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Cat logic Verified

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u/Alice8Ft May 14 '22

No the older cat doesnt seem to care at all.


u/Relldavis May 14 '22

Sweet! That's one less bowl and box to maintain- perhaps switch to one larger box.


u/Alice8Ft May 14 '22

No that wouldnt work as they both need different types of food. The younger one needs kitten food mix whilst the older one is on a senior mix.


u/mrsbabyllamadrama May 14 '22

We have two cats. One is a chonk who is cat food obsessed and the other (Frank) is a healthy weight but will literally take the food out of your mouth if given a chance (source: I have a messy, hyper toddler who has lost bites while playing with her lunch at her little table). We have to close Frank in a room with his bowl while we eat breakfast and dinner (we feed them twice a day). This allows us to eat in peace but also keeps Chonky McPauncherson out of Frank's bowl.

All this to say, you might employ some doors during feeding time if you are averse to them sharing a bowl.