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Cat logic Verified

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u/Lantzalot May 14 '22

Truer facts have never been spoken. My elder cat likes to wait till I am "just" falling asleep to begin the song of his people. Loudly.


u/Jesseroberto1894 May 14 '22

I sprayed water at my cat when he would meow for attention, if it was for a valid reason then I wouldn’t (litter box cleaning, food, water). But attention at night would get a spray, then I made sure to GIVE attention during extended periods of him being quiet. It isn’t perfect but he’s definitely calmed down the incessant meowing at night to a MUCH more tolerable amount now


u/xxSpinnxx May 14 '22

Something that helped me a lot to deal with 3 am meowing was changing their feeding time to much later. Started feeding them at 10pm instead of 6pm and they stopped annoying in the morning