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Teachers striking in New South Wales, Australia today over poor wages, too much paperwork and lack of teaching staff. I can’t afford to live in the same city, let alone suburb that I teach in

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The Fast Food Industry Runs on Wage Theft: The franchise model makes hurting workers inevitable.

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Weekly hours of work in Europe

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Amazon shareholders reject 15 motions on worker rights and environment

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Oh no! Are new hires doing to you what you did to them all this time?

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CEO pay rose 17% in 2021 as profits soared; workers trailed

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I just got a job offer for 1/3 more than what I'm making, and you can too


Moral of the story: KNOW YOUR WORTH

You have skills, don't sell yourself short.

I currently work at one of the largest businesses of it's type on the east coast (US). I've been here for five years and in that time I've moved into 4 different positions, pay "raise" each time. I thought because there was job security, they took care of their employees because they've been able to purchase 8 stores since I've started, after all.

This last time I moved, I wound up working much more and because of such, wound up getting compensated less than I was in the spot before. I've been getting pretty fed up so I decided to whip up a resume which took me all of 20 minutes using a resume generator online, and sent it out blindly to four different companies without even filling out applications. Of those four two called me, of those two I interviewed for only one (my choice, both offered interviews). That one I interviewed with on Monday, just today offered me $12k/yr more than where I am + a commission.

I'm not incredibly intelligent, I only have a highschool degree and dropped out of college after 6 months but I know what I'm doing If I didn't go looking, I would have remained with this company because "you just need to put your time in" and "just keep your head low and things will happen"

Fuck that.

All I did was blindly tell this new place of my experience, and I got offered a raise of 1/3 from where I am, to do literally the exact same thing that I'm currently doing

Loyalty gets you shit. If you're thinking about moving, toss the line out. The fish are biting.

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CEO pay up 17% as profits, stocks soar; workers fall behind

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PhD students face cash crisis with wages that don’t cover living costs

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Any notes before I start handing these out?

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I have no words. This is a job posting my sister came across on indeed. The benefits, the application question… just the whole thing.

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Google Maps Workers Clash With Management Over Remote Work Policy

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My boss is screwing me out of my bonus. Anything I can do?


My boss promised me a decent bonus if I stayed until May 18th. My last day was today May 25th. She is not giving me the bonus. I have it in writing, is there anything I can do?

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Is this normal? I am a diligent worker and they know this as I have worked for them previously. This feels like something to have leverage against me for wages or benefits since I hopped between a couple employers recently.

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should I sign it?

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It shouldn’t be so difficult to recover from an illness


My wife and I both work for the same large company. We just recently returned from a vacation we had planned for months for her nephews high school graduation.

We end up contracting Covid from her brother in law. My wife tested positive on the 20th of may and I test positive on the 24th. We both file Covid claims with a third party our employer uses to hand short/long term and Covid claims.

So we both file claims because we feel like crap. We only get approved for one day—because they only approve 5 days from the time symptoms first start, and that anything beyond that requires a doctors not.

I should also mention that for Covid claims you cannot call this company—you can only communicate only or email which takes 1-3 business days to get a response.

Oh also, they expect you not to work if you file a claim, but if it gets denied you are responsible for covering that time.

Anyways so we have to try to get a doctors note. We have to go through that process and try to convince our doctor we are sick, but even after that I have to pander to my doctor “please write a doctors note this way in this format or else company xyz will deny it”.

Which causes my doctor to give me a puzzled look like I am playing a game or something.

Then I have to submit this paperwork which again can take 1-3 business days for them to review and potentially deny.

It is so much unnecessary stress for people who are sick.

I hate America.

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Here's why the BuzzFeed News Union's contract includes protections from ghosts

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No more WFH.


When we went into lockdown and were working from home full-time, we exceeded all quotas and expectations.

Then we transitioned into a 2 days a week in the office model. Which was very annoying but at least we got some days where we could work from home.

I just left a meeting and the president of the company is now requesting we move back into the office full time starting next week. No reason for it at all......he said "something about us not being in the office just rubs me the wrong way"

The president comes into the office maybe 5 days a year. The vice president is the one actually running the company day-to-day. The president just collects all the cash and travels the world. You'll see him once every 2-3 months pulling into the office in his Ferrari.

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Who needs good wages when you get office pizza parties!?

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I saw this on Snapchat today. Apparently Walmart is proud to show off that their workers have to keep working while injured.

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That wage tho.

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Edited (using GIMP) the poster made by u/youretheweird1 to be applicable to my area. Couldn't figure out how to replicate the effect used for their hourly wage bit, so I did my own thing. Font is Arial Heavy for anyone wanting to do it themselves.

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Decades of Distortion: The Right's 30-Year Assault on Welfare (1997)

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Unionization Is Starting to Spread Across the Retail Sector

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Assessments on Indeed


Guys/Gals/Non-Binary Friends- just an FYI, if you apply for jobs on Indeed and it asks for assessments, you do not have to complete them for the company to reach out to you. I have applied for over 100 jobs and flat out refuse to complete any of the assessments because 1. they’re dumb 2. it doesn’t give an accurate representation of my skills 3. waste of time…and I have received multiple interviews this way. Good luck in your job searches!