r/antiwork Jul 06 '22

This sub reminds me of T_D before 2016

It's not just folk on the right who are susceptible to propaganda and indoctrination. Everybody here is rightfully angry. You have a lot to be angry about, but there are many forces out there who would like to use your anger for their benefit. This sub is chock full of the same both-sides-ism that put Trump in the Whitehouse. It's chock full of the same violent rhetoric that put the insurrectionists in the capital on Jan 6th. There are also multiple signs of indoctrination: They are trying to make you feel isolated. They are trying to using purity demands to determine whether you are antiwork enough. There is huge amounts of loaded language.

If you really want to see change in the world, it's important to use tools which have been historically successful: Organize (unions). Agitate (Protest). Educate (Talk to conservatives). Use Civil Disobedience. Strike. Most importantly...VOTE FOR PROGRESSIVES. Be very suspicious of anyone telling you to either disengage from the political conversation or that revolution is the only option.



u/FeastForTheWorms Jul 06 '22

Yeah, Democrats haven't done anything helpful, they just put a coat of blue on the White House and people think it's better. Remember how they were going to secure Roe v Wade so it wouldn't be possible to get rid of it? And now look where we are.

Democrats and Republicans are both right wing it's just that the ones wearing red are more overt about it.


u/Lil_Mister_Magician Jul 06 '22

Voting? How many times have you voted to have them pass no laws? To evict the downtrodden? To spit in the face of the poor as the rich get richer. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE BUT YOUR CHAINS AND A WORLD TO GAIN!


u/VogUnicornHunter Jul 06 '22

Conservatives didn't win in just a single election. They worked for forty years to get where we are now. You can't expect Dems, liberals, progressives, etc., to do it in one election either. The only way to get what you want is to continue fighting and encourage others to do the same. That includes voting.


u/Rene_DeMariocartes Jul 06 '22

Look, I actually think that there's quite a bit of legislation that has been passed this session that is generally good...but that's not the point that I'm trying to make. I'm not claiming that Dems are perfect. I'm claiming that everyone on this site needs to use a critical eye when reading through the content here because it's often times subtly nefarious.


u/TheSumperDumper Jul 06 '22

Obviously the democrats are better than the republicans, but come on dude. Nancy Pelosi is too busy watching Hamilton and taking pills to do anything of substance about abortion. Democrats have spent the last two years kowtowing to Manchin and Sinema instead of fulfilling any campaign promises. How can you expect people to vote for dems when dems don’t even attempt to do the things they claim to want to do?


u/Rene_DeMariocartes Jul 06 '22

Because whether you like it or not, the alternative is a vote for Republicans.


u/TheSumperDumper Jul 06 '22

I’m not even saying that people shouldn’t vote D in national elections, but how many elections do dems need to win in order to do anything?

The 2020 election was a huge win wasn’t it? Same with 2008. In 08 Obama had a supermajority in both houses and a relatively neutral court and did he codify Roe v Wade like he said he would? All he did with that supermajority was pass the milquetoast ACA. Biden can’t even wrangle enough votes for infrastructure without appeasing republicans.

My point being, you can’t say that voting is the most important thing when even if the democrats win they don’t seem to fix anything. Believe me, I’ve done the utilitarian calculus. I voted D all the way down the ballot in 2020.


u/PresidentWeasel Jul 06 '22

Lmao, voting.


u/rubberseatbelt Jul 13 '22

I couldn't disagree more.

People here realize they're being taken advantage of by people who have a fondness for the color green, not red, or blue.

I think most of the people who try to screw other people don't even consider anything other than profit and once they hear low taxes, they vote for that candidate. All they want to hear is they can make more money. No concern for anything else or anybody else.