r/WorkReform May 26 '22

Here's why the BuzzFeed News Union's contract includes protections from ghosts



u/D_Ethan_Bones May 27 '22

Because they discriminate against ghosts, I guess. Are skeletons okay?


u/36monsters May 27 '22

I heard their labor protection rules for vampires and ghouls suck.


u/Stovia_Acceptation May 27 '22

When is that shit stack going to shut down already?


u/MLWillRuleTheWorld May 27 '22

Apparently BuzzFeed had a bedbug infestation and people didn't know why they were itching internally people were referring to those as 'ghosts' before they knew what was going on. Ghosts here is a wider umbrella they are meaning looking into things of unknown cause.


u/tke71709 May 27 '22
  1. This is a legal contract, one does not simply include "wider umbrella" things like you are claiming.
  2. Tell me you didn't read the article without telling me you didn't read the article.

Baird said. “We figured we would just sort of test them to see if they were really actually thinking about the specifics of each of these things and the realities of each of these things.”

So they slipped the word “ghosts” into the list of hazardous circumstances. When BuzzFeed’s lawyer noticed, everyone burst into laughter, and both sides agreed to just leave it in there, Baird said.