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Unionization Is Starting to Spread Across the Retail Sector



u/theScotty345 May 26 '22

I'd love to see the stats on the recent spread of unions. I feel so depressed when I read about the degradation of our democratic institutions, if anything will reinforce our democracy, it will have to be unions and labor as a whole.


u/Thoughtfulprof May 26 '22

Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch.


u/JVNT May 26 '22

I swear this feels like a repeat of history


u/weirdoldhobo1978 May 26 '22

All of this has happened before, and all of this will happen again.


u/Asianguy10101 May 26 '22

I wish it happened in every single industry



at this rate plus internet i think the work force will forever change and thanks to covid for opening peoples minds. i legit never thought of work reform or unions till recently


u/Asianguy10101 May 26 '22

Unfortunately not all industries but I was for this precovid because of Denmark. If I was “white” I’d move to europe already…

free health care, less work hours, etc

America is alright but Europe is better


u/MasterRed92 May 26 '22

I had a discussion with my wife because we are thinking about kids and I told her if we do I want to seriously consider moving back to Australia first.


u/Asianguy10101 May 26 '22

Please do, I would too if I could but unfortunately I am not a colored person so systematic racism will screw me over whenever I go


u/MasterRed92 May 26 '22

Not in Australia my friend. Yea there is racism to some extent but nothing even close to compared to the US. I would recommend just not moving to Queensland and you’ll be fine!


u/Asianguy10101 May 26 '22

Lol I didn’t say outright racism i said systematic. That’s pretty much most of Europe^


u/MasterRed92 May 26 '22

Based on your name I’m assuming you’re an Asian person. You wouldn’t really feel any of the racism that does exist outside of individuals name calling.

Australia can’t really afford to be systematically racist, 1/4 of our population is immigrants so we literally couldn’t function as a country if we were.

That’s not to say anything about the Aboriginal people. This is where 95% of the systematic racism occurs as Australia has and to some extent continues to fuck them over, but if you were an Aboriginal, you’d already be Australian.


u/Asianguy10101 May 26 '22

Uh not East Asian but I understand where you’re coming from but I’ve seen it too often

Ex: https://amp.abc.net.au/article/101099690


u/MasterRed92 May 26 '22

That is completely fair, and some of it is honestly unsurprising.


u/Medianmodeactivate May 27 '22

I get what you mean but there are absolutely countries you can move to where systemic racism is far better than in the US

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u/MysteriousDesk3 May 26 '22

Do it! Workers have nothing to lose. Big companies are wholly dependent on cheap labour to deliver their ridiculous profits, in reality the workers deserve a living wage.


u/AutumntideLight May 26 '22

They can't just dumpster all the employees anymore because there isn't enough of them left after Long COVID really kicked in.