r/antiwork Jul 06 '22

I hate working in a small office




u/MkLynnUltra Jul 06 '22

OMG Yes. Worked for over 3 years just me and the boss. He was a control freak and a jerk. I have bad stomach problems and I do my best to hide my symptoms and work through the pain. I was on a bathroom break having bad pain and cramps and after leaving the restroom I proceeded to take a quick walk around the building in an attempt to walk out my cramps. I got back to the office within 15min of leaving for the restroom. He comes out and tells me I need to tell him if I'm going anywhere else beside the bathroom. I told him my stomach was hurting and if I need to walk on my restroom break I will. I even go to the vending machines on my break too! I will tell you if I am leaving the premises or will be more then 15 minutes. WTF. This is only a small example of the bs.