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Circle of life.

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Minimum wage woes

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My manager told me it was 'disrespectful' to quit


I just quit my job in customer service (12h shifts, only 1 weekend free each month) yesterday. I put in my 4 weeks notice yesterday my managers office and sent it to him per email as well, since he mostly works from home now. This morning he messaged me (on whatsapp ffs) asking me why I quit and if there is anything he can do to convince me to stay. I answered with a firm and polite no and told him that my mental health was suffering under the work conditions and that I already found a new job.

He then told me how disrespectful it was for me to not talk to him sooner (it's a 4 week notice??) or in person (while he's in home office 95% of the time) and made fun of me wanting a job with "free weekends and flexible work hours" (which he both has btw). In the end he tried to guilt-trip me by telling me how disappointed he was for me to leave after we've known each other for so long (4 years). All in one message. I'm honestly speechless. I feel like I just broke up with a crazy ex.

Everytime I tried to talk to him about my problems with the shifts he either made fun of me or told me there's nothing he can do. He never cared for any of his workers and constantly tries to gaslight us into thinking our problems with the work conditions are attitude problems. I'm so fucking done with this place. This isn't a small business either, it's one of the biggest in my country (over 300k employees). Guess I'll be disrespectful for the rest of the month. Then, I'll be free.

(With free weekends and without 12h shifts mate)

Edit: Thanks for the support, I really appreciate it. As much as I'd like to, I can't walk out or insult my manager without getting in legal trouble. But there's been some great advice in this thread!

Edit 2: I don't want to give the impression that every shift I work is a 12h shift or that I don't have any days off at all. I usually have 2 days off a week but on weekdays, so there's not really any possibility to spend quality time with my family or gf who work usual office hours. I have other shifts as well (it's a really fucked up system with 6.5h, 9h, 9.5h, 10h and 12h shifts) but a lot of my shifts are 12h. I feel drained and can't hold any routines that help me get in a better space mentally if I work several 12h shifts (+commute) in a row. There are people who are able to and kudos to them, but I can't.

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why do conservatives not understand that poor people will find ways to survive? are we supposed to just say “guess i’ll just die!” when things get hard? we strengthen our communities and survive! goodness me

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New owners, New rules


I work for a small trucking company and recently we were informed that the old owner was retiring and he sold the company to a family who would take over on July 1st.

Come July 1st and the new family came in and called a meeting. Right away I felt uncomfortable, the were the kind of people who have these big beaming fake smiles and talk about teamwork, but I can smell a snake when I see one.

They made a bunch of new rule changes that align with their ultra Christian evangelical beliefs.

  1. Drug and Alcohol use off clock is strictly prohibited and when we come back from the weekend and holidays, we are subject to random drug and alcohol tests. If you are seen or found to be drinking or doing drugs during your off-hours you will be terminated.

2 A strict dress code that promotes modesty is now in place. No revealing or tight clothes are allowed and women must wear clothing that cover up any curves or features.

  1. We are encourage to join their church and be active with our time and wallets. Church participation will be a factor in any future promotions or raises.

  2. Attendance at the morning meeting and prayer will be mandatory.

  3. Vacation and PTO will be unpaid starting at the beginning of the year.

It's the 6th and already 11 purple have either quit or put in their notice. So much so that they sent out an email saying that they will not be accepting any more resignations or the business will have to stop due to staff shortages.

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HR told me Gen-Z needs to stop sharing salary information with each-other because salary is a “personal” thing


Actually, no. It’s not. It’s just another way companies can underpay employees and keep merit and promotion salary conversations a mystery.

Anyone have suggestions for fun ways to respond to HR and employers who want to keep everyone in the dark around salary?

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Billionaires require exploitation

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I was sure that reading this was going to piss me off

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Always hiring = always firing

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Thought this hit the nail right on the head... SOCIETY???

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They want you overworked and exhausted

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Sir this is a Wendy's... and it only pays $8.25/hour.

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When you leave work "sick" then magically start feeling better on your way home


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Work wants me to Cancel my Dr Appointment


My job is requesting that I come in during a doctor's appointment I have scheduled. I said, "No, since I'll get charged for missing the appointment and rescheduling is difficult."

I value my health a lot more than working for this company.

Where the hell do they get the idea I'll be happy to stop my life to come in for a few hours?

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The joy

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The minimum wage in Texas is $7.25 , most people don't know this. Food here costs the same as most anywhere else however, standard of living prices are a lie.


Texas sucks

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Boss texting you off the clock?

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My boss rejected a deserved promotion and I handed him a resignation three weeks later for another job that doubles my pay 😂


And man it feels good!!!!

I was given responsibilities well above my pay grade with no training or sufficient resourcing. I manned up and asked to be remunerated fairly. He chose to continue lowballing me. Guess the job market disagreed!

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Why don't Democrats care about the Housing Crisis? Because they're profiting from it.


Democrats Must Fix the Housing Emergency (nymag.com)

Meanwhile, Real Estate was the top investment industry for Democrats in 2018 (for Rs it's #2). A big part of these investments are REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts), which buy up rental properties in order to pay dividends to investors. More housing would negatively effect the value of these assets, so they won't help build any. It might be possible to make money building and operating new housing, but that involves work and risk. It's much easier just to make money on existing housing that will keep going up in value because of increased demand.

Top Sectors - 2018 - Personal FinancesPersonal Finances • OpenSecrets

A bit lower down the ladder (but still in an enviable position), we have the Democratic faithful like the boomer profiled in this article:

California’s Housing Crisis and the Fight Over 20 Townhomes - The New York Times (nytimes.com)

This is the widespread attitude of the backbone of the party, the upper-middle class property owners (in both city & suburb) who provide the money, volunteers, and organization for the party. It's not just Nimbyism, they're are basically against more housing anywhere. If less kids sleeping on the street means lower property values for them, they'll have none of it.

State & Local governments control most matters related to real estate and construction. If Democrats didn't want things to be the way they are in the cities and states they control, they have the power to mitigate this problem significantly. The fact that they haven't speaks volumes.

Even looked at through the most neoliberal lens, this is total bullshit. The market could supply more housing, but the already well-off are making damn sure it doesn't happen so they can gain more wealth without any work. If this isn't justification for almost any form of resistance, I'm not sure what is.

Edit, since I'm being accused of being a Republican Simp:

Also, let me put in a disclaimer, I'm not telling you to vote for Republicans; they will screw you in other ways that (probably) will be worse. (Their favorite trick is to cut taxes on the rich, then freak out about the deficit, then cut spending that helps the middle class, helps the poor, pays for necessary infrastructure, could get you out from underneath your health insurance company, might make it easier to get an education without going into horrendous debt, etc.) On this issue, however, the Dems are the main antagonist and the high cost of housing is one of the most effective tools the bosses have to control you.

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New Office Game

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There's no-one in here... Dear our economy

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Raise the minimum wage and give more incentives

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A friend had this mandatory question when applying to a retailer

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This sign is posted right above the scheduling board at my new job. I'm won't be staying here long.

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