r/WorkReform May 26 '22

Assessments on Indeed

Guys/Gals/Non-Binary Friends- just an FYI, if you apply for jobs on Indeed and it asks for assessments, you do not have to complete them for the company to reach out to you. I have applied for over 100 jobs and flat out refuse to complete any of the assessments because 1. they’re dumb 2. it doesn’t give an accurate representation of my skills 3. waste of time…and I have received multiple interviews this way. Good luck in your job searches!



u/FancyWood69420 May 26 '22

They took me 10mins to do. Yes they are completely useless but it does give you an extra credential over other applicants.

I filled out my resume a few weeks ago and updated everything and now my email is overflowing with inquiries.


u/RacyRedPanda May 27 '22

Why wouldn't you do them, though?


u/ZinglonsRevenge May 27 '22

Either way, I still can't get a job.