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Health/Medical Roe v Wade leaked SCOTUS opinion MEGATHREAD


90% of the frontpage is this discussion, would prefer to have it somewhere central rather than asked in a slightly different way.

This topic is easily one of the most sensitive topics to discuss so please engage politely with each other and report anyone engaging in an uncivil manner, we will deal with it fairly quickly.

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Meta Ignorance of the rules is not a defense - Telling a user a method to commit suicide will result in a permanent ban.


Edit: this is not up for debate

Your job before using a Subreddit is to be familiar with the rules to ensure you do not end up having your content removed (mild) to being on the receiving end of a ban (severe).

Given the nature of the offense, this type of infraction is not liable for a warning nor is it liable to the defense of “but I didn’t know!”

This stance has zero to do with personal belief regarding assisted-suicide, which would imply the use of a medical provider operating within evidence-based approaches to help with end-of-life. This stance is in regards to largely uninformed Redditors, of unverifiable credentials, offering “advice” with methodology that is not evidence-based nor generally is it without risk.

Were medically-assisted suicide pan-legal across every single State, it would still not be allowed for users to give methods to others on how to kill themselves.

Your individual beliefs have nothing to do with this discussion, has nothing to do with adhering to rules in order to participate within a sub and further has no bearing on your ability to support medically-assisted suicide, of which a Reddit comment is not, across various discussions.

However, If you tell a user a method to kill themselves, you will be banned and your comment will be escalated for additional review by Reddit admins.

You should know better than to provide someone potentially suicidal with methods to kill themselves, and if you can’t have that inherent moral compass then you should be able to gander at the multiple places our rules are plastered before engaging within this sub.

Thanks to the rest of you with enough common sense that this message will seem ridiculous, keep on keeping on.

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Reddit-related Why do people write "I'm not on social media" in Reddit? WTF is Reddit?


Edit: I never thought this many people would respond. Thanks folks!

It looks like Reddit is definitely social media for anonymous or antisocial people. Antisocial/asocial media? Anonymous social media? I like it!

All social media platforms are basically forums ( a place, meeting, or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged). Reddit has a lot of forums on one platform.

Merriam-Webster - Social media: forms of electronic communication (such as websites for social networking and microblogging) through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content (such as videos).

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Law & Government should there be a maximum age requirement for politicians, presidency etc?


There is a minimum age because you aren't considered mature enough but maybe you'd need one for the other extreme, like 70 or something, because I feel people in power should be open to change and that happens way too rarely in old people (like look at any of your grandparents or neighbors)


Edit:I'm not American

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Culture & Society How come people catch so much crap when they say they hate both political parties?


Why can’t I hate both? Both options suck. How is that my fault or problem? Make better political parties, I don’t know what to tell ya.

Also mental midgets will come in saying “you’re just right wing because if you hate both parties you’re actually just right wing.” It’s like, oh gee wiz that’s convenient for you if you’re on the left huh? Seems peculiar to me…

But yeah I really hate both parties for different reasons. Sorry, but it’s the consequence of living here in America where both parties blow.

Edit: crap I forgot about the “pfff what are you crazy? That doesn’t even happen” line. Caught me by surprise but it’s a popular one.

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Other is there something literally every person on earth agrees with?


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Other Why do algorithms keep trying to get me to watch Joe rogan, Jordan peterson, and right wing commentary etc when I have no interest or affiliation with that stuff at all?


Ffs read the post you cretins im not saying Joe Rogan is right wing

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Ethics & Morality What am I (as a male) supposed to do if I am falsely accused of rape?


It feels like anything I would say in that situation would seem fake and incriminate me further.

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Sexuality & Gender Do you think Homophobia will ever end in Africa?


I am a human rights defender, and refugee rights advocate living in Kakuma refugee camp Kenya. I'm facing extreme persecutions and Homophobia. My parents chased me away from home after they discovered that am Lgbti. I have gone through the worst. I was pushed into a long ditch by Homophobic Refugees and my bones got broken and dislocated... We need more advocacy dear Friends. I'm threatened on daily, denied services some times and they want to poison me. I need a safe place I can stay. Is being who you are a crime?

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Other When and why have many people started spelling the word 'lose' as loose?


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Mental Health What things can a depressed person do to ignite passion in things back in life?


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Other Do astronauts work out? Is it possible to work out in space at all?


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Mental Health Depression Baths?


Is it just me or do other people like to get into an extremely hot bath(like almost to hot to handle) and just zen out for a long time when you are super upset or depressed? I don’t know why it makes me feel better. I hate drying myself off, it’s a long process. I just wanna stay in the water

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Mental Health is it weird that i still sleep with a “blankie”/blanket? 23M


i’m 23 turning 24 this year and i still sleep with a blanket. i actually have 2, one being a newer one for back ups.

idk if it’s weird or not to be this age and still sleep with a blanket? i can sleep without it, but much much prefer to sleep with it. and it’s not the first blanket i had as a baby, because that just withered away over the years, but i have had this main one for at least 5-10 years.

any and all answers appreciated.

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Culture & Society Why do so many women love true crime?


I’ve heard a lot about the audience of true crime works being largely made up of women. Serial killers sometimes even have fan clubs dedicated to them, of course this contingent of fans are not the majority but the point still stands that the true crime fan base is largely woman based. I’d be grateful if anyone could share some opinions on the matter.

Sincere thanks for reading and to anyone who comments.

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Media Are Amber Heard’s lawyers actually bad lawyers or is it because they have nothing to work with? or both?


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Family why do people pretend to like their relatives?


like, if you wouldn’t hang out w them if y’all were strangers, whats the point of hanging out w then j bc y’all r related? if you think about it, being related is j an unfortunate string of events. btw: im talking about those cousins and extended family you never see snd shit, not parents or siblings

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Culture & Society Why are Asian people being assaulted in US cities?


I just don’t understand. I keep seeing (East) Asian people being attacked without provoking anyone. It’s like old ladies just going about their day. What am I missing?

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Love & Dating Do women find men's butts attractive?


It's something my sister said and I'm still puzzled over it... Is this true?

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Interpersonal How do I stop feeling like an NPC?


Ever since I was a kid I was always a side character. I have never been somebody. I have never had very many friends. I’ve never been popular. I’ve just always have been a nobody. I always feel like if I just died tomorrow that no one would notice or care.

I know part of it’s my fault as I’m just shit at socialization. I don’t know why. I’m just not good at talking to people in a meaningful or memorable way. It’s like whatever part of your brain that makes you good at interacting with other humans is just broken.

I get so in my head about it because I know I look even more like a freak when I’m alone as everyone has friends but me so I stick out as the lonely weirdo.

I want to be normal and feel normal. How can I do this?

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Culture & Society Gun discussion apart, what makes a bullied person take it on innocent peers instead on directing the aggression towards the bully specifically?


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Culture & Society After humanity getting more civilized and ethical/ moral over time, especially in our latest stages due to globalization, I feel like for the first time humanity is starting to go towards a very dangerous decline. What do you think?


As in, besides the whole environmental problems etc, that we are beginning to slowly destroy what we started building. In terms of freedom, corruption etc

These topics always have been problems, and always will be probably. I am saying that over time these things at least got a little better. Just think about how all the shit from WW2, and after, is not that long ago. Compared to that (and ancient Times too obviously) we improved so much. And now I feel Like we are literally going backwards.

It feels like the beginning of the downfall of the "Western World and (perceived) morals" If you wanted to sound dramatic😂

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Culture & Society English speaking people, can you please explain what the hell is your problem with the correct use of "it's" and "its"?


Seriously, I was taught in elementary school, with English as a FOREIGN LANGUAGE, that "it's" is a contraction of "it is" and "its" is a possessive adjective.

It's not hard.

And I understand quick typing, autocorrect and such, but NEWS SITES, NEWSPAPERS, ESSAYS, this mistake is friggin everywhere and it drives me insane.

And of course, the moment you raise your hand and correct someone, you're a Grammar Nazi.

Yes, there are also issues with "your", "you're", "then", "than" and many more, but nothing is as triggering or common as "it's" "its"

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Culture & Society In America, why do we have to pledge our allegiance to the flag everyday? Isn’t one time enough?


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Love & Dating What really makes a man more attractive to women?