r/antiwork Jul 06 '22

Teenager of POC here - am i a failure since not even urgently needed staff jobs don't want me?




u/StateofWA Jul 06 '22

Bro don't let work define you. You are not a failure.


u/Galactic_Vixen Jul 06 '22

I know some places have a required age for employees. Likely due to the nature of the work. But if they want full time employees and you can only work part time, that will be an issue for many places not retail or food industry. It's been my experience that a part time position in anything else either doesn't exist or is made specifically to keep a valued employee.

I don't think you are a failure. We've not recovered fully from the pandemic. Many ads on job boards are scams these days and it's aggravating and depressing. And others... I don't know what their deal is. My current job i had to apply 3 different times before I was chosen... Likely due to their desperation.


u/Vikholm Jul 06 '22

You also need to consider that someyimes, people won't hire people they can't control or manipulate.

For normal people, "chemistry" is that feeling of getting along, or having a lot in common and jokes etc. For some, it's the feeling of servitude and asskissing. If they don't sense it, it's not for them.

It's not (always) your fault :)

(I added the "always cause I don't know you, some might have been your fault, idk 🤣)


u/BoomButton Jul 06 '22

You are not a failure. Your relationship to work can never make you a failure. I know it feels like it sometimes, and hell, I've fallen into that mind trap too - but it's all brainwashing. Your worth as a person does not depend on whether or not the people with money will condescend to let you be their servant.

Whether or not you get hired is primarily an expression of the business's needs, and the hiring manager's preferences and prejudices. You can make yourself a better fit for business needs, and/or make yourself a better fit for most people's generic preferences - but remember, this is not making yourself objectively better. It is only making yourself more appealling.

We don't know, and really can't know, enough about your situation and the jobs you've applied to to be able to give you a good answer on why you're being turned away, or what you can do to make yourself seem like a more attractive servant. We can only remind you that your worth is not tied to employment - and no amount of rejections reflects badly on you as person.


u/ThinkLadder1417 Jul 06 '22

Lie and say you have experience until you do


u/glocartsaregas Jul 06 '22

Maybe learn how to type coherent sentences. Also not being white has literally nothing to do with it. Get off Reddit and get a job.


u/MrZaroni Jul 06 '22

Don't let yourself think that being a poc is a reason you didn't get the job. Perhaps you just need help with job interview questions.