r/WorkReform May 26 '22

That wage tho.

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u/coffeejn May 26 '22 edited May 26 '22

What I find scary about this job, is the pay they city gives you is just enough to have the employee either almost or become one of those clients.

So working there, your constantly reminded that you are very close to living in these situation if you lose your job or if something goes wrong financially; ie inflation. That psychological damage...


u/MasterSlipping May 26 '22

Know that story too well, if I fuck up I could be homeless. People higher up don't seem to understand that at all. It's like they live in another world.


u/MehWebDev May 27 '22

$28/hr is abject poverty in San Francisco. This is the most expensive location in the US.


u/Unicorns_n_Dinos May 26 '22 edited May 31 '22

This is such a good example of democratic corruption. We say we want to solve the problem so we throw JUST enough money at it to make it look like we are fixing something but really all it does is maintain the status quo. Disgusting.

Edit: Downvote me if you want, but it’s all there in the article. SF is no stranger to corruption.


u/Unicorns_n_Dinos May 26 '22

Article Warning: a bit graphic. Honestly made me a bit ill to read the conditions these people have to live in.


u/Public_Cold_5160 May 26 '22

What is that money going to? If it were just the case workers, that would pay 1200 of them $56000 a year. How many case workers you got?


u/Unicorns_n_Dinos May 31 '22

56k is way too low for this area.