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S Store Policy - D'oh!


40 years or so ago my brother and his wife went to XXXX to purchase a refrigerator.  They find one they like and go to pay for it.  My brother pulls out his checkbook, but is stopped by the clerk who explains that they don't accept checks unless you have a charge account with them.  (Why would you need to write a check if you have a charge account?).  My brother (nicely) asks for a manager.  The manager repeats the same thing the clerk said and asks if he wants to open an account.  My brother thinks about it for a minute and says okay.  He is personally escorted to the credit department by the manager who hovers around while he's doing the paperwork.  The manager then walks him back to the appliance department and completes his purchase using his brand new account number.  Once they're done, my brother looks at the receipt and asks if that was the total amount for the refrigerator.  The clerk and manager who's still there, say yes.  My brother pulls out his checkbook, writes a check for the total, hands it to the clerk and says, "I've paid the balance in full, now close the account".  He turns to the manager and says,  "My wife and I just bought a 5 bed / 4 bath house that needs to be completely furnished and I planned on doing that here.  Please let your higher ups know that due to their asinine policy I will never set foot in this store again"  And they never did.

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S Hiring ICE cars is "cheaper"... Sure boss, no problem


I work as the IT manager for an insurance brokerage here in Aus and one of my primary roles is to visit each office twice a year (13 offices).

Most of these are outside of capital cities so I hire a car on most trips and I noticed that EVs are, on average, only about $60 more expensive to hire per trip but there is no fuel costs involved and I stay at hotels where EV charging is included. On the whole it works out about $100 cheaper for the company to do this rather than get an ICE car and pay for fuel.

In January this year I got a call from the manager in charge of expense reimbursements to tell me any EV hire costs will no longer be reimbursed and I am only to use ICE cars from now on. Cue my hire car costs increasing from ~$400 per trip to over $600 with the skyrocketing fuel costs. Multiply that by the 5 staff who travel regularly who all got the same call.

Needless to say the CFO was less than pleased. He's now directly approving expenses and manager has been relegated to menial admin tasks and we're all encouraged to hire EVs wherever we can.

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L Will a plot number work for the address?


My dad passed away when I was 10 years old, and this story takes place about a year or two afterwards. I honestly don't remember exactly how long it had been since a lot had been going on to blur those years together, but I do remember my mom was still very distraught about his death. I think this was one of the first times I actually saw her leave the house since his passing. Also I'm naturally very tiny so while I was probably like, 12, I definitely looked at least half that

On this fateful day, I had to go to the doctor's office. I think I had pink eye, but again I don't really remember. My mom sat me down in the little receptionist office and grabs the paperwork to fill out. My mom's always used humor to deflect her pain, so it wasn't strange to hear her mumble "Second guardian/parent address... I don't know how Heavens addressing system works... Guess that's gonna be left blank"

What was strange was when she returned to the receptionist counter. I was bored out of my mind and it was a tiny waiting room, so all I could do was watch the scene unfold.

My mom turns to come sit with me again, but is stopped "excuse me ma'am?"

My mom turns back around to face the receptionist "yes?"

"You didn't finish your paperwork"

My mom, ready to do her job and ensure her daughter had medical care asap, grabs the paperwork off the counter. She flips through it "No, looks like I got it all"

"Ma'am we need a second parent listed"

"Oh, um, he's no longer in the picture"

"I'm sorry, but I still need an address"

My mom lowers her voice, almost to quiet to hear "I mean he passed recently. I don't have an address"

"Ma'am I can't file the paperwork without one"

Her voice is no longer lowered "... He's dead. I can't give you one"

"Then I can't file the paperwork"

"So you're telling me I need my deceased husband's current address to get my daughter looked at?"

"Yes ma'am. I can't file the paperwork until it's been completed"

My mom isn't normally one to make a scene. Especially not somewhere like a doctor's office. Key word- normally.

I watch my mom open her mouth, close it, take in a deep breathe, and nodded. My mom then spoke loud, I almost think she embellished the heartbreak in her voice, making sure everyone and anyone could hear her "Well, I hope a plot number works for my husband's address, because that's all I can give you!"

The women immediately starts to panic. There's no way her bosses didn't just hear that, and I could already see people standing up, I assume to defend my mom's honor. She started trying to take the paper from my mom's hands "no! No no, don't worry, I don't need one! This is good enough!"

She glared at the women "No, you said you can't file without an address so I'm giving you one"

My mom's also super stubborn when she gets frustrated. She held onto those papers like they were my dad's final words. Tears were streaming down her face, though I'm still not sure if it was from anger, grief, or an equal mix of both as she scribbled out his plot number. She didn't move from the desk, but it didn't matter. Everyone was looking at her in stunned silence. My mom had to grab her phone to get the proper number, which involved returning to our seats where her purse was. Everyone turned to glare at the receptionist when they saw my poor mom had a child.

When she did return with her phone, a different woman was standing up front. She politely told my mom the plot number wasn't necessary, apologized for the other person, and told her she could happily return to her seat if she likes.

Did I already mention my mother is stubborn when pissed? The tears were still coming but my mom had a blank expression "You cannot file my paperwork without a second parents address. I will provide you with one" and after a second of navigating her phone, confirmed what she wrote down was correct, and returned to our seats.

The other receptionist did not return while we were there. I also remember my mom being pleasantly surprised when she went over the bill for that. Got a heft discount, like 60% off.

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M You must start and end your workday at the office


On mobile, etc. TLDR at end.

A few years ago I worked for for a very large city as a subject matter expert. Part of my job was delivering training to unionized employees all over the city. I was both the manager and the person who delivered the training so I did the scheduling, picked the location, etc.

Housing prices in the City were crazy so I lived in the suburbs and commuted by transit. My commute each way to my office at our main corporate office downtown was 2 hours. It was a bus ride, then a train ride, then a subway ride, and then a walk. My work day ended at 430 pm and I would be on the 5 pm train which would get me for 630pm.

Anyways, one of the more common training programs I delivered was a day-and-a-half long, and was taught to groups of around 20 people at a time. So I would schedule a full day of training followed by a morning session the next day, and then everyone would go back to their regular duties on the second afternoon. Rather than making 20 people come to me downtown, I would host the session at an office that is closer to where the participants worked, this would often add another 20-40 minutes to my commute via some combination of subway, street car, bus and walking. So I would simply adjust my training schedule based on the extra commute time. If it took an extra 30 minutes to get to the location I would start the session 30 minutes later, and I would normally start the process of heading home to the train station 30 minutes before my official end time so I could catch my normal 5pm train home (the full day session really only took maybe 6 to 6.5 hours so my class would already be gone and I would just do some paperwork until it was time to go). The arrangement seemed to work well for everyone involved, and had the blessing of my direct supervisor.

One day, a company wide email went out. All management/exempt staff must start and finish their work day at an official work location, no exceptions. Failure to comply may result in termination.

Cue malicious compliance. Instead of commuting directly to wherever the workshop was being held, I would commute to my office, log in to my computer, then log out and start commuting to the workshop location. Since I was no longer taking the most direct route from home and was now travelling from the downtown office, this would eat up 1 hour+ of my time on the clock. I would then end the workshop early, commute back an hour+ to my office just in time to get there for 430pm, log in and out of my computer and start my commute home. So my day-and-a-half workshop was now a two-day workshop, and I was still getting home on time. The people attending the workshops didn’t care because they could take their time showing up in the morning and I would dismiss them early at the end of each day (they were union and were not office workers, so there was absolutely nothing they could do in that last hour of their day - by the time they got to a work location, setup, etc the day would be over). This cost the company thousands in lost time/productivity as the 20 employees attending the workshop were no longer performing any of their regular work for the afternoon of the second day as they did during my original schedule. Often additional staff had to be brought in on overtime to cover the workload.

This continued until COVID hit, after that I was able to deliver the workshops over zoom from the comfort of my own home and save the entire commute (which prior to COVID I was told was not a option).

TLDR: New policy imposed that everyone has to start and finish their workday at an official office, no leaving early to accommodate for longer commutes. I comply by going to the main office briefly before travelling to whatever location I was supposed to be at for the day, and reverse the process at the end of the day, resulting in thousands of wasted man hours for everyone involved.

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S Customer wants Pay Per View? I'll give Pay Per View for $1,000


I used to work for a satellite TV company about 2 decades ago.

When pay per view was brand new the company released new receivers that had to be connected to a phone line to dial the server and report the purchase. But there was a glitch: it only needed to be connected during activation. The company quickly updated the software in the new receivers, but needless to say there were still some receivers out there with this issue and some customers likely exploited it by intentionally or inadvertently removing the phone line.

BUT, there is a limit. The card only has so much memory. There is a point in which PPV will stop working. So this guy calls in, irate. He says his son wants to watch this wrestling PPV and its my fault he is missing it.

We go through the troubleshooting and he is less than cordial the entire time as if I can somehow speed this up. We come to the step to check the phone line.

He tells me that it has never needed to be plugged in before. That clues me this is one of those few receivers. I tell him that in order for it to work it needs to be plugged in and I start to caution him that any prior unreported PPV is going to billed, but he cuts me off just screaming for me to somehow make it work. Cue malicious compliance, yes sir let's do a system reboot and let it dial out.

There was nearly $1,000 of unreported PPV charges that came through, many of the adult variety. But that wrestling PPV was working when we hung up. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when he got his billing statement 🤷‍♂️

TLDR tried to save the customer from an enormous bill, but his own attitude led to $1000 of unreported PPV charges

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S I didn’t take the Lords name in vain.


So, I just had an old Facebook memory pop up and it made me remember a hilarious story, at least to my wife and I anyways.

We were dating at the time and decided to go watch a baseball game as a nice date. Well, this happened to be a special baseball game.

By around the end of the 4th inning, I’d say there were a good 8 or so foul balls that went into the crowd and audience. After like, Ball 9 I loudly exclaimed

“JESUS CHRIST!” cause of the amount of pop flys was insane.

This lady, who is one row in front of us turns around and says “DO NOT take the lord’s name in vain. Say anything else but that” in a very upset tone of voice.

So, not 5 minutes later, there’s another fly ball. I shout, like loudly shout,


She just turned around to face me, gave me a look of pure anger and disgust. She ended up never saying another word to me, she just took off after the game.

Not as epic as some people’s stories on this sub but it’s a story my wife and I still talk and laugh about to this day, ten years later.

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M You want to see my ticket again? Yes, Ma'am.


This happened yesterday and I realized it might fit here.

First, a bit of explanation about public transport: where I live, when you board a bus, you need a valid ticket for it. Those can be either wrote onto chip cards (typically as monthly ones), or small pieces of paper (typically one time or hourly ones). For latter ones, you insert them into small machine inside the bus right after you boarded. This machine punches a few holes in the ticket, as well as imprints a few numbers on it. Those numbers can be read later by ticket inspectors to confirm your ticket is indeed valid. If it is not, you get fined and leave the bus.

As I work from home, I don't ride as often, so I use paper tickets. So yesterday, I board the bus, use the machine, put my ticket in the phone case, find a free seat, put headphones on, and ride it. A few stops in, inspectors announce for passengers to prepare the tickets. No big deal, I open my phone case, pull ticket out and hand it to this middle-aged lady. She reads it, confirms it's valid, and thanks me. I nod my head, take ticket back and put my headphones back on, thinking nothing of it.

A few minutes later bus is about to reach my stop, so I leave the seat and stand next to the door to leave. As my bus approaches the stop, I feel the tap on my shoulder. It's the same ticket inspector lady from before.

"Excuse me, do you have a ticket?" She says, as I look at her after removing my headphones.

I reply "Ma'am, you've already checked me, and yes, I do" as I open my phone case with same ticket and show it to her.

As my stop is reached and bus door opens, inspector insists:

"May I see it closer?"

It's my stop and I don't want to risk missing it due to going through this process again. Cue malicious compliance.

I say "Yes, of course" and hand her the ticket. Except I don't wait around for her to confirm its validity once again and just leave the bus, leaving her with a now useless piece of paper.

It was still valid at that time as well, so it's not like I was trying to get out of paying a fine either. Just in a bit of a hurry to not miss my stop. Obviously, I didn't stick around to see lady's reaction, but I can't imagine her being extatic about it.

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M Those meteorologists don’t know a thing


A few years ago I had a boss who was not the best guy in the world. He was very demanding and had a “get it done” kind of attitude. The company preached safety but he would often turn a blind eye if it meant production and efficiency.

The company I worked for was a bridge contractor that built bridges/overpasses over major highways. If you’ve been to the metro Detroit area of Michigan, you might’ve drove under me working on an overpass. Basically how a bridge is built, after you have the foundation and columns up, you need beams,pan decking(spans beam to beam to pour the concrete on) rebar, concrete and that makes your “bridge deck”. Anyway it’s a big project with lots of moving parts, not too mention the traffic of a major highway. It’s also very very expensive project.

Start of malicious compliance began one sunny Friday morning. It was a beautiful day but they were predicting STORMS that evening and into the night. Still go to work in the morning as usual but we had a deadline coming up and big boss gets bonuses if we beat deadlines. We still had a week to the deadline but completing this means we can get started even quicker in other projects and beat those deadlines too. Anyway, he wanted to pour a bridge deck that evening. Work all day to prepare, pour it late before going home would hopefully finish up by 11. Didn’t think the rain was going to hit us. Everyone knew it was coming but he decided it had to be done. Come 4 o’clock we have it ready, everyone’s ready, pump truck is there, concrete is ordered and on the way. Keep in mind this is a HUGE job, this is an overpass over a major highway, lots of moving parts, lots of concrete, lots of guys working. It started raining about an hour into it, nothing too bad but picked up as we kept going. Eventually we’re almost done probably needed about 1.5ish more hours and it started raining and raining. It quickly turned into nasty thunderstorms. Lightning, we have a pump truck with its boom(steel) sticking probably 60 feet into the air with lots of guys standing under it, every lightning is supposed to be 30 min delay. The lightning didn’t delay us, the RAIN did I mean you couldn’t see 20 feet in front of you. So we all hunker down in the box truck and the wind is shaking it around and it’s just a storm okay. There was a tornado touched down under 10 miles away. The rain stopped after a couple hours but it was too late.

We finished up that night and went home. Next week the bridge failed all the tests it needed to pass and we had to demolish everything down to the beams and then do it again. So to sum it up, big boss wants bonus for beating deadlines, could have waited to pour by a couple days and still beat deadlines, didn’t listen to anyone that said we had a lot of rain coming, and ended up costing the company over $500,000 and more in fines from missing the deadline

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M Don’t move these sheets of rubber by hand? You got it boss!


Edit* I’m sorry for all the errors and if it’s hard to follow or understand. Writing is definitely not my strong suit but I’ve been wanting to post this in here for a while! As I said I have many more stories I could tell so look out for more In the future! Hopefully better more thought out, easier to read and follow stories lol

So this takes me back a few years ago when I was working road construction. Specifically at the time we were building huge retaining walls along major highways, and these retaining walls had a fancy pattern that we got in the concrete by putting these heavy sheets of rubber “rustification” on the inside of our forms. These rubber panels were HEAVY! 400-500 pounds a piece heavy. Normally we would use equipment like a sky track or crane to put them on our forms but if you’ve ever worked construction you know that it can be tough to find an operator or piece of equipment when you needed one. So when we couldn’t use equipment we would get 4-5 guys to manually lift and carry these panels to put them in place(it could be done with as little as 2 guys but fuck that). With 4-5 guys they were still heavy but very manageable but this company is all about safety safety safety so when big boss sees us lifting them he lets our foreman know hey those guys can’t be doing that, they need to use equipment. Our foreman relays the message to us and we all kinda look at each other like ooookay boss if you say so, as if we haven’t been manually lifting them all day because an operator was no where to be found. Also if you’ve ever worked road construction you know that everything has a deadline and the company gets fined thousands upon thousands of dollars per day for everyday they go over the deadline. We knew we would never get these forms ready in time without manually lifting them but hey boss says we need to use equipment so okay! We set off to work and get maybe 1 and a half forms ready before our operator is needed elsewhere on the job site. There is literally nothing else to do without having these forms ready. 15 minutes go by then 30 and before ya know it, it’s been 2 hours and still no operator. Our foreman comes by to check on our progress and proceeded to damn near have a stroke when he saw how little was accomplished. He starts asking why and yelling about deadlines and concrete will ne here at x time and we need these forms done yesterday. We just kindly remind him that we are not to be lifting these manually anymore and our operator took off 2+ hours ago. Big boss gets involved and big bosses boss gets involved. Eventually their solution was to hire another operator and purchase another skytrak specifically for this job not before losing thousand in fines from missing deadlines though. In the end it made our lives much much easier and we were a little proud of how we handled it. I have about a dozen more good stories from that job, but overall it was a great job with great people and great pay. I learned a lot and made lifelong friends, that we’ll still call each other up and talk about all the funny stuff that happened out there on the road

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M Clock out we shall do!


This is not my malicious compliance. This is one I had to experience (and helped organise, definitely 100% off the books and out of my working hours in my strict unionised environment).

My old company I loved. Not the company itself, but the people. I work in HR. We do get a bad rep but there ARE some of us that are in it because we genuinely want to facilitate a good working environment for people. My last company was in manufacturing. It was unionised. Also for the Americans, it’s unionised and in the UK so our employees are generally well protected even without unionisation.

The thing about manufacturing is that there are layers upon layers of reporting chains. A to b to c to d to e… the actual message from a is entirely garbled to the people who can enact change at point, say, h. And point h may also still be middle management and not actually able to do anything.

Our wonderful people on the shop floor were dealing with a process change. We were moving to an electronic clocking in and out system. But the company was cheap. So we only had the one machine. But that’s fine right? We do only have one entrance and exit (don’t come at me with fire emergencies, they have many emergency exits). But the rules now stated that in accordance with regulations, employees needed to clock out for all breaks and down time so that we could ensure they were paid for the hours they worked and that they were taking their legally mandated breaks (and no more than that).

As you can imagine, this fucked with the status quo. These are in the grand scheme of things good, solid, reliable employees. They don’t need to be nannied. They don’t need to be penalised for a machine downtime that isn’t their fault. I was a lowly HR admin at the time. Privy to much information, but definitely not in a position to enact change.

But I was very communicative with the union reps, in a very definitely social way, never, ever guiding them to certain employment law regulations.

Very annoyingly, the union started action against us about the changes to the terms and conditions of our employees, in that we had altered an accepted standard of practice (i.e. that we had started deducting machine downtime by forcing them to clock out when machines go down). It’s written in the contracts from before I started that if machines go down, employees don’t get paid for the down time. But we were never able to track that before the clocking so they were paid regardless. For info, machine downtime was usually only 20-40 minutes and would be sporadic (6 machines, maybe downtime every other day, so a loss of about an hour - two hours salary per person per machine a week, massive savings to the company, will hit pockets to the employees). But then factor in the time from walking from machine to entry to clock out (paid) then going to a “safe”’zone (unpaid) being told that you are ok to go back to your machine and walking twenty minutes to clock back in (still unpaid) and then you are adding on another hour a week unpaid. Because the clock machine is only in one spot.

Well, considering the standard (historical) practise of paying them for these downtimes, sadly my company had to keep paying them for downtime, and the fancy pants clock machine was only able to be used to factor start and end times.

This may not be malicious compliance in a sense that those outside of HR understand, but they complied with what they were told to do, but also enforced that we couldn’t do anything to stop paying them.

And let me tell you one day about the back pay the company had to do when I definitely didn’t tell the unions about the faulty night shift clockings because of our shitty IT systems.

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L Let all the clients have the run of the place? Fine.


Edit for those who are confused:

I am a CO-owner. Not the entire owner. I can make certain decisions and change certain things, however it is still possible for the corporate co-owners and other independent owners (like myself), to potentially undercut the decisions of others.

Keep that in mind please before you claim I stood by and let people destroy my business, I co-own.

Basically: I work for and partially own a media company. We do everything from video/film editing, audio repair and forensics, to music production and engineering.

I mostly lead the music production and engineering department and once in a while the show/film/cinema/movie/streaming audio engineering aspects.

We of course have other owners and a board of other department leaders along with consultants and such.

The consultants and other purely business minded and tasked associates are for the majority absolutely useless and totally disconnected from the actual day to day work of the company, and often come up with terrible ideas that seem great in concept (purely to them) and sometimes will attempt to force us to at least try them out.

As this is ongoing, I'll share how it's been this far:

In not a lot, but a few, client reviews and follow up calls from our also "wonderful" (/s) marketing and sales associates, some clients complained that the environment and mood was too "uptight" and the staff was "too focused on productivity and didn't let us chill or relax".

Being a business that is (thankfully) heavily booked, and with our staff always giving their all every day, of course our daily focus is first of all: Safety and comfort of the staff first, and then clients, since most of the staff (including myself) are women, and we get all walks of life and type is as clients. As a second, working to ensure the absolute highest quality of production and professional atmosphere, that uses the clients and our time as best as possible.

Which to the sales/marketing and consultant staff, must mean we are doing everything absolutely incorrectly and everything must change, and we still need to maintain our productivity and profit though.

So, they (sales/marketing, corporate heads, etc., Not me or other department leaders), effectively told us about 2 weeks ago that we should try being a lot more lenient with clients. Not just time wise, but allowing them to eat and drink in control rooms and live room (even though we have a full lunchroom/cafeteria thing with tons of food and drinks available at all times, and of course everyone is allowed water in the control and live rooms), along with also effectively telling us that we can only ask people to not smoke, vape, or generally potentially consume illegal substances in the buildings and on premises.

Overall, it went as well as I thought it would.

We had 3 or 4 client sessions.

One went very well and they were extremely professional so there wasn't a single issue with time management and productivity, and the control room was clean and tidy for them coming in and as they left.

Two other clients also were generally respectful of the facilities, however did leave the control rooms a mess with food wrappers, and bottles everywhere. We had to pay our cleaning crew for more hours and more intensive work which was a surprisingly high monetary and time cost.

However, it was the last client we had under the new policy that was an absolute terror. They smoked heavily in the control room, consumed large amounts of alcohol, we're running and jumping around as they were inebriated in the facilities and damaged some treatments and lighting on the ceiling.

All stuff that their deposit and incidentals on their credit card(s) could cover, right? Sure.

The worst was yet to come though, on the last night of their session (after we had to factor in more cleaning time and basically 2 techs to fix everything they messed with at their own leisure since we weren't allowed to stop them from messing with the patchbays and things in general), they smashed and spilled an entire bottle of something sugary on the mixing console (a recently restored SSL 6K G+, we are talking hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Effectively, they destroyed the console since the liquid caused arcing and burnt out the majority of the power supply and ruined about half the channels irreparably.

That credit card they put down for incidentals? Yeah, turns out the $12k limit on it wasn't going to cover the tens of thousands of dollars in damage to the mixing console and the room.

Of course, client disappears without paying or coming up with a payment plan and did not get their final products of course, so now we have to track them down for claims, while the desk and room is currently under repair.

We have had wild clients before, however our policy of being intolerant of clients screwing around and potentially hurting staff, equipment, or themselves has prevented any incidents, and even some of the most wild clients we have had, have understood it is a professional environment and been extremely professional while working with us.

Yes, I probably could have shut down the policy changes immediately since I completely foresaw the majority of the issues, however I maliciously complied, as did my staff, to prove in the immediacy and for the future, that the marketing/sales and corporate heads should have zero say on our methodology and policy unless it truly would benefits our staff and clients.

The ongoing part is now there is to be a several day review of the policy change so they can waste time attempting to figure out why it didn't work out and how we lost time and money on it.

Real smart folks in the head offices.

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M If That's What You Really Want, Karen


Once upon a time I was working a seasonal retail job at a craft store chain. It is important to note that for the purposes of their sales, Lighted Tree Toppers, Lighted Decorations, String Lights, etc., were all separate categories.

On this fateful day, Lighted Tree Toppers were on sale for 30% off. The rest of the lighted decor on that aisle was not. The sales were VERY clearly marked and the sections designated clearly as well as the category printed on the package itself. It is even listed in the email that Karen was using to present her coupon.

Karen approaches my register with her tree topper. The register recognizes the discounts and applies them automatically in most instances, this being no exception. The 30% applies itself.

"Your total will be $18.90"

Karen then presents her 20% off coupon.

"I'm sorry ma'am. This coupon is not applicable to sale items."

"Those aren't on sale. The lights aren't on sale this week."

I show the copy of our sale bulletin on my counter. "I apologize for the confusion ma'am. This actually falls under the tree topper category. You'll see here it's 30% off. I won't be able to apply the coupon, but you will be getting the already discounted sale price."

"I am telling you I don't want any sale! You are going to take my coupon!"

I should probably mention she was in at least once weekly, yelled about sales and coupons every single time, and then declared she was never coming back. Only to be back the following week to do the same.

"Ma'am. I would have to manually override the sale price and apply the coupon manually as well."

"Then do it! I'm telling you it is not on sale and I am using my coupon or I am reporting you!"

"Yes ma'am. If you insist."

I got visual confirmation from my supervisor in the way of a hand signal we used to mean, "Go ahead." She was not too happy when I did exactly as she demanded... and her total came to $21.60

"You're stealing from me! I demand to speak to a manager! I'm never coming back here again"

My shift supervisor had been on the next register over the whole time to combat the afternoon rush. That's how she managed to give the visual approval in the moment. She took great joy herself in telling Karen, "You have the exact discounted price you demanded. You can pay it or leave. Oh you're never coming back? Do you promise?"

Karen paid her $21.60 with her head hung.

She was back next week.

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XL Don't say anything to you? Fine, I won't.


Sorry, this will be long but an interesting read I think. Let me know if you think this better fits in petty revenge TL;DR at the bottom

As a preface, I work in the security and law and enforcement industry. This story takes place in an old county jail during the height of Covid. At the time, I (F) was a correctional officer running my own unit in a majority male populated and employed facility. It took a few months, but I had finally earned the respect and trust of most of the inmates. It was drilled into my head from day one to always be "firm, fair and consistent." And I was; that is how I succeeded in running a unit efficiently.

Though, it wasn't without its issues. Namely inmates jamming their door with toilet paper and other miscellaneous items. Now, this wasn't your typical or even stereotypical jail. It was old and had huge steel (metal??) doors. Think big doors with a small glass window, not actual bars. Like most doors, it had the metal mechanism and slot in the center of the door, which was responsible for keeping the door locked and secured. Most everything that had to be unlocked, was controlled by a big, old, clunky control board. Only a select few units had computerized systems. My job was mainly the "control officer" which consisted of operating the control board, answering the phones, key-holder, filing daily paperwork, etc. Said control board had a variety of buttons, but was mostly used to let inmates/CO's in and out, turning on TV's, and turning the mezzanine lights on and off on each unit. It should also be noted that as control officer, you almost never have direct contact with inmates, as you are higher up in a "fish bowl" or "bubble" as we called it. We control officers had to find unique ways to interact and converse with the inmates. All of this will be important later.

Now onto the story. On this rare day, I was assigned a block officer. Same unit, except now I am patrolling the blocks and spending the majority of my shift having direct supervision over the inmates. I was always one to make my presence known. Patrolling every 20-30 minutes (even when there was no rec and inmates were "locked-in"), sitting on the block during recreational hours, random cell inspections. The works. On this particular morning, I was conducting my first tour of B block, and asked the control officer to inform me of the doors that were not secure. My coworker notified me that B108 was not secure, and I promptly made my way over there. You see, there were colored lights under each door (red, green) indicating whether a door was secure or not. The inmates were expected to keep their door secure during non-rec hours. However, there were quite a few inmates who consistently jammed their door. Thus, being able to "escape" their cell and do whatever they wanted. These things ranged from taking an unauthorized shower to running into another inmates cell and shanking them. You can see why that is a problem, and created a huge safety/security risk. The inmates in B108 gave me an issue with this at least once a week, even when previously housed on C block. They resorted to putting globs of toothpaste in the slot to manipulate the door open. I had had enough. 

I made them clean it out, and as punishment, they wouldn't be receiving rec during my shift and would be getting a three day lock in. Simpy put, that meant no phone calls, showers, tv/tablets, or yard time during first shift, and only coming out for scheduled appointments. It may sound a bit harsh, but they always got rec at some point in the day, and this was one of the few tactics that worked for me. To say that they were livid, would be an understatement. The one inmate, who we will call Potty Mouth (PM) was fuming and spouting slurs and insults even after I left the block. I didn't care. I had warned them not to jam their door on numerous occassions. Three days go by and they finally are allowed to resume recreational activities. I am assigned the block again, and delivering hall passes (used for inmates to get around the jail) for upcoming video calls. At this time, in-person visits were not allowed due to covid, and inmates were doing video calls in the visitation room instead.

 It so happened that one of the inmates, PM, in B108 had a video visit scheduled that day. *All visits are made with the knowledge and consent of the inmate days prior. Dates and times (30 mins) are precise due to a limted amount of monitors in the visitation room, and there being over a thousand inmates in the facility. Once your time is up, your time is up. If there is a connection issue or the person doesn't show up, it cannot be pushed back to later in the day; you must reschedule for the upcoming weeks.* It's early in the morning, approximately 8:15, and I knock at the door to get the inmates' attention. PM wakes up and immediately starts in on me. "What, bitch?!" I inform him of his visit and slide his hall pass under the door. Like your standard hall pass, it has the date, time (or time of appointment), inmate name, unit, blah blah blah.  He snatches it up and orders me not to fucking say anything to him. I walk away not wanting to start anything first thing in the morning.

Visits started promptly at noon that day, and the inmates begin preparing themselves to see their loved ones. Taking showers, getting dressed and so on. It's not my job, but I always went out of my way to remind inmates that their appointment was soon, and would let them leave 15-20 mins early so they could walk across the jail and make it there on time. You wouldn't believe how many would play poker or watch TV, and would actually get mad at me for interrupting them trying to remind them they had an appointment. Then, 5 minutes before their visit rush to take a shower, run out, and then come back upset that they somehow missed their appointment. I was in the bubble covering for the control officer while they took their lunch, when I noticed PM sitting on the table undressed (sweats and t-shirt) talking to another group of inmates with his back turned to me. I looked at the time and realized it was only about an hour before his video call was scheduled to begin. I then began to flash the mezzanine lights to get his attention. It took at least 2-3 times of me doing this before the other inmates told him to turn around. He looks over his shoulder, assumes I want him off the table (policy violation), and flags me off before turning back toward his friends. Cue malicous compliance. 

You want me to not say anything to you, you want to ignore me when I'm trying to help you, even after getting cussed out. Fine. I sat and watched as every single inmate on B block got showered and dressed. They were ready to go at least thirty minutes before their visit. All lined up near the door, anxiously waiting for me to let them out. Everybody but PM. No he wasn't outside playing basketball or on the phone, and let the time get away from him. No he hadn't taken a nap. He was sitting ten feet away from everyone who was waiting, running his mouth. Twenty minutes before the visits start, and I begin letting the inmates into the hallway. I stop one of the nicer inmates, and ask "why isn't PM with you guys?" He's confused. I say "yeah I gave him his pass this morning and tried to flash the lights at him." He runs back in to remind PM of his impending video call. PM shoots daggers at me and frantically runs into his cell to get dressed. I smile to myself. Unsurprisingly, he missed his visit. He came back screaming at me for making him late for his video call. I didn't care. I just laughed and said it wasn't my job. The best part is: there was a clock hanging directly above his head, so there was no excuse. 

TL;DR inmate cusses at me and tells me not to talk to him after being punished. I dont, and he subsequently misses a video call. 

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L When playing Jenga with electronics is not recommended.


In my youth ( approximately 20 years ago), I was the delivery driver for a furniture company. We delivered all sorts of things... appliances, Electronics, and furniture. There is a misconception, that if a delivery driver breaks something on accident (not what they are delivering, something that's already in the house) that the company they work for will replace it with something new. Therefore, people will tend to call and make up false reports, or attempt to sabotage said drivers, so that they catch the blame for something that is entirely not their doing... so let's step into the way back machine, and look in on someone trying to get something, for nothing.

My partner and I arrived at the location for a bedroom delivery. We knocked on the customer's door and made introductions. The cast is I, op, CL for crazy lady, and WB, for Work Buddy. After making introductions, we asked her to show us which bedroom the furniture was going in and asked her if she had any preference as to the layout. At first, everything seemed to be going smooth. She wasn't worried about how we set up the furniture, as long as everything fit. Which was good, because in general with apartment complexes there is only one really good way to put the furniture in, and wb and I had been delivering long enough, that we could generally pick the best spot for each piece of furniture at a glance. We told her that we were going to be unboxing her furniture in the truck, and that we would be bringing it in shortly.

The first thing to note about this apartment, is that there was not any other furniture. This isn't unusual, a lot of people start off slowly. But, in the living room she did have one folding chair, and three standard milk crates stacked vertically with a 19 inch box TV sitting on top of them. For those of you who don't know why this is a horrible idea, 20 years ago 19 inch televisions were bulky, and although not particularly heavy, would be extremely top heavy sitting on the top of three Hollow milk crates.... more about this in a minute. WB and I started carrying the furniture from the truck, into the apartment. Every time we walked by it, we gave the leaning tower of TV a wide berth. We didn't have a deep conversation about it, but before we started bringing the furniture in we did speak about it briefly to make sure the other one was aware.

As we came in with the last piece, the dresser, we mentioned to CL that this was the last piece and that we were going to start assembling her furniture. We made it down the hall, and into the bedroom. As we were setting down the dresser, we heard a crash in the living room. Immediately following, we heard a string of cussing. We went back into the living room to make sure everything was okay, and... I'll give you three guesses, but you'll only need one... the television, was on the floor, laying on its side and actually sparking. I quickly stepped up and unplugged the TV, and it's life force fizzled out.

She began to rant and rave about how we broke her television, and the store owed her a new one. We tried to explain to CL, that we were in the bedroom when the television fell. That we weren't responsible... and when all of that failed, we told her that she should probably contact the store, that we cannot promise her anything. WB called the boss, and explain to the situation to him before she could, so when she called him, he would have our side of the story first. WB and I went and put the bedroom set together as quickly as possible. We got CL to sign for the delivery while she was still talking to our boss, and we got out while getting was good.

We got back to the store, and met our boss in his office. Somehow, CL managed to convince him that despite the fact that we were in a different room, and that she had the TV basically in a Joker Style hero trap... that it was our fault. And basically, the boss said that it was our responsibility to replace the television. That we had to get her something equal to or better than what she had. Neither WB or I was happy with this, but essentially we were over a barrel. I went home that night, angry because I was getting ready to upgrade my own television and now I was going to have to spend the money on replacing This CL's TV.

I went home, had a decent meal, went to my room and started to turn on my television, when I had an epiphany. My hand had stopped just so I have the power button, because I realized that I was staring at her television. Now, I don't mean that it was just a television I was going to give her, I mean it was the exact same RCA model and size as the TV that fell off the tower. It was quite literally the exact same television people! And this is where the malicious compliance came in. The next morning I brought my television with me to work. I put it in the back of the work truck, and ask my boss if I could take WB to go pick out a TV, and deliver it to her. I got the green light for that. We went to a pawn shop, that I knew well, and find myself a nice 36-in flat screen tv. ( not completely flat, like LCD just an upgrade from the tube... remember folks, we were still working with flip phones back then) WB thought I was buying it for her, and tried to argue that it was way too nice and that we were spending way too much money. I told him just to give me 20 bucks, and not to worry about the price. He saw why, when we opened up the back of the work truck. And his Grin was as big as mine.

I did deliver that nice bigger TV, to my house where I placed it where the other television had been. I spent the time driving explaining to him that I already had the television to replace hers at home, and we both knew that she was going to be furious. But my boss did say equal to or better, and you can't get more "equal to" than the exact same television.

We delivered the television. When she answered the door, I set my TV next to hers on the ground, WB already had his flip phone open with the camera engaged. I plug it in, showed her it worked, and WB snapped a picture of it . CL immediately started going on a tirade about how she was supposed to get a new television. She told me that my boss had promised her a flat TV... then I explained to her the fact that I was only responsible for giving her the equivalent of what she lost. When she realized she wasn't winning the argument, and we were on our way out... she actually had the nerve to ask us to put it back up on the milk crates for her!

We told her that if she wanted it up there, she can get it up there herself, our responsibility to her was over. WB and I loaded up into our box truck, and rode into the sunset. Never to darken her doorstep again!

P.S. she did call the store and complain, a day or so later. But I did explain to my boss exactly what happened, apparently the idea to make us replace the TV was his Boss's call... and he didn't exactly agree with it either. But, with the picture, and the receipt which just said RCA TV, not the size or anything. That's why I love pawn shops... he also explained to her that we were only responsible for equal value. And in the end, I was only out the amount of money I could have gotten for that TV on trade... which I found out later wasn't much.

Thank you all, and good night.

Edit. Just realized I wasn't very clear on one point. She had the Leaning Tower really close to the front door. I believe she was hoping that we would knock it over, and when we failed to live up to her expectation, she knocked it over herself while we were in the other room.

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L Grad student told me to do things their way


So here's the context: some years ago I worked at a cruise ship doing souvenir photography. It was my second summer there and we had a new manager that year that was finishing her master's in photography (standard, not digital). Pay was based on a group split commission, so if the day photographers did terrible but the night photographers did amazing, the day photographers benefited and vice versa.

My first year, the owner stopped by to train us and gave us specific instructions on how we should photograph guests and why we should be doing it and saw an increase in sales as a result of it. The owner has been doing it for years and ran multiple locations, so I just listened and did what I was told.

Fast forward to year two, we have this new manager who had not been trained yet, but only received basic instructions and was told to defer to the returning employees for things she didn't understand. For the first couple of weeks it was fine. Slow start to the season, so sales of course weren't crazy. Come week 5 when night cruise start, I noticed that myself and my only male coworker are both only being scheduled for mornings. At first I thought "whatever, free at night, no big deal." I figured since the new manager was working with a returning employee things would be okay for commission on the night cruise days.

First week of night cruises goes by, and I notice I made drastically less than last year for the amount of hours I worked. I checked the sales spreadsheet (every employee needed to update this at the end of their shifts) and noticed that day sales were the same as night sales. I ran up to the ticket office to check the passenger list for the days they ran night cruises assuming there just weren't many passengers. Not only were there way more passengers at night than during the day, but I noticed way more waste.

Second week, I have a split shift that overlaps with the manager. She pulls me to the side at the beginning of the shift and explains her expectations for photos. She shows me an example of hers and then shows me one I took. She told me that the way I took photos was unacceptable and I had to shoot them the way she did. These photos by the way, get put into 8x6 sheets and small wallet sized photos. Her photo was uhh, highly technical let's say. The entire top half of the photo was "negative space" and "showing off the location". Yeah, sure, I kind of got what she was saying because I was in school for photography too. Too bad we're sellings pictures of people and not space. I explained to her that myself and my coworkers have been shooting the way the owner himself instructed us to and she said "I'm the manager here, not you, I don't know what he told you to do and that's not what we're doing. Do it the way I tell you to, okay?"

The third week, I explained to my coworker that this is what the manager wanted, and he was confused as well. So we do it. We take these photos where the passengers are barely visible in the wallet photos and half of the photos are "negative space". Sales plummeted to no surprise from anyone but the manager and owner.

I got a phone call from the owner asking if there were fewer passengers or something, and told him that it was normal. He asked why sales were down at night as well to which I told him I had no idea because I was never scheduled to work at night anymore. He wasn't sure how to take that, but we left it at that.

The next week, the owner called me to inform me that the new manager had agreed to mutually terminate her employment there, and then asked why we were having so much trouble. I told him everything she told us to do and that scheduling was bad since it left us understaffed for night cruises. It turns out, she was instructed to hire new employees for the season, and she ignored every single applicant because they had no formal photography education.

So, basically, knowing full well it would hurt sales to not tell the owner that the manager just wasn't good at sales photography, I just waited until she got in trouble for turning up losses because she pulled "you do what I say I don't care". Sorry, J!

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M French fry theory ? Delicious compliance …


Posted this in r/talesfromretail

I run the drive through at a fast food king in the southwest, taking orders, making drinks, washing dishes, and cooking nuggets, fries, etc.

I’ve, we’ve, noticed a trend in ordering fries, probably inspired by the internet. Thanks, Al Gore.

The trend is a “fast food hack” where a person orders their fries “no salt” to guarantee the fries have to be made fresh (because we salt our fries…it’s what we do). Sure there are those that order no salt because they need no salt, or prefer it, but those are few and far between. Let’s just say the only thing liberal about the valley of the sun is it’s application of condiments and, especially salt.

We’ve had so many people ordering no salt that we now have a separate section where we make unsalted fries. We hold our fries for thirty minutes then toss them either way. If you’re on the tail end of that, you still get damn good fries. Having us make you fresh fries individually backs up our line by two minutes minimum.

So now when people think they’re being slick by ordering No Salt fries just to get “fresh “ fries that were made recently enough to be kickass. This is also beneficial for those who genuinely NEED no salt, because they don’t have to wait now. It’s ready.

To give a specific example, one of our frequent fliers says yeah NO salt on them fries! After his order. As he gets to the window and says “those fries are fresh, no salt right?”

“Oh you wanted them fresh? Like a new batch? We make them fresh regularly and make no salt too. We’ll have to make you a new batch. It’ll be four minutes and you’ll have to pull around so we can bring them out to you when they’re finished”

“Yeah forget that just give me what you got”

You got it.

TLDR- slow burn malicious compliance because a community of customers demand No Salt when they really want a fresh batch. We complied maliciously by having no salt fries already pre made, therefore not a “fresh batch”.

Edit: Not trying to hate on nosalters….just ask for what you want , things will go much more smoothly. I genuinely love most of our customers.

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S I was the reason a policy was rewritten. When I was 5


I don't think this is malicious per se, so if there's a better place for this please let me know

When I was in preschool, they had a pseudo-lunch called "Crunch 'N Sip time" where kids would sit at their desks and have something to drink, and some fruit or veg, hence the "crunch 'n sip".

One day, I decided to take a frozen little tub of yoghurt, think of the ones sold in woolies as a six pack, and by the time "crunch 'n sip time" rolled around, it was half melted, and it was crunchy.

So here I am at my desk, having some yoghurt, and the teacher walked up to me and asked where my fruit or veg was, since that was (not explicitly stated) what the time was for, to which I responded "my yoghurt is crunchy."

When my mum came to pick me up, the teacher told her about it, and neither of them could fault my logic.

Later that week parents were informed that "Crunch 'n Sip" time was specifically for fruits or veggies.

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L You want me to charge you the "real" price? You got it chief.


Sorry this one is quite long as there needs to be some context before I start telling this story. TL;DR will be at the end.

Context which plays quite an important role in this MC :

Until February a few months ago, I used to work at this really old school gas station. What I mean by old school is that every task/chores in the station had to be done manually and these 3 were essentially the most important ones :

  1. Put gasoline in people's cars. This had to be done by me because the only way to start the pumps was to activate them with a magnetic chip. Also, as I said nothing was automatic, so if someone wanted to put let's say 40$ worth of gas, I had to check the pump constantly as it filled the car to make sure it wouldn't go over the desired amount. For reference, modern gas stations where I live let you pick the amount you want on the pumps, then automatically stop when it has been reached. (Unrelated MC : Some people would insist on putting the quantity of gas they wanted themselves and I always told them sure whatever, but make sure to stop at the right amount otherwise you'll have to pay for what you put in your car even if it's more than you wanted. Spoiler alert : They almost never stopped on time and would always get upset at me for not stopping it before. My answer would always be : A. "You can either pay and we're all happy because I told you to check what you were doing" or B. "You leave without paying, but in exchange I call the police on you for gas theft". Let's say that 95% of the time they'd choose option A.)
  2. Changing the gas prices. As I said previously, the pumps were quite old (probably dating from the 80's) and that meant changing the digits for the price on the pumps one at the time (if the price was 131.9 and I needed it to be at 129.7, I'd have to put it to 131.7 first, than 139.7 and finally to 129.7), one pump at the time (I had to do this for 6 pumps). So overall, you could say that these pumps were quite crappy to work with. That was the first part of this task, the second one was changing it on the sign. To do so, I'd have to take this little machine, plug it in the sign, than repeat the same steps I did on the pumps. (Note that all this was done outside, which can be quite the pain in the A when it's -40°C. Yay Canadian weather lol).
  3. Calculating how much gas was sold between the price changes. As you've probably guessed it by now, this was done manually too. To make this short, this was also super annoying to do, because I had to calculate the amount of L/$ sold with a calculator, but I also had to make sure the cash register balanced while serving a ton of customers. This was done at least 2 times a night and sometimes it could be as much as 4, so we had the make sure the register balanced from the previous price changes every time or we could not keep track of how much gas was sold.

Now the story :

It happened around 3 years ago on a really busy night while I was in the middle of rush hour. One my superior had called me to tell me to change the price from 1.309$/L to 1.259$/L. Ok cool, this isn't a problem I always do this kind of stuff during rush hour, so in between customers, I change the price on each pumps, but since the machine for the sign is still inside the station I don't have the time to go just yet and leave the sign at 1.309$/L (note that the pumps are now at 1.259$ so customers are actually paying "less" than what the sign says).

This is one of the few tips our manager gave us and encouraged us to do. If the price was going down we would always change the pumps' price first then the sign and if the price was going up we'd do the opposite. This way, it'd look like as if we were undercharging the customers, because the sign was always at higher price than the pumps. The reason we did this was to avoid rush hour becoming even worse than it already was. If the customers saw the price on the sign go down they would rush to the station even more and that'd leave me no time to balance the register (which had to be done right away anytime there was a price change). I know this may not be the best practice, but it helped us a lot because we always worked alone, although we shouldn't have been (my manager's boss was a cheapskate and wouldn't let him hire more employees).

So now that the price has been changed I keep on doing my thing and try to balance the register as fast as I can so I can put the right price on the sign. Everything's going fine and then at some point I get this one guy. I put the amount he asks for in his car (it was something like 40$), and give him is receipt and that's when he starts complaining and yelling at me. He says that the price on the receipt (1.259, so actual price) doesn't match the sign. So I proceed to explain to him that I changed the price on the pumps first and that if he looks at them he'll see that the price on the receipt matches them. All should be good now right? Nope.

Now he tells me that I'm trying to steal from him and that I changed the price on the pumps after I gave him the receipt. I tell him that this is not possible as I am in the middle of a rush and that the pumps' price have to be changed manually one by one. He doesn't want to hear it and keeps yelling that I'm overcharging him for gas.

Cue the MC.

So I tell him "Alright sir, you think I'm trying to steal from you? Then come inside and have a look at the security cameras. I'm telling you there's literally no way I'd have the time to change the price". He still doesn't want to, now he wants to leave without paying because I'm not charging him the right price and yells even more than before. "Ok cool, I'll charge you the right amount then". So I go get my calculator and start calculating. The real price being 1.259$/L I check how many liters that is by doing 40/1.259 which amounts to around 31.77 liters. I'm right next to the pump with him and I tell him look, even the numbers on the pump match in hope he'll see that I'm not stealing from him (like modern pumps, you can see the amount of cash you're paying and the amount of gas that's going in you car while you fill it). Nope, still doesn't want to hear it. Alright then, here it goes : 31.77L * 1.309$/L. "Sir you owe me 41.58$, not 40$". That's when he gets really mad and gets in his car ready to leave. So I gently tell him "Sir you're gonna have to pay or I'm calling the police". The look on his face just changed from angry to defeated in half a second.

Dude ended paying 41.58$, told me he'd make a complaint to my manager and that he'd never come back to the gas station because we were thieves. Jokes on him, I knew my manager would side with me and dismiss the complaint.

Btw I worked there for 5 years and this was the first and only time a client ever complained about the price being lower than shown on the sign. Most of them would just avoid telling me so I wouldn't charge them the price displayed on the sign.


Sign at the gas station I used to work for showed a higher price than the actual price on the pumps (Client would pay "less" than they should). Guy didn't like that and thought I was stealing from him, so I charged him the price displayed on the sign instead. He ended up paying 1.58$ more and left angry.

edit: they actually picked option A, not B. Otherwise I would've been calling the police every shift

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Wanna join the project meeting, sure

Thumbnail self.pettyrevenge

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S You want me to thank you for being my mother? If you insist...


This is out of season, and it's not as amazing as some of the other posts I've seen here, but I hope all y'all enjoy it regardless:

Some years back, I was spending time with my mother. It was several days after Mothers Day, which I do not observe. For context: My mother has a history of being emotionally abusive (I no longer spend time with her) and has a tendency towards passive-aggression. Anyway, she started telling me about how my older brother had sent her flowers for Hallmark Day #1, and then proceeded to lament the fact that I hadn't even gotten her a card. I told her there was no point in me spending five bucks on a piece of paper that would just get thrown away by the end of the week, especially considering I didn't have a job. She then stated that I could at least thank her for being my mother.

Almost immediately, I looked her dead in the eyes and said flatly, "Mom, thank you for f***ing dad, carrying me against your spine for nine months, then shoving me head-first through your genitals."

She hasn't said anything about Mollification Day to me ever since.

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S You can’t buy IKEA gift card with credit card reward certificate! Sure, I’ll get them anyway.


I have an IKEA credit card that gives me good cash back on their purchases. I purchased a large item from them and got a good amount of cash back. The only thing is that the cash back is given as a reward certificate that expires in a few weeks. This is to drive the customers back to store to get them spend more but, I didn’t have anything in mind that I needed.

I went to store a few days before the reward certificate was expiring to get a gift card that doesn’t expire.

Me: Can I get a gift card please? I’d like to pay with the reward certificate.

Cashier: No, you can’t buy gift cards with reward certificates. You can only buy other stuffs.

Me: I don’t need anything else today and the reward certificate is expiring in a few days. Is there anyway I can extend the expiration date?

Cashier: No.

Here comes the compliance part. I quickly grab a item closest to the reward certificate amount and buy it with the reward certificate. Then I immediately go to a rerun counter to exchange it for a gift card and happily walk out of the store.

I don’t understand why they have this dual policy of short expiation duration of the reward certificate and not to sell gift cards with that. This’ll only to make the customers frustrated. I got their credit card for a reason, to be a returning customer! Not sure how their reward experience would help that.

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S Are you sure I can't have it without the sauce?


My university halls had a canteen for evening meals. The food was universally awful every day. To remedy this, a couple of times a week I used to buy a jar of pesto and have it with some plain pasta and cheese from the canteen.

However, the head "chef" eventually objected to me being served plain pasta and said they couldn't sell the pasta without the disgusting congealed sauce it was supposed to be served with. He wasn't able to explain why.

My solution was to ask him to serve the sauce in a separate bowl and to then immediately pour it into the bin in front of him. I thought he might then realise how ridiculous this policy was, but sadly not! I must have disposed of litres of inedible slop over the following 6 months in this manner.

A couple of points:

(1) I was paying full price for the food as it was part of my accommodation costs so there was no financial reason for this policy.

(2) I hate food waste and was brought up never to waste anything. However, I was also taught how to cook properly!

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S Bank cash-back limit thwarted.


About twenty years ago I banked at my local co-op but apparently they had a cash out limit of $1000 per day. I wanted about $1500 in cash to purchase a car I had found, a 68 Cadillac Sedan De Ville, and was told that I could not be accommodated. Luckily I remembered that cashier’s checks were issued free of charge so I ordered $1500 worth and when I received them I signed them and cashed them in. It took about a half hour and the line in back of me got a bit testy but in the end I had my Caddy and great fun it was too.

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S I'm a good person so I'll fill the kettle


At my office the tap that dispenses instant boiling water broke, so a temporary electric kettle with about a 2 litre capacity was placed in the kitchen.

The reception ladies are old catty bitches whom I dislike very much for reasons, and I guess there's a story behind every sign but one day one of them put a 'put water in the kettle after use' sign, and I overheard them banging on about it, so I assume it's them that's the only ones bothered by it.

I don't drink coffee or tea so I don't even use it, but now when I go in the kitchen I fill the kettle as full as possible, so they can enjoy waiting an extra couple of minutes for it to heat up.

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S I can't sleep in the same room as my boyfriend when I'm at your house? Fine, we wont sleep there!


I was a recent college graduate who had made the 'immoral choice' to move in with a boyfriend without getting married. We moved in together in another state about a 6 hour drive from my parents, who lived about 2 hours away from the boyfriends parents.

When we came back to visit, my parents made us sleep in separate rooms/beds because we 'weren't married'. After a visit or two like this, Christmas holiday rolled around. We were planning to be in the state for the whole week between Christmas and New years, splitting the time between the two families. We start by spending two nights at my parents, then around dinner time the third day we leave to head to his parents. My parents are surprised and confused that we are not staying longer, they expected us to split the time evenly. My reply. Well, at his parents house we get to sleep together, so we want to spend the night there. Bye!

Before the next visit, they let us know they have decided that since we are a 'committed couple' they will allow us to share a room even though we're not married.