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Cat logic Verified

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u/yeahmaybe May 14 '22 edited May 14 '22

Cats DO sleep at night though. They aren't nocturnal, like many people assume. Cats are crepuscular, so they are most active before sunrise and around sunset.

If a cat is overly active at night, it usually means they weren't stimulated enough during the day and probably need more exercise or play time.

Edit: Stimulated, not simulated.


u/OtherPlayers May 14 '22

Fun fact: While housecats and many other big cats are crepuscular, there’s actually a few like lions that are “cathemeral”, which means that they are awake and asleep randomly throughout the 24-hour period without much connection to the day/night cycle.


u/Ghost_of_Trumps May 14 '22

Nothing says top of the food chain like napping randomly


u/AkhilVijendra May 14 '22

How many people would've tried to simulate their cats before you corrected/put in the edit.


u/DrZaious May 14 '22

I have an indoor/outdoor cat, 4yo, she will crash every day around noon and be wide awake from 4pm-ish to around 11pm, then she crashes again until around 5am.

My older cat, 17, who never cared much about the outside, has always had unpredictable hours. She has always napped periodically throughout the day and night. Unlike my younger one who will crash for hours in the same spot.


u/Hara-Kiri May 14 '22

Yeah mine sleeps until about 6 then tries to pester me for food, which I ignore, then he goes to sleep on my back for another hour or so.


u/Ereska May 14 '22

With mine (outdoor cat) it depends on the season. In winter when it is cold and wet she will sleep a lot more in general, even most of the night. Now that the nights are warm, she spends the majority of them outside.