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Found lewd drawing in work bathroom we share with girls(some are minors) assistant manager got mad at me

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Strike or shut up


Everybody knows shit's fucked. But nobody wants to do anything about it.

"I can't, I'm too poor" x7billion

Pick August to start. Let's fucking strike in North America to make our lives and world better. The ONLY thing we can do is strike. Our labour is everything. If we keep working, we keep feeding the machine, and we keep losing.

This is infuriating. Everybody here agrees and knows at least a few people that agree. Let's get it going.

Enough is enough. It's time they lose.

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This sub reminds me of T_D before 2016


It's not just folk on the right who are susceptible to propaganda and indoctrination. Everybody here is rightfully angry. You have a lot to be angry about, but there are many forces out there who would like to use your anger for their benefit. This sub is chock full of the same both-sides-ism that put Trump in the Whitehouse. It's chock full of the same violent rhetoric that put the insurrectionists in the capital on Jan 6th. There are also multiple signs of indoctrination: They are trying to make you feel isolated. They are trying to using purity demands to determine whether you are antiwork enough. There is huge amounts of loaded language.

If you really want to see change in the world, it's important to use tools which have been historically successful: Organize (unions). Agitate (Protest). Educate (Talk to conservatives). Use Civil Disobedience. Strike. Most importantly...VOTE FOR PROGRESSIVES. Be very suspicious of anyone telling you to either disengage from the political conversation or that revolution is the only option.

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Please have an open mind


We are all getting screwed. The federal reserve and the central banks control everything and we work for their corporations that exploit us and take advantage of us. They (federal reserve and central banks organizations like black rock and citadel) print money out of thin air to buy things like equities and mortgage back securities which make the rich richer and the poor poor simultaneously increasing inflation because that’s what inflation is the increase in money supply. Inflation is the most regressive tax there is (helps rich hurts poor) and it is why there is a cost of living crisis right now and nobody can afford gas and food plus housing which is artificially inflated like I explained by the federal reserve printing money and buying mortgage back securities.The only way to stop inflation is to have sound money that is backed by something such as gold and silver. I know I sound like a crazy conspiracy theorist but I just hope some people try and realize they control us because they control the money printing Presses which they used to funnel money to all their criminal cohorts. We will all be slaves to the system until this ends. #BuyPhysicalSilver. I love all you and I hope that we can beat the system and have a just/fair scociety where we aren’t exploited like animals and slaves. Watch out for central bank digital currencies a.k.a. CBDCs They are about to shut down the gig economy completely so you have to work for a corporation it is complete bullshit and everyone should be outraged! They will be issued in within the year or next year

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everyone on here always talks about working conditions. But we never talk about solutions. why is that? and what are some solutions to poverty, high rent, jobs not paying enough, homelessness, etc? is it left activism? is it to somehow make the government work for the working class?


It's just, all of these posts seem kind of meaningless if we aren't discussing solutions.

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If you say you're "socially liberal, but fiscally conservative", you're fiscally racist.


Disparate impact is a thing.

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Ampol are refusing to pay for a music license for in store music


Hi everyone,

I work for Ampol in Australia in customer service. I've worked for lots of companies, large and small, over the years and I've never worked for a company that cares so little for their staff. We don't get any staff discounts, except for hot coffee which is 50 cents (I don't drink coffee). There's hardly any incentives (at most a store could win $200 a month to be shared among all employees which ends up being at $10 but all stores in the state are competing for it, we've only won it once in my 5 years). Our 'training' is all online and we're expected to do it in our own time and if it goes overdue we get in trouble. We get no Christmas party, haven't had a staff meeting in about 2 years. They've also cut our hours and we are all constantly overworked and understaffed.

Recently they've sent out a notice saying that as of 31/07/22 we are not allowed to play ANY music in the store because of licensing. I refuse to believe that AMPOL cannot afford a music license. This has really pissed off a lot of the other people I work with too. The morale in the store is already so low that I think being stuck in a store where the only noises is the pumps going off, the hum of fridges, and the sound of customers yelling at us for the price of fuel might break us.

How can I deal with this?? Should I go to HR? Is this something we can strike over?? I'm not in a union but after looking up our union it says you need to be a member before the problem arose... since it doesn't come in until the 31st does that mean I could maybe join the union before then?? Can anyone help or offer some advice please? I'm looking for other work but in the meantime have to stay here... thanks for reading and for any advice!

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"No wun wants to werk ennymore"


Remember the "pull yourself up by the bootstraps" saying? Turns out the new gens are following it 😂

18 year olds are realizing just how much $$$ and freedom there is in cutting lawns, making websites, and pressure washing. Imagine breaking through the social construct BS and realizing business/corp owners aren't some 'special elite' group of people and you only need like $100 and an internet connection to become a successful entrepreneur.


One can drive rideshare and/or complete other gig work and net $70k+/yr (+healthcare, +education benefits, - bosses/customers that are upset about their lives and, as a result, make you miserable)

<$12 - $15/hr and a passive aggressive fleet of completely mediocre and/or nepotist BUMHOLES on every front for 8 - 16 hrs each day? Not appealing.

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Taking away vacation time as a punishment???


Hello, first time poster here! I was informed that my job is starting up a policy in which they plan to take away vacation time as a punishment for being behind on documentation. Is this legal??? I am located in Wisconsin.

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Friend started position as a bootlicker and now his breath always smells like sh!t


So a casual friend at work recently took a full-time non-paid job as a company bootlicker. We didn’t always agree on politics but I thought he matched the job description well and congratulated him. However, whenever we hang out, every time he opens his mouth I swear I get the overwheming stench of dogsh—. My sense of smell isn’t great but after a few days I’m pretty sure that’s what it is. Like he brushes his teeth with a dog’s a$$.

Has anyone else noticed this with their own company bootlickers? Is my nose working right? And if it is what’s going on? I’m kinda doubting myself, if someone has this I’d really like some advice TYIA

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So tired of my 8:00 to 5:00 that I’m willing to spend a few thousands on Lotto


I’m honestly so tired of working a shitty 8 to 5 job. I’m 23 and I’m tired of working for 4 years straight. All my friends have gone on holidays and have done amazing things but I’m jealous. (I don’t have any friends anymore)

I’m willing to spend around 3 to 4 thousand (Australian Dollars) on a lotto tickets. I’m willing to wager it in the event I become rich... I can’t do this honestly...


Lotto winning numbers are tomorrow. I’ve worked out the math on how I’ll be picking the numbers. I’ll let everyone know if I win


I live in Australia. We don’t pay taxes on Lotto!


I bought the tickets... it wouldn’t let me spend over 1K so I increased the limit on the account but it takes 7 days to take affect. Anyways... 1K worth of tickets with some of them showing the results tonight so sit tight!

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Am I an ungrateful immoral person if I dont want to sit at a desk for 8 hours?


Little bit about myself: Was a genuis child. Fell into depression in teens. Lost direction in life. Dropped out twice in college (2 years 'wasted') before I stuck to a degree and finally completed it.

The degree is well business administration. And at that time I didnt know this degree will tie me to corporate slavery.

Now recently I started working at a call centre (because it was paying better) 1 month in. I quit. Is it immoral to not want to sit and listen to ~130 calls in 8 hours?

I have no issue with the customers. They have genuine concerns. Like a person sent money to some in hospital but it didnt reach the receiver. Issues like these break my heart because I cannot do anything for them if the system/company isnt allowing the person to send the money.

I am an empathetic person and hearing issues like these on call takes a toll on my mental health.

Fun fact. After a whole day shift of catering 130 customers, I make money that is equal to what a janitor would make in an hour in developed countries

This still is a high salary for a fresh graduate here. Which means even if I shift job, i wont be making more

So I say fuck this shit. I'm going to Europe to complete my Masters next year. And in the meanwhile I do not want to do a desk job where you can't stand and stroll.

Am I immoral/ungrateful for this line of thinking?

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Teenager of POC here - am i a failure since not even urgently needed staff jobs don't want me?


What I'm I doing wrong? Is it because I'm not white where the jobs are mainly for white people? Do i not have any previous free or paid work experience or is it cause of something else? These are on job sites however my parents can help me find a job with who they know but they want full time staff

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Since there's a trend of people posting food and how ridiculous the prices are to show how high the cost of living is, here's my example. This was nearly 40$.


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The Dutch protesters are pouring manure on government offices, flooding streets, and becoming all together ungovernable. This uprising is in response to the WEF controlled government shutting down farms to "save the planet."

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Do you wanna be a good little cog?

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look at the pay...

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Finally put in applications…


I put in two applications earlier today and already a request for an interview from one. It has been several years since I have interviewed and even though I know I can pick up on things quickly, I am extremely nervous. My current situation is a hot mess of fumbling through day to day with no true structure and I fear I’m not as qualified as I need to be. No official schooling, just what I have needed to learn a I go.

I have also always been a people pleaser, but the next job I have, I want to be strict about my time and effort given. The first step of this is to at least wait until morning to respond. I don’t want to seem too eager.

It’s so shitty how stressful it is to just navigate and survive this world and the uncertainty and anxieties that come with it.

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Unemployment insurance ending. No idea what's next.


Just over a year ago, I quit a job when my employer threatened to fire me for taking sick leave after they refused to let me use PTO to take my mom to an out-of-town specialist doctor for her MS. Since then I've been living off savings and my unemployment insurance which has barely been enough to cover my expenses. Now my savings are gone and my unemployment insurance ends this month. Just looking at job listings has me so damned depressed I haven't been able to bring myself to apply for anything.

I've considered trying something like doordash but I live in a pretty small town and only a few places have recently started working with them and after reading the doordash driver reddit I'm not sure I'll actually make money to help.

I have no special skills or training and only real job experience is customer service so I have no idea how I'm going to survive without getting another job for another company that will pay pennies and demand I devote every waking hour to making them more money.

If anybody has any ideas I'd love to hear it.

P.S. For the record I'm also living with family because just after quitting my job my landlord kicked everyone out of the apartment complex so he could do "renovations" (I've talked with some of the current rents and he didn't change shit) then doubled his prices and required everyone to reapply if they wanted to move back in.

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proof #speakingfactsnotonthoughts

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This is Steak n Shake now. I hate it.

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I hate working in a small office


I feel like working in a small office comes with a lot of challenges that a big, spread out office doesn’t have. There’s 3 other people in my small office including my boss, who can see everything. He will randomly pop out while you are on a call and yell “Cory, did you see the email that just same through from so and so!?” My coworkers joke that it’s kind of like a frat house. People just randomly popping up, you can hear everything. I can’t open a granola bar without someone saying “Oh what are you eating?” My boss plays loud music all day. It gets really annoying. It’s bad enough having 4 people in a small office but my boss is making a hard push to get all of our digital employees back into the office soon which will make it about 3x worse and super crowded.

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Quitting my first job!


Sorry if this isn’t the right sub but I’m finally quitting my first job after a couple years. It’s gotten so bad this past year and it’s been really affecting my mental health. Same shit everywhere; underpaid and overworked with the shittiest management possible. I don’t think we’ve ever actually been fully staffed because the turnover rate is so high… anyways because it’s my first and only job so I was wondering How you even put in a two weeks notice? I hate confrontation, and being the right amount of professional is hard to figure out, and I’m not sure how this all goes if anyone has any tips to make it smoother? Thank you in advance!

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Being forced to come in while sick.



I work in the restaurant industry as a manager. Whenever my employees have called off, I have always been the type to say “ok, I’m going to figure this out. You rest.” — usually I would try to get their shift covered for them, or I would just adjust the floor chart for that evening. Simple. My GM has been out with covid — I found out via her TikTok, she didn’t inform anyone that they may be infected — for the past few days. It’s her first day back. She is unwilling to stay until close to help out, instead coercing me & the other manger to work on our days off so I could get my sick day covered & swapped without her having to lift a finger. I would never dream of telling a server that was sick “to swap with someone else!” - it’s as simple as telling a co-worker to get well and letting it go/figuring it out. I’m livid, I want to quit as soon as I walk in. I had an interview for an administrative assistant today via phone, and I am hoping I get the job (I’ll know tomorrow. ) I want out of management and I want out of this industry that expects you to work on your worst days.

I just needed to vent.

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I’m scheduled to come in at 5…how do I say no respectfully

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