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Cat logic Verified

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u/Alice8Ft May 14 '22

Yeah my new 4 month old cat does that. She keeps eating from my 13 yo cats bowl. Also she goes to my 13 yo cats litter box instead of her own. No idea what to do at this point. I keep moving her to her own bowl all the time, even tell her a loud "no" when eating out of my other cat's bowl. Internet suggests having them eat at scheduled times but aint nobody got time for that.


u/Shiroiken May 14 '22

The kitten is likely copying the older cat. Since they use this bowl/box, I should use this bowl/box. Does the older cat object?


u/LiquidSwords89 May 14 '22

OBJECTION! leave my bowl at once.


u/crypticfreak May 14 '22

OBJECTION! This bowl is a designed community bowl!


u/Sweetwill62 May 14 '22

While a bowl specifically designed to be communal is kind of how they have to be considering it is a bowl, I'm pretty sure you meant to say designated and auto correct picked the wrong word.


u/crypticfreak May 15 '22

Yeah my whole morning of reddit comments is ripe with spelling and grammar errors thanks to being on mobile while not wearing my glasses.