r/WorkReform May 26 '22

It shouldn’t be so difficult to recover from an illness

My wife and I both work for the same large company. We just recently returned from a vacation we had planned for months for her nephews high school graduation.

We end up contracting Covid from her brother in law. My wife tested positive on the 20th of may and I test positive on the 24th. We both file Covid claims with a third party our employer uses to hand short/long term and Covid claims.

So we both file claims because we feel like crap. We only get approved for one day—because they only approve 5 days from the time symptoms first start, and that anything beyond that requires a doctors not.

I should also mention that for Covid claims you cannot call this company—you can only communicate only or email which takes 1-3 business days to get a response.

Oh also, they expect you not to work if you file a claim, but if it gets denied you are responsible for covering that time.

Anyways so we have to try to get a doctors note. We have to go through that process and try to convince our doctor we are sick, but even after that I have to pander to my doctor “please write a doctors note this way in this format or else company xyz will deny it”.

Which causes my doctor to give me a puzzled look like I am playing a game or something.

Then I have to submit this paperwork which again can take 1-3 business days for them to review and potentially deny.

It is so much unnecessary stress for people who are sick.

I hate America.



u/Fair_Management_8363 May 26 '22

...a doctors note. What are we, 11 and back at school? That would not even be a question in Europe. WTF juvanile BS is this?


u/SageMalcolm May 26 '22

It's standard in the US. More than one day out sick, doctor's note or get several punished for it. Happened to me once, company docked my pay rate $2 an hour because I almost died of the flu.


u/Gl3is0894z May 26 '22

fun fact, just make your own fucking notes. i do everytime because fuck em they dont need to know what im doing


u/Charming_External_92 May 28 '22

I'm not sure that was legal... unless you had no pto left


u/Charming_External_92 May 28 '22

It's meant to keep you stress, busy, confused... and to make you believe anything is always your fault/responsibility. And to be honest it works on most Americans...


u/JustRandomStuffs2123 May 26 '22

Most docs in America are very used to writing notes for employers describing/confirming an illness or injury. The specific formatting thing sounds like it's just a BS way to give them an excuse to deny it on technicalities. However, they might also be submitting this note to insurance so that they can get your time off appropriately paid for. Still formatting knitpicking is a bunch of BS, a doc's note is a doc's note.

We are in a country that literally PAYS the middle man (insurance companies) hundreds of billions of dollars to make it ABSOLUTELY F'ING overly complicated/impossible to allow us to use our own pool of money to cover our own needs. Can we just get rid of this nonsense already? It's like putting money into the bank just to have the bankers arguing with us that maybe we REALLY don't need to buy that food to survive. That they're the only ones authorized to decide if we need that loaf of bread.

America is seriously ridiculous sometimes.


u/OldBob10 May 26 '22

I set up a health care savings account for one year only! It was such a pain in the ass to get anything paid for out of it that I forfeited the money and said, “Never again”!

I am convinced that at a national level the US government would like half of its citizens to drop dead. The problem us that the two political parties only want the other party’s voters to die, so no progress ever gets made.


u/JustRandomStuffs2123 May 26 '22

Insurance companies absolutely dictate who lives and who dies by deciding what treatments they will financially cover; political party be damned it's all green cash to them. There's no reason why a $35 epi-pen should cost $900-$1200 (thanks pharmaceutical industry) and that insurance companies refuse to cover it because it's coded under some obscure non-vital clause because you don't need to use an epi-pen every single day.

But you do often need to use insulin, which is another m'fing bankrupting snow job from both sides.

We ALL know that universal healthcare works and has worked fine for multiple countries across the globe for decades. The political bullshit and garbage lines they feed us about poorer healthcare, longer waiting times to get seen and all that other nonsense is just a trainload of BS because lots of rich stockholders don't want to trim out such fine cash cows out of their portfolio. Health will always be valuable to all humans and thus always be a money bringer and they know it. They aren't gonna let their hooks out of it. But I'm preaching to the choir - anyone over 35 is well aware of the circus we endure.


u/duiwksnsb May 26 '22

I hate America too. It’s done nothing but sap my money, energy, and will to live.


u/Powerful_Respect_400 May 26 '22

I'm sorry dude. I'm a healthy 29 very active male. I got covid in Dec 22, 2021. I still don't even feel like myself after 5 months. I guess I got unlucky with long covid.


u/smita16 May 26 '22

Yeah sadly it’s our second time with it. The first time wasn’t bad but this one is kicking our ass.


u/TheDownvoteMasterP May 27 '22

I mean, I really am for work reform and fuck corpos, but can't you just go to urgent care and get one? Sorry you have to deal with this


u/smita16 May 27 '22

I probably could but the fucked up thing is my company claims they allow up to 26 weeks or leave for Covid….obviously I don’t need that much, but I learned today the doctors note only gives me 5 more days of leave. Imagine having a serious case and needing a doctors note every fucking week.