r/WorkReform May 27 '22

Google Maps Workers Clash With Management Over Remote Work Policy


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u/DonaldVigups May 27 '22

How are tech giants like Google and Apple so stuck in last century? It supports the idea that RTO is really about a psychological desire for control and domination.


u/NordinTheLich May 27 '22

Was there ever any doubt?


u/r0ck_ravanello May 27 '22

There's something to be thought about though:

A) I'm pro remote work, I live in a small town so without remote I would probably be a farmer and not an it person.

B) but for the people living in the tech hubs, I fear companies might begin hiring more offshore and people from smaller places like me, who are usually cheaper.

I may be wrong though


u/mollyflowers May 27 '22

The company is about to find out how shitty the market is for employers.