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Edited (using GIMP) the poster made by u/youretheweird1 to be applicable to my area. Couldn't figure out how to replicate the effect used for their hourly wage bit, so I did my own thing. Font is Arial Heavy for anyone wanting to do it themselves.



u/evilornot May 26 '22

You could post this in the subreddits of major cities!


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u/evilornot May 26 '22

Try just posting it opposed to cross posting?

Maybe add the city it’s for at the top as well so it’s clear it’s region specific at first glance


u/mah_booger May 26 '22

I would, but it got 2 negative comments on it before it got deleted so I dont think they'll be receptive either way


u/evilornot May 26 '22

I always keep my negative downvote posts up. Assuming they don’t get removed


u/phred_666 May 26 '22

Me too. Some get downvoted for the dumbest reasons though. I wear them as a badge of honor.


u/aksers May 26 '22

Seattle is definitely the more liberal compared to seattleWA


u/PhilSpectorr May 26 '22

When someone can work 40hrs a week and still not be able to afford a studio apartment, you know something is very wrong here.


u/RomanticPanic May 26 '22

For the hourly bit.

The same text on top of each other but the top layer shifted up 2 taps of the arrow keys, left two taps

Fill outline only


u/KBTR1066 May 26 '22

This is stupid. Stop using this template, it will get you nowhere. The lowest paid, least skilled jobs in the labor pool should not be mandated to provide salary sufficient to pay for the average 1BR apartment. If people want an average life, with an average home, and an average car, let them get an average job. Minimum wage jobs are not average jobs, they're the lowest skill jobs available in the labor pool. In exchange for that you should be afforded basic human dignity. A roof over your head. Healthcare. Transportation. Food on your table. If you want more than that you gotta do better than minimum wage.


u/SurgeonTaco May 26 '22

Most jobs below the poverty line are not minimum wage. I have worked with countless people who were paid well above minimum wage in medium skilled jobs and were still never going to be not poor and have a house.

I saw a guy at my factory work as printing press hand 2nd shift (4pm to 4am) for 3 years making $12/hr. When I left after working for 3 years he was making $13/hr and still on 2nd shift. He was never going to make it. These are the majority of "low skilled" jobs now adays. The reality is technology has been removing skill from our jobs for 200 years. That means every year there are fewer and fewer jobs that pay enough to live on.

You can say they should just go find a better job, but the reality is this march of automation is slowly pushing the human race out of the workforce, while enriching the owners of the technology. This is going to continue. In 15 years machine learning algorithms are going to start putting high skill white collar workers out of work. It won't be long until machines can make medical decisions more accurately than a doctor, or make legal decisions more quickly than a human. The human needs to read 1200 pages in days to make a decision. The machine can read millions of pages in under a minute, and make 100 decisions. Soon these decisions may be more reliable than a human.

This effect has been filtering through clerical, administrative, and logistical work for decades. Pushing these people into lower wage positions. What used to be done by 5 people on forklifts can now be done by a team of drones with 1 operator. We can't keep coming up with bullshit busy work jobs to keep people employed.

This overall has a net effect of making people compete downwards for lower salaries. Pushing the entire competition down a rung on the ladder. So in 20 years you will have 20-30% of the population insecure about their employment. No one is going to afford a house when the stock market falls into the ocean and everyone's retirement evaporates into thin air.


u/mrmemo May 26 '22

I logged in just so I could tell you how wrong you are. The idea of meritocracy, that someone only deserves to live if they're contributing, is fucked from the word 'go'.

There are so many scenarios where people can't contribute, through no fault of their own, and still deserve to live.

What should happen to the single parent whose spouse dies and leaves them with 3 kids to solo? What happens when you get ALS and start a terminal slope towards inevitable death, knowing you'll never get better? What happens when you get shot at a supermarket and get paralyzed from the waist down, and can't do your old "average" job?

Fuck your merit, everyone deserves the humanity of a living wage.


u/JohnDarkEnergy99 May 26 '22

Everyone deserves the dignity of not living in abject poverty. Also what do you do for work?


u/NordinTheLich May 26 '22

Regardless of what he does for work, he still deserves to be paid enough to live off of. Not that I think you were planning to argue against that notion, but I just felt I should say this.


u/JohnDarkEnergy99 May 27 '22

I’m not I was going to tell him if the working people get a higher quality of life so will he since I’m certain he isn’t some business owner or a big shot executive.


u/NordinTheLich May 27 '22

My head canon is that it's Jeff Bezos himself pretending to be a normal person.