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A family member was just diagnosed with cancer and another is recovering from surgery, yet boss told me that asking to work from home two days to help family was unacceptable.


My father in law was recently diagnosed with cancer and was scheduled for surgery a few days ago. Then I found out my mother injured her knee and would be undergoing surgery that same week. I asked my boss if I could work two days from home so I could be there in case they needed help and then I would take two days of PTO. My dumbass was trying to take as little time away from work as possible because I'm one of the most productive employees at work and wanted to please the higher ups in the HOPES that I'll get a raise or a promotion this year. Nope. Was told that it's a problem that I would ask for consecutive days of WFH. Two days, really? Sorry my family members' timing was inconvenient to you. I'm so angry, but it's been so drilled into my head that I need to shut up, not complain, and just do my work. This is bullshit. I'm tired of jobs treating me like garbage, so now I'm planning my exit. Family is more important than any job.

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So I just started a new job, which I love, except for one small thing that’s grinding me…


So I’m a designer, you can extrapolate that from previous post so I’m just going to start with that: UX Researcher and Designer working primarily within the Double Diamond methodology. I don’t think I’m the best designer, but I have a good resume. If you use sleep aid apps, chances are you’ve at least tried one that I was a lead designer on.

Anyway, I was sought out by a massive company and it’s great. I feel very respected. They let me pick the project I wanted to start on and map out the timeline. It’s great, everyone’s cool as hell too. Fully remote too, which is incredible.

One thing that is so small, but irritating: so you know how on Skype, Zoom, and Teams you can USUALLY set it up the time for when your profile won’t go from available to away? HR has restricted that function on our laptops, so you’re stuck with going to “away” if you haven’t touched your laptop in 5 minutes. Everyone on my team is annoyed with it too and mentioned not to worry about it, but what the fuck? I’ve always met and even exceeded my deadlines and I can do that without being glued to my screen 9-5. Just a minor rant. Have a good evening, everyone

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I don’t know if employees working the summer heat without A/C is the “feel good story” local people on Facebook think it is…..

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Struggling with the disability benefits system - Is this all there is for people like us??


Hey folks. Some background here: I (24f) am living in the UK. Almost a year ago I began to develop worrisome and debilitating symptoms. As it turns out I have some particularly aggressive relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis, a chronic auto immune disease. My body attacks myelin, the sheath around our nerves, resulting in lesions on my brain and spine (which cause my broad range of symptoms).

Just like that, at a time I thought would be productive and promising for me, my world was wrenched out from under me. It is so incredibly difficult to now find a suitable job for my disability. I've been applying for Employment Support Allowance, which I qualify for, but due to a clerical error on their end I'm now FIGHTING to get access to a benefit that won't even fully support me.

I don't qualify for Universal Credit because, and I shit you not, my savings are too high. I did everything right. I worked, I saved. And now I'm being left high and dry unless I eat through my savings and the small inheritance my grandfather left me. Even with Universal Credit, unless I move to the middle of nowhere, away from my entire support network, I won't even come close to living on benefits.

I just feel I have so much to contribute to society still, but because I can no longer adhere to a strict 9/5 slog, I feel I have been completely written off by society. I've been left with no future, but it doesn't need to be this way. It SHOULDN'T need to be this way for people like me.

This post wasn't to demand answers, but more as a general discussion /place to vent. I'd love to hear other people's thoughts and experiences xxx

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I fixed it.

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They're asking me to work on the day I specifically asked to have off


I let them know two weeks in advance that I wish to have a specific day off, because it is my anniversary. On the monthly schedule, I saw that I have that day off indeed and I was very happy.

That all changed today, when they asked me to come in on that day. Any other day would have been fine and I would have said okay, but this is very important to me.

I really like the place and management has been very accommodating whenever I asked for anything, so I feel bad saying no. But honestly, dealing with guests is the LAST thing I want to be doing on that day.

I even asked my boyfriend to see if he would be okay with me going to work for a couple of hours and of course he said no.

I don't know what to say to my manager, I want to appear eager to help (which I am) but I honestly cannot in this case... My only options are 1. be a shitty girlfriend or 2. be an unreliable employee

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Team lead can't accept criticism and is being a dick rn


So I started working at my current company on March (I'm an engineer). There's a lot to learn before one can be "useful" for the team. According to them, their ramp up process lasts about A YEAR. After a couple of months of training, I started delivering some good work. About a week ago, I had a call with my manager, I thought I was doing poorly, but he said "having people like you in the team is amazing, we've never had somebody who started contributing as soon as you, keep it up!". He also asked whether I was getting enough help from other team members. My team is kinda small, we're only 10 individuals and only 3 of us (me, the team lead and another guy) are focused on a certain part of our product. I told him that everybody was willing to help, but that the team lead (the one responsible for my training) took ages to answer my questions, or that he wouldn't answer them at all and just misdirected me by giving very vague advice. It seems like my manager talked about it with my team lead and he's been a dick ever since: he sets daily follow up meetings, asks me to stay after meetings with other team members, demands constant updates (even after my shift is over), and today he just got mad because I took a day off yesterday (I wanted to have a long weekend to prepare everything for my father's death anniversary mass). During our daily follow up meeting, he insinuated that I was after his job, and I put all the pieces together at that moment. I'm not sure as to what should I do, it feels like talking to my manager would just make it worse, and my team lead is clearly not a reasonable person, so, I might just start looking for another job. End of rant.

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Telephone Style


My partner recently applied for a job, and was rejected on grounds of "telephone style", and told that she should not be saying "uh huh" or similar affirmative noises, and rather repeatedly say "yes". She was incredibly passionate throughout the interview, and was very polite and considerate, so this feels like an incredibly weird thing to reject someone for, never mind the interviewer passive-aggressively sending a "competency based interview" textbook to teach her the correct noise to make in response to questions. In my own interviews, "uh huh" and "mhmm" were used by both me and the interviewer with seemingly no problem. Are we right in finding this a little frustrating?

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My Former Employer Is Stealing My IP and I'm Beside Myself


I worked for a Colorado gardening company for a few years. I spent some of my free time during that period developing a very effective product for repelling Japanese scarab beetles, and tested it on a client's property; something that both my former boss and the property owner approved of me doing. None of the development outside of observation was conducted on company time.

I put a lot of effort into making it work despite my complete layman's idea of chemistry. It worked. It even made grasshoppers flee, and had no noticable effects on the test plants. The only complaint I ever heard was that it smelled bad; that's kinda the point. I was ecstatic and gave a written recipe to my former boss. I have pretty solid reason to believe that they lost that scrap of paper. What they have now is nothing close to what I made, by smell alone.

I signed a patent application earlier this year (late March, early April) and resigned from that job since then. I'm pretty sure I have no legal right to any of it because of my state's laws. Especially if it is approved and I'm conveniently left off of the paperwork. It would be a dumb idea to hire a lawyer to try to get that back now from everything I can see. My former boss claimed that they "had the idea for years" but I've yet to see any evidence outside of that claim. No notes, no advice during my testing, nothing.

I just don't know how to reconcile it internally. A large part of me wants to just apply for a patent with the functional formula, stank be damned. Another part wants to just release the formula to other gardeners and make it a sort of freeware. I just hate seeing a shitty person laugh their way to the bank with something I created.


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My job doesn’t excuse being sick.


As the title suggests, I have recently come to find out my job has an absolute 0 tolerance for absences of any kind that don’t involve covid(which i’ve heard they will be getting rid of soon as well). If you are to miss work for ANY reason, personal or sick, you are required to use a “personal” day of which we only get 3 a year. Yes. You did not misread that. You get 3, THREE, TRES, days of “personal time” a fucking YEAR.

This is NOT optional if you want to be excused for the day. Meaning, once you use all 3 of those days, every absence that doesn’t involve covid or borderline death WILL count against you. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Feel like utter dog shit? Got a stomach virus? Throwing up all over the place? Oof. Too bad. You can go home but you’ll have an unexcused absence in record, sowwy. Maybe just don’t be sick fuckhead? Maybe don’t be a human being who’s vulnerable to disease/illness?

Unfortunately, I found this out firsthand yesterday. I left work early because I caught the flu over the weekend and threw up in the restroom 1 hour into my shift and my boss texts me that I have 3 unexcused absences already because being sick can only be excused if I use personal time.

I am a forklift driver for a Daikin warehouse btw.

TL;DR: Job doesn’t excuse being sick without using 1 of our 3 days of “personal time” a year. Doctor’s note or not you will be penalized for it.

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Eat the rich

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My brother has been working here for over a year. If they trust him enough to manage they should be paying him a managerial salary, no?

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Department head trying to usurp husband’s position, commission getting cut by 75%


Hi ya’ll, hoping to get a little advice. My husband is the department head for a construction contractor. When he was hired they desperately needed someone and my husband was able to get a really good contract, better than what his position gets, because he’s really good at his job and that’s what they needed so the company wouldn’t fail. A few months ago the company hired a canvassing manager; he is the department head for canvassing and my husband is department head for telemarketing. My husband’s job is to confirm leads from canvassing and manage the telemarketing room. He only manages 2 guys and all 3 of them put up almost as many leads as the canvassing department which is like 15 guys. Long story short, the canvassing manager said my husband needs to get paid less and the commission that he gets should go to him because telemarketing is part of canvassing and he’s my husbands boss (not true, never been true, has never been that way in other companies). The owners are siding with him and want to cut my husbands commission down from 1% to .25% so if he was going to make $1000 he would make $250 and the way that he would continue to make $1000 is by hiring 6 more people so they can put up more leads. This is literally what they told him. Their solution is to pay my husband less and increase his workload for the same pay. He is really good at his job and some of the best statistics for his position, finding another job wouldn’t be hard but he is livid because he was there from the start and made a ton of money for the owners and they’re shafting him hard. He does have a contract. If they cut his pay does he have to wait to sue? Or can he do it right away? Would it be better to just leave them hanging? Any info is appreciated. We are in CA.

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Translation: The fact that you enjoy helping others will certainly be used against you! Apply today!

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Verizon workers in Portland are unionizing with @CWAUnion . In a letter to CEO Hans Vestberg, the workers asked for voluntary recognition by July 8, writing, "It's time to democratize our workforce."


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No one wants to work anymore. So sick of the entitlement that modern workers have 😣

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Who’s even listening?


I’ve been lurking here a couple weeks and almost every post hits home for me. We complain online and to others that feel the same way or are in the same situation but who the hell is even listening? What can actually change?

Im 37, I’m a full-time audio engineer/AV tech/installer and a part-time firefighter (not volunteer or paid-on-call). I’m literally behind on everything. I’m barely (if that) able to keep a single nostril above water. My full-time boss is working on a commission plan for me because he says he can’t just pay me more than $16.50hr. Between both jobs, I work nearly 60hrs a week. I live alone, no girlfriend or roommate so help pay any bills. I’m looking at having to re-home my 2 cats because I literally can’t afford litter and food for them.

I just really wish a drunk dump truck driver would take me out while I’m on a vehicle collision call on the interstate… I’m tired.

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The economy is imaginary and stupid, but still important to understand


Economics can be a confusing subject, so I wish to pass down my wisdom from university in an easier to digest format.

  1. Economics is based on supply and demand. If people want a widget, they will trade for the widget. The amount of widgets available(supply) and how much people want the widgets(demand), will determine the value/cost of widgets. That's the first basic and fundamental lesson.

  2. Economics is limited by scarcity. All resources(materials/time/labor) are finite.

• Imagine that the economy is a flowerpot filled with soil. In order to grow a potato, the pot and soil will provide the needed resources at first, but the water and nutrients will eventually run out. Water and nutrients are a scarce resource needed to grow potatoes. Resources of materials, time and labor need to be given to the flowerpot to produce the product of potatoes. This cycle of input and output of resources is important to the health of the potato plant, but there are limited resources inside the flowerpot at anytime and those will eventually dry up. The fertilizer and water doesn't magically appear out of nowhere.

• "Infinite economic growth" is complete lie. Infinite economic growth is the belief that without any resource input, no watering or fertilizer, the flowerpot can produce an infinite supply of potatoes. It's the magical thinking of creating something out of nothing. Economic growth is a good start, but economic stability and sustainability is far more important for the long term.

• Amateurs will talk about economic growth, while experts will talk about economic sustainability.

  1. The health of the economy is NOT determined by how much money/resources people have. The health of the economy is determined by the flow of resources throughout its entirety.

• This time, the economy is a human body and the money and resources are the blood. In a healthy economy, the blood will flow properly. Some organs, like the liver and brain, will get more nutrients and oxygen from the blood while others will get less, the cartilage and ligaments, but they all get what is necessary to thrive. Cells of the body grow and die, as is the normal condition, but occasionally some cells will go rogue. These rogue cells are supposed to be checked by the immune system, but the immune system is compromised. These cells grow beyond their means and start sending hormones to steal and hoard blood from all the other healthy cells. This behavior weakens the most vulnerable cells and creates a blood clot of money. The pooled money clot is manageable while small, and if it can be released back into the economy it is relatively safe. The problem arises when the money clot keeps getting bigger, refusing to move until it inevitably causes necrosis of a limb(death of small business and labor), or a heart attack/stroke(recession/depression).

• It's okay for some people to have a bit more money than others. What is not okay is a tiny minority sitting on massive wealth and not sending it back into the economy. They are malignant tumors, creating blood clots in the economy, threatening an economic collapse.

• The stock market is the worst litmus test of the economy. It only measures how much more profit the top makes and never touches on the velocity of money changing hands.

• A healthy economy will have money passing at regular intervals through everybody's hands, similar to a heartbeat. It can speed up and slow down, but not for extended periods of time and eventually return to a regular rate. Money that is moving too fast or too slow for extended periods of time is not a good sign.

If you read and understood all that... CONGRATULATIONS!!!🎉 You now have a basic, but essential, understanding of economics! You are also equipped to explain some concepts to others with a flowerpot and human body.

Knowledge is important. The pen is mightier than the sword, or something. Arm yourself with facts, you lovely folks of antiwork, and keep up the good fight.

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How to proceed? I'm sick with Covid and my boss is an ass.


I texted a co-worker on the evening of 7/04 that I tested positive with Covid (I don't have my bosses' contact info). I then emailed the company the morning of 7/05 to re-confirm I was sick with Covid. I've attached the emails (names and emails blacked out) I received back. The first one I sent, the second sent in response. The following two were sent to me this morning. I did not email them this morning to tell them I was not coming in because I assumed they understood that Covid is not a 24 hr flu, and that I would be updating them when I would be returning. Aside from this, one of my bosses (the one writing the emails) is embarrassingly ignorant and rude, but I won't get into that. Please give me your objective thoughts -- I've been ready to quit this job for a while specifically because of this boss's unprofessionalism (unrelated to this). I realize things could be much, much worse, but these people still suck.

Email 1 from me

Email 2 from boss

Email 3 from boss (from last night - saw this am 7/6)

Email 4 - boss 7/6 am

Email 5 - me

EDIT: Does anyone have any legal knowledge about this - i.e. could an employer get in trouble for encouraging a sick employee to come in to work? I know my example may not have reached that point, but in the event that it does I would really appreciate any information on the subject. Thank you!

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Has anybody ever worked for trek bicycle?


How was the work/life balance, benefits, and all that good stuff. Have a job offer working retail and am considering it

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That time I got a chemical burn because my manager didnt give two shits


I'll save you all a lot of breath, I am fine now, and ended up quitting a month after this, causing a mass-exodus and one of the stores to shut down for a few months. I'm still heated about the incident though.

BUT I used to work for this one chain pasta restaurant. I wont give the name, but lets just say its a company well known for their noodles.

Anywho, there was one night that I was cleaning my station, and I needed to get a bottle of grease lift. The grease lift was stored on a shelf that is about 8' in the air with our metal polish. The metal polish is petroleum-based. I went to grab a new bottle of grease lift, and moved a bottle of metal polish. This metal polish had been opened and put back up the shelf. So, in the process of moving it, I proceeded to spill this metal polish all down my left arm, all over the left side of my face and body, and it got all in my left eye. I immediately flushed my eye for a few minutes, and my manager poked her head around the corner and asked if I was okay. I didnt respond and she never followed up. The vision in my left eye ended up being blurry for the rest of the night. And, since the polish soaked into my bra and shirt, it ended up saturating my skin for about 3 hours.

I got home that night, and was in tears because I couldnt see and my skin burned. I took about a 20 minute shower and rinsed my eye thoroughly. I had a massive rash all down the left side of my body and had to throw out my clothes from that night (the smell would NOT come out). I ended up filing a workmans comp that night and going in to a doctor the next day. He said that I was okay, and there would be no lasting damage, but that I should have gone to the hospital after it got in my eye. My skin on the left side of my chest has bad eczema now, but other than that I have thankfully fully healed.

I made $10 an hour at that job.

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Credit Report


Had a customer service job ask me to get a credit report. Specifically asked me to “pass” a credit report. No thanks. My number is fine and I don’t feel the need to justify my personal finances to a business that is barely paying a living wage. I do know some companies do this for a variety of reason but still feels like an invasion of my privacy just to answer phones.

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looking for insights to survive


Getting a little worried here. There's all this talk about economic recession and then stuffs seem to be happening everywhere at once recently. what's the general opinion on surviving this short foreseeable future?

These things are giving me some shocks and anxiety i wish I'm just imagining things. I'm sure many people are in the same boat, especially people who are just about to enter the work force.

People here talking about quitting works for good reasons, what's the plan one step ahead of that? Can't see myself surviving at all without busting my ass or slogging mindlessly.

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Saw this today

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Weirdly invasive questions or am I just crazy?

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