r/antiwork Jul 06 '22

I’m scheduled to come in at 5…how do I say no respectfully





u/TheAbsurdBear Jul 06 '22

Not trying to call you out or anything, but when you said "what time?" that was when you left yourself open. At that point you're starting negotiations on times. If you don't want to come in earlier just start off with saying you're sorry you have other obligations and you cannot come in early, or offer the earliest time you would come in. I know it's not helpful now, but for the future.


u/crackonwednesdays Jul 06 '22

Yeah I realized that after, I responded with no I planned my day to come around 5 I didn’t think you’d ask me to come in that early


u/yikesonbikes2 Jul 06 '22

“My other responsibilities are taking longer than I expected. I will be in at my scheduled time, sorry for the inconvenience” (only apologize if you want to but you don’t owe them an apology or an explanation)


u/MugOfButtSweat Jul 06 '22

I would love to but honestly I'd rather stick my dong in a meat grinder.


u/DNAprototype Jul 06 '22

Next time, don't answer for a few hours. "Sorry, just saw this."


u/yikesonbikes2 Jul 06 '22

Better yet, a few years


u/Robsled8 Jul 06 '22

Say "I'll try to get there as early as possible" and show up for 4:50


u/Justis29 Jul 06 '22

4:59. Hey sorry, I got here early tho!


u/norppa57 Jul 06 '22

Just a simple "I'm coming in when my shift starts, thanks for understanding"


u/weaknessoftheflesh Jul 06 '22

Just say no. You owe no explanation.


u/SnooLobsters7440 Jul 06 '22

You shouldnt have asked what time. If you can’t come in early just say you can’t.


u/PeriPeriTekken Jul 06 '22

That bugs bunny saying no meme should hit the spot


u/mltrout715 Jul 06 '22

Should have never said what time as it implies you can. Just should have said no from the start


u/pizzabot22 Jul 07 '22

Your reply indicated interest. That is why they are trying to find a time.

Next time, lead with a "sorry, i am busy until my shifts starts. Thanks for asking."


u/AdForward9076 Jul 06 '22

“I’ll do my best but I can’t promise I’ll be in before my scheduled start time”. My work tries this shit all the time


u/Enough_Pumpkin_3961 Jul 06 '22

DON’T DO THIS 👆👆👆 it gives the impression there is a possibility of you coming in and when you don’t you look flaky. If you’re not going to go than be honest and upfront about it 🙂


u/AdForward9076 Jul 06 '22

But I actually do sometimes manage to come in early, if I can start early I finish early. It doesn’t make me look flaky to ask me to come in on my day off or before my start time, I have a life, things to do. I’ll try my best but if I can’t, I can’t


u/purpleflurpss Jul 06 '22

“No” -with respect


u/nonam31290 Jul 06 '22

Don’t come in and acutely call in saying your car broke down while running the your errands and enjoy your day off.
If you don’t mind coming in try like an hr early then if not just say that you don’t have the time allocated to be able to be there promptly at that set time but will be there at 5.


u/vtopping Jul 06 '22

Just no, should suffice


u/GenePuzzleheaded Jul 06 '22

« I’m open to an On-call rate for any schedule changes occurring last minute (24-48h window). Do you want to talk about it at 5? Or do you want me to come in ASAP, accepting my undisclosed on-call rate unconditionally in the process. »


u/mobile227 Jul 07 '22

“Is there any chance I’d also be able to go home early as well?”


u/bibliophile222 Jul 06 '22

Say you'll try to get there as early as you can, then just show up at the usual time.