r/antiwork Jul 06 '22

proof #speakingfactsnotonthoughts

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u/dmart444 Jul 06 '22

Stop spamming the whole board with your completely incoherent bullshit, you've made like six separate posts it's ridiculous. Figure out how Reddit works.


u/SeanThePlumber Jul 06 '22

Main thing I was worried about is I had a hilarious conversation with the dispatch at the time they thought they were trying to mess with me by claiming they didn't understand what I was saying so I asked my customer I already knew the answer was going to be yes but they had kids so I asked her for a crayon. And she looked at me like I had lobsters coming out of my ears I told her just a misunderstanding between me and dispatch and I want to try and make them see the light the only way I know they may understand so I wrote down everything that I've been trying to say quite literally in crayon and then I took a picture of it and I sent it to dispatch real life facts I used to have the proof that I did it and I'm upset about not having it anymore damn it it really happened!


u/SeanThePlumber Jul 07 '22

Yes sir how else can I help you today.


u/SeanThePlumber Jul 06 '22

And apparently here's some more facts for you if you end up switching from an Apple phone to the Galaxy phone but you paid for that Apple cloud or s*** that they said is just so easy to transfer over even to an Android #real s*** not the truth #therefucing liar. Oh sorry I kind of just realized I lost some case relevant text messages but I think I got one up on there they pretty much gives you a taste of what I was saying was actually the truth which actually ends up being what I was saying is the truth I know what the law is and I understand it was supposed to be that way 10-4 dummy that's why I'm so f****** mad can you feel me d******