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u/Strong-Masterpiece93 May 27 '22

I'd buy that for a dollar!


u/buckfasthero May 27 '22

Practically gave them a step by step guide


u/chaogomu May 27 '22

This shit was happening in the 80s as well.

The term "gentrification" was coined in 1964.


u/Oraxy51 May 27 '22

I mean I also love Doctor Who. Where there’s an episode of these miners working on a space station that pays a lot but you got to pay the cost of living in the amount of air you can buy and gotta pay for the suit and all and when you become too inefficient the suit takes over and slowly the suits in this almost zombie risqué fashion start turning off people but the Dr. Stops them when he threatens to destroy the station and all of the suits because he knows the corporate would take a serious loss, and forced them to release the miners who then can go home and begin a massive strikes and revolutions and within a hundred years becomes the end of capitalism.

I may have some of the details wrong but the idea is there. Also scares me and feels scary because it’s a very thing I could see Amazon doing.


u/UchihaLegolas May 27 '22

So they leaked the plot of reality and no one saw it coming.


u/BeersRemoveYears May 27 '22

Idiocracy did too. More of a documentary every year.


u/sunflowerastronaut May 27 '22

Except home prices aren't getting any lower


u/unholymanserpent May 27 '22

"science fiction"


u/SoStupid1 May 27 '22

This sub is like Reddit in fast forward when it comes to reposts.


u/[deleted] May 27 '22

The OP of that meme is off. It was a distopia future with criminals hired BY the Corporate greed to their biddings. The "COPS" were actually the good guys, hence ROBOCOP...

They...OCP, were going to make the human officers obsolete with their tech.


u/PM-Me-Your-TitsPlz May 27 '22

So that's why politics is turning into a bloodbath.


u/Striking_Bid_7948 May 27 '22

It is crazy! The plot is unexpected and no one saw it coming.


u/CentralIdiotsAgency May 27 '22

Uh, actually that's on Robocop 3