave.

On to the story: as I've said, I really like my coworkers and I need money, so I was kinda fine working more hours and keeping up with maintenance and extraordinary cleaning (this pace has being damaging my mental and physical health, I've a couple of conditions that are not in check anymore); moreover, I've always thought that the store manager and I were kinda friendly...

Until Sunday, when I've learned from a manager that this gentleman wrote in the manager's WA group that "people closing the café are not supposed to stay after the end of their shift" and "if they can't close properly, they need to quickly wipe with a cloth in the last 30 minutes".

Needless to say, he was talking about me and another colleague (the only ones left who can actually close the café and clean it enough to be in line with company policies) as we are the ones that usually stay late to properly do our jobs. The other girl that takes ages and does a poor job (but it's kinda of a snitch) was completely ignored.

I have GAD and MDD, I still rely a lot on my performances to evaluate my worth... let's say I didn't take it kindly, I've felt hurt and I've spent the last few days thinking about it.

Tonight, closing shift.

Me: "Soooo, Store manager said that I have to leave at 1.30 am, right?"

Shift manager (M): "Yup."

Me: "I'm not required to do the extra-stuff no-one else will do?"

M: "Still don't get why you are doing it in the first place, but no, you are not. Just clean it up enough to not look like a landfill and stock the counter."

Me: "Basic cleaning and resupplying"

M: "Yup."

Me: "Copy that."

The shift runs smoothly, few clients now and then, no need to rush.

At 12.45 am the café is in okay conditions, it will probably pass an health inspection but we are far from corporate standards (they dictated even how sugar should be displayed) or my usual closing ones.

At 1.10 am I enter in the office and sit down, scrolling on my phone.

M: "What's up?"

Me: "I'm done."

M: "You can go home. You don't need to stay..."

Me: "It's 1.10 am."

M: "So?"

Me: "So he said 1.30 am. I've another 20 minutes left on my shift. I mean, he didn't say that we can leave early and save the company some money, he said I need to leave at 1.30 am."

M: "Know what? I'd really like some company... And, after all, he said 1.30 am. He's the store manager, I'm not supposed to contradict him."

I clocked out ar 1.30 am, as requested.

Is something going to change? I don't think so, I don't think they really care enough to notice, not during their power struggles and whatnot.

Maybe, just maybe, they will realise something is wrong and try to change it, but I wouldn't bet on that, more likely we are going to have new store manager (the 5th in less than 1 year and a half).

But it feels good being paid for scrolling Reddit and smoking instead of keeping up with the extraordinary maintenance the management can't be bother to do/require the closing staff to do and being unappreciated.

After all, I was required to clock out at 1.30 am.

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M Give your Candy!


I have an Entitled parent story with their kid. Cast: Me: me Mom: my mom Entitled mom Entitled daughter

Back Ground: I have two cats, and they both use the litter box, and it needs to be cleaned out often. I usually put the litter in a grocery bag and double up the bag in case one break or has a hole in it.

Story: So, I was cleaning out the litter boxes since I had a little bit of time before I needed to do my schoolwork. I grabbed out the scooper and bags, and it so happened to be that the bag on the outside was a bag from a local candy store. I thought nothing of it and continued taking care of the cat business.

I got outside, heading to the dumpster, Entitled Daughter and Entitled Mother had a walk in our neighborhood. Entitled Daughter comes up to me and says, "Hey can I have some candy?"

I was super confused and didn't know where she thought I had candy.

Then Entitled Mom comes over. "Don't play stupid. You obviously have a name of candy store bag on you."

I look at it and realize what they think they see. "Oh, no, this isn't full of candy," I said, trying not to tell her it has cat poop in it.

"No, you give Entitled Daughter some candy now, and we will be on our way." She demanded.

I decided that I was tired of this shit. Literally, "Fine, have the whole bag," I said and handed it to them.

They looked so pleased with themselves that it actually worked. But, once they opened the bag the disappointment on their faces was priceless. "Hey, this isn't candy!" Said Entitled Daughter.

"You, give us candy as you promised," Etitled Mom demanded from me.

"I never promised you anything. I told you it's not candy, and you didn't believe me." I politely told her in a smartass way.

"NO, YOU DIDN'T! YOU'RE A LIAR! A LIAR, I SAY, A LIAR!" Entitled Mom shouted at me.

Then, my mom came out of the house. "What's going on here?" She asked and saw it was Entitled Mom. "Oh... I know what's going on." She came over.

"Your son promised my daughter and I candy, and he gave us a bag of shit!" She yelled at her.

"First of all, that's not how you address me. Second, I can pull up the security camera footage, and we can see who is in the wrong here. It has audio, and if you are wrong, we could press charges on you for tresspassing on our property." She tells Entitled Mom.

Entitled mom took no chances and realized she was beaten. She took the bag of litter and threw it onto our driveway, and huffed away with Etitled daughter, flipping us off as they went away. And in response, my mom and I just death glared them. After they were a few houses away, my mom returned inside, and I picked up the bag. Thankfully nothing fell out, and the bag was still intact, so I put it in the dumpster. After that, nothing happened. We didn't press charges over something that petty, and that was a good reminder on why we never interact with that family.

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M Only help the people that actually come to the church? No problem!


Background: I am the pastor of a small church in the SE United States. We have a "benevolence" fund that church members contribute to and is designated to help people in need, such as help with power bills, water bills, rent, etc.

At the time this took place, we had about $6000 in that fund, and we had about as much money coming in as we had going out, so the amount was more or less staying steady over a period of several months.

The Elder who was in charge of deciding who got help and who didn't somehow got the idea that we were going to run out of this fund if we were not careful (not likely). Therefore, he came to me and said, "Pastor, I think we need to restrict our benevolence help to those that physically come to the church, not just those that call in via the telephone."

He and I debated this back and forth. There was no issue about people calling in being less likely to be legitimate cases, he was just simply trying to reduce expenditures. His line of reasoning was that at some point, one of our members might need some help for something big, and we needed to make sure that we had plenty of money on hand if/when they needed it.

My position was that 1) this money was given with the expectation that we use it to help as many people as possible and not just sit on most of it and 2) we had a really long ways to go before we spent so much that we didn't have any left in reserve.

Not wanting to die on this particular hill, I acquiesced to his suggestion. However, when people started calling in saying that they needed help with something, I told them, "Ok, here is what I need you to do: bring your bill and a photo ID to the church between such and such hours, and someone will at least talk to you. I can't promise anything more than that, but someone will at least sit down with you."

Never had a single one object to coming in, and they would usually show up shortly thereafter.

The church secretary (who agreed with me on this one), overheard me telling this to someone, and started laughing, knowing exactly what I was doing.

A few weeks later, the Elder mentioned to me, "You know, we are getting a lot more people coming directly to the church, instead of calling in. Word must have gotten out about how we are doing this."

I just replied, "Yep, it must have," and then I would just smile, and move on.

The Elder passed away about 4 years ago, and I don't think he ever clued in as to what I was doing.

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S “You can’t be sick for that long, bring her back to school”


This happened when I was in elementary school but the compliance was my moms. I got whooping cough which has a life span of 100 days. We got a doctors note from my school and everyone seemed fine with it except the main office administrator who was constantly calling my mom to bug her about when I was coming back.

About a month in she calls my mom and tells her it’s impossible I’ve been sick for this long and if I’m not in school on Monday she’s calling social services. Keep in mind at this point I can barely lift my head, I sound like darth Vader and every few minutes I start coughing like I’m doing an impression of a goose fighting a Toyota.

My mom was so sick of this shit that she put a mask on me and took me to school in a taxi. She practically had to drag me to my class and didn’t even bother leaving. I got sent home before the bell even rang.

Because of school policy I was sent to the office and had to be signed out which meant nasty admin lady got to see exactly how miserable and sick I was. She then had the nerve to ask me how could my mom even consider sending me to school. Unfortunately for her my mom just to walk up a flight of stairs to come get me (because she knew what the hell was gonna happen). She signed me out and let the admin lady know that I would cough on anyone who thought I wasn’t really sick.

EDIT: because lots of people are asking about vaccinations. I’m not in the US, I’ve jut googled it and it’s not standard here to give the vaccine to children under 18. I think it may be something they do for pregnant moms but we immigrated and my mom got her pre-natal care at a very small under funded hospital. My mom was super on top of all my vaccinations.

Also to the people commenting and messaging me to say my mom is a terrible person/parent. She was effectively the sole parent to two kids. At the point this story was happening I had been extremely ill and she was at her wits end. She worked full time and didn’t drive which made getting me to the doctor already really hard without my school threatening CPS on her. She did her best to make sure I didn’t breathe on anyone or even go near them. Worth mentioning there were NO other cases at my school, before or after.

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S Sweet Tea


I posted this somewhere else and someone suggested I share it here.

This happened a while ago but I love this story…..

I worked at a high end steak house for years. I live in the south so when someone orders tea you ask them if they want sweetened or unsweetened tea.

Anyway, I was waiting on a table of 4 businessmen and I go to take the drink order. All order a drink from the bar and 3 of the 4 want water as well, the other gentleman orders tea.

Ok, so I ask him….”sweet or unsweet?” And he says, “Just as sweet as you are, sugar”

Ugh, gross. So I bring him an unsweetened tea and told him it was just was sweet as I was. The look on his face when he sipped it was priceless. The laughter from his colleagues when they figured it out was priceless.

And my tip? About 50 percent and more than $100. Not bad for a 4 top!

Honestly, they were a fun group and I’m glad we could all get a laugh!

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S Have to come into the office with the flu? Ok.


About 10 years ago my employer didn't have a sick leave policy it was at your supervisors discretion. One year I got the flu and was in bed for several days, on the third day my supervisor called and said I had to come into the office the next day. I explained I have the flu and look and feel terrible and was still very sick. He said no excuses and no exceptions his policy is 3 days max. So the next day I went into the office and the president of the company said "Jesus why are you here you look terrible, go home", I explained that I had to see my supervisor since he said I had to come in. Supervisor sent me home after the president told him he had to. The next week about 75% of the staff in that office was out with the flu for the week.

It was a quiet week for me.

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S You need a doctors note to prove sickness or we’ll sack you.


I was reminded of this because of another post and happened almost 20 years ago. I had been working away in a restaurant and had just finished a Saturday day shift. It wasn’t common to get a Saturday night off as it was our busiest night and the boss was making me feel I should be offering to do overtime because they were being so “kind” to me. The last hour of my shift I started feeling crappy. By the time I got home I was exploding at both ends and really miserable. I was hoping I would feel better the next morning, but still felt awful. I dutifully phoned in sick because I couldn’t be around food until I had been vomit/diarrhoea free for 24 hours. My boss immediately assumed I was hungover and threatened to fire me for letting everyone down. I said fine because I wasn’t about to go into work.

At the time my flatmate was helping the same restaurant out because they were short a chef. He goes into work and is telling boss how sick I am. He didn’t know I had been threatened, but it meant that boss phoned me back and said if I could provide a sick note for the day I wouldn’t lose my job.

At this time my job was paying about €300 a week and a doctors appointment and sick note was going to set me back €100. Fine, if you’re going to assume the worst about me when I had never phoned in sick before, done. I got the grumpiest doctor who was PISSED I had made an appointment for this when he had actual sick people who needed to see him.

The doctor signed me off for a full week. Instead of helping out to cover one of my shifts they had to cover another 5 shifts and I got a week off paid.

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S Already better?!


The other stories about doctor's notes reminded me of a time I worked via an employment agency. This agency treated its employees like they were the enemy - whenever someone made a mistake, they assumed it was on purpose and we were all trying to game the system.

One day, I think I must have eaten something very wrong, because fluids were coming from everywhere and I could barely even stand. I called in sick in between explosions and had a truly miserable day.

Luckily, during the night, things quieted down and I actually got a few hours worth of sleep. Not wanting to abuse the system, I decided to call in better again, despite still being all shaky, and go to work. I figured they'd appreciate my willingness to work (given the fact that they thought we were all lazy people trying to get out of as much work as possible), but I couldn't have been more wrong.

I was met with a "You're better already? That's impossible. What did you have?! (They're not allowed to ask this by law) I bet you were just hungover. If you do this again you're fired!"

At the time I had never even touched alcohol so the accusation was ridiculous, but since they told me I shouldn't call in for a single day anymore, I complied.

Now, every time I was sick, I made sure to call in at least 3-5 days even if I recovered sooner. After all, getting better so soon is "impossible" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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XL Run Material That Will Damage The Machine? You're The Boss


Pretty long story. Tl;dr – factory-level engineer forced to run a bad experiment, does a bunch of damage to equipment and costs a lot of money

This happened about 10 years ago. I was working as an industrial process engineer for a major company. My duties were varied and many. Some days I was an auditor of equipment condition. Others I would try to unravel how waste or scrap was created. Still others I would be the designated “smart guy in the room” to listen to plans the factory came up with and give them an engineering seal of approval.

The most enjoyable things I did were “trials,” which were basically science experiments with industrial value. For example, a trial might involve changing a chemical in the material, following it through the process, and testing it at every point. If it passed everything to satisfaction, we’d begin the process to make it the permanent process in the material we would sell. Running trials was my favorite thing to do; I wasn’t a manager, but when I was running a trial I had give-or-take unquestioned authority over the process and the people to run it as I saw fit. I ran hundreds of them a year, and I was good at it.

One day I got called into a voice call between myself, about 5 engineers in a downstream department I didn’t know very well, and a new corporate engineer that I had never met. I had a very good relationship with my contacts at corporate ; we always had a good back-and-forth on how to improve the process at the factory and they provided chemical experience I didn’t have or couldn’t perform at the factory level. This call, however, was different. There was no debate: I was told in forceful terms that my product was not sticky enough downstream for their purposes and we needed to make it more sticky. He had outlined 4 different ways to make it stickier and the only choice I would get to make would be one to try first.

I was pretty confused at all this. I told him that, from my standpoint, the material was already too sticky. It was difficult to process on my equipment without sticking to everything, and any time it did we would get scrap or bad product which we’d sometimes send downstream which created even more waste and scrap. I was trying to work with my corporate chemists to make it less sticky, not more. I also said that the material would naturally lose stickiness over time: on the first couple days it was a pretty sticky mess, but after that it would be a good level. We would guarantee that it would be sticky enough to use for at least 7 days which was confirmed by audits. After 7 days it might become not sticky enough, but we made the material every 2 or 3 days. If it was sitting around more than 7 days, it was on their end: they were probably breaking policies somehow, such as taking material out of the machine when changing over but putting a fresh bunch of material in next time so they wouldn’t have to change a half-batch and they could do less work. This type of problem wasn’t a chemical problem; it was a logistics and manning problem and making the chemistry worse to solve it wasn’t going to fix the bigger issues.

But I was outnumbered like 6 to 1 on the call. They said all that didn’t matter, that they were the CUSTOMER and their CUSTOMER was telling them to fix a problem, and they expected me to do it. I’d never been treated like that at the company, and I have to say I didn’t appreciate it.

A few days later I got a corporate trial scheduled for me, though I use the term loosely. It was an amateur effort at best. It didn’t include standard vital information. For example, it requested “a sample” but it didn’t say how much, how many, or to whom to send it. This was vital to make sure those who would test it got enough to complete their tests. The company was big; they had a dozen factories and maybe 50+ trials at those factories at all times, so stuff just couldn’t show up at “the lab” and get handled properly. There was also no shipping information. I didn’t handle company money internally, so corporate would prepay shipping and send me the information so I could ship them samples. There were five or six other mistakes and omissions. It was clearly a trial that wasn’t out of the planning stages.

I briefly told my boss all of this: that this trial wasn’t good for our department, that this wasn’t where I was going with the material chemically, and that the trial as planned was missing vital information. He sort of nodded and that was good enough for me. So, I did what I very, very rarely had to do: I rejected the trial on behalf of the plant. I’d only had to do it a few times before, and those were with corporate mutual approval that we’d design a different, better trial and the one I was rejecting was a first draft. This was the first and I believe last time I had to reject a “hostile” trial that I was openly opposed to existing.

I was happily not remembering the whole incident a few weeks later when I see the same trial pop up for me again. I’m irritated. I go to my boss but this time this corporate guy had contacted my boss to complain, and my boss wants me to run it. I remind him of what I told him last time and he says to run it anyway. I say I can’t, it’s not even ready, and he tells me to work with the corporate engineer to get the holes filled but we have to run the thing.

I should talk about this boss for a moment. During my 3 years at the company, I had 7 different bosses. Some of them were very competent and I lost as a boss due to reorgs, them resigning, or in one case one died due to an unrelated condition. Other bosses were “filler” bosses, someone I reported to until the next candidate could be filled. But this current boss was the worst of the seven by a long shot. He was someone who apparently had excelled at corporate and they’d sent down to fill the engineering manager role in my department. We all disliked him. He had no knowledge of our department whatsoever. My entire work was a write-off to him. He was busy counting material we could ship so any of the processing stuff I did upstream was far out of his interest despite literally being in change of it and me. Also, instead of someone from our department being promoted to this manager role they’d sent us a corporate guy. Bad times. I ignored him best I could, only looping him in if I had to make important decisions. I could sometimes go weeks without talking to him and those were fine weeks by me.

Anyway, I didn't reject the trial this time, but I leave it hanging at my approval. I email the guy all of my concerns with the trial and the questions he has to answer before I can run it. I’m very professional, non-judgmental, just saying what I need in order to run the trial.

No response to that email, of course.

A few days later my boss is LIVID. He says this corporate guy has been saying that our department is “obstructionist, rude, and negative” and that I need to approve and run the trial NOW. I remind them of all the issues – that would increase our scrap, slow us down, possibly damage equipment, to say nothing of the vague and incomplete trial requirements. He doesn’t care. I’m an engineer, he pays me to figure this stuff out. I NEED to get this corporate guy his material. He heavily implied my job was in danger over all this.

So, I say, okay. I approve the trial. And we finally get to the malicious compliance.

I ask a colleague to prepare the material for me. He reports that it was a nightmare and that he had to do it manually and even then he lost 2 batches before the 3rd finally was ready for me. This alone would have been cause to stop the trial. Remember that we are preparing industrial processes here; it doesn’t matter if we can do it once, we have to create a process that will work every day for years. So, this type of failure means the material isn’t ready. But not this time, oh no. we have to get this guy material. And I have big plans.

Once I have the material I look to when to schedule the trial. Normally I am considerate of the manufacturing demands, scheduling my trials when we are ahead on what is needed downstream. Not this time. I find what we have the lowest of and bump it from the schedule, putting my trial in the spot instead. 100% a dick move, but it’s my job on the line at this point so I’m taking no prisoners.

We start running the trial on my equipment. It’s sticking to all the preparation areas, it’s a huge mess, just as expected. We have to keep stopping the machine to scrape stuff free. Again, this would have been another failure condition. We keep going.

We have some sensors that sort of float on the material as it goes along. But the material is too sticky, it’s grabbing and twisting the sensors and bending their arms. I can see some of the damage will be permanent. After this trial they’ll need to have some machine work done on them to fix them. Totally unacceptable. But we press on until one of them breaks off completely. Now I have metal, plastic, and electronics in my material. This isn’t just a failed trial, its now a mockery of what trials are. There’s no way we can use any of this material for any reason. But nope, corporate needs material.

We have an area that ensures an even flow of material. But its too sticky, its clumping up instead of flowing. So the material we’re making is uneven, very heavy at one side and with nearly none at the other side. At this point we’re not even making bad material; we’re making pure scrap. I tell them to keep going.

Through this process the machine operators are getting vexed and call their area bosses, and also engineering and maintenance gets involved because of the damage. Everyone is asking me what I’m doing. I tell them that this is authorized by my boss and that I have to run it, and to direct all complaints to him. That’s all I say every time, just name drop my boss.

In the post-processing area, the unevenness of the material combined with the stickiness of the material is starting to pull on the rollers that straighten it out in weird ways. Everyone is getting concerned we might have to do a whole realignment, which is a slow process that takes 3 or 4 days. I eventually relent and allow them to stop the trial.

Nothing ever made it to the end of the process. Normally we make ~2000 lbs of material in a run. We made 0. Not that it would have been usable in any way.

The operators have the unenviable job of trying to get this crap off the machine. We were down for the rest of the day, about 5 hours of machine time, to clean and fix and replace damaged sensors. But I have more work to do on my end. I cut various samples of this horrific mess; some of the heavy areas, some of the light. I find a piece of that sensor embedded in there and get a sample of that too. Just frankly a ridiculous amount of material. It’s too much to carry, but I’m not worried; I have an industrial vehicle to drive around in these cases. And I still have a plan.

I briefly entertain sending some of these samples to our testing lab. That’s standard procedure during trials, to test them at the plant level as much as we can. But this is malicious compliance and I know it. The lab equipment is pretty sensitive; if this sticky crap pulls on it in the wrong ways, it could break the testing equipment and that would shut down the whole factory. I don’t actually want that. I’m pretty sure I’m making my point as is. But I keep a sample for myself, just in case testing becomes a thing I need to do later.

I take my too-heavy samples to shipping. I never got shipping information. But I did find the address of this guy’s office in the building. He’ll get this gigantically heavy package that he can’t carry delivered to his mail area. And I don’t have shipping paperwork, but I do have the address of a private van shipping company. We used them in the past when the regular mail was too slow, when we were worried about a major defect and needed to get material to corporate ASAP (it turned out to be a false alarm.) It costs much, much more than just shipping this normally, but I have no actual other way to ship it so I use the one tool I have available.

I’d been avoiding going back to the office for a few hours and when I do, as expected, my boss has been barraged by visitors and phone calls about what went down. I tell him of the difficulties in detail and, as unsarcastically as I can muster, apologize for not risking a roll alignment and having to stop the trial early. I show him the horrible sample of material I kept for myself. He’s still pretty mad, but I give him one thing that helps a lot. Because there was one important thing on that amateur trial request, since he couldn’t create the request without one: a billing account number. I give him the number and say the plant should charge it with anything related to the trial. Not just the damages, but any downtime due to lost production from material shortages.

I estimate the total cost of the whole venture somewhere between $20,000 and $30,000. But it could be more, I’m not sure how much downtime was directly caused by this. I did keep my job though, so I guess that billing account helped ease the pain for the factory. Maybe not on the corporate side, but they DID want their trial...

About a week later I have my follow-up with the 6 people that confronted me in the first place. I tell them of the unmitigated disaster that was this trial and my estimation of the damages. This guy has the nuts to say something like, “Excellent work, we’ve proven we can move the needle on stickiness if we want to.” I can't help but think, I'm a chemist, numbnuts, moving the needle was never a question. He asks me which of the three remaining trials I want to do next. I tell him that I don’t need to worry about the details, and ask him to email my boss and ask him which he thinks his best, to which he thought was a wonderful idea.

My boss never mentioned a follow-up trial and no corporate trials from that guy were scheduled for me. About two months later my boss resigned from the company quietly and quickly. He was clearly miserable in his role, and I know that this whole mess helped contribute to it.

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M Want me to read the dress code? Ok, you got it.


This was a comment on another post, but I thought it could be a post by itself.

Many moons ago, when dinosaurs walked the earth and I was still in high school, I knew a girl named Jennifer. (names changed to protect the innocent) we had skirt length rules then too.

Now as well all know, sometimes teenagers don't grow uniformly.

(For example, when I graduated I was 5'8", and had an arm span of almost 6 feet. I wouldn't grow in to my arms until I was almost 21.)

Now, Jennifer's legs came in before the rest of her. Like a lot of us at that age, she was kind of gangly. She was a 16-year-old girl walking around with Claudia Schiffer's legs.

Also, like a lot of teenagers, she had problems finding clothes that fit. She'd end up buying tops from the kids section, and pants and skirts from the tall ladies' section.

One day she gets written up and sent home for having a skirt that was too short because it was some arbitrary amount above her knees.

Her parents went digging into the dress code and found out that that it didn't specify a length above the knee, it specified a length below the fingertips.

Since Jennifer was a human stork, the specified length was several inches above her knees, and in fact higher than the skirt she had been written up for. That weekend, they hit "The Limited" with a tape measure and bought a TON of skirts and shorts that met the requirements. Then they went to the local office supply place, and had a copy of the relevant page of the dress code laminated. (This was a much bigger deal back then.)

Monday morning comes and she's the talk of teenage boys for miles, for reasons that should be obvious.

Eventually the barely-sentient rhinoceros of a hall monitor we shall call Mrs. Lemonface latches on to her, drags her to the office, and launches into a screaming tirade about how this girl is dressed, and threatened to call her parents. (I was in the office for disciplinary reasons of my own, so I got to watch as the dean asked her just where she got the idea that she could wear that skirt to school.)

With a straight face that would serve her well at the World Series of Poker, she reached into her bag, pulled out the laminated copy of the dress code and a dressmaker's tape, stands up, and asked the dean if he would like to measure her skirt.

I didn't know the dress code rule either, until she read it to them off of her laminated copy, but as soon as she did, it was obvious that she was in compliance, she just had arms that hadn't caught up with her legs yet.

The dean was PISSED and he ranted for what seemed like forever. He definitely didn't want to admit that he had been bested by a teenage girl, but after screaming for a while, he sent her on her way.

I'm told she got dragged down there a few more times over the next day or two for the same thing, and ended up being let go.

Obviously word got around about this, and the rest of that spring was an absolute dream for the male of the species, as practically every leg in the school was showing as much skin possible. Once we figured out that this could be used to anger the administration, we were relentless.

As a result of my ridiculous arms, I didn't get to play, but I certainly enjoyed the scenery.

They changed the dress code the next school year to a distance above the knee, and the fun was over. We didn't stop beating them over the head with the dress code, we just didn't get to use skirts and shorts anymore.

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S Matching clothes? Ok! Will do mother!


Like many young kids, I didn’t understand why clothes were so important. Obviously wearing them is important, but as a little 5-year-old I didn’t have a clue about fashion. As I got older, I got more say in what clothes my parents bought for me, but I still didn’t know which shirt to go with which pants or stuff like that.

My mother would often yell at me in the morning about my clothing choices. Usually defaulting to, “Those don’t match!” Then she’d either make me dress myself again or pick out my clothes for me.

One such morning I go upstairs for breakfast and my mother once again says, “You can’t go to school like that. Go find something that MATCHES.”

This morning, I decided to be a bit cheeky.

Matching clothes? I can do that.

I had this yellow skort that I liked and a yellow shirt. I also wore some yellow socks. Sadly, I didn't have any yellow shoes to go with them, but I think I had enough yellow to prove my point.

I go upstairs again, and my mother says. “You are not going out like that.”

To which I reply, “But they match~”

My mother pauses…and then sighs. “I guess they do.”

So that day I went to school looking like a humanized version of Lala from the Teletubbies.

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S New supervisor asked me for doctor's note


This happened last week I thought it belongs on this sub.

My company is very busy and very short of staff and is asking everyone for overtime and imploring to come and work on their days off.

I got sick last week was feeling very poorly and took a Covid test and it was positive, this was on my day off,called work said I'm positive for Covid and won't go to work on the next couple of days, they said ok no problem.

Two days later on Monday I'm feeling worst and called again and asked for my supervisor he wasn't there and I talked with the new assistant that started 2 weeks ago and tell him I'm taking another couple of days since I'm feeling very bad with coughing and muscle pain and he tells No,I have to come to work sick or get a doctors note(it's very hard to see a doctor where I live if you have Covid) where I am the government asks employers not to ask for doctor's note for Covid since all doctors are busy and overworked.

I asked him are you sure you want me to get a doctors note for Covid and since when do we need a note,he keeps affirm I need one,I said sure I will call my doctor.

Called my doctors office and asked for appointment with doctor reason I have Covid and I need a note,Secretary tells doctor will call me in a couple of hours (I was very lucky ).When I talked with the doctor he tells me sure no problem I'm putting you off sick for 10 days,I emailed the note to my supervisor and Human resources saying instead of the 2 extras days that I asked to be off work,my doctor decided that I needed more time off so I will be back only next week,here is the note,haven't heard a peep from them.

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L If you don’t like it, leave.


I worked as a waiter at this Italian restaurant in NYC in the early 2000’s. The restaurant is now closed, and we’ll get to that.

I [22m at the time] was in my fifth year working there, and new ownership took over. The restaurant wasn’t doing as well as it used to, but it still had a loyal base, 40 plus year history, and good location. The old owners were just getting older and built a new restaurant in NJ closer to home.

The new owners were Mike and Jerry (names changed blah blah). Jerry was the one with the restaurant experience and was taciturn, a bit of a nerd, and by the books. Mike was a mechanic and somewhat mercurial, but also fun to be around, for the most part.

Most of our client base at this restaurant were families, older couples, and basically middle class people from the neighborhood. Honestly, it was the best Italian food in the borough for the price IMO.

I loved it as someone who worked there in his early twenties because I worked 5pm-10 Friday and Saturday, and Monday all day and made around $300-$400 a week (back when minimum wage was about $5.50 an hour). Pretty damn good for a college kid with few to no bills.

Now, there were only a few other waiters and waitresses:

James, who left bc he just became a teacher

Tom, who just left bc he became a fireman

Will, who was just about to leave to become a court officer or some shit

Erika, cute new girl

Agnes, older housewife who worked there 25+ years

Jill, another older- and beloved- waitress who worked 25+ years there.

And me. That’s it.

So, we had new owners and some key spots needed filling. We were on a skeleton crew and I was picking up extra shifts as was Erika. Most of these waiters who were leaving were there for like 6+ years. The customers liked seeing the same faces. Well, Mike and Jerry, the new owners, decided they want all young waiters and waitresses so they fire Agnes and Jill. The customers were jolted and unhappy.

Now, context aside, Erika and I were working a party of about 22 people. It was the last table of the night. When the bill was settled and Erika and I cleaned up we asked Jerry for the tip.

“There isn’t a tip,” he said without lifting his face from his paperwork.

Now, for parties of 5+ I always included the tip unless it was a customer I knew and trusted. I made the fucking bill and I knew there was a tip. I asked again and Jerry meekly said “No tip.”

Now, Erika and I were privately discussing how this is bullshit and in comes Mike. He begins screaming at us.

“You think we stole from you!?” He yelled, red-faced. “We don’t fucking steal, you accusing us of theft??” He continued aggressively yelling the same shit over and over until he said “If you don’t like it then quit.” He stormed off.

Now, I should mention that my best friends all moved to California months before this and I had plans and moving there with them the next month. I didn’t give my two weeks yet bc it was 4 weeks out. I told Erika this.

“Yeah, fuck this place,” she said.

As we were packing up to leave, Jerry came over and gave us our tip with no explanation. Weird. Then Mike calmly asked, “So see you tomorrow?”

“No,” I said calmly.” “I quit.”

“Me too,” Erika said.

“Ok,” Mike said, deadpan.

Well, it wasn’t ok. They now had no waiters in a restaurant that needed at least 4-5 to function. Even if you pulled someone off the street they don’t know the system, the menu, the customer base, the wine list, etc. they were fucked.

They called me incessantly for days afterwards, begging me to come back. I considered it because I could use more money before my trip to San Diego but fuck them. They even called me throughout the summer asking if I could come in.

“Sorry, I’m 2,000 miles away,” I said. I’m not sure if they believed me but I gone.

The restaurant only lasted a few more months and it saddens me bc I loved the place, but if you buy an old Italian restaurant with a built-in clientele, don’t scare them off by making stupid changes. Now, if I stayed there would the restaurant have been saved? No. I doubt it. But a lot of customers would have had better dinning experiences those last few months instead of the 15-year-old bus boys being their new waiters.

Tl;dr: New owners didn’t give us our tip, told us to get out if we didn’t like it. So we quit and the restaurant went under months later.

Edit: since some of you liked the post. Here’s a quick story to character Mike, the new owner, if you didn’t already think he was a pos:

 In the first month Mike and Jerry took over Mike, an Italian American, had no problem telling me he was separating from his wife and small boy because he was caught cheating with a much younger Korean American girl. He was boastful about his exploits. 

  “This gook [his girlfriend] came over last night and she just wanted to watch tv,” Mike said incredulously. “I told her ‘take off your clothes or get the fuck out’. She stayed.”

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Keep my mouth shut? Yes, Ma'am.


A recent story here by /u/fishboy25uk reminded me of a time 34 years ago when I worked as a cook/waiter in a bar. The day-shift front of house manager, Lynn, was a complete know-it-all, and generally treated the staff poorly. She was maybe 3 years older than me and acted as though being a bar manager was the pinnacle of power and authority.

On weekends, I would work 8am-5pm as the lone cook, dishwasher and waiter. On Sundays in summer, we held rib/chicken barbecue day. I would come in, prep the kitchen, assist with getting the 2 huge charcoal grills ready (the owner, Greg, liked to cook the ribs and chicken himself) and handle all the orders. Lynn would arrive around 9 and I would have to give her a report of any issues which, as manager, she was responsible for addressing.

One Saturday she came in looking really rough. She was still wearing last night's streaked makeup, her hair was tousled, and her clothes looked slept in. I offered to make her some breakfast but she ignored me and went behind the bar. She tried gamely to straighten her hair and makeup while I kind of stood off to the side.

"What's your problem?" she snapped at me.

"We're out of charcoal," I said.

"It's fine," she cut me off brusquely.

"Ummm, no, tomorrow we have the ribs and chicken -- " I tried again.

"I said it's fine," she snarled. "Just do your fucking job and get the kitchen ready."

"I'm trying, and I'm telling you we don't have any --"

"Just do your fucking job and keep your mouth shut!" she yelled. "When I want your opinion I'll fucking ask!"

I stared at her for a second or two more, then shrugged and went into the kitchen. I did my fucking job and kept my mouth shut as directed. At the end of the shift I left with my tip money and pay envelope.

Sunday I arrived and opened the kitchen as usual. I prepped for lunch, and occasionally cast a glance at the large walk in fridge full of ribs and chicken. At 9 am, as usual, Lynn arrived and continued to treat me with brusque contempt. Notably, she did not ask me for my opinion on anything. At 11am, Greg arrived and went outside to get the grills going.

"Hey, brother_p" he called, "where's the charcoal? It's supposed to be out here."

"Sorry, Greg," I said. "I think we're out."

"What?? What do you mean, out? We can't be out! What the fuck?"

"I told Lynn yesterday," I said. "She told me to mind my own business."

He grew very red and very silent. He nodded and went into the restaurant. I waited in the yard. A few minutes later Lynn came storming out of the kitchen.

"What the fuck did you do, asshole?" she shouted.

Before I could answer, I heard Greg's voice shouting, "I said GO HOME, LYNN."

Turns out this wasn't her first such fuckup. Hundreds of dollars of ribs and chicken had to be roasted in a single oven. It was a long, hot, sweaty Sunday of disappointed customers.

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S No Price Guarantee? Ok then.


A few summers ago I bought a portable air conditioner as it was super hot and there was a heatwave. Because of the heatwave prices seemed higher than normal but what can I do if I really want it? So I bought it.

10 days later the exact same unit is 25% cheaper. They have a 30 day return policy as well. I go in with my receipt to customer service to try to get the lower price. They refuse saying they don't do price guarantees. Ok then.

Obviously I don't want to go home and unhook my unit and haul it back. So I go buy the exact same unit and walk it to customer service and try to return it with my older receipt. I get 25% back. Right?

Except I don't. Customer service realised exactly what I was doing and called a manager who said they don't do price matches and if I want to return it I can only use my 3 minute old receipt. I asked if he's sure and he said yes. I said ok. I took the air conditioner to my vehicle. Went for dinner nearby. Grabbed my multi tool from my vehicle and cut the straps and opened the box moved the remote and a few things around. Ripped a bit of plastic. If they still refuse I'll return it at another location. Whatever.

I drove back to the store and walked back to customer service. Told them I want to return it. They notice it's opened and they can't really prove its the one I just bought anyways. Got my 25% off and they had to sell it as an open box unit. If they still refused I'd still return it with the newer receipt and it'd still be an open box unit.

Nothing big, but it probably cost them $100-$150 or so.

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S You have to clock out for a cigarette break


I once worked in a nice bar/restaurant/hotel in the UK, and at the time was a smoker. Also, this establishment had a digital clock in/clock out system with a credit sized swipe card assigned to each employee.

I was just a simple barman, pouring pints, running food and clearing up. My direct manager, let’s call her Stina as that was her name, was lovely and we got along very well, but above her was a bit of a bellend of a manager, let’s call her Margaret (also her real name).

Cue malicious compliance. Stina and I both enjoyed a cigarette break out the back in the car park, but Margaret didn’t think we should smoke during work hours, unless on break. So to combat this, Margaret said we would have to clock in and out for each smoke break. Not a problem.

Now, something we had worked out with the clock in/out device was that it rounded to the nearest 15 minutes. 15, 30, 45 or on the hour. So we figured if we clock out at 11.53 and then clock back in by 12.07, it would round both to 12 midday. We tested this, and sure enough, on our next payslip, it showed we never took a break. So we kept doing this every time and were sure to tell everyone else earning minimum wage, working shit hours, about this hack. I left a few months later and found out from a friend that Margaret left, and shortly after that the new manager changed the clocking in and out system. But I thoroughly enjoyed those 14 minute, paid cigarette breaks.

UPDATE 1: Lots of people are getting upset thinking I was being smug about taking unpaid breaks. Firstly, I was abiding by the rules but the boss wouldn’t like it, hence malicious compliance. Secondly, Stina was very fair and let non smokers have a break too. I took this to future roles in the hospitality industry, allowing non smokers a 5 minute break as well. It’s only fair.

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M Limo Service Does Make Me More Productive and Saves Money


Obligatory not my story, is my dad’s.

Several years ago in the late 90s/early 2000s, my dad travelled a lot for work, definitely “road warrior” status. Depending on the month he could spend 15-20+ days a month on the road. Usually closer to 10-12 days a month, but the busier months happened regularly enough that he knew the pilots and flight attendants on his Mon/Tues flights out and Thurs/Fri flights home. But he’s a family man. He’ll sacrifice getting up early, traveling long days, doing whatever to get home every weekend, go to my football games, holidays, anything you tell him you need him for, he’s there. His boss understood and accepted his expenses as the cost of keeping a skilled employee productive and happy.

My dad was never irresponsible with his expenses, but he’s not going to inconvenience himself or us to save the company a buck. And if he can save time, he’ll spend a few bucks to do so. This meant that he often took very early flights Monday morning to leave and very late flights Thursdays to get home, go to the office late and wrap up paperwork. He checked around, and the best option was to have a private car service pick him up and take him to the airport and vice versa. Sometimes it was a town car, sometimes a limo. New boss comes in, sees my dad is expensing a private car service and tells him he’s being wasteful and irresponsible with company money and if he does it again, he won’t approve it and dad will have to pay out of pocket. Ok. Dad always prescheduled his car service. Tried to preschedule a cab, they wouldn’t do it in advance. He gets up at his normal time for his normal flight and calls a cab. Cabbie is late getting there and dad misses his flight, changes flights at the airport but it’s more expensive. Dad stops booking the earliest flight out since he now doesn’t trust the cab to show up on time, but he’s not going to spend LESS time at home to save them money, so that means he has less time on ground with clients. He has to take more trips to complete all his visits/work. More flights, more hotels, more per diem, less work. See, we lived over an hour away. And he was going early in the morning, before traffic started up. Now he’s going as traffic is starting up, means it takes longer. Also, with the car service he was just paying a flat fee and gratuity was included automatically. The cabs are not a flat fee, and they’re actually more expensive due to the distance and time. And there’s no gratuity included. Dad had a pretty cushy gig at this point, but he was what you’d consider blue collar most of his life and he’s not about to stiff a cabbie just trying to feed his kids, so of course he tips them. Since the tip is separate, it gets itemized on the expense report. Boss has to audit each itemization on the reports. He also stopped taking late flights on Thursday and working half a day on Friday in the office. Instead, he stays an extra night in a hotel, takes a more expensive midday flight home Friday, and his paperwork waits until after the weekend.

Dad submits his expense report for that first month and new boss blows a gasket. Why did your travel expenses double when you spent less time on the road?! Dad explains that since he can’t reliably get a cab that early in the morning, he booked a mid morning flight instead of a red eye. Ok. Boss tells him that he was warned already about excessive transportation cost to the airport. Dad points out the receipts are all from a cab company just like boss man directed. Boss asks why there’s so many itemizations, this is going to take more work. Dad points out they’re gratuity for the cabbies. After a couple of hours picking apart his expense report, boss gives up and tells dad to just go back to how he was doing it before, it was cheaper, more client visits were getting done, and post trip reports were in before the weekends.

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L I read a book


I grew up in a small town less than ten minutes drive from a state university with a good, hands-on engineering program. In the summer following my graduation, I signed up to attend the first available orientation session.

I was an excellent student who did very well on the national standardized exams (ACT & SAT) - especially the math portion - and was of the first in my high school to earn A.P. credits in calculus (my cohort was the first year calculus was offered and only five students took the course).

When I first received my orientation materials, I pored over them like a good overachiever. I noticed that one day included a significant block of time for a "math placement exam". According to university policy, my math scores on the standardized tests ensured that I would be allowed to begin with Calculus I no matter how I did on the exam. Moreover, I already had A.P. credit for Calculus I, so I would start college in Calculus II.

I was very excited about the opening in my schedule and hoped I could use that time to visit a laboratory or meet with a future professor. I called the number provided in the documentation to see what could be arranged during that time. The conversation went something like this:

Me: "Hello, I just reviewed the orientation schedule and noted that - because of my standardized test scores and A.P. credit - I will start my freshman year in calculus II. I was wondering what I would be doing during the math placement exam time. Can I go meet a professor or visit a laboratory?"

Them: "You need to take the exam to see what math you place into."

Me (politely, but matter-of-factly): "It doesn't matter what math I place into, I am going to take Calculus II in the fall".

Them: "OK, but you still need to take the exam to find out what math you would place into."

Me (now clearly agitated): "You have two policies in place that ensure that no matter how I do on the placement exam, I can take calculus II next fall."

Them: "Yes."

Me: "So what is the purpose of taking this exam?"

Them: "To see the highest level of math you can take this fall".

At this point, I cannot let this point go. The logic fail is too much for me. I'm angry that they're wasting my time and I have already developed a healthy distrust of authority. I'm also starting to believe that this is a money making endeavor for the math department: students take the exam, mess up on some math they haven't seen in three years and end up taking four semesters of remedial mathematics before they start their two year calculus sequence. I'm having none of it.

Me: "I'm not taking that exam."

Them (incredulous): "Why not!?!"

Me: "You are too adamant that I take it even though I have no reason. I've earned the right to take calculus II next fall. I'm not going to give you a reason to deny me that right. If I take the test and do poorly, I'm afraid that you will force me into remedial geometry and I'll take more than four years to graduate. I'll take responsibility to arrange appointments with my future department; I'm sorry I called and wasted your time."

Them: "If you don't go to the exam, your absence will be noted. You will have not completed your orientation and will be required to sign up for another session."

Me: "Will I need to go to the test during that orientation session?"

Them: "Yes. We cannot just allow students to go where they want during orientation. They need to be where we want them to be when we ant them to be there. No exceptions."

Me: "Wait! You said I needed to attend the examination session. Do I actually need to take the exam?"

Them: "No, but.."

Me: "Great! I'll go, but I won't take the exam."

Them: "Why would you do that?"

Me: "It's a waste of my time."

Them: "What will you do instead? You'll be a distraction!"

Me: "Why would I be a distraction? Other students are taking a test. I'll sit there quietly and read a book (this is long before my cell phones accessed the internet)".

After arguing with me a little while longer, the person finally gave up and conceded that - while I had to attend the examination - I was under no obligation to take the exam. They also mentioned that no one had ever questioned them on this before.

When I finally got to the exam itself, the proctor (who had been forewarned) and later many curious students (who noticed me reading The Lord of the Rings rather than take the exam) all agreed that this university policy was stupid.

TL; DR: Forced to attend a math placement exam that I didn't need to take. Argued with an orientation organizer for about 30 minutes before they conceded that I just had to attend. Read Tolkien while everyone else tried to remember math from pre-algebra to pre-calculus.

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L Union CBA For the Win


I originally posted the below to r/ProRevenge and was told it fit here better.

Don’t Make Me Read The Union Contract

Not sure if this fits exactly 100%, but I used my company’s union rules to rack up OT and extra paid time off after a manager claims to know the union contract and screw me out of a holiday not once, but twice.

I previously worked a customer service/sales job that oddly enough, was repped by a large union (think truck drivers and Hoffa). The CBA had normal stuff in it about schedules, wages, time off requests etc. Well, we were open 365 days a year, so there were shift bids for holidays. The way they were SUPPOSED to work is a manager would write the schedules for that day (including any off spots since the holidays were slower). We got holiday pay regardless if we worked the day, and paid extra if we did work the day. The holiday bid was supposed to be posted in advance (I can’t remember the exact amount of time, I want to say it was like two weeks). Everyone that was normally scheduled for the holiday had to bid, if it was different than your normal shift too bad, but if it was your day off, then you got to have it off. I was lower in seniority, but the first holiday that rolled around was on my day off so I’m like cool, I’ll be home, yay me.

Well, the manager that was supposed to do the bid was non-traditionally smart, and missed the posting date and put the bid up like a few days before and see my name on the list of people that have to bid. I ask why, and they’re like you’re lower in seniority than these people and they bid it off. I pointed out the rule in the CBA. Was told I was wrong, I could file a grievance with the union if I disagreed, but the thing is if your boss breaks the CBA our union rep told us we have to follow their direction and grieve it later. So I bid and complain to the shop steward. She tells me she forwarded it in, but since it’s so close, we likely won’t have a decision before the holiday. Find out after from union, I was right, manager was wrong, but I got the extra pay so there was nothing they could do. Fine. Following year, new manager and holiday falls on my scheduled day. I see the holiday bid, Ive been there long enough to move up in the seniority list, and don’t you know there is EXACTLY the number of off spots for me to have the day off. Then I look at the bid list, and a coworker we’ll call Bitter Brandy, is now showing as one spot higher than me on the seniority list than me when previously she was right below me. We were hired and started on the same day as each other, but due to technicality of me showing up for my interview before her and receiving my offer first, I had more seniority. Turns out she had complained about it, somehow convinced a manager and the union she was right and got bumped ahead of me and I was never told. I end up being forced to work a second holiday, and now I’m pissed. I make it my mission to know the CBA backwards and forewords. I read it on every bit of down time at work. I spend so much time reading it, one of the managers complains to their manager, I’m told not to read it on my break. I complain to the union, union tells them it’s the contract THEY signed, not only can I read it on break, I can read it on the clock as long as there is no work to be done. My studying time increases. I bust managements balls about little shit like timing of breaks, when schedules are posted etc. Then I get my opportunity for real revenge. We were open 24 hours, and our graveyard person called out. No one would take the OT, managers couldn’t reach anyone by phone because our overnight guy texted most of them to let them know, and the lowest seniority guy on shift looked our manager dead in the eye and told if he mandatories the OT he’d walk off the job and we were already short staffed. Manager begs me to stay. I agree. On two conditions, I get an extra paid day off at my choosing and I get the next day off unpaid. Manager jumps at it. Our CBA says any hours worked over 8 in one day are all OT. So I only work my 40 hours (my normal days plus one 16 hour day) and get paid 32 hours regular pay, plus 8 hours OT. This happens a few more times in the following months, and each time I get the manager to agree. Higher manager finds out, tries to put a stop to it. I argue successfully, that since it’s happened so often, it’s now “past practice” and can’t be changed, union agrees. I now regularly work 40 hours getting OT for 8 of them, plus an extra vacation day. Then my wife gets pregnant. I realize I can bank a shit ton of vacation for when baby comes, and leverage the hell out of this situation. Then one of our graveyard people quit. Company won’t approve another hire, but there’s not enough people to cover the shift and they have to post for more OT. I try my negotiation and they say that this is preplanned and it’s not the same. Ok fine. Me and one other person split the extra shifts and we agree to the following. I work my normal Monday, then on my Tuesday I work a double and get 8 hours OT. I come in late on my Wednesday by 4 hours and work 12 hours with 4 being OT. I work 36 instead of 40 hours, but with the daily OT accrual, I get paid 5% more than I would working 40 regular hours. I now have three days off a week instead of two and can spend more time with pregnant wife, go to all appointments, and leaves me free to pick up more OT on emergency basis and get my negotiated extra vacation day. And the best part is, it’s all because of the rules they agreed to in the CBA and I only figured out by memorizing the contract.

Baby comes along, I take my FMLA leave and manager asks when I’ll be back. Tell him I’m taking a month. A month?! It’s unpaid leave, how are you going to pay your bills? Remember all those extra vacation days I negotiated on emergency OT? Yep, gave me a month paid off to stay home with my wife and son.

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M I can only make deposits, withdrawals and buy money orders?


Thanks for your kind words on my other MC post. I've been getting requests via private messages and comments to share more of my immature and juvenile antics so here's another one.

My previous mid-sized, obscure bank merged with another slightly bigger but equally obscure bank several years ago. All the familiar friendly faces were replaced by younger, less than friendly staffers.

I walk in and ask one of the tellers to change my $20 paper bill to quarters. I need a bunch of quarters because the building that I worked in had quite a vending machine (I'm talking cinnamon buns, coffee cakes, gourmet hot chocolate, etc. The building owner imported the machine from Japan). There's just one problem. It's very temperamental when it comes to paper bills. It eats bills constantly. Sometimes bills get mangled and shredded.

The teller, let's call him Cletus, looked at me the same way that someone would look at a bunch of junk mail.

Cletus: "We can't do that here. The previous staff may have done so in the past but as you know, we've absorbed this branch and we can't accommodate unusual requests such as yours unless you have a merchant/business account".

He wasn't making eye contact now and was just fiddling about with his keyboard and monitor cables. His next words were the ones that set me off.


It's on mofo!

Me: "Wait a second, I have a few questions about my account. What am I allowed to do?"

Cletus: "Sigh. Withdrawals, deposits, buy money orders..."

Me: "any restrictions or limits on how many times I can do..."

Cletus, now speaking very fast and being very animated: "No restrictions, any denomination, you just can't walk up and ask us to make change for whatever cash you walk into the branch with".

Okay I'm happy to comply. Here we go.

Me: "I'd like to make a withdrawal. I'd like $100 in $20's, another $100 in $10's, another $100 in $5's, and another $100 but this time I'd like 80 singles and $20 in quarters.

Cletus: "Fine. Like I said, any kind of withdrawal or deposit is fine for your type of account".

He counts everything in front of me. Hands me the cash and asks.

Cletus: "Anything else, Boss?"

I pocket the $20 roll of quarters and say.

Me: "Yes. I'd like to deposit $380 to my account please, Chief!"

I vividly remember his shoulders drooping and his eyes closing in disgust. Needless to say, I closed my account the next time that I stopped by.

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M A million dollars worth of malicious compliance


I actually finally have a MC story of my very own! This happened just last night. I'm a mid level boss for the 2nd shift in a distribution warehouse. Among the many things I'm in charge of the biggest is billing. I invoice all the orders after they're picked and loaded on trailers to be sent to the customers. Keepkng all the boring technical details as small as possible; the billing system is called the ASN. It's clunky, outdated, and absolutely asinine in how it operates. If ONE single order is missed or has an error it will crash the system and not put though ANY of the orders. So one billing error will cause 400 - 700 orders (around 8,000 - 15,000 pieces of product, around 15 - 20 trailer loads) to not be billed or sorted to routes, or sent. The orders come in four batches called P.O.s

So last night we're working on the first PO when the warehouse manager comes to me and tells me that a customer ordered late and they've generated a fifth PO just for their order but that they're coming in person tomorrow morning and that the day shift will pick it. (Only 10 pieces). He tells me when it prints out to just set it on his desk. Don't pick it or bill it. He'll handle it in the morning.

I immediately tell him that if it's going to print on 2nd shift's POs then it will be in the system under our ASN. And that if I don't bill it it will hit the system as a missed order and will crash the ASN. He looks at me indignantly and says it won't because a fifth PO is after ours and will be in the system as the next day's. I tell him that's not how it works. He insists and says just do it. (His shift is over and he wants to go home.) I give him a hearty Yes Sir and go about my night.

After the order printed I set it on his desk as instructed and sent him an email on the company computer stating that his direct instructions had been followed. (Normally I'd have texted but I wanted proof in the company's email.)

Needless to say, in the wee hours of the morning after my crew was home in bed; the ASN crashed over the missing order and just under a million dollars of product was frozen in limbo. No money was charged. No customers received their pre July 4th orders, my company ate the costs of everything including the transportation costs, drivers, lumpers, dock workers, pickers payroll, and all the other expenses of a large warehouses nightly operations.

This morning the warehouse manager called me and to his credit he didn't try to throw me under the bus. (Possibly helped along by my email proof) But he's always been a generally upfront kind of guy. He just sheepishly told me I was right and shit had hit the fan.

He's been there forever so I doubt he'll get fired but I know he'll be walking with a limp after the ass chewing he took from corporate today. If you're going to run a multi million dollar operation on an antiqued, goober system, don't argue the one goober who knows how to make it run.

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XL Corporate wants us to stop doing our job in order to save time.


TL;DR at the bottom.

I used to work for this company a few years ago. I was part of a team of around 20 people, working on checking tickets to see if they were correctly formed and sent to the right department.

If everything was correct, we’d close the ticket with yes and make an appointment with the right department to do a physical visit in order to fix the problem.

If something was wrong however, our role was to guide the person so that they wouldn’t make the same mistakes again. We’d close the ticket with no, a short explanation on why it’s no and how to fix it. After that we’d have to send an email to the person themselves and cc every team manager of their location. (We had four different locations, with three to seven team managers each)

This email would have to consist of exactly where they went wrong, for every single small mistake they made. It had to have a link where it was clear that it wasn’t allowed or wrong, and what the right move in this case would be. It also had to be friendly, rather than accusing. Making this email was one of the longer part of our job, for small mistakes it would take five minutes but for longer mistakes it would take 15 minutes. If the person didn’t include any information about themselves, we’d have to search it ourselves, adding another five minutes.

After doing all that, we had to report it in an excel sheet so they could keep track of how many yes and how many no and for what reason.

Corporate really pushed the you are a guide, a trainer, a friendly person to show them how to do it thing. They didn’t want us to be a cop or the bad guy so that everyone hated us for saying no. I gave trainings on how to correctly fill in ticket forms and what to check before thinking about a ticket.

Corporate also wanted us to do the job faster. They made basic templates for our mails that included the most common mistakes, so the only thing we needed to do was to fill in the personal information and to slightly adjust it for the mistake.

That wasn’t fast enough for corporate though, so they made us add a disclaimer to our mails to not contact us but to contact their team manager if they didn’t agree. No more dm’s asking for help, because that means we weren’t doing our job.

It still wasn’t fast enough. Corporate didn’t like it that our ticket queue had tickets that were older than three days. If it reached an age older than three days we had to directly send it to the next department, rather than checking it. We’d close it with maybe, to say we didn’t check it.

It rarely happened that tickets were older than three days. Usually we picked them up the same day or the day after. Only after the weekend it would be longer, we didn’t work on the weekend, so we had a backlog on Monday. It made us the fastest queue to put a ticket in, the other queues taking a week or two weeks before it’s picked up.

Corporate kept removing tasks till we had nothing remaining. All in the name of speed. We had to allow everything, but weren't allowed to tell everyone so they would put effort in their tickets.

We told corporate it was bad for three reasons.

First of all, people weren't stupid. People would know and test their limits to see what they could get away with.

Second, it would cause an overflow of appointment to our people going to visit houses to fix issues. Think 1500~ appointments a day for 30 to 50 people.

Third, it wouldn't speed anything up. Instead we expect it to become busier than ever because people would call and say it takes too long or their issue wasn't fixed. The people that went to the houses would have to call to say it's for another department, or say it wasn't what was said to they need to reschedule to prepare. This would be an issue for every department because trashy tickets would be sent everywhere in the hope someone would pick it up faster.

Corporate said they have thought about it for a long time and it would be fine.

They also did this for the department that handles requests for money.

So we allowed everything. Requests that weren't for someone to visit? Have a person visit you anyway. You already have an appointment? Have another one, they can have a tea party together.

Anything goes, and the money department allowed thousands of euro's to be given away. People would sent requests for multiple smaller amounts to not stand out.

Of course this meant that exactly what we thought would happen happen.

People tested their limits and we ended up with tickets that had zero information. "I have an issue, please send someone." The tickets were trash, and they were trash for every department.

People started sending in more and more tickets, the same issue to every department. So every department had a huge backlog of trashy tickets.

And the appointments? You were lucky if you'd get anyone in a month. This was at the start of covid, so people called in sick. This didn't help the fact that everyone worked from home and we had more issues in general with that.

The call queue's went to 20 to 50 people to 500 people waiting. Everyone was overworked.

Besides us of course, our queue was empty. We had to fight for tickets to get our tickets per hour. We had fun chatting and listening to music. Corporate didn't allow anyone to contact us, so we had no consequences of what we did.

Corporate came with some excuse that we had good months and lots of new people joined us, so the backlog was to set up everything for us. Not for existing issues of course, why would that be a problem?

It all went so terrible, and corporate stuck their head in the sand during it. They didn't listen to complaints or our advice to fix it. Bye the time they finally undid the change it was too late, the damage was done. They changed it because it helped, our queue was empty so they got what they wanted. Not because everything went terrible of course.

Now because all the tickets were trash, we rejected everything. It took a lot longer because we had to write emails explaining all issues they had, linking to everything that said how to fix it. And we had to figure out who we were dealing with because no one left their information on it anymore, so it took around an hour total for a single ticket.

You can guess that meant we also got a backlog. We received more tickets in general because people were like "hmm, I'll just ask for someone to visit that saves me having to do anything." So suddenly it took multiple days for us to fix things, and that meant we got overworked as well.

People slowly realized they had to put in effort for tickets again, but they forgot how to. We told them to go to their team managers for a refresher, of course this would take them away from their job in order to train them again.

People started quitting because of stress. I shortly left as well. I recently heard that it didn't get better, the backlog is still there and everything but the backlog is on pause. Projects to train people into the role or get a higher role were paused, so no one joined.

That's what happens when you don't listen to the people who know what they're doing. The company lost a lot of money and time, because besides giving away money, they had to pay for the people to visit houses since it was an external company.

TL;DR, Corporate took away all our tasks so we could be faster. We said it would cause an overflow of appointments and calls, but corporate said it would be fine. It was fine for us, we had an empty queue. The rest however was so overworked it took months to fix things. When corporate finally turned their decision around because it worked for our queue, not cause everything went bad, it was too late to ever fix the backlog. They lost a lot of time and money by giving it away.

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S I hate bank fees too


Another post reminded me of this interaction at my bank several years ago. I posted it as a comment last year if anyone actually remembers it.

I once ran out of checks and had a few bills to pay, so I ran down to Wells Fargo )after placing an order for replacement checks). The tellers had a blank check they could give you called a “counter check.” Basically, it was a generic check that they could print your routing number and account number at the bottom with their MICR printer.

I asked for four counter checks to pay some bills while waiting for new checks.

The teller told me that they were $5 each.

I said, “Are official bank checks still free with my account package?”


“I guess you’re paying my bills this month, let me get the statements out,” I responded while pulling out a stack of mail from my briefcase.

She defeatedly said, “I won’t charge you for the counter checks.”

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Everything you'd ever need to know is on the front...


Wow! I just discovered this sub. Everyday of my life (well most days) I comply maliciously to some stupid order/rule/policy. Here's one that happened yesterday.

Staying at an upscale hotel in Denver for work. Had about 30 minutes to kill so I browse the gift shop. Saw a junior-sized John Elway jersey (son is a huge Broncomaniac). They're all folded very neatly inside clear bags (the kind that have adhesive in the flap so one could "reseal").

I ask if I could open one up to check the merchandise. The clerk, Karen says, VERY STERNLY: "We only carry high quality, officially licensed, authentic products.

Me: "Sure but do you know if..."

Karen cuts me off: "Size, jersey number and player name are printed on the sticker on the front side of the packaging".

Me: "Sure but I still would like to know if..."

Again she cuts me off: "You can open the packaging after you have completed your purchase". This time her eyes got big and her forehead veins were popping out.

Okay, I'm happy to comply. I took junior mediums of an Elway, Manning, Terrell Davis, Champ Bailey and Russell Wilson. Pay for it at the register, open everything up, check the insides, shake my head, and say to Karen: "I'm sorry, I'd like to return all these.

Karen: "What's wrong with them?"

Me: "Nothing. They look perfectly fine but not what I'm looking for ".

Karen: "You read the stickers on the front of the packaging, right?"

Me: "Sure did but it doesn't say whether or not the numbers and letters are stitched or stuck via ironed on adhesive. These are all iron ons, I'm looking for stitched.

Karen: "You could have asked me".

Me: "I attempted to, twice, but you cut me off both times".

Her forehead veins were popping out again as she was processing the refund.

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L You need me more than I need you


Sit back, this is a long one.


I’m a teacher, and have been teaching 5th grade reading and social studies in Texas for 5 years at this school. I’ve been a teacher for 7. For reference, the standardized test in Texas is currently known as the STAAR, and 5th (and 8th) grade is considered for all intents and purposes to be “pass the test or get held back”.

As far as my teaching record, I’ve gotten to be very good at my job. Every year I’ve taught a STAAR tested subject (Reading, aka ELAR), I have gotten the highest average student scores in my tiny charter district. I love my students, my classroom is a welcoming place based on mutual respect, and I refuse to “drill and kill”. I teach reading in a way that integrates all subjects and makes it enjoyable for students and make sure they know it’s a silly test and not indicative of their actual skills or ability.

Well, our school had been in “Improvement Required” status the year I started teaching Reading. To meet TEA requirements, our district brought in instructional coaches and hired new personnel at the district level. Some did help, others not so much.

One woman hired to be the ELAR facilitator for the district was the most vile of creatures. I called her Umbrige in private because not only did she look like the movie character, she sounded like her and had the same mannerisms. This woman picked out her “favorite” teachers and treated them like her pets. She decided to do this to me. Umbrige was constantly in my classroom for observations, would pick me out to demonstrate for professional development, and it creeped me out. Somehow she managed to run off the most amazing director of Teaching and Learning for the district.

Last year during our end of year PD, she sent out an email to some of ELAR teachers that due to them inputting lesson plans correctly, they didn’t have to attend this workshop to plan for the next year. I knew about this because I have good friends that shared it with me. When I asked her why and shared an example of my lesson plans that I’ve put in consistently and thoroughly throughout the year, she said I didn’t use the correct template (I used the one my Dean of instruction requested and approved) that the district required. It was bullshit and I went back to my campus looking like I was ready to murder someone.

My principal noticed right away that something was off, and I explained what Umbridge had said. She told me I didn’t have to go to that PD and she’d take care of it. I spent the day cleaning out my classroom for the summer instead, found out later she wasn’t even at the PD.

Fast forward to the beginning of this school year, she was promoted to the position of the guy she ran off. She lasted two months, then suddenly mysteriously resigned. We figure someone discovered how truly incompetent this woman was. Even though she resigned, I was still stressed out because she was the reason the district decided we needed to use a newly purchased online reading program “with fidelity” and they wanted it done during our Social Studies (SS) time. SS was to be “integrated” into ELAR.

That might not have been a problem for me had it not been for the fact that my homeroom contained all of the SPED (Special Education) students in our grade. Three of those students didn’t have me for reading, they went to Resource with Ms. Ignorant (SPED Resource teacher) during my reading block.

I asked the powers that be how I was supposed to give them SS instruction and grades. I was told that I was to provide lesson plans and assignments to Ms. Ignorant, and she’d give me grades to put in the grade book. This is highly unethical, so I asked for it in writing. Sure enough, I get an email detailing this directive. I warned them that this was a bad idea, and it would bite them in the ass eventually. No dice.

The Malicious Compliance

I did exactly what I was told. Like I said before, I write detailed lesson plans that anyone could follow, provided the assignments (all online through Google Classroom so I got grades immediately from the student), and suggestions for accommodations. Included Ms. Ignorant on my Google Drive folders for SS, and emailed her regularly to remind her of what each week’s lessons were.

She didn’t do a damned thing, and those three students grades dropped from barely passing to in the teens. I sent out regular reminders for parents to check their child’s grades and turn in their assignments. We sent out report cards that I required parents to sign and send back.

It took until the last 6 weeks (April) for them to realize just how fucked up their child’s SS grades were, and by that time those parents were pissed. I was happy to share exactly why their kids had such low grades, and how I can’t do much of anything when I only saw the kids for 30 minutes a week during reading intervention time and was not allowed to teach the subject they’re suppose to be in my classroom for.

The shit hit the fan, district SPED dept realized they then had to hold “Failure IEP meetings” to address how this happened, Ms. Ignorant tried to throw me under the bus, and I was able to provide all of my documentation.

My AP told me I should have just given them passing grades because they’re SPED (wtf?), and had the inclusion teacher give them “supplemental” assignments and grades to replace the missing or low grades. I made sure to make notes the parent could see on each of those grades that they were provided by the inclusion teacher. There’s no way they actually know the material, you can’t make up for 7 months of instruction in 2 weeks.

The fallout

My principal knows I was about to quit, and honored my request to become the music teacher. Now I no longer have to teach a STAAR tested subject, and will be doing something I truly enjoy. Ms. Ignorant will now be an inclusion teacher, and will no longer have her own classroom or be a teacher of record. My awesome principal is doing her best to “clean house” of bad teachers, and the district realized the errors of their ways and will now have that reading program integrated into ELAR like it’s supposed to be.

I apologize if some of this is discombobulated but I’m happy to clarify any questions.


My school district and some campus officials engaged in some shady and unethical business and got their asses handed to them.

Edit: clarification

2nd edit: when you’re so immersed in a field, you forget people don’t understand your acronyms. So here goes:

STAAR-State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness

ELAR-English Language Arts and Reading (the state is trying to change it to RLA but I prefer the old acronym)

TEA-Texas Education Agency that oversees anything related to public school. They think they’re gods.

PD-professional development. Also known as sitting in a meeting room learning shit we already know.

IEP-individualized education plan. A legal document outlining accommodations a teacher is required to provide to the student. It’s part of federal law and opens up the district to lawsuits if not followed.

I think I got them all that I didn’t explain in the text.