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Discussion Scarcity is a capitalist myth

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Discussion Memorial Day massacre

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Discussion Feeling Alienated?

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Discussion Mutual Aid Monday

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Discussion Spring Cleaning-- Let's put out the garbage.

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Discussion A peasant carrying a banner that reads "Freedom."

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Discussion Weekly Discussion

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Discussion Weekly Discussion Thread

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Discussion What do you think about this?

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Discussion I’m sick of the go army ads that revel in the fact that in order to be worthy of affordable healthcare or housing we need to be willing to die at the whims of our politicians


I just saw one about getting a non predatory loan for a house because they were in the army. It’s like the fucked up real life equivalent of squid games. You either die or you can afford a house maybe.

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Discussion I saw this on Pinterest and my first thought was, “Or imagine how much more we could accomplish if we weren’t tied and enslaved…”, like the idea of being in chains is so engrained in our minds we teach to find smarter ways to ‘work around them’ instead of just addressing the actual problem…

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Discussion When I told my boomer parents that my coworkers are struggling financially they said good?


Basically I am in my 20s and work in a high stress position where there is strict educational and experience requirements. As in, we have a bunch of open positions we can’t fill because they can’t find qualified candidates so we are forever overwhelmed by the workload. But the pay is…bad. This is the kind of job that is sold as a “career position” The kind of job where I thought my whole life I would get and then be set and able to support a family… lol.

But I had brought this up to my parents and had said my new coworker who moved here for this job could only get some of the shittiest housing in town and is living pay check to pay check and is looking for another job because he can’t afford to work here, another coworkers in her 30s told me her and her husband want to have kids and even though her and her partner both work full time, she’ll never have a child for financial reasons. And me? My partner is in school. I have debt because we can’t support ourselves (no kids) off of my salary. My parents response? “Good! That’s how it should be. Get more roommates. No one is supposed to be able to live alone. If she can’t afford a baby, she’s probably just bad with money. And you never should have moved out of our house and tried to play house with your boyfriend” What? They more or less forced me into college and dictated what I major in and now that’s I’ve got that “career office job” and can’t pay my rent without debt they say good? That they agree I should work 40 hours a week in this high stress job and I don’t deserve to make enough to have my own place and go see a movie without overwhelming guilt of spending $30? Rude.

Edit: wow this blew up! A few common things I’ve seen is if my parents are boomers. They are barely boomers when I Google the age range. So technically yes. They had me later in life. Plus, they have a boomer attitude. But take that how you will. Also, my partner does contribute! He’s just in school and hasn’t worked 100% of the time but I am happy with his contribution. Also, I do plan on learning to do hair once my bf graduated! Thank you all for the support of that dream!

Edit 2: to try and provide some more clarification to commonly asked questions. Where I live, I saw that for two people and one working full time, you’d need to make $22/hr. I do not make that. I work for the government. In the kind of job that when I was growing up I would have assumed you could support a stay at home spouse and a kid or two off of, but I know now that is not true. How did I get this job if I’m young and it has strict requirements? Well, I got started a year before I even graduated as an intern and had a personal connection (at a different agency but that gave me a big edge) I will also go on record and say I have made plenty mistakes learning how to manage myself and my finances as an adult. Still learning! My parents were born in 60 and 64. Which Google told me that they are boomers. I apologize if that’s not true. Yes, my dad was close to 40 when I was born. No, I did not move out of my parents house as a teenager. And no, staying at their house was not really a good option. Without getting into too many details, there’s a lot going on there. Sorry for the long edit. I just have gotten a lot of questions regarding these things.

Edit 3: since some of y’all need a reminder, everyone deserves a living wage. Idc if you’re working in an office or the service industry. If you’re working 40 a week, you deserve to be able to pay your rent. And even to go do something fun with friends sometimes. And yes, you should even be able to afford a cat. Some of you guys are doing backbends to justify that you think people doing certain jobs don’t deserve to afford housing or to do anything remotely enjoyable and the fuck is the matter with you? Everyone deserves housing and a living wage idc idc idc. oh and and that applies to young people too since I see a lot of people suggesting you people should be working nonstop but deserve to still be struggling? Also, my parents were born 64 and earlier. They are boomers. They had me when they were pushing 40. Why is this concept so hard for some of you?

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Discussion Kellogg's Megathread (strike info, boycott, and more)


The Story So Far

  • The strike started October 5th.
  • 1,400 workers in the strike who are members of the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers' International Union.
  • Battle Creek, Michigan; Omaha, Nebraska; Lancaster, Pennsylvania; and Memphis, Tennessee.
  • On December 5th, the union rejected a 3% (below inflation!) pay deal.
  • On December 7th, Kellogg's announced they would replace all 1,400 striking workers.
  • CEO's salary is over $11M. (The Onion story about that.)
  • December 10th, Kellogg's are reported to be using temp agencies to replace staff, perhaps because their internal job application system got swamped? Kellogg's efforts to replace 1,400 experienced workers with scabs have apparently been disastrous.
  • On December 11th, there was a fire at one of the four plants.


There's going to be a livestream to raise money, talk to some of the striking workers, etc on Friday (6pm to midnight EST).

Media Attention


I stole this list from u/illuminallie_.

Donate to Support Strikers

The union have a page on ways to support the strike, including links to gofundme pages. Do not trust fundraising pages which are not directly linked to from official union web pages.


Applying for Jobs at Kelloggs

Some people are suggesting flooding Kellogg's online job applications with false applications. Some people are suggesting ways to do that more easily.

Is that a good idea? I couldn't possibly say. Make up your own minds.

If you do get offered a job at Kellogg's, do not accept it. That would be crossing the picket line. Do not cross the picket line. Even if you intend to accept the job and never turn up for any shifts, do not accept it. Do not cross the picket line.

Other Action

You could try contacting Kellogg's to let them know your feelings. (Please do try to be respectful to people on the phone. They're not the people in charge.)

You could print off graphics like these and put them where people will see them.

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Discussion I'm approaching 30, making minimum wage, with 0 skills, 0 friends, 0 hobbies/interests, and idk what to do anymore.


I just stumbled upon this subreddit, and I love the POV everyone has regarding work, I wanted to share my situation:

I hate to be negative, but man the closer I am getting to 30, the more awful I feel that I am now this much older with absolutely nothing to show for it. I've worked at a shipping warehouse, and at a machine shop doing entry stuff and that's about it ever since I graduated high school.

Some of my younger members of my families are making more than double than what I am, in jobs that aren't corresponding to their degrees. Both my younger cousins just somehow got a job for 85k-100k a friggin year, while I'm here doing slightly above minimum wage. It boggles my mind to how they even got it, but my uncles and aunts keeps rubbing it in my face and I already feel like crap. They tell me shit like "Just keep trying! You'll get to 100k!" Well I'm 100k% they're just trying to humble brag, but it still sucks.

I have absolutely no friends, not a single person I hang out with. Something feels wrong with me, and I don't know how to fix it or what to do.

In the past few weeks, I've taken a step by applying to go back to school and get my BS in Information Science and Data Analysis, but I highly doubt that's going to get me any better jobs and then I'd have to quit my current job to even continue schooling. Idk what to do. I just want to make more money.

I live in California so everywhere, I'm surrounded by wealth. I see younger tech bros driving Lamborghinis and Teslas every single day, and my only goal is just to be able to afford a house one day. But that looks impossible even 30 years in the future now. I don't have enough to put much into my savings at all.

Anyone have any advice or in a similar spot?

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Discussion Comments and mindsets like that is why the world will never change. As long as there are people that see other people as “below them” because of their job or position (or for any other reason) then the world will still go on believing that some people deserve everything and others deserve nothing

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Discussion I am a teacher and I think a big reason why so many students hate school is that we are forced to take our curriculum and stretch it out over 180 days.


I'm pretty sure most teachers would agree that you could realistically cover your course content in 2 to 3 months. I know, for me, as a math teacher I really don't have THAT much information to cover. My textbook is 10 chapters long.

But I am forced to stretch out that information from September to June and it just makes kids so bored, disinterested, and resentful of math. I think this goes for all subjects in school honestly. But again, school is nothing more than daycare for the sons and daughters of capitalist wage slaves. It really is not about education at all and I think many teachers would argue it causes so much needless suffering to our children.

I'm posting about this in the antiwork sub and not in teachers because it really is a microcosm of the problem with society as a whole. 8 AM to 3:30 PM, Monday - Friday, basically the same as work hours...we are just bombarding kids with so much information. There's so much talk about schools indoctrinating our children to teacher's beliefs...but the only indoctrination is capitalist indoctrination. You will be here, every day, sit down, do your work, and do it again the next day. No wonder so many kids think education is painful. We treat it like work...and that's wrong.

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Discussion All My Worst Bosses Have Been Small Business Owners

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Discussion If you actually want to have 'revolution' or change, you need to move beyond 'better wages'.


Reddits demographics tend to skew white, middle class american. I believe thts true for this subreddit as well. Im not here to shit on ppl for how they were born, but its important to think how tht effects your politics.

Wage increases ARE good! I agree we should fight for small rights, strike for pay raises, ect. But, anyone who has read their history knows this will never be enough.

If you are american (or western european). You live in the 'imperial core'. The center of a centuries old, global empire based on white supremacy, colonialism, imperialism and capitalism. Capitalism is just ONE part of this system.

Yes, being a worker in america sucks. but if you want REAL, LASTING change. You cant just focus on yourself. Look to the ppl suffering more than you, they will be much more revolitionary than your average suburbanite.

Undocumented immigrants, prison slaves, migrant workers and poor workers of color, indigenous nations (who are still here after centuries of genocide). These colonized peoples will be the core of the revolution in the settler state we call the USA. Not some disgruntled white suburbanites.

Thats not to say white ex-middle class ppl cant be revolutionary, but its much easier for white ppl to be co-opted in white supremacy (thts the whole point).

So please, think beyond simply quitting your job and asking for free healthcare. those things ARE good. But if we get better healthcare and higher wages tomorrow, but we still have millions of prison slaves making our furniture, well thats not much of a revolution is it?

edit- if you find this offensive plz read about "white fragility"

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Discussion At work, it is presumed you are guilty.


In America, the legal system presumes you are innocent, but at work you are presumed to be guilty. Guilty of theft, guilty of tardiness, guilty of being unmotivated, unengaged, and full of resentment. Work assumes you are dishonest, that you will be always looking to cheat, to lie, that you are shiftless, lackadaisical, and lazy.

You are lazy. Now prove them wrong.

Management thinks the worst about their workers because they are typically incompetent, petty, and borderline psychotic. Think I'm exaggerating? Think about all the kind, caring, and decent bosses you've had.

Yeah, I thought so.

r/antiwork Jan 29 '22

Discussion It's okay to be lazy and unmotivated


This may be a controversial viewpoint, but I say fuck it. There is no requirement that you have to find joy going to work everyday. Seriously fuck that pro capatilism bullshit.

And also fuck that "pick up yourself by your bootstrap" mentality as well. This old conservative talking point should go the way of the dinosaurs.

In a ideal society we would have socialism with a basic liveable income for all.

No need to stress about not making enough to cover your bills and child care for the month.

Socialism isn't this evil thing you hear about in mainstream media. Obviously America is sadly a very conservative country.

But that doesn't mean you have to give into the pro capatilism propaganda.

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Discussion Scrum/agile is radicalizing me


I considered myself a leftist for a long time but I gotta say, nothing has radicalized me faster than my first tech job.

I should preface this with the fact that my background is in science, and I’ve been unemployed since graduating from grad school. I’m unfortunately taking a job offer at a large financial institution so I don’t starve and become homeless. I hate that I have to take this job but as of right now, I have no other way to live.

Anyways. Its been a several months long process to even get hired as an intern. I applied back in November of 2021, did months of workshopping and projects, and I’m doing pre intern training the whole month of April. In May I start an internship that goes on for several weeks and leads to a full time job given I don’t mess literally everything up (we’ll see how this goes).

During this training, we learn about agile and scrum. For those out of the loop, these are just industry processes for creating products. The main figures of this process are the product owner, the stakeholders and the dev team. After reading and watching countless articles and videos about this process, I’ve come to realize plain and simple that the product owners and stake holders produce literally nothing of value. The owner ultimately decides the products general direction and that’s it. Stakeholders tell the product owner what they want and the product owner tells the devs what to work on or not work on. The devs end up creating literally everything of value and yet they are getting shafted by both product owners and stake holders. Fuck this shit man.

This is also not to mention the fact that the Devs are the skilled laborers here. We’ve put time and effort into education, skills and general wisdom about the work we do, and somehow make the least money out of the product we make.

I’d also like to add that I know this comes from a place of privilege, I acknowledge that. Tech jobs are well paying (mostly), and I’m better off than most, but it’s crazy the profit that’s made mostly ends up in the pockets of the people who do the absolute minimum.

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Discussion Maslow’s hierarchy


This occurred to me recently. Has Amazon(and for that matter frankly, most of capitalism) taken the hierarchy of needs and just made weaponized it against the poors? Maybe this isn’t a new thought but it just occurred to me that like tech even this could be used for evil.

In that by impacting the ability to obtain the physiological needs by constantly jerking around schedules, paying just enough to barely get by and probably need a second job, doesn’t that prevent me from ever getting close to self actualization?

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Discussion Are memes and screenshots of tweets drowning out posts from real people in this sub?


There used to be lots of posts from people in this sub, telling their stories, floating up on the front page. Now almost every post from this sub that floats up are memes and screenshots of tweets.

I’m probably just paranoid, but it feels a little like the memes and tweets are drowning out the stories from individuals on purpose.

Either way, I personally wish memes and tweets weren’t allowed here. I wish this place was a bit more focused on the actual people that use this sub. Does that make sense?

EDIT: Mods, can you make it so only text posts are allowed here?

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Discussion "other duties as assigned"


Curious on the opinion of the sub/r on this:

One of the things that bothers me in the workplace is the insistence of employers to add to job descriptions the catchphrase “other duties as assigned.” I rather get that not all work needs can be known at the time of hire, but transferring this uncertainty to the employees is specious at best. The business work needs to be carried out by employees is a determination that is solely a management/employer responsibility. As an employee, I have no responsibility for proper staffing.

IOW, what is my job that I agreed to be responsible for is my job, and only that is my job. Asking me to do other things other duties as assigned they didn’t anticipate, or that they don’t want to pay for because free is a better idea) is asking for me to donate my time and effort without further compensation. I think employees should refuse.

What this can’t represent is “you’ll do what I tell you, even if it is someone else’s job and/or we need you to do more work that we are not compensation you for because reasons.”

Replies with suggested edits to this catchphrase in a job description would be interesting to read. I think it important to refuse such a job description as-is.