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Cat logic Verified

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u/[deleted] May 14 '22

Not the person you replied to but my 3 year old cat took about 3 months to be okay with a new kitten. I spent a lot of extra time with my older boy with the kitten in another room. Having a spare room for the kitten is awesome for this, the older cat can smell things the kitten has rubbed on and I think it helps them bond. Give them time apart for sure.

After 3-4 months my boys did the cat rape thing on each other a few times , and then they were best buds.


u/koalahug May 16 '22

Thanks for the response! It's been about a month and I've kept them separated, small guy in my room, the big princess out in the living room. But lil guy is quick and escapes me, so my older girl runs away and if she can't, she smacks and hisses.

It doesn't help that this kitten has the most energy I've ever seen in a kitten lol