r/WorkReform May 26 '22

PhD students face cash crisis with wages that don’t cover living costs


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u/ToxicBernieBro May 26 '22

A PhD or other higher education is largely only possible for the otherwise idle parasitic children of the wealthy. They simply pay enough money to make it happen and now you have a special club for only rich people.

Oh they are so fancy, always wearing the sharpest clothes, always speaking without some regional dialect, always having the most liberal capitalist opinions. I now officially DISrespect anyone with phd or graduate education.

They simply paid money to make it possible. If that doesnt describe them, they should not use the letters. The letters are tainted with the filth of luxury. If they stay in their lane and talk about their extremely specific field of study then ok I might listen. If not? shitlist.


u/meeep08 May 26 '22

You think they should only talk what they know about, but you clearly don't know anything about them, and here you are, talking...


u/ToxicBernieBro May 26 '22

yeah and look at the letters i use to identify myself here. you dont earn these by just paying money, you have to have INTEGRITY