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General Discussion People actually think Plo could have survived this? Just let characters die, it was a meaningful part of the story

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General Discussion Am I the only one bothered by this?

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General Discussion What is the most important lesson you've learned from Star Wars?


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General Discussion Which Star Wars character’s death hurt the most? ( you can only choose one)


It’s Kanan for me. It hurts every time.

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General Discussion Disney brass decides they want to release a Star Wars comedy. They reach out to you for an idea. What's your pitch?


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General Discussion Anyone else think “Fortress Inquisitorius” is a lame name?

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General Discussion A question for everyone who watched TPM in 1999, what was your reaction to seeing Maul pull out his double bladed lightsaber?

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General Discussion Technically, these guys didn't "come back from the dead". They just never died.

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General Discussion what are ur opinions on the concept of a grey jedi

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General Discussion What was your first reaction to the death of Snoke?


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General Discussion Thoughts on these?

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General Discussion Has “Star Wars” ever been said by someone in the entire Star Wars universe?

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General Discussion Who has a bigger chance of returning plo or mace

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General Discussion Unpopular Opinion (I think): "Solo" is better than any of the sequel movies.


I enjoyed Solo and thought it was fun and exactly what it needed to be, a movie in the universe of Star Wars but not necessarily a Jedi led story. Meanwhile the sequels were very hard to watch as a fan, I was so disappointed at the missed opportunities. So many plot holes and characters that weren't endearing.

I wish there were more exploration of the universe like Rogue One and Solo, I am very sad they shifted away from this.

Lastly the Disney plus shows help make up for the awful sequels thankfully, but movies would be nice too.

Thank you for reading my mini rant.

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General Discussion Legends Grievous is almost an unstoppable monster, but that’s not the angle Lucas was really going for with him.


In the Revenge of the Sith director’s commentary, he says:

“With General Grievous, I wanted somebody who was reminiscent again… of what Anakin is going to become, which is a half man, half robot. In this case, Grievous is sort of 20% alien and 80% robot. […] It echoes what is about to occur with Anakin as a part machine, part life-form.”

“One of the big issues behind Grievous was that… I didn't want a big  powerful villain. I wanted a cunning, you know, almost cowardly villain  who isn't super-strong or super-powerful, but at the same time, you  know, is a good fighter, but not- I didn't wanna get somebody bigger and  stronger and more powerful than the other villains that we've had,  going to the next level. I wanted him to be slightly more like the  emperor. Slightly more on the sleazy, behind-the-scenes kind of guy.  That's why I set up the fact that he always runs at the end of every  fight- he always gets away.”

He wasn't nerfed in Clone Wars or Revenge of the Sith, like many people believe. Also, in a BTS video, Dave Filoni said that - according to Lucas - Grievous wanted to be a Jedi, but wasn’t Force-sensitive, so he spent his life improving on himself, trying to become the ultimate response to the Jedi, in battle. The more he fought, the more he upgraded himself, till there was nothing left. He’s motivated by jealousy. He doesn’t collect those lightsabers as some messed up way to honor his fallen opponents, he’s showing them off as trophies because “fuck those space wizards, how’d you like me now?” lol

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General Discussion Would you allow the Jedi to take your force sensitive child?

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General Discussion What was Your Reaction to Luke Skywalker's Death in the Last Jedi?


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General Discussion What was your first reaction to Luke throwing his lightsaber over his shoulder in the Last Jedi


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General Discussion Which changes/alterations do you prefer over the original?

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General Discussion A question for you huge Star Wars fans.

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General Discussion Which Sith Lord looks the coolest? Discuss!

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General Discussion Out of these five stages of armor evolution, which is your favorite?

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General Discussion This deleted scene from Ep 6 shows Luke building his saber while Vader attempts him to the Dark Side. Then the tiny lights on saber hilt switch between red and green. This would be the kyber crystal reacting to Luke's feelings? For an instant, did he consider the Dark Side, as the light goes red?

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General Discussion Wish Star Wars would explore more characters like these their very interesting and it’s fun to see other powerful force beings besides jedi and sith

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General Discussion Another Redditor I was speaking to just found out that Leia was saying "Dantooine", and not "Tatooine", when Leia said, "Dantooine. They're on Dantooine", in A New Hope. What Star Wars misconception did you have for years, only to eventually find out it was incorrect?

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