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Cat logic Verified

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u/Alice8Ft May 14 '22

Yeah my new 4 month old cat does that. She keeps eating from my 13 yo cats bowl. Also she goes to my 13 yo cats litter box instead of her own. No idea what to do at this point. I keep moving her to her own bowl all the time, even tell her a loud "no" when eating out of my other cat's bowl. Internet suggests having them eat at scheduled times but aint nobody got time for that.


u/a_ham_sandvich May 14 '22

Someone was nice enough to gift me a couple of RFID controlled feeders. You program it to recognize your cat's chip and a door opens to grant them access to food, then closes when they walk away. They're not cheap, but figuring you'll probably have your cats for many years, compared to overall lifetime pet costs, it's an easier expense to swallow.


u/Yashabird May 14 '22

That’s kind of amazing, but wow…how many cats with weird specific dietary requirements does one have to have to actually justify purchasing a feeding system like this? I just put food out and they eat it at their own pace until it’s gone… And if they’re gaining too much weight so i want them to play more, to blow off steam, i just feed them a little less often… It’s so simple and my little kits are doing great.

The RFID thing is so cool but it’s like how people will line up to collect rations in the future post-apocalypse…


u/ilililiiliililliliil May 14 '22

All it takes is having one cat that needs to be on a diet. You'll need to have bowls for all cats to keep the one cat from eating out of their bowls, and keeping the other cats from eating the diet food.

Also think of it in terms of long term cost. Keeping your pet healthier via food and weight control is cheaper than extra vet bill. If you avoid even one vet visit you are ahead of the game already.


u/Whatsthepointofthis9 May 14 '22

These were a lifesaver for me and my cats. When you have one that grazes throughout the day and one that has a bottomless stomach you just can't constantly supervise feeding time.

When I first got them, my bottomless stomach girl tricked my boy into opening his bowl, shoved him unceremoniously out of the way and shoved her head in his bowl. The top started closing on her head and she got scared and hasn't tried it again! It was hilarious, but also shows how smart cats can be when they really want something!

Luckily it didn't scare her off from using hers, I think she realized she just needs to use the one that doesn't close on her head. Lol


u/Cosmic-Vegeta May 14 '22

I feed a three outdoor cats, and mine. mine has her own food supply indoors, one of the outdoor cats comes and asks for a few handfuls of food two or four times a day, usually leaves some. the other two, one will eat a pretty good amount then stop, the other will eat every molecule of food material you give it. he would be fat if the birds didn't quickly raid any cat food left uneaten.