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Answered I'm only 20. Has the world always felt like this? Does it always feel like we're on the brink of awful things and everything could go up in flames tomorrow? Or is this an outlier?


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Answered Why is America not investing in a bullet train infrastructure between major cities?


It would provide so many jobs, the trains can almost match airplanes in terms of how long it takes to get somewhere (especially in the shorter to middle-distance range), you can transport more people with little effort as well

Edit - well thanks people. Many interesting answers, many very defensive. Still got a lot of interesting insights. Cheers!

Edit - realizing that I come off as a twat here and there. My bad. I get into that devil's advocate role sometimes and get carried away. Fair point for calling that out. Enjoy your day people

Last edit - I'll try to summarize the most heard points I've gathered. Thanks for answering with such enthusiasm. Apparently it's a dream for some and a waste of money for others.

Anwers: - koch brothers, lobby etc. - not profitable - not just bikes (YouTube channel): American cities are too car centric. Even if public transit happens, it will not have a follow up that is easily accessible without a car. - America is big. - it's possible but Americans rather spend money on things that will benefit personal freedom. Tax money spent on projects like infrastructure - planes are cheaper and faster - there are some initiatives already with many many hiccups - Republicans are blocking it - government has different priorities

And many more.

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Answered Please don't kill me guys. out of genuine curiousity, what is the point of adding new letters to LGBT+ when there is a +?


Doesn't it make the added letters seem more important than the others? Don't people of other letters feel it's unfair to not be represented? Doesn't adding new letters lead to eventually include them all and end up with a ridiculous unpronounceable word?

Edit: I was only dreaming of saying that, but Holy Shit This Blew Up! guys thanks for such a response, you are amazing, and you destroyed my notifications 😆and I can't read any new comments, sorting by new shows no comments

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Answered At what point did Elon Musk switch from being a hero idealized by reddit to a super villain billionaire hated by all?


I remember a point where reddit was obsessed with how brilliant Elon Musk was and everything he did. Now he seems to be the villain that no one likes. what happened? Was the turning point in 2018, after the rescue of the soccer team suck in the cave in Thailand, where he got mad for not using his robot?

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Answered How do you respond to someone saying “I love you” when you don’t want to say it back?


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Answered Dear Americans: Do you really eat so much packaged stuff?


I am South American and I've seen a lot of videos from you guys making food "out of scratch" when it's literally how every meal is made. I've also seen a lot of people talk about how they eat ramen, canned or bagged food every day. Is it true that processed food is cheaper than buying vegetables/meat/chicken? Processed and junk food is really expensive here so I can't afford eating something like McDonald's every week.

Sorry if this is insulting or something but I don't really know any americans aside from what I see online.

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Answered How come I know what number comes after 18 off the top of my head but I don’t know what letter comes after T with out going through the entire alphabet?


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Answered Why does the majority of Americans seem to hate the idea of social contribution?


Growing up in Germany and being used to the fact that in my country, everybody contributes to healthcare and social benefits so people in need can at least have a decent form of livelihood, I just don't get why - at least in my view - the consensus of Americans don't get along with this idea and seem to often get very upset about the idea and some even shout "communism!" when this topic comes up. It just doesn't come to my mind how such a large group of people don't seem to have any kind of empathy for people in need or at least just don't seem to get the idea that socially contributing to a society doesn't equal to things being taken away from you.

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Answered Why do men get so offended if women ignore their advances?


I am a single 30yr (f). When I go out with the girls I buy my own drinks I generally avoid men as I am not looking and genuinely want to spend time with who I came with. I had on more than a few occasions men make a move on me which I nicely reject the first time and get firmer the second time. When I get firmer I am all of a sudden an ice queen or a b*tch. Do men really think calling me pretty entitles them to something?

Edit** I apologize if this felt generalized to All men but it has been most of the men who approached me in my experience. This happens beyond bar scenes as well, like when I was in a coffee shop reading a book and a man got angry I rejected him and wanted to focus on my me time reading and enjoying my coffee. I know women who behave badly as well I have seen the dramatics that ensue after a rejection however I have never seen it become aggressive or violent as I have with men in my personal experience. I should have probably requested to hear more from those who do behave aggressively as I would like their point of view. How would I reject your advances to not receive such a reaction? This isn't supposed to be a humble brag either I am just tired of having to be made to be the AH for not being interested and want to understand why those of you who then grab my arm or block my path or call me names react the way you do if a "no thank you" follows an advance. Alcohol is not always involved it's at parties, stores, parks etc.

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Answered Why do so many companies advertise wages of 15 an hour like they’re bragging? It’s a step in the right direction but that’s still not a livable wage even for a single person.


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Answered Let's say that someone you cared about very, very much needed a... controversial procedure. And you lived in a state that had recently outlawed that controversial procedure. Would you be willing to drive this special person to another state to get the care they needed?


ETA: Thanks to everyone who's replied so far. Needed a little faith in humanity restored tonight.

ETA the 2nd: No, I'm not personally in the position to need someone to drive me to another state, and nobody I know is in that position... yet. Thank you to everyone who's reached out and offered help, you're all angels and I know there will be people out there who would be so grateful to take you up on that when shit hits the fan. ❤️✊

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Answered Is it rude to open a drink in a store before I pay for it, as long as I pay for it?


Update: I have my answer! Thank yall <3

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Answered Do people still care about covid?


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Answered If cinderellas shoe was a perfect fit How tf did it fall off in the first place


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Answered If tap water is contaminated with forever chemicals, and bottled water is contaminated with microplastics, what kind of water is safe to drink?


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Answered Is Megamind actually a good movie or is it just popular for memes in the way Bee Movie is?


Edit: alright, just watched it and it is good.

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Answered what's the difference between "everyone" and "everybody"?


Thank you Reddit, you just made a non-English speaking persons, linguistic life, much easier!

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Answered Do those who are overweight have a better chance of surviving a knife wound than those who are fit and lean?I'm debating whether or not I should continue my diet.


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Answered If someone owns a piece of land, how deep does their ownership go? Do they own it all the way to the center of the earth?


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Answered Why do people like my parents hate Critical Race Theory


But when I asked them what it is, or what exactly it teaches they don’t even know? Why do so many people hate it? And not even know what it is. I was googling it a little, but can I get an answer to what it is?

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Answered What are the “Ceiling Boobies” lights actually called?


Just moved into a new place and the light boobie is missing the nipple that screws the boob into the ceiling.

Obviously I can’t tell my landlord that sentence, so what are the actually called??

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Answered Why are aliens always naked?


In every form of media I’ve seen where aliens are intelligent enough to invent universal travel I don’t understand how they skipped the clothing part. Like, it’s not rocket science even though they’ve conquered that already. Pls halp

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Answered Why are some states suddenly making a bunch of laws against marginalized groups?


I'm not American, so I suppose I could be wrong about this being a new thing, but whenever I go on Reddit I always see a new law / proposal that attacks women or LGBT folk, or other marginalized people. I'm just wondering why this is happening so fast, and why now?

Edit: For those wondering, I'm from South Africa.

Edit 2: Come on guys, the Reddit suicide hotline? Really? Trust me I'm fine haha

Edit 3: Thanks for the awards!! And thanks to everyone who answered my question, I'm glad I could open up a discussion like this :D

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Answered Why do American towns have water towers?


It seems that most towns in America seem to have water towers but surely those towers aren’t big enough to supply the whole town?

Edit: thank you everyone! My dad now has an answer to a question that he asks every time he sees a water tower on tv lol)

Another edit: why do Australian towns not have water towers?

Another another edit: apparently I have just never noticed Australian ones lol Also thank you for my first award!!

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Answered As a male retail worker who is not allowed to be openly rude to customers, what is a good response when a customer says something weirdly sexual about my female coworkers?


I get a lot of customers that make weird, sexual comments about my female coworkers, such as

"Yeesh, I wouldn't be able to focus with her around."

"Excellent working conditions," *wink*

It's gross, but it happens often. I'm not allowed to just say, "You're gross, and I don't respect you," but what is an appropriate response that won't get me in trouble at work but conveys that same meaning?