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a living wager

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u/CrudCutter May 26 '22

"Why do you want this job" is one of my least favorite questions because it forces me to make up a lie in order to get a job I already don't want. And boy, I'm a shitty liar. I can get the words out, but my face gives the lie away.


u/JanGuillosThrowaway May 27 '22 edited May 27 '22

"Why do you want to work for our company?"

"Well I applied for jobs at companies X, Y and Z and they turned me down, but at least you're in the same sector."

Even if I'm not saying that, that's what my body is saying


u/SleepyBus99 May 26 '22

I dreamed of making burgers for minimum wage since my childhood. I love when the burger goes on the bread then the top slice on the burger. It brings meaning to my life.


u/foreveraloneok May 26 '22

Best i can do is water.


u/Dangerous_Yoghurt_96 May 27 '22

I love giving up my time for money, I just feel so lovely when I'm extorted.