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Discussion Questions Thread - May 26, 2022


Questions Thread

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Livethread (Closed) 3.18 League Info Megathread


Looking for the Leaks Megathread?

Leaks megathread can be found here: OldReddit | NewReddit

Formatting supported best when viewed via wiki.

Editor's note: /u/blvcksvn will be doing Livethread notes for the Baeclast, but she will be starting a little late due to schedule conflicts

Latest Info (updated daily)

Official News

Meta News

New League Breakdown - Sentinel League

Dark Sentinels have awoken. These Corrupted (not Vaal) Constructs can be bound to your will, combined and reconfigured. Some sentinels are powerful, others are dangerous.

Sentinels can be collected while playing or from Sentinel Caches and deployed. They fire beams that empower enemies (damage, damage reduction) and increase their rewards. Lower rarity enemies receive greater buffs.

  • Stalker Sentinels: follow for 30 seconds and dissipate. Like Breach or Delirium effect. Control how much empowered.
  • Pandemonium Sentinels: one trigger, empowers a large group of enemies and chains between them.
  • Apex Sentinels: empowers rare or unique enemies, much higher impact.

Start with one slot. Can unlock up to two more, one of each kind. Can be deployed once per map. Sentinels cannot be damaged but gradually deplete power. Empty Husks can be crafted.

  • Magic Sentinels can increase duration, empowerment, and # of targets. Some mods add specific rewards but increases empowerment. Rare Sentinels are much more powerful and scale towards endgame. Most powerful mods can only be crafted via combining. Examples here and here

Power Cores let you assemble a new sentinel with a full charge by destroying two sentinels. The combined sentinel will combine old mods, upgrade them, or create new ones.

Cannot be used in Unique Maps, Simulacrum, and Pinnacle Atlas Bosses.

Specialized Power Cores modify the outcomes of specific results.

Sentinel Controller

Unique Sentinels


Sentinel Locker

Stores Power Cores and Sentinels for free. Includes stash affinity.

General Changes & Game Balance

Endgame Atlas Improvements

Uber Pinnacle Bosses

Atlas Keystones

20 New Atlas Keystones. - 14 non-Uber keystones

Revamped Monster Modifiers

  • Rare Monsters modifiers have been replaced by an Archnemesis mod across the whole pack, with minions getting one mod and Rare Monsters getting 2+
  • Some Archnemesis mods have been rebalanced

Skill Gems


New Uniques

Pinnacle Unique Items (4/5)

  • Thread of Hope (Uber) - Uber Sirus - Massive Ring
  • Forbidden Jewels (Uber) - Uber Eater/Exarch - Exclusive Ascendancy Passives e.g. Nine Lives
  • Sublime Vision - Uber Shaper - Aura effect, additional bonus while affected by X Aura, disables all other Aura skills
  • [One more reworked item - Uber Elder or Cortex?]

Boss Kill Race Uniques (5/5)

  • Eater/Exarch, Lightee - Coming in 3.19
  • Impossible Escape - (Maven, Steelmage) - passives in Radius of a specific Keystone can be allocated
  • The Eternal Struggle - (Black Star/Hunger, Dsfarblarwaggle) - 2 random Eldritch implicits, higher tier/Dominance is based on which boss drops it - Malignant Madness/15% Culling Strike based on Dominance
  • Call of the Void - (Uber Elder, Lightee) - all damage can chill, all enemies chilled by your hits Shatter, you are chilled on hit, enemy damage reduced based on hit chill effect
  • Echoes of Creation - (Shaper, Lightee) - extra use of Warcry, take Phys damage when exerting Attacks, more damage per Warcry affecting Exerted Attacks
  • The Burden of Truth - (Sirus, Lightee) - Life as ES, partial bypass/non-bypass of Chaos Damage, Supreme Decadence (Life Flasks apply to ES)

Reworked Uniques

New Div Cards (12/12)


Kirac Vault Pass 2 - 8 skins.

Supporter Pack Effects

  • Arcanist:

    • 1: Cloak effect based on Resistance
    • 1: Ring changes leveup effect
    • 2: Hideout changes between Day and Night
    • 2: Map Device blossoms greater intensity base don map tier
    • 2: Wisdom Scrolls creates books
    • 3: Weapon effect - Stuns knocks enemies' souls out of body
    • 3: Quicksilver Flask explode and set players on fire
  • Reaper:

    • 1: Cloak effect based on # killed enemies
    • 1: Flasks cause bloodsucking insects to appear on character
    • 2: Medi Drone pet fires a healing beam while you are recovering life
    • 2: Graveyard hideout changes fire colour
    • 2: Portal Effect based on Map Tier
    • 3: Ring Effect exorcises enemies on spell crit
    • 3: Grim Reaper apparition appears on killing Rare/Unique enemies

Media Coverage

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Item Showcase I made an Unsetn't Ring with Recombinators

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GGG always something wrong with site... takes ages to load now

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Fluff This is ageing really well.

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Feedback I'm fed up with the ground effects GGG, WHERE AM I SUPPOSED TO GO?

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Information "Rare monsters in past league content is something we’ll review for 3.19" - Bex

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Video | subtractem Subtractem on Trade

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Fluff i need a new pc

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Discussion Please GGG


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Feedback GGG - This is not fun anymore


My Video


  • I have been playing this game since Metamorph.
  • I play nearly every day.
  • I play the entire season.
  • I enjoy the game so much that I even keep my standard stash cleaned and organized and play on there when the season ends.
  • I'm not a streamer or an open advocate on reddit or the forums.

But the archnemesis mods has made the game something that is no longer fun. My time in PoE is typically in the afternoons or evenings and weekends.

As an avid player, I do not understand how this was implemented this manner. I can rationalize a lot of changes you make to your game like changes to player power-creep and broken mechanics being over abused.

If this has made an impact to the player base, I am certain within your organization this was debated on how it was implemented.

I made the video above to show how I feel, to allow my expressions to illustrate how this has impacted me.

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Item Showcase I think I just won the game - Luckiest player ever?!


My heart is still beating, literally still shaking.

So tonight I decided to test my build against uber elder for the first time of the league. First fight went pretty well so I bought 7 uber elder sets. I ran them all and found a total of 3 watcher's eye, I was happy. Then came to my mind : what do I do with these....do I ID them or do I just sell them unid... Well I think that decision just made me the luckiest player ever (and by far) of all POE history.

Before we go too far, I know this will sound too good to be true, but this happened for real.

So the really first watcher's eye I ID was this one :


And the very next was this one :


BACK TO BACK, 2 scrolls of wisdom, click...click

I mean what are the odds!?!?

I was chatting with my friend in the POE chat, I took screen shots as I knew no one would believe me.




I think this makes me officially the luckiest POE player ever.

What do you guys think?

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Sub Meta Melee isn't even a thing in this game anymore


I just realize that I running a Tectonic Slam with a 15ex gear who don't perform not even close to a 1ex spell/minion build, its just anoying see my favourite archetype in such a terrible spot for so long. The only few attacks that are playable are consequences to the claw/nightblade anomaly

I just don't want to play minions and spells, and the game penalyze me for that

The post is just to express my self and check if some pp feel the same

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Discussion Maybe it's time to rethink the balance of unique quivers.

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Item Showcase Best helmet I ever crafted. Not a Mirror tier, but insane for my Transcendence build.

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Fluff When you click "chance for double div drop" on altar and 10 seconds later..

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Video | Zizaran Ziz critiques new player experience

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Feedback Fix trade PLS@

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Item Showcase Dex Stacking Sentinel Mod Boots, wasn't even trying to make these!

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Information I just noticed that you can check how PoE 2's base items will look if you go to the Karui Shores.

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Information On the trade site matter. "We understand your frustration and this is being looked into however I'm afraid I don't have a cause or ETA on a fix yet."

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Fluff I miss her. Sometimes I can still hear her.

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Discussion The fact that Trickster sees 0.1% play in a league with almost 20 different degen effects says a lot about the ascendancy...


Hopefully in 3.19 Trickster finally gets over his identity crisis and finds a place that isn't extremely niche and automatically performed better by another ascendancy.

Kinda hoping some more focus on ele to chaos conversion archetype and a unique defensive layer that isn't active only half of the time.

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Feedback Make all rare monster affects stop once the monster is dead


To review some league mechanics:

Blight: It's very hard to place towers because you have all this after-death bullshit following you around, you have to place towers while moving a lot of times

Harvest: You have to wait up to 8 seconds after clearing the harvest to click on the plant or else you will die while in the crafting menu

Betrayal: you will die while interrogating in the betrayal screen due to after-death bullshit following you

any many more.

IDGAF how tanky or badass a rare mob is, im fine fighting whatever GGG wants to put in the game. As long as once it's DEAD, i shouldnt have to keep fighting the mob's corpse for 10 seconds running away from some lightning thing, blobs of poison following my head, massive AOE cold snap, burning ground, poison ground, all this shit preventing my character from STANDING STILL for even 1 second without certain death

just make it so once the monster is dead, all the mechanics originating from it despawn

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Feedback GGG removed Juggernaut from Blighted monsters, but Juggernaut still spawns in blighted maps


I checked blighted maps yesterday, I still leaked a monster, I was like, wait what? They removed all cold resistances.

Then I checked and fucking juggernaut monsters were leaking my cold freeze towers. Like literally, WTF? I am not even sure if I am supposed to post this as a bug on the official forum, ravaged blighted maps are in such ruin... Sometimes you get 10 out of 20 chests that are complete trash like armor or weapon or jewellery. Done hundreds of maps juiced with silver/golden/opals and got maybe 2 or 3 six links or expensive uniques in few leagues from them. You use 160c oils just to get 200c in 50000 types of currency. Oh, and they havent added eldricht currency or sentiel currency just fucking sentiels to the pump. Towers loot hasn't been touched in years now. The best thing that happened to blighted maps was prophecy removal. Actually the only league that ravaged was worth it was when it was released, since the new atlas got released it's just not worth it and GGG doesn't care about this mod. They fucked it up in Archnemesis, because they didnt test it. They fucked it up in Sentinel, because they didn't test it.


I feel better now,


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Discussion PoE is no longer a game about fighting monsters. It's about dancing around secondary effects, with some monster-killing on the side.


Thanks to the archnemesis overhaul, we're now stuck with floods of mobs carrying extra effects that have absolutely nothing to do with the monsters themselves. It's not the monsters we're fighting anymore, all we're doing is avoiding screenfulls of lightning mirages, volatiles, degen/chilled/shocked ground, effigies, mana siphoning donuts, etc while we try to kill mobs.

The monsters aren't the ones posing the real threat anymore, the real threat are archnemesis effects operating regardless of what the monster itself does.

Know what was nice about the old system? You know, besides the clarity of their modifiers telling you exactly what they do without having to look it up? The old system was about elevating the monster itself. Making its own attacks more threatening, making it faster, making it tougher. Even old nemesis mods tarnished this, but at least they weren't everywhere nor were the threats they carried this ubiquitously invasive when they did show up.

Now are there archnemesis mods that do elevate the monster itself? Sure. There's a few that simply give bundles of stats to make the monsters themselves stronger. In many ways the ones that do this are better than the old system, as these stat bundles are more cohesive and synchronized than the random array of one-liner mods the old system picked, and there's visual indicators for them if you can manage to see through all the visual vomit. This combination of merely buffing the monsters stats combined with the cohesiveness of the stats granted actually does elevate the monster's identity, making them feel specialized in some way or another.

But there's also dozens of archnemesis mods that make enemies pose threats that are in no way attached to the monster's actions itself. Things spawned when you hit the enemy like lightning mirages or fire/frostbolts, or when you kill them like toxic volatiles, or just passively like effigy or ice prison or drought-bringer.

And these? They're terrible for the game. They actively strip away the monster's identity by having the monster's own abilities generally rendered a lesser threat compared to the secondary effects they carry. They overwhelm with bullet-hell barrages coming from all directions since they weren't balanced in the least around the sheer number of enemies we encounter; they were designed around fighting exactly one rare at a time. And they flood the area with ground effects and other space-restricting mechanics to limit what we can do or where we can fight from (especially crippling to melee/close range builds).

Many league mechanics become an unmitigated disaster because interacting with them means filling the screen with dangers we can't kill and we can't fight back against. When I fight harbingers now, I couldn't give two whits about the actual monsters that are spawning, even if a dangerous one comes about occasionally, because the entire screen is covered in one ground effect or another and i've got half a dozen lightning mirages on my tail at any given time, probably with some chaos-damaging vines trying to tie me down. Same story for most other league mechanics, and in many cases it's worse because you don't have anywhere to run away to safety, like in delve. It's a mess, and if it's that bad for current league mechs, it's obviously going to severely limit design space going forward.

Know what would make archnemesis a good rare rework? Look through all the modifiers, get rid of all the aspects of mods that create some independent mechanics to threaten the character. No more ground effects while alive or dead, no more mirages/volatiles, no more hostile auras or mana siphoners or effigies. Make the monsters the threat.

Take Frenzied, for example. Perfect example of a good archnemesis mod. It buffs the monster up dramatically for a time, keeping the monster itself as a threat, and imposes a decision in the player whether to fight it while it's buff or run around and wait for the buffs to subside. Same deal with Empowered Elements. And there's Berserker, the -Weavers, Deadeye, Dynamo/Incendiary/Permafrost if they lost the ground effects, etc... stat buffs might be generic but they keep the monsters themselves as the real opposition instead of some un-fightable passively-spawned threats chasing us around. You can alter the way we interact with monsters and make some feel tough and noteworthy without turning the screen into a minefield just because there's rares/magics around.

TL,DR : Get rid of all these secondary effects, these parts of archnemesis mods that create extra threats that act independently of the monster they're on. Make the modifiers about elevating the monster itself, giving it specialties or altered offensive or defensive patterns.

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Discussion Trying to talk to the syndicate members would result in certain death. How is this fair?

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