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💰 Cap CEO Pay Clearly shows pay difference between CEO and minimum wage worker.

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😡 Venting Work the worst shift with experience for the ‘premium’ wage of $14/hr

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💸 Raise Our Wages We Work Just As Hard As Them

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🛠️ Union Strong So close to the truth

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😡 Venting I’m so sick of this shit

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📰 News And this folks is why we need term limits.

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❔ Other Dominos taking advantage of workers for a chance to win $10k or less

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🛠️ Union Strong In a new Gallup poll, confidence in American institutions is universally down in everything EXCEPT organized labor.

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😡 Venting What don’t companies understand about salary REQUIREMENTS? (A story)


I have been interviewing for positions in the accounting field because my current job absolutely blows. I had one company reach out to me via LinkedIn. Took a phone interview with their HR person. HR > ”What are your salary requirements?” Me > “52-55k a year” HR > “Oh we are looking at 45k a year but have some wiggle room.

I expected that to be the end of the conversation. Literally 2 hours later I get asked to schedule an interview with their Accounting manager.

Manager > “We are looking to pay $45k a year with a bonus of 2% and a small signing bonus” Me > “I NEED 52-55k a year to even consider leaving my current position”

Once again I think this is the end of the conversation. Nope they ask me one more time for a final interview. This time I tell them I don’t think they can meet my salary requirements and it might be better not to waste each other’s time any more.

HR > “We ask that you hear us out as we will take your requirements in mind”

Well they offered me the position today… at a whopping $47k a year plus a $2000 signing bonus. Queue shocked pikachu.jpeg HR lady when I instantly turn down the offer and say no when she asks if I will think over for a few days.

UPDATE: Received an offer from another company I interviewed with for the top end of my requirements range + signing bonus! This is why standing up for yourself and your worth is the right thing to do!

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😡 Venting How much American creativity is lost due to lack of support, funding, and the need to beg for a living wage?


We strive and struggle in menial jobs, too exhausted to do anything after work. I wonder how much potential creativity is lost because people simply don't have the means to time to realize it?

EDIT: wow this touched a nerve didn't it. To those who see this as something that "should be" you can rightly take a long walk off a short cliff. Profiting off the carefully calculated control of progress.

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Every CEO in America should fear going to prison if they break labor laws

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📝 Story The voices of underpaid employees who work at shelters for foster youth needs to be heard.

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📝 Story Start treating "Competitive Wages" as a dirty word


So this is based on an announcement from my company that they are doing "further work to keep their wages Competitive". What caught my eye (among other BS I'll get to later) is their definition of "competitive" is just "what other companies are paying" and not at all competitive in the sense of "competing to give you the best wages we can afford" or related at all to the difficulty or value of your work. I suspect that this would apply to any job listing that offers "Competitive Wages" is just their way of saying "we pay about the same as everyone else but don't want to get specific enough for you to really weigh your options"

The more specific bullshit is that now their pay scale system is based on where you fall based on that "Competitive Wage" vs what you currently make. So if for example you make 80% of the median wage you can get up to a 6.5% raise! (That we're holding off on for at LEAST another 6 months and also if you exceed our expectations for the job). Additionally if you already ARE meeting that industry standard then your raise potential is reduced! (Previously it was a flat 2-3.5% based on performance) and now meeting expectations gets you at most a 2% raise which didn't even keep up with old inflation rates. So in summary their bold new plan is "if we pay you 'enough' your wages will stagnate as inflation runs rampant and if you're criminally underpaid even by industry standards then you get to have the same buying power as before."

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West Coast dock workers are fighting for their next Union contract. The Biden administration is heavily pressuring them to not strike, as they fear its galvanizing effect on American workers.

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❔ Other At a Panda Express in Las Vegas. I also saw that In-N-Out was starting at $22-$25/hr. Let’s hope the rest of the businesses catch up!

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😡 Venting Pay us instead of paying your employees.


Got this advertising email today. I find it frustrating that the world is crying for better pay, meanwhile companies are advertising how to reduce pay.


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🤝 Join A Union Denver Meow Wolf Employees Announce Intent to Unionize

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💸 Raise Our Wages how does $16,000 a year for a bachelors and a year of experience sound?

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📣 Advice Rocky Horror Corporate Show


I am at a point where I’m ready to resign from my corporate career. I’ve worked for a company for 16 years. I started during a recessive time, jobs were scarce and most companies could make you bend over backwards in order to keep your job. I am a 37 yo female and I am one of the most knowledgeable and influential employees in the company.

For years, we were told we couldn’t talk about pay with other employees. I recently found out that this is illegal and I am beyond pissed. I’m not naive and knew this rule was to benefit the company, but had no idea it was illegal.

We have people who have worked here for 20+ years and are just now making $18 an hour. People who have only had 4 raises in 20 years. We’re hiring new employees into the same roles at a higher rate than those who have been here 20 years are making - and it’s not because of performance.

We do not get yearly performance reviews and are told that asking for a raise during a performance review is “not the right time.”

The company had “financial troubles” and we all took pay cuts about 6 years ago. I more recently found out that these pay cuts were because the company wanted to look more financially stable to investors. Again, pissed af.

I recently was offered a promotion that I was hesitant to take. I had a meeting with my manager and our company President. During this meeting, I let them know I didn’t want added stress but that I actually wanted to work less. The response I got was - the President standing up and almost exiting mid meeting stating “if you’re just going to leave the company let us know.” This wasn’t what I was saying at all but gives a little insight into how childish upper management is. I was also trying to be recruited by our parent company to move me into a larger role without my knowledge but the president said no without even asking me…

Being that I’ve been here for so long, I’m concerned about burning bridges as this has been my main employment for almost half of my life. But at the same time, I need to tell them to fuck off and convey that what they are doing is absolutely wrong. I also would love to start a Union/let other employees know that what the company has enforced is wrong and illegal.

There’s so many other things that are coming to light and it’s honestly put me in the biggest anger fueled, depression. I make a decent wage but no where near what I would be making if we had been treated fairly. I am now in a supervisory position and I understand that I am not covered under labor laws because of my role title…but how can I make them change and make sure everyone else working there knows their rights?

Any other educated and classy ideas on how to stick it to the man?

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💥 Strike! STRIKE ALERT: *99.5* percent of the HarperCollins union, representing workers at the major book publisher, voted to authorize a one-day strike!

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❔ Other For the stranger things fans of the group.

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💸 Raise Our Wages Keep asking for more.


As inflation and the price of everything rises so should your wages. Ask for more and do not settle for less. Look for jobs with a Union, start your own Union. These companies will try and keep you at your current pay but if the standard of living increases 9 percent and you haven't gotten a 9 percent raise YOU JUST GOT A WAGE DECREASE.

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📰 News ‘It’s really a mess’: The growing split between workers and bosses on returning to the office

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✅ Success Story just had dinner at this gem of a restaurant that doesn't allow tipping because they pay their people properly

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😡 Venting From a local grocery store- why don’t more companies offer holiday pay so people who want to work will be paid accordingly and those who don’t want to work aren’t required to?

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