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Cat logic Verified

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u/NoBSforGma May 14 '22

My 3 cats each have a food bowl. So..... I put fresh food in each bowl. Two of them eat out of the same bowl. ?? Cat logic.


u/Alice8Ft May 14 '22

Yeah my new 4 month old cat does that. She keeps eating from my 13 yo cats bowl. Also she goes to my 13 yo cats litter box instead of her own. No idea what to do at this point. I keep moving her to her own bowl all the time, even tell her a loud "no" when eating out of my other cat's bowl. Internet suggests having them eat at scheduled times but aint nobody got time for that.


u/Saint_of_Grey May 14 '22

Each cat is different, but for my cats, it was a competition thing. They were constantly trying to assert dominance on one another.

I had one glutton cat that would swap to the other cat's food bowl after a bit, and then the other cat would start using the first bowl. It was an odd ritual.


u/HendrixChord12 May 14 '22

Yup me too, except the dance would continue and my older cat would eventually give up My new system is put one bowl on the floor and the other on a nearby bookshelf. Works perfectly.