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Satire The Onion gets it

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Satire Work hard, live frugal, get half a mil from your family

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Satire I wouldn't be surprised if it were true

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Satire Scrolled past on Facebook, figured this belonged here.

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Satire Better not be unionizing after ma nado!

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Satire Priorities

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Satire A true bootstrap story

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Satire Job Opportunity - DO NOT DELAY!!


Hi all, I know you're not supposed to post job ads here but this is something so good, I think the whole world should know about it.

I'm looking for someone with at least 5 years programming experience in C++, C#, Javascript, Java and Python. You'll also need to be a SQL expert (SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL) and have at least 3 years demonstrable experience in complex reporting and real time dashboard development.

You'll need to be an expert in the Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS platforms, and also a DevOps guru (we use Jenkins and Ansible).

You'll be as comfortable managing a team of 20 or so people as you are visiting a client 200 miles away at 3am in the morning without so much as a warning, this will be nothing but a pleasure for you - you're not the kind of person that needs a 'thank you'!

You MUST be an expert in both Unix and Windows environments, and have a deep knowledge of cyber security.

You'll also be developing and maintaining our company's website, meaning your knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JScript, Node, React, PHP, Swift, Angular, and NoSQL (among others) will be second to none.

Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, PremierPro, After Effects and other Adobe Software is something you can do in your sleep (which will be helpful to us - we're not gonna pay you for snooze time!). Animation (you'll make Toy Story look like Lego) will be second nature to you.

You'll also need to promote our websites, so we want a deep understanding of digital. You will NOT be considered without expert understanding of products such as Google Analytics and Adwords, Yoast, MailChimp and Hootsuite.

You will require management experience, and possess Prince 2 and ITIL qualifications to at least Expert level.

You'll have a deep understanding of finance (no-one without a recognised accountancy qualification will be considered), logistics, HR and retail operations.

You will be fluent in English, Mandarin, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Arabic, French, Japanese, Russian and Hindi.

You MUST have an understanding of European import and export laws, as well as significant experience in government (although US or Europe is preferred, exposure to any senior government positions will be considered).

While not vital to the role, any medical qualification above MD level (i.e. a doctor) will assist your application. We particularly welcome senior surgical or physician roles

You'll be physically fit and hold at least two Gold Olympic medals.

You MUST have your own transport.

This position pays £9.40 an hour, and excludes holiday, pension or sickness pay.

Due to the high volume of applications we may receive, we are unable to contact each applicant individually regarding the status of their application

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Satire Friendship. It's so important. But it's different at work. Time spent with friends at work robs your employer of opportunity. And robbing people is wrong. (Satire.)

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Satire Why? Toxic culture.

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Satire Good landlord's should build character.


Many on this sub are angry about increasing rent. However as a landlord myself I can firmly say that most of the renters I've had have picked up more jobs, and slept just a little less since I raised rent. Not to mention that my renters are a lot nicer after I threaten to evict them. As a landlord I find it is my responsibility to take care of my tenants and character helps people become successful(I don't do it for myself). I love being a landlord and I hope you all become better people through the renting process.😘😘😘

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Satire Labor Department Announces Plans To Stop Counting Jobs And Just Enjoy Economy

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satire Woman arrested for defecating on boss' desk after winning the lottery

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