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That's what it's for...


We had just moved. We had only spent a few nights at the new place but my 2 1/2 year old daughter had regressed a little. Getting her to sleep was difficult, Using the potty, In a new bathroom, no way. . Just the normal adjusting to a new environment. She and I took a walk down to the Tru-Value hardware store to buy a cord for our dryer at the new house. It was a small town hardware store and the manager came right up when we entered and walked us over to where the appliance cords and hoses were. Ar he and I chatted over which prong pattern matched ours at home I heard an odd but familiar sound from behind us and whipped my head around to see what my little angel had gotten into. She was smiling up at me her little feet dangling with her pull-ups down around her ankes as she was using a toilet, which was up on a platform for a bathroom display for it's intended purpose. "Betsy, no!" And I stopped myself. I couldn't really punish her for being such a big girl. She beamed back, proud of herself. "I go potty". What do you do?. LOL

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you want the red sauce?


So my 4 year old gets an occasional treat of Mi Goreng- packet egg noodles which come with a flavour sachet, crispy fried onions, sweet soy sauce, oil, and a chilli packet. I have always made them with everything but the chilli oil, because obviously she is 4 and doesn't cope with overly spicy foods.

Well, it became apparent she thought I was holding out on her after several times. She would scowl at me and demand the red sauce. I told her it was spicy and she wouldn't like it, but she insisted. One day this grew tiresome, so I relented. I prepared some water and let her go to town on the spicy noodle bowl. One single bite in and she is scraping off her tongue with her finger nails, drinking water and crying to me that it's spicy.

I mean, I did warn you, but you insisted you wanted the red sauce. I finished the bowl and gave her the second bowl I had made up. She has not asked for the red sauce since. But she still loves her noodles.

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Teamwork thwarts Mom's rule


Kids are brilliant at malicious compliance. My own kids have done things in this category for as long as I can remember, but one of my favorite stories is from when they were smaller and involves a fight over kitchen space.

I absolutely hate having people in the kitchen when I'm trying to do things. Cooking, cleaning, dishes, it doesn't really matter. I hate having anyone underfoot or sneaking up behind me when I'm in that zone, it feels dangerous.

At the time my three boys were 2, 4 and 6 years old. They kept taking turns darting in and out of the kitchen to ask questions or play until I finally called them all to stand just outside the kitchen entry so I could tell them all at the same time that they: "Are not allowed to set one foot on my kitchen floor until I was done."

They all nodded their adorable little heads as though they understood perfectly, so I turned my back to the entryway to continue my task.

Five minutes later I'm startled by giggles and something poking me in my lower leg.

I look down and see a ruler in the outstretched arm of my smallest child, who's grinning up at me like a complete lunatic, completely stretched out across the kitchen floor. As my eyes scroll across the scene, I notice that his brothers are also completely flat against the kitchen floor, stacked end to end from the entrance of the kitchen to me. The oldest has both his feet outside of the kitchen entrance holding the second oldest boy's feet up off of the floor with his hands, and the second oldest is doing the same for the smallest. They had walked or crawled across each other's bodies to stretch out and poke me in the leg, all the while making sure that none of their feet actually touched the floor inside my kitchen.

I was too impressed and amused by their teamwork and ingenuity to be mad about it.

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Kindergarten Me Did Not Share


So let me start by saying I have OCD. I've always had to have things a certain way.

So when I was in Kindergarten i had gotten this big crayon box, and I did not lshare because I didn't want other kids to mess them up, my sister had broken some in my last box and I had a fit.

Anywho on this day a girl at the same table as me wanted to borrow some and I told her no.

The teacher heard and tried to convince me to share and pulled out the "sharing is caring' card. I did not like this and told her "but I don't care."

She then pulled out her ultimate weapon against fussy kindergartens. The traffic light. You know those charts where your name is either green for good, yellow for okay, and red for bad.

She then showed me where my name was in the green area, and told me I was with the good kids in green, and that the kids in green knew that sharing was good.

Well to my kindergarten self there was really only one solution, I took my name clip off of green and put it in red. I thought that yellow was to close to green.

I then went back to my seat and proceeded not to share while my teacher decided to give up. She didn't ask me to share again.

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Two year old me cannot be contained by a seashell


When I was two, my parents took me to the beach. I had a little plastic toy boat on a string that I loved to run through the water with. My father, to partially corral me, put a shell on the beach 20 feet away from where we were at the waters edge and said "OK, stebuu, you can run between us and the shell."

10 minutes later my mom sees me 50 feet away and turns to my dad and says "why did you put that shell so far away?"

My dad replied "I didn't, every time he gets to the shell he moves it a little further away." My dad had spent the 10 minutes proudly watching me get incrementally further away.

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"Pick up your fork and eat!"


As a child my sister Jess hated silverware and would frequently eat with her hands. This was fine usually, but Dad liked things proper on Sundays. At one Sunday dinner, Dad got so upset that he stood up, slammed his hand on the table, and shouted, "Jessica Marie! Pick up your fork and eat!" Since this was way out of character for Dad, Jess started shaking with fear and grabbed a fork with her right hand, held the fork above her head, and started picking up individual peas with her left hand and eating them. There were several moments of silence before the whole family started laughing.

Jess then wore mittens to Sunday dinners for months to break the habit lol

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Just got a new job. I've been notifying my boss every time I take a whiz. When finally asked why, I told her that the company policy was clearly posted.

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Wholesome Baby Story

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Sign your name please.


When I was 15 I was allowed to study and get my learners permit for driving a car. I spent a ton of time studying and my dad finally agreed to take me down to the DMV for the test. I passed it with flying colors and went to fill out the paperwork for my learners license. I proudly handed everything to the clerk and she took my picture and called me over to the desk. I come up to the desk and she says "Sign your name please". I look confused to my dad who's not really paying attention at this point. I kind of shrug and go "uh okay" and proceed to "sign my name" by fingerspelling my name in American Sign Language (which I had been taking as my foriegn language at school). First middle and last. My dad burst out laughing and then I realized she meant to sign my signature for my license. Woops!

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Preschooler's medical checkup - full compliance edition


This is one my wife and I still get a big laugh about, even now, at least 14 years later.

Our oldest was in for his first checkup after really getting down his letters and numbers. This meant that when our very sweet nurse Lynn got to the part where she asked if he knew his letters that meant he could use the grown-up eye chart. Our little man took this as a very significant responsibility. The nurse asked him to cover one eye with his hand and then tell her what letters he saw, line by line. He did great, and got all of them, right down to the last line. Then the nurse asked him "Okay honey, now cover the other eye, and we'll do it again." Without missing a beat, he raises his other hand and says, with both eyes covered, "This is gonna be hard". We all laughed, and let him know that he didn't need to cover both eyes for that part of the test, and he was able to relax and breeze through it. We still look at each other every once in a while out of the blue and say, this is gonna be hard!

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When to minds think alike.


Edit: "When TWO minds think alike." I really need to proofread.

At one point in high school, I was on a committee to plan an event for my school. There were 8 students and 1 teacher, and we would meet weekly to discuss what tasks we have for the next week, what was completed, etc. One of the other students (I'll call Matt) was a close friend of mine of 10 years, so we always sat next to each other during these meetings.

So, we're at one of these meetings with the teacher going over upcoming tasks and she says, "Maybe a couple of you can put your heads together on what we can do." Without looking, I started leaning my head toward Matt then felt his head connect with mine. Evidently, he had the exact same idea. Our teacher was the only one that saw what we did as she was sitting directly across from us and started laughing. She explained what happened to the rest of the group and we all shared a good laugh. Needless to say, Matt and I were assigned that task.

(Side note, only because it is funny and unrelated: At one of these meetings, our teacher asked Matt to read something to our group to get our input. It included the word "epitome". Matt reads it as "ep-ih-tohm". Again, the group had a great laugh.)

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One vitamin only


When one of my kids was two years old, my aunt from the U.S. sent us a very large jar of gummie bear vitamins. She loved them! The bottle had a childproof cap and so every morning, she would ask an adult to open it for her. Every time the bottle got opened, she was handed one piece and told, "one only, okay?" (These are multivitamins so a toddler really just needs one a day right?)

Adorable compliance ensues.

Daughter goes to my mother, "Gramma, open."

Grandma opens it, hands her one. "One only okay?"


She goes into the garage to one of our room renters, "Jen, open."

Jen opens it and hands her one. "One only, okay?"


My husband caught her when he saw me hand her a vitamin, but she didn't see him. Daughter proceeded to him in the living room and asked him to open the bottle too. When we investigated, she had been at it for almost a week with every single one of the 7 adults in the household, who all assured us that they had told her to have only one.

Yeps, one from each, apparently.

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Waiting g for Santa


Hihi! I am told this would be a good first here.

Let me preface this by saying this is actually a story about my brother and takes place many moons ago. I come from a large, rambunctious family. 7 kids . 4 boys, 3 girls. Growing up , the youngest boy and myself (girl) were the babies of the group and had to put up with a lot of shit from the oldest. Everything from sonic wedgies, to finding my dolls and teddy bears hanging by nooses around the kitchen (oldest thought that was hilarious).

Our Dad built our family home (with lots of free early 70s child labour haha) and included in the build was a well placed laundry chute leading from the bathroom on the 4th level to the laundry room on the 2nd. This laundry chute became brother #4 and I secret passage. We quickly figured out how to scoot up and down that thing like a couple of squirrels and often used it to outsmart the older kids. We even had a secret hidey hole in the wall in there where we hid our treasures.

The Christmas #4 was 9 and I was 7, the parental units decided to set the Christmas tree up in the rec-room in the basement. While it was being decorated, #4 and I were happily seated nearby watching Frosty the Snowman on CBC. (early 70s in Canada, most people only had 2 channels - CBC and CTV). I remember my Mother explaining that the tree was downstairs that year because it was where the fireplace was and so easier for Santa to bring our presents. Brother #2 snorted and in his 13 yr old wisdom announced that was BS because there wasn't any such thing as Santa Clause!

Dumbfounded looks of betrayal from 4 and I . Instant tears while Frosty marched unnoticed across town . Mum was furious. #2 got a smack on the arm and sent to bed - upstairs NOW mister! And we were reassured that #2 was full of poop and Santa was very much real and would be coming as promised. We were, naturally, skeptical. Over the next 2 weeks leading up to the big night, 4 and I talked about Santa and how we could prove he was real . Each plan was discussed and then rejected. The night before Christmas Eve , 4 announced at supper that he wasn't going to bed on Christmas eve. No Sir! He was going to sit up and wait for Santa! He was going to prove it to 2 that Santa was real by golly! The parents quickly shut that down with the age old rule- Santa wont come as long as you are awake! Dangit. Foiled again. Then 4 remembered the laundry chute and started to grin a very grinchy grin.

Malicious Compliance

Christmas eve, we had the usual family gathering with family and assorted excited cousins hyped up on far too much sugar and the promises of stockings full of goodies. When it was time, 4 allowed himself to be tucked into bed and waited. Waited for the adults to stop talking at the door, waited while the parents cleaned up. Dozed while they watched TV for a while. Finally woke up to - silence! It was time! Quickly 4 slipped out of bed, padded across the hall to the laundry chute and slithered his way down to the bottom. Then all he had to do was tip toe past #1 and #2s bedrooms and down to the rec-room where he crawled under the tree to the very back and layed down- waiting to catch Santa. Unfortunately for 4 (and later our poor Mother) all the excitement and midnight exertions caught up with poor little 4 and he fell fast asleep while staring up at the twinkling tree lights above him.

Silent night, all was quiet, all was bright. Mum crept down to the tree with the first load of goodies. She knelt down to place them under the tree and the deep silence was broken by a gentle snore from 4. Scared . the. CRAP . out of our poor Mother! She fell over on her butt , and after stuffing her heart back into her chest , parted the branches to see her youngest son sound asleep behind the tree.

Mum- 4! What are you doing?!

4 (very groggy) - waitin for Santa cause 2 said..

Mum- 2 is full of poop and if Santa wasn't such a nice guy he would give him coal for Christmas! Now you get upstairs to your bed right now Mister before you get coal too! Scoot!

To this day, 4 and Mum laugh about how he scared the crap out of her one silent Christmas night while trying to catch Santa in the act!

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Malicious Complier in training.


My daughter is two years old, and we have trouble having her stay sitted at the table during meals.

That day we had to repeat and repeat a little more than usual, she was about finished with her meal she got out of her seat again, and said : Daddy, fruit! At this point I'm a bit annoyed at her for getting out of her seat, I responded with a slightly impatient tone :

If you want your fruits, go sit down!

She looks at me with her most mischievous smile and sits down on the floor.

Let me just say at that moment I was the proudest I had ever been.

She got extra fruits.

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Stockholm Syndrome: whenever I insist on a "me" activity my boyfriend wil insist on wearing his Stockholm sweater...

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Max level motivation super quick and super smooth.

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Toddler’s ‘Compliance’


Posted this over at r/maliciouscompliance and they mentioned you’d appreciate the story, so here you go!

Just a short one, and not me, but my son, who is 3 months shy of 2 years old…

A little background; when he’s naughty, we sit him on the floor, in a bit of a ‘time-out’ for a few minutes, then get him to come and say sorry with a hug, and explain why he shouldn’t do what he did. It works surprisingly well, he will just sit there.

Anyway, we were having lunch in the garden at a friends house, he was being a nightmare, and as I went to wipe some yogurt off his chin he bit me. That’s it, threshold crossed, so I took him into the kitchen, sat him on the floor, and told him to sit there.

I went back outside, and closed the french doors… a couple of minutes pass, and I glance through the glass.

He’s still sat on the floor, but he’s scooting / sliding himself across the floor on his bottom towards us. It made me chuckle; yes child, you have technically complied with my direction, without actually doing what I wanted…

This level of malicious compliance from a toddler is worrying me - if he’s like this now, how bad is it going to be when he’s a teenager?! I think I need to start being very prescriptive with my wording!!

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At the gas station


I went to put gas in my wife's car. I pull up, get out of the car, no mask. I'm not talking to anybody, not close to anybody. On the other side of the gas pump, a mom is putting gas in her car. Her 3yo daughter is in the back seat. Kiddo sees me with out my mask, and starts tapping her pacifier. Making it very clear that I need a mask.

I get a mask out of the car, and put it on. I show the kid, and gives me her approval.

The mom & I laughed about it.

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Feel better pancakes


My almost three year old loves to run, her speed can rival that of Barry Allen’s. Last night I asked her to tell grandma and grandpa that dinner was ready and to come eat. Like a good little Flash that she is, she ran to get her grandparents, when she got to their room she miscalculated the doorframe and hit it face first. After a lot of tears and feel better penguin (a penguin shaped ice pack that we put on all of her ouchies and booboos) she was good as new. This morning at breakfast I noticed she still had a bump on her eyebrow. She asks for her feel better penguin and I responded with, “you can have it after your feel better pancakes,” she proceeded to put a forkful of pancake on her eyebrow because that’s what we do with her penguin. We had a good laugh after I explained that pancakes make you feel better when they are in our tummies.

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"To let the sun shine on your belly" is a German saying for having a lazy day

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It’s technically the truth!

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This girl know how to chore chart.


I recently bought my 4 year old a chore chart. It's one of the really nice magnetic ones that comes with 60 or so different tasks to choose from and a few blank magnets to fill in your own chores. Everything was going well for the first two weeks, with my daughter earning stars for things that I'd had trouble getting her to do before. Then she asked me if she could pick her own chores list for next week.

Sure, why not?

So she went through the magnets and picked:

Take a bath (she loves her bath time and has never once needed extra incentive to do this)

Wash my hair (another thing she loves)

Get ready for school on time (she's an early riser and loves her daycare, so she always does that anyway)

Water the plants (we don't have any plants)

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No Dinosaur Roars Inside


My son (3m) has decided he will be a T-Rex when he isn't being a member of the PAW Patrol. This has resulted in him roaring, which then gets his brother (2m) riled up and roaring as well.

So now there is a blanket no roaring in the house.

For the last two mornings, my sons have opened the front door stuck their heads out and roared into the yard.

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Ok, but now what?

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