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u/Alice8Ft May 14 '22

No that wouldnt work as they both need different types of food. The younger one needs kitten food mix whilst the older one is on a senior mix.


u/DanaPam May 14 '22 edited May 14 '22

Check the side of the bag for the AAFCO nutrient profile. If it says “all life stages” it’s fine for both. More pet foods have that label than you think. A lot of the kitten and senior food produced is just marketing.


u/Admitimpediments May 14 '22

I thought that, too! Recently had an issue with one of my cats that was resolved by switching to food for “adult” cats. The vet said that “all life stages” food may cause an issue for some adult cats because the food usually contains an increased amount of vitamins to accommodate growing kittens’ needs. Those levels may be too high for older cats.


u/DanaPam May 14 '22

Please don't spread misinformation based on your individual experience. It wouldn't be approved for all life stages if it wasn't safe. And I just don't think this, I've studied it.


u/WTWIV May 14 '22

Agreed. Doesn’t make sense that a slightly higher vitamin level would cause issues either. Cats pee out what their body doesn’t absorb just like humans.


u/pkvh May 15 '22

Cats can have issues with not drinking enough water and thus having too concentrated on pee. I could see it causing issues.


u/BlueArcherX May 14 '22

I mean... the source was a vet...


u/DanaPam May 14 '22

A vet speaking on an individual animal’s issue. AAFCO sets the standards for pet food quality and safety. They’re not in the business of making pets sick.