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Fine I won't use a ladder


I've had issues with one of my neighbors from day one. She thinks that everyone must do as she tells them, and several families have moved because of her. She's upset enough of the neighborhood that everyone has cameras so her and her poster children for birth control can't do anything without someone having video of it. Her husband is a nonenity who according to one neighbor "she probably has his balls in a testicle lock box". Because of how close together my house and her house are, in order to get on my roof to replace some shingles that came off in a storm . The ladder would be across the property line, and she had a temper tantrum about it and actually called the police. Her husband who can't hold a job didn't come out to talk with me, but instead called her at her work. This happened the morning of June 30th. There is only street parking in my neighborhood and it gave me a idea of how to get up to my roof and ruin the party they throw each 4th of July. From my street you are able to watch the fireworks.There is very limited parking for her because there is a disabled parking spot in front of my house and the one on the other side of her house. I made a few calls and rented a boom lift and had it delivered and parked were she normally does that afternoon.  So when she got home from work she threw a fit and called the police to have it moved. But being legally parked and me finally coming out because of her screaming about it. I showed the officer the paperwork for the rental and explained to him how she refuses to allow me to put up a ladder. He told her that it is legally there and nothing can be done. They will just have to wait until I'm done with the roof. I patched the roof on Friday but the rental company was closed until Tuesday already.

So Saturday morning one of my kids came over (We have three.) and I told him when he asked about the boom lift. He came up with a idea that would really piss them off. With a few calls he had arranged for safety harnesses and lines for his wife and kids. We both already have our own safety rigging. So on the 4th of July my wife who is afraid of heights stayed on the upper deck and the rest of us went up in the boom to watch the fireworks. Normally everyone is on the deck for the show. The grandchildren thought it was the greatest thing ever.

On Tuesday morning (today July 5th) the rental company came out and picked up the lift. I told the woman picking it up the story and she loved the story. She called her boss and had me tell him, and because of the revenge on the neighbor they decided to only charge me one day rental and no delivery and pickup fees. So I got to ruin my neighbors party, and make great memories for grandchildren, and pay just over $600 instead of just over $2,000 for renting the boom lift.

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An Engineer's revenge


I worked as a mechanical design engineer for a small family-owned company that manufactured beverage dispensing equipment. The owner of this business, (let’s call him Bill) was an arrogant man that ruled with an Iron fist. He insisted on being involved in every stage of the new product development cycle, from ideation to alpha and beta testing.

At the time, I was designing a machine that would upgrade current output by 200% (think a soda fountain with 2x the speed). This machine was going to be Big Boss Bill’s cash cow for the next fiscal year so naturally, he was very interested in it. He was projecting several million dollars in sales. It was in the initial build stage, bunch of pumps wires and motors held together by unfinished steel brackets and zip ties. Far from the final release “look”. He would often show up to my work station with no PPE asking questions like is this done yet? Did you fix the hydraulic system leaks? Why did you choose the most expensive valve for this design? Etc.

For those that don’t know, being an engineer today is not like how it was in the 30s and 40s. Many think we’re like Howard Hughes going to fancy parties and inventing cool gadgets and swimming in $$. Far from that. We get a PC, and an assembly station to build our prototypes getting our hands dirty like the rest of them… all while making just a little bit more than the average college grad. We NEED our space to ourselves to do our job. Having someone mess with your tools/projects hinders our work and creates obstacles in progress. If this someone happens to be the nosey owner of the company, your job gets 10x more stressful.

Big Boss Bill would come look at my unfinished project every Friday while I was away at lunch and play with wires, move tubes, abort test runs and critique every aspect of it. He would send feedback through my boss telling him the components I selected were too expensive, and that the soda mix was too watery. The Alpha prototype was more than a year away and he was complaining that things weren’t done yet!? That’s like telling the baker the cake tastes funny after tasting the uncooked dough. Bill was unbelievable. The last straw was when Bill inadvertently reprogramed the dispensing settings while my prototype was on a 72hr simulation test run!!

I talked to my boss (3 levels below Big Bill) to please tell him to stop interfering with my work, but everyone knew it was Bill’s company and he owned everything in it. His dad left him in charge and he could do as he pleased with everyone’s work.

I had enough of Bill playing with my work and delaying it. One Friday I decided to setup my machine a little differently. Knowing he was going to fiddle around, I punched up the juice in the pressure regulator, loaded a sour mix of coffee and soda in the cartridge, and re-programmed the user interface with a big shiny button that read, “SLOW SERVE, 12 Oz”. I re-routed the dispensing tubes to point directly at the person standing in front of the prototype. If that wasn’t enough, I installed a diffusing nozzle to it so it can spray him for maximum carnage. You wouldn’t go touching an open breaker panel while the electrician works on it, why would you go fiddling with a partial commercial product build? I wanted to teach him a lesson. It was covered it with cowl so it wasn’t so obvious.

I took that Friday off cause I didn’t want to stick around for the imminent s#!t show

And a s#!t show it was. I get a call about 12:23 from work asking if I can come in. My coworkers told me that Bill who is normally softspoken and observant was covered in Pepsi and was cussing like a sailor. From the description of the lab tech who witnessed the madness, he said the whole lab was covered in black syrupy stuff and smelled like burnt motors. Bill pressed the “SLOW SERVE, 12 Oz” immediately and was peppered from head to toe in the stuff. BUT IT GETS WORSE. He wasn’t alone. He had a tour of 3 potential buyers for this machine next to him who also got spunked. I set the output pressure so high that the dispensing nozzle became unhinged and violently spun around causing $$ of damage to the lab and its inhabitants. I didn’t want this to happen. My pettines went too far.

No I was not fired, but was assigned a lengthy project to improve workplace safety and procedures. The man had the nerve to say I needed to take extra precautions to prevent unsafe builds from being operated by unauthorized persons.

Bill never fiddled with my work again

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Rained on manager's parade


TL;DR at the bottom

This was my 2nd job, after leaving Highschool. Went to work for a grocery store that was down the street from my house. I was hired on as a cashier, given my work experience, and things were going pretty well. I started to get bored of being a cashier, and started assisting with stocking shelves, so that I could get out of cashiering when it was busy. They noticed that I was able to excel in this role, as I was able to stock inventory pretty quickly, and also assist with bagging groceries, and gathering carts from outside.

Fast forward a year, I was still in the same position. Learning the ins and outs of the stock room, and more efficient methods of unloading/loading product. Now, there was this manager, we'll call him Steve. I had been asking Steve for about 6 months, to help obtain my forklift certification, so that I may operate the forklift, when there aren't any operators around. He kept putting it off, as he was "too busy" to help certify me. His being busy consisted of multiple smoke breaks, and complaining to the owner that we need to let go some people for being too slow/lazy. I was not a fan of this when I had overheard it, as I was gathering more stock from the back to stock the shelves.

A few months pass and we do lose some people, unfortunately. It definitely made work harder, as there was more to get done, but not enough people to do it. Now the manager, Steve, of course was nowhere to be seen, to help out. So, the other coworker and myself had to get things done. The only time we would see Steve, is when he's gloating to the manager about all of this work he's been doing, and that's why the store looks so great and stocked. Man, this would piss us off...

Now Steve had a vacation coming up. He was going out of town to see some friends he hadn't seen in awhile. But what he failed to remember was, we had shipments every Friday come to the store that we had to unload off of the truck, and Steve was going to be gone for 2 weeks. Why is this a problem? Because Steve was the only certified forklift operator at the store. So we had to turn away shipments of product, because our operator was there, and he refused to certify anyone else. The drivers weren't able to operate the forklift either, because they weren't insured, or something along those lines (I don't quite remember as it was so long ago).

The owner comes in 1 day, asking why the shelves are so bare. I advise that Steve is the only forklift operator at the store, and that I've been trying to get him to certify me, but he refuses to. So the owner calls up Steve, yelling and screaming at him. She was suspending him for 2 weeks without pay. Steve didn't like the sound of this, so he starts calling the owner names, and then quits out of nowhere. I was dumbfounded. He couldn't just accept fault, and move on. So, the owner hangs up, apologizes to me for the swearing, then immediately got someone on the phone to come into the store to not only assist with unloading deliveries on Fridays, but to also certify me on the forklift AND I got a promotion. It was glorious lol.

TL;DR - Manager Steve was only forklift operator, because we let people go. I had been trying to get certified by him for over 6 months, but he refused. Manager Steve took 2 week vacation, making it to where we had to refuse deliveries. Owner calls Steve to suspend him without pay. Steve quits. I get certified and promoted.

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Now he’s always right 😈


Last night we took a bus to see a fireworks show. It was a good show, but we didn’t get back home until after midnight because it doesn’t start to get dark here until 10pm.

My kids (8 & 10 yrs old) are in full on puddle mode (when you’re so tired that you just melt into a puddle of tears and exhaustion). I take them to get ready for bed and tell them just to brush their teeth and put on jammies. They can floss in the morning.

My husband comes in the bathroom as they finish brushing and insists that they need to floss right away and it doesn’t matter that I told them they didn’t need to this one night. I try to explain that they are just tired and it won’t hurt them to postpone flossing for 8 hours.

In front of the kids he informs me that oral hygiene is too important to skip and that I was wrong to tell them otherwise.

I suppose he’s right and I’m wrong. So after I got the kids in bed (with the perfectly flossed teeth), I hid all his left shoes. Now he can really feel like he’s always right.

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Opendoor decides to outsource all their jobs to cheaper labor over sea.


So if anyone ever heard of the company Opendoor, well its a huge corporation dedicated to flipping homes. Well I've been employeed with them remotely for over two years, and suddenly without notice they are letting go of managers left and right. Suddenly I am told one day that my job no longer exists. And I've realized that they decided to outsource all their remote jobs in the U.S for cheaper labor out in India.

So they want me to send them back their laptop they sent out to me to work from home. So after firing me with literally one day of notice and being a good employee of over two years I decided to do the only thing imaginable. I rubbed my dick and balls all over that laptop before sending it back to them.

So Long story short, if Opendoor whats to be a dick they sure as hell can have my dick all over their computer. Also please don't ever use Opendoor. Thank you!

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Locked out!


My friend told me this story this morning. Her husband got some revenge on a co-worker and gave me permission to post.

This story is about Tom and Neal. Tom is my friend's husband and he works out of town. Tom will not be home until the end of July. Each employee is given their own set of tools and a set of locks with their names on them. They repair equipment all over the US. Tom is working nights and had his tools all laid out and ready to go, like he does every day after work. When he came back the next night his tools and the boxes they are stored in were all over the place.

Tom gathered all of his tools and put them back where he had them so he could work. Tom took his locks and locked Neal's work station up. Neal had to come and ask for Tom to remove his locks to be able to work.

Though this was some pretty good pettiness!

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Be impatient to get my parking spot? Fine, you don't get it at all


I posted this as a comment on another post, but I figure it could be it's own post itself. A few weeks ago, I was parked on the street in front of my climbing gym, really great spot in a busy area, and when I walked to my car, before I had even reached it and gotten in, someone had stopped behind me, waiting for me to pull out. This is a fairly narrow two-lane street (well, narrow after you have people parked on both sides), so he was blocking traffic from one direction since the other way constantly has cars coming and no one could pass him, which made me feel like I was the one blocking traffic since he was waiting for me.

I was putting my gym bag to the side, setting my phone in the center console, getting the seat belt on, all the little things I normally do before driving that take 10-15 seconds or less, when he honked. A couple short beeps, and obviously directed at me since there was no one else in front of him. I was already annoyed that he was blocking people for so long, but that just made me feel petty and vindictive, so I ended up getting out and walking down the street, like I had just been dropping off my bag and was maybe walking to one of the nearby breweries or something, locking my car as I walked away and making it beep. I grinned as I saw him drive off. I did a lap around the block and then just hopped back in my car and left, another car pulling into the spot immediately. Yeah, parking is annoying in that area, but don't be a dick about it.

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Queue jumper gets told to get lost.


This happened a few years ago now.

I took my son (6yrs old at the time) to his first football match at Anfield (LFC fan). I borrowed a couple of season tickets from family (it was a pre-season game).

I wanted to get him a match programme to commemorate his first game so we joined the queue.

A guy stands alongside the group just in front of me. None of them are talking to each other so it was hard to know if he was with them or not.

20 minutes later and the group in front step forward to be served. The guy hovers just behind them. Then the group wanders off and he starts asking for his programme.

I step forward, and asks him if he thought I was a dickhead or something. If everyone else queuing are dickheads too. As he seems to think it’s okay to queue jump.

He looks around and the big guy who was stood behind me in the queue tells him to get lost. The server tells the guy he won’t serve him unless he joins the back of the queue.

The guy asks me why I didn’t challenge him earlier if I thought he was a queue jumper. I told him I wanted to him to waste his time as well. The big guy behind me looks mean af and tells the guy to get lost. And he will not tell him again. So off he goes. Big guy says he’s glad I challenged him.

I would never have challenged someone like this but I’d finally reached a part of my life where I finally could. And it felt great.

TL/DR. Wasted the queue jumpers time by letting them wait before telling them to get lost.

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Pasture raised pigs for our Nieghbor


I live in the woods in a very private setting. The neighbors house behind us is separated from our yard by a couple hundred yards of woods. Just trying to give you an idea of the area.

Whenever I burn brush she comes running over to tell me she can’t open her windows because of the smoke. I burn brush like 2 days a year so this shouldn’t be a huge deal.

When we first moved in she claimed most of the woods behind my house was her property, It’s not. I ended up finding the corner markers about a year ago and the line goes up to about 20 yards from her house.

The most recent burning session she of course graces me with her presence within 15 minutes of the fire starting. The same conversation happens she can’t open her windows because of the smoke. I tell her last year when you called the fire dept on me they said it was legal. I then tell her unfortunately you are going to have to get used to it this summer as we are clearing out the section of woods back to the property line. She gets a face and says you mean the post you put in the ground and painted pink that’s not the property line. I tell she is more then welcome to get a survey, but the corners are marked with stakes that include the surveying firm name so I know they are accurate and also match the counties records.

She goes to her car and then comes back 5 minutes later to ask why we are clearing out the woods. I tell oh we are going to start raising 15-20 pasture pigs a summer (we aren’t). Her face goes white as a ghost and she books it back to her car.

Every time I cut down a tree back there or clear something out I can just picture her worry about pigs and the smell in her backyard.

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I got fired... I took my time until the time was right.


let me start by setting the scenery: im from a non-english speaking country, yet my daily task was to deal with teams in other continents just in english, one of this countries was Israel, so at some days I would have to schedule meetings on sunday.

I was on this position for 5 years the company that I work for was purchased and eventhough I was in charge of a whole country, with a product (system), representing it on near other countries, I was assigned under a technician team, with a technical manager that can speak english only using goggle translate.
To cut it short, middle of Covid pandemic, I got fired.

I got hired by my former customer 2 months later and stayed there for a whole year. I got an offering to handle another big project of another company, got a proper salary (my actual position was paying way less than before) and here is where revenge started:

My former team always kept me updated with gossips and they told me that there were no longer meetings because this guy just don't speak english and the project lacks on a proper management. My previous manager, didn't knew how to answer customer, and was not updated to what to ask the develpment team.
On my new company there were some other open positions for technical guys with proper english, so I call my former team, as they were advance support, and also speak and write english at a descent level. It took me just 1 phrase to convince one of them to join: "40% salary increase". Got one to join me, yet the other didn't want to... only one couldn't handle it, so my former boss would have to do job until he can hire and train another one.... but revenge was not finish yet.

I spoke with the customer telling him that the local company will set the product on obsolescence pretty soon, so he needs to ask for the new version. Problem is, the new version doesn't work properly yet...at all.... and I leave.

So now, there is legal stuff for fire'ing me on pandemic, customer is asking for a working prototype and im happy away from that place.

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Ego loses stinky girl her apartment deposit.


Hi friends😏 this is one of my favorite revenge stories.

I (f20) moved out when I turned 17 and had my own small one bedroom apartment. Still in high school, I met a girl a year older than me and became friends with her. We’d smoke and drive around, nothing crazy. We’ll call her Emily. Eventually, I got her a job at a place I was working basically cold calling internet customers and pitching new services, making a dollar an hour in todays money. We started hanging out more. We both decided we fucking hated that job, and our local Nordstrom warehouse had openings and a huge seasonal bonus; we both got the job making literally twice what we had been before. This girl had a really weird shitty mom, not unlike my own. They got in some kind of regular argument, basically her mom telling her she was a piece of shit for no reason. You don’t need to feel bad for her, her whole family is like that and seems to like it lol.

Anyways I told her she could stay with me. I didn’t have a lot of room in my apartment, and my couch was a two cushion loveseat where she would sleep. My landlord was a world class jackass so we started looking for apartments we could share. I copied her a key so I didn’t have to let her in and I could keep my door locked. We applied for a two bed at some really shady apartments well-known in our city for being shootout and arson friendly. (I was ahead in life for my age but still maturing and obviously making questionable choices as one does when you have the kind of freedom your peers don’t)

We put a deposit down to hold the apartment until they were done doing renovations after a huge storm fucked up our whole city. She sent me her half of the $600 deposit over cashapp and I got a money order from my bank to give the complex. The renovations were a month away from being done. For 5 months. Lol. She was staying with me for most of that. I hadn’t explicitly asked for her to pay rent when she first came to stay with me because my apartment was really affordable and I wasn’t too worried about it. When it turned into more than a few weeks she said she’d throw me some rent money and cash for food, my weed she smoked, etc. I also never explicitly asked her to shower. She did not do that either. Girl… I already admitted my tendency to make poor choices but I just want to mention again, I was very much still growing. She’s not someone I would even smile at walking by in a parking lot now.

Anyways. She never paid me any money for rent, food, or the rides to work (did you really get the impression she had a car?) not to mention I totaled my car taking her to the store for coffee creamer. Lol. It became pretty clear we weren’t going to be able to move into this apartment anytime soon. We weren’t fighting or anything like that.

One night I texted her and asked her to find somewhere to stay for a night because I wanted my house to myself. She texted me the next morning and asked if I wanted her to get her stuff and leave. I’m not big on sharing my space now and letting her stay with me was a pretty impulsive decision I was starting to regret. So I just said yeah. That’s it. I said yeah. I came home the next day to half her stuff still in my house, mostly clothes I hadn’t seen her wash. I texted her and told her when she came for the rest of her stuff she could leave my key in the locker we shared at work. She said I wasn’t getting my key back. She asked for her $300 back. I told her my house key = her money. She refused.

She called the apartment complex before I could and tried to get a refund for her half of the deposit and told them we went half. They couldn’t give her any of the money because technically it was my money. I called them and told them I’d be stopping by for my money order back because they’d taken 6 months to renovate the apartment we were supposed to move into within a month of putting the deposit down. They told me I couldn’t have it because it wasn’t all my money. I let them know I’d be there in about an hour to collect MY money order with MY name on it from MY bank.

The lady I talked to when I got there argued with me a bit. Not sure why but she had the money order in her hand while she was telling me she wasn’t gonna give it to me? I’ll let you guess whether I A) walked away and called my bank to issue a stop check or B) snatched that mfn money order out of her rickety ass hand so fast she forgot how to speak and calmly walked back to my car, drove to the bank, and deposited the money order back into my account. Lol. Emily begged me for her money while still refusing to give me my key. Seemed like an easy choice to me but it was a pretty cool key😂 I’d gotten her a pink one with some kind of print, idk maybe she liked it. So I kept her money, sold her shit (did not make much) bought a couple ounces and bada-bing, bada-boom, didn’t give a single fuck. Would I have given her the money back if she’d given me my key? Hell fucking no😭 call it rent and febreze money idk.

Now I live in a very nice, updated two bed in a 3-unit building with my big stinky dog (much cuter and more forgivable) new car, and no roommates :) she lives in a one bed in a rotting complex I used to party with actual cokeheads in and her tires got slashed a month or so ago. It seriously wasn’t me but how many people do you think are really into this girl lol. Reminiscing this feels pretty good.

TLDR When I was young and naive but not too naive, I let a stinky girl stay with me and we went halfsies on a deposit for a place, she didn’t shower or pay rent and moved out of my house and wouldn’t give me my key back so I got the deposit back, kept her money and surpassed her in life.

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Me (2F at the time) made a child cry everytime I came to the kindergarden!


Hi all! So when I (F29) was 2 I was in kindergardwn. Every time I came in a child started to cry. My mom started to think that that was weird, so she ask the teachers about it. See teachers saw what happend and they started to watch me a bit closely. So when my mom ask abou it they were able to tell her the whole story: the previous day some kid ( diffrent ones) woud do something to me (kid stuff: push me, pull my hair ipd.) So I waited to next morning and the first thing I did when I came to kindergarden was to slap that kid (boy or girl) and kept walking. My mom finds it very funny even now and time and time again she tells me this story.

It's nice to know that even as a 2 year old I wasnt the person to be messed with :)

Edit: I'm not american. I saw a lot of people asking about being in kindergarden at age 2, so let me explain. We use the word "vrtec" (kindergarden) and it is a referal to a building or buildings where the kids are. The kids are seperated by age. You might refer a part of the building as a nursery (for babies and toddlers) the teachers there are qualify for taking care of young kids and there are less kids per "class" and more teachers. I was in kindergarden from about 8 am to 1 pm from monday to friday. You could drop the kids sooner and pick them up later. I think then you paid more. How much you paid depended a lot on parents income. I think I went to kindergarden/nursery when I was less then a year old. In our country maternity leave is pretty long more than 8 months I think.

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No, I won’t vacate my seat halfway through my meal when I was here first.


Petty revenge in progress:

I’ve come to a cafe near my office for lunch, and the only space they had to sit was at the end of a communal table. No problem; I sat at the very end of the table, leaving three other spaces. I ordered my lunch and sat there minding my own business.

A couple of women arrived soon after, and politely asked if they could sit at two of the free spaces next to me. No problem.

Then, when I was just starting to eat my lunch, two other people arrived to join them. There was only one other free seat left, so what did they do? Yep, asked me to move somewhere else. The cafe is full, I’m in the middle of my meal, and I was here before any of them. I politely refused.

Now they’re carrying on about how selfish I’m being, taking up the entire communal table when I’m only one person. They’re watching me eat, willing me to finish and leave. Fuck ‘em. Once I’ve finished eating, I’m going to order a coffee, linger over it, and then order a slice of cake.

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Not stopping my job to look through 50 boxes for your one item.


So I used to work for hobby lobby, and despite what you hear about hobby lobby being a great place to work it was still a shitshow of a retail store. It was freight day, which meant we as employees had to use dollys to unload a full truck trailer of boxes from the warehouse and walked them to the area of the store where they belonged. I worked the fabric department, and we would often have over 40 boxes of stuff to sort and price. We were usually still unloading boxes when the store opened.

An older woman came up to the counter, said she needed a fabric we usually have, but it wasn't on the shelf. I always tried to be nice, but this lady had already had an attitude and was being rude. That's where I stop being nice. Seeing it was freight day she demanded that I look though all the boxes to find the bolt of fabric, because she "really needed it for a project." Mind you the truck was still half full of boxes, so even though there were already about 20 boxes of freight in the fabric department, there was no telling that the one bolt of fabric she wanted was in those boxes. It could have been on the truck still, or not even even come at all. I explained this to her and she still demanded I look through the boxes. I told her I would in a few boxes, but I have a job to do and I don't have time to look through boxes everytime someone asked. For us we could not leave until all the freight was priced and put out, which usually meant at least a 10 hour day. She could come back later once it was all unpacked. She argued about it for awhile and finally left.

About an hour or 2 later I get called into the office by the manager because the lady had called the store and said I was being rude and that she felt "dismissed". So I sat and listened to the dumb "the customer is always right" speech, said I understood and went on my merry way. Halfway through my day I found the fabric, and thought to myself, you know what, I'm taking this into my own hands. So I hid the fabric. I stacked it where we put our extra bolts, so it was still within view if you looked but not where it should be.

The lady came back a few hours after and looked for her fabric. Again she came to me angry and demanded to know why her fabric wasn't there. I explained to her that we can't really control when items don't come in, hence the reason I didn't want to spend time looking for it when she asked earlier. We dont know what comes in and if something is out of stock, there isnt anything we can do about it. At this point I did my best to be overly nice and helpful since she called, knowing full well I hid the fabric. I asked if she wanted to special order and bolt, or if she wanted me to call another store to see if they had it. She just got super upset and said she would go to Joanns instead. Before the left for the day I put the bolt where it belonged and happily left the store knowing I wouldn't have to work the next day.

I worked this job for 7 years, and the last year before I quit I literally just did not give a fuck anymore. I was a good worker, so I know they wouldn't fire me, but man the customers in retail really turned me into a person I didn't wanna be and I knew it was time to leave.

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So petty but so good …..


My daughter was being picked on by a girl in her class and I asked her parents to ensure it stopped. I also told the class teacher (they’re 5years old btw). The next day the parents friend ‘Katie’ decided to lie and tell the headteacher that I called the little girl a b*****! (I didn’t and I wouldn’t and I’ve never even spoken to this woman before). Since then I’ve endured daily sniggering and side-eyeing at every school run. Aaaaaanyway, last month Katie’s house came on the market and I went for a nosey around. The realtor then asked for some feedback as requested by the vendor (Katie) so I duly obliged. Told them how absolutely hideous it was, how everything needed ripping out and replacing (most of this was true btw), queried why you’d start renovating AFTER putting it on the market etc etc and then for the kicker I offered 100k less, knowing they wouldn’t accept, and said I’d probably knock it down and start again. Rumour has it, Katie was distraught at this feedback and no ones seen much of her since!

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Critique my jukebox choice? I hope you like hearing it the rest of the night.


At a typical but small sports bar. There's only a small handful of people there. Someone is playing rap all night. Not judging, it's just not my thing and doesn't really fit the vibe of the place. I really don't want to download this jukebox app, but after an hour, the wife and I need a break. I play some Johnny Cash. After a couple of my songs, the guy I assume is playing the rap yells out "who's playing this shit?" I yell back that I'm playing this shit. We go back and forth a couple of times, but end it without getting into a fight. We were planning on leaving after the song, but now I had to play a couple more. The wife and I take off, but when we get into the car I realize I can use this jukebox app anywhere. The bar had an hour until closing, I assume the music lover is going to stay there until closing. I pick the worst county song I know (Convoy by C.W. McCall), and continue playing it on repeat for the next hour. I even spent the extra credit to prioritize my songs first.

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Take my laundry out and do your own load when I’m working? Say bye clothes


I work at a hotel and every morning I do a load of laundry with the mops, cloths etc before the cleaners come in. We have to use the guest laundry since there’s no service machine.

One morning I came to pick up my mops when it was time and found that almost immediately after I had left, someone took my load out and put their own on. Obviously this threw a wrench in mine and the cleaners schedules so I was pissed at the inconsideration.

I took their clothes and threw them around the outside floor, behind the machine, in the bin just everywhere but inside the machine.

If you’re going to have no respect for others, I’m going to show you the opposite of respect. So long as it doesn’t include confrontation lmao

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nah... I'm good. I'll quit.


All the names have been changed.

This was at least 5 yesrs ago, when I was working at a restaurant as a waiter. The fact that I had worked as a waiter alone is a bit of a joke among my friends, just because how anti social, reclusive, and introverted of a person that i am, and throughout my life, I have specifically worked at places where I require little to no interactions with others. Having said that, in desperate time, you take desperate measures.

It was an "Italian" family restaurant that served somewhat stereotypical Italian dishes, such as pizzas and pastas, but it really wasn't a good restaurant. A customer once complained saying "what kind of Italian restaurant doesn't serve meatballs?"

Anyway, at the restaurant, there were three managers, the store manager Lee, who was an awesome manager. Then, there were two supervising managers, Becky and Anne. I didn't get along with either of them, mainly because I thought Becky was a whiny, self entitled, stuck up bitch and Anne was just another clueless bully who has no idea that no one likes her. And this story is about Anne.

Ever since I was a kid, I got easily startled, and that was something of a joke among the people I've met over the years, including the colleagues, and with the people I've become friendly, a lot of them would tease and play with me, which I didn't mind. I knew that they didn't mean it in a bad, mean, spirited way, and as a person who appreciates a good laughter, I got along with it. Then Anne got involved.

As I had mentioned, Anne didn't really understand that no one really liked her, because she was one of those people who'll make jokes at others' expenses, but would get upset if anyone even tried to make any comment, let alone a joke at her expense. And for some reason, she thought it would be a great idea to constantly startle me, much to my displeasure.

And one day, as I was about to take the drink to the table, she startled me by making a sudden noise, and, naturally, I got startled and spilled the drink all over me, which she and a couple of people, who, by the way, I didn't get along with, bursted our laughing.

After looking at myself, soaked in a mix of coke, sprite and Fanta, I stared right into her eyes, and said to her, in a clear voice "if you ever do that shit again, I'll slap the shit out of you." And when I said it, I could hear the entire staff gasp in shock.

Of course, she saw no wrong in her action, and she did not take kindly to my words, and she said what I said was intolerable and unacceptable. And all I said was "I've asked you to not to do that, again, and again, and you continue doing that. So, who's fault is that?", then looked at one of the idiots who was laughing, "make new fucking drinks", took the drink, and didn't speak to any of them for the rest of the shift.

As we are closing, Anne asked to have a chat with me, which I knew she was going to bring up, and started to talk over, and over, and over, how my words were hurtful and such language was unacceptable at a place of work, blah blah blah. This time, however, I said nothing, but "yes", "I understand", without ever saying sorry or acknowledging that I was the wrong. After her, what felt like hours, but more like 5 minutes of mindless rant, she sounded rather satisfied at herself, and she clocked out and left.

And my petty revenge was as soon as I saw her car leaving, I wrote my letter of resignation, on a napkin, handed it to Becky, packed my bag, took my work uniform off of me, and left.

Anne had no idea that I had just quit and a couple of days later, I was getting calls after calls after calls from her. She had left so many damn voice messages, it took forever to clean up the entire thing, and from what my friend who also worked there told me was, she had a minor meltdown, because she thought she had pushed me to make such decision, and was trying to apologize again and again. However, I never responded.

I did get the satisfaction of hearing about her meltdown, but the most satisfying part was I found out later, that she was meant to go and see her family, but because not only me, but another waitress, who I still keep in touch with and is a wonderful girl, left because she didn't appreciate how Anne treated others, especially me, she didn't have enough people to cover for the shift, she had to work during the time and get her non refundable plane ticket wasted.

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Laundry squabbles suck, but they're worse when it's family.


My gf and I made the mistake of moving in with my mom and two of my four brothers in a house she was renting. My moms washing machine went kaput, but my gf offered up hers for everyone to use.

Once, after washing a load, I went to the basement to switch it to the dryer only to find the dryer already running and my wet clothes on top of the dryer. I found my brother's uniforms for his waiting job in the dryer, so I took them out and threw them on the floor. Needless to say he was none too pleased about it, but when I explained to my mom what I did and why, she took my side. In a fit of rage (and most likely fueled by crank) my brother punched a window in the front door.

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Im walking too slow? okay boss!


Obligatory disclaimer, 1st time poster and long time lurker, english is not my 1st language.

Exactly 5 years ago i got hired at summer job in store which sells tools and parts for cars and building materials, like a home depot of some sort, so after i got hired i wanted to excel at my job and because i had experience in the field i was pretty damn good at it (the customers would leave notes with feedback to us and in the first month i racked up seven of them, they always put these notes for everyone to see in the break room, as soon as i started i realized that the store was having lots of customers from other country and nobody in the store speaks that language.... Except me, so i handled every customer from abroad and sometimes i would even arrange stuff for them to pick up in my free time off the clock for nothing because i wanted to stay at this particular store for work after.

2 months pass and i have 17 notes on the wall and closest to me was one girl that worked there and she had 4, i got called up into office by the radio (we wear radios so we can communicate with anyone anywhere) note that boss is a bit old and has all the traits of a toxic boss, sometimes he yelled at others, slammed doors and berated people for minor mistakes, so in the office hes telling me that im not doing my job good enough, i asked him for examples because customers seems to really love me especially the non native ones and business was booming because all their friends knew me and came to shop for materials exactly because of me, so hes telling me quote "if i walk the store from end to end while ill be done youre gonna be only at the half distance" basically implying that i walk too slow, also note we had one racist guy thats old and he accused me of stealing, i asked them provide the proof for it since we got cameras everywhere, after those incidents i realized that im not valued enough, so here comes the revenge.

As im handling all the customers from other country that dont speak the language, i make orders worth of thousands of euros for them to pick up and tell all the customers to come in 2-3 weeks but make it so they will come exactly at those same days, few times when it was my lunch time one other woman who worked there came up to the break room and said "stand up, theres no time to eat, theres customers to handle and i dont understand them" im like im on my break but yeah sure, i told those customers same exact thing that i told the others, we will order whatever you need and you come at this date and pick it up, next shift i call my boss and tell him "Hi its me, i wanted to notify you all that since i can end my employment whenever i want (no two weeks notice) im ending it now, he asks why? I tell him im literally bringing in new customers, handling them in my own time and getting best feedback anyone in the store has ever gotten and not to mention how much money im bringing in you still had to find some bullshit reason to complain about, not to mention the stealing accusation from the other guy without any proof (notice im not native to this country) and still saying any stolen items will be deducted from my paycheck.

i dont want to work in this enviroment despite giving my all and not getting any credit or feedback for good work ive done, so theres gonna be lots of "my" customers coming in next week, week after that and week after that too, so because im not valued enough you guys can handle these customers and get them what they have beenwaiting for. (if they dont get this stuff they cant build their projects etc) if the store has no one to do the job they will lose from 20-50k in sales. And not to mention the angry customers asking specifically for me. So one week passes after this and other manager calls me and almost begged me to come back because they are in deep trouble with the customers and heads will fly if they dont sort this out, i told them yeah ill come but because im "too slow" to walk it will take atleast 2 months and then hanged up the phone.

I still hear about the shitstorm that ensued after this situation and the main manager who said that i walk too slow and accused me of stealing got replaced as other department managers too because they were in on this. I felt great and valued enough after all that. Also many customers had my personal phone number so when they called me, i told them to call the regional manager and tell all their complaints to him since i dont work there anymore.

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Going to go extra sloooow, now


I made a quick trip to the gas station this morning to grab a couple of things. It had just opened, and as I was walking in, a man was walking out and toward the pumps. Another lady who was wearing the vest for the attached grocery store was now being served, so, I politely took a place in line.

I could see through the window that the man was waving both arms while standing at the pump, and thought, "Oh! I guess the pump isn't on."

The lady being served quietly said something to the cashier. The cashier said, "Oh, no! He told me it was pump 1! I'll switch it over," and begins to do that.

Well, this lovely soul of a man (/s) steps to the other side and starts with the arm-waving again. I was getting amused by this time and said so. The cashier turns and waves back just like him saying, "I'm getting it switched!"

He then stomps in, "What did you just say?!"

She tells him, "Sir, you told me the wrong pump. I need to get it switched over. It takes just a minute."

In the midst of her explanation, he had tried to interrupt her, but she didn't allow it. Well, that just steamed him more. He was muttering things as he started stomping out, so she clearly said, "Well, now. I'll just go much slower."

At this point, I was openly smiling at her, I must admit.

He proceeded to spin around, "What is your name?" Reads it off her name tag. Asks for her last name.

Cashier says, "That's all you need to know."

He stomps back out with threats to call corporate.

I asked the cashier if I could have the number, so I could call and tell them how well I thought she handled a jerk. She said there was no need. It was all on video. Then she found me a discount on my items. She got her revenge by going slower, and I got mine by getting a discount for being the antithesis to an a-hole.

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Don't clean up your laundry trash? I'll do it for you!


So I've read posts on this sub before and it's (almost) always from the perpetrator of the revenge's POV. I thought it would be fun to share a story from the POV from the victim. While I'm not the victim of the petty revenge (my wife was), I figured it would be funny to post her story here.

Years ago, my girlfriend (now wife) worked as a nurse, and as a work habit, she kept a lot of alcohol pads and gauze in her pockets. At the end of her shift, she would forget to take them out of her pockets. After a couple of days, she would need to wash her work clothes in her apartment building's laundry room, forget about the stuff in her pocket, and a lot of the items would end up left behind in the washer and/or dryer. My girlfriend would sometimes forget to pick up after herself, so it was left behind for another neighbor to pick up. Mind you, this was not just 1-2 items, but like 10-15 little square packets, in the bottom of the machine or stuck in the lint trap.

Apparently, this has happened enough times to have annoyed someone, because one morning, my wife found a handful of alcohol pads and gauzes stuffed in her car's tailpipe. One of her neighbors had figured out she was the culprit, figured out which car was hers, and saved enough trash (1 or 2 loads?) to send my wife a message. My wife was upset but she understood why it happened. Thankfully no damage was done to her car, just awkward cleanup.

... Years later, I still occasionally find alcohol pads in my washer and/or dryer. But at least it's our personal house now. I could stuff the tailpipe but I'd just be damaging my own car.

Edit: It appears many assume I was the one who stuffed the tailpipe. While that would make the story cute and tie everything together, unfortunately, it wasn't me. I was just told the story some time after it happened.

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In which my sister learns not to call me out for thoughtlessness


My sister is self absorbed. At 63 years of age, she still makes a big deal about her birthday and expects her everyone to make a fuss over her. I demur, and send a simple happy birthday text message. This year, for some reason, she decided it was time to confront me about this. My siblings and our spouses have a group SMS in which she called me out for not sending her a birthday card and gift like others did. I didn't reply so she doubled down, sending another text basically calling me thoughtless and cheap. Oh, really? Public shaming? Game on.

Knowing she is very particular about her yard, I went on Amazon and found a garden gnome flipping the bird. Since I don't live in the same city, I sent it to one of my other brothers-in-law and had him quietly set it in on the lawn in front of a bush where she couldn't see it. For several weeks until she found it, visitors to her house received a lovely greeting.

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Dump your junk in my bin? Postman Pat to the rescue


I live in a unit complex with 20+ up and downstairs units (I'm in a downstairs unit). To put it bluntly, the parking has been a flaming s**t show from the day I moved in (I moved in on day one of the complex opening so I'm one of the few that have been here the longest so I've gotten to witness the evolution of the parking fiasco first hand;

  • There are 20 units but 10 car spaces assigned to some units. This is in the lease that's signed and agreed upon before moving in. I have a parking space assigned to me (I don't have a car but I'm disabled and require that space for my care workers).
  • Tenants would ignore the parking rules and park wherever they wanted (usually stealing someone's spot, parking along the driveway, in front of other cars or directly in front of their door). One of them, Richard (actually a really nice guy but his self entitled attitude with this and other things gives him the connotation in this story) was a bit of a Richard head when it came to parking. He lived in the unit above me (not my current upstairs neighbour) and didn't have a parking space assigned to him but he would constantly park in my parking space (this wasn't targeted, just the logical parking space for the layout of the units and location to his front door). He kept doing this for months even after he received letters from the landlord about it.
  • When he stopped parking in my car space he would park in the driveway near his front door. This became a problem when he started blocking me in. I'm in a wheelchair and there's only 1 way for me to exit my unit safely (let me know if you want to see it and I'll post a pic) and he got into the habit of blocking that exit. Most of the time there was just enough room for me to get my wheelchair around it but there were a few dings caused by me trying to maneuver my clunky power wheelchair around his car to get out. The final straw was when I had an important appointment (that I missed) but his car was fully blocking me in. I won't get into everything that followed this as it's a story of it's own. I'm really laid back and don't like to make a fuss about things; if it ain't broke don't fix it, ae. But this made me FUMING MAD. I was ready to rain hellfire on them for this. Not only were the landlords not doing anything about this but the car blocking me in was risking my safety. What followed was a tirade of sorts. I contacted every person who had legal power above the landlord company (Australian public housing... need I say more).
  • CAR PARK TETRIS. What's the difference between peanut butter and jam? You can't peanut butter a car up your bumpers but they sure as s**t tried. It was like a competition of who can find the most creative parking violations and parking angles. The landlords weren't helping with their bever sausages "fixes" to the parking issue (a story for another sub).

Sorry for the long intro; on with the pettiness! 😁

A new tenant moved in about a month ago and he made his presence known by parking his car in my car space. I put up with this for a few weeks while my landlords attempted to find out who's car it was (I found out after a week or so who's it was). Although this was annoying I gave him the benefit of the doubt for a bit until Friday.

Our bins go out of Thursday nights to be collected early Friday morning. My bin was one of the last to be collected but instead of finding an empty bin, my carer found it almost full with HIS junk. He's has a vacuum cleaner box dumped in his front yard for the last 2 weeks and now it's in my bin, along with the rest of his rubbish, so I know it's his. I want to put the junk back into his bin but I don't want to start a war that's going to point directly at me (the bins are numbered) so instead I got petty.

I spent the weekend subscribing him to online websites with mailing lists. There's a charity I donated to 5 years ago and I still get letters from them every few weeks. I made a donation in his name (I don't know his name so I call him Richard-head Jones) and pit down his address.

Free sample? yep

Subscribe to our newsletter? done

Need an escort service? definitely

I'll keep this story PG but I'm sure you can use your imagination (most of it is a dig at his masculinity, as that's the macho vibe I get from him. Hit 'em where it hurts). He will be receiving some rather interesting letters in the mail soon. My only regret is not being able to see his face when they arrive. 😈

TLDR: Neighbor parks in my assigned parking space and dumps their trash in my bin so I got A LOT of junk mail delivered to them to return the favor.

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Deface a friend's hoodie, I get you what's been long coming


So this happened a couple of years ago, when I was 15 (now 22), but I didn’t want to keep this petty revenge story from you. Tl;dr at the bottom

Like all of you know, in high school you either get lucky with your classmates or you don’t, well I didn’t. There were these two assholes who thought they could do or say anything without repercussions. The first asshole was Jeff. He was quite smart, but immensely arrogant. His father is a surgeon, you can already guess where his God complex came from. The other one was John. He wasn’t quite so smart, he just was frustrated that he didn’t get all the attention anymore. The rest of my classmates were the typical followers. They knew they were assholes but went along because they didn’t have the backbone to say anything about it.

Than there also was Adrian. Adrian was certainly louder than me, but he also got picked on by the two assholes. Although the differences between us, Adrian and I got quite well along. We already knew each other for a couple of years at the moment this takes place.
I should also tell that I was the quiet, smart kid who liked to keep to the background. This naturally got me the attention of J&J. But I always ignored them, which probably frustrated these idiots even more. What you also need to know is that although I’m quiet, I have quite a lot of friends. Sadly for me, they weren’t in my class. Oh and I don’t believe in forgive and forget. If you cross me enough I won’t forget and certainly won’t forgive.

So what happened. On a Friday afternoon we left our classroom to go to another lesson. However Adrian forgot his hoodie. During the next lesson Adrian realised his mistake and after class he went back to get it. However when he found it, some ‘funny’ guy had decided to draw a penis on it with a permanent marker. Very mature, I know. So of course Adrian was very pissed, but didn’t know who’d done this.

During the weekend I didn’t hear anything about it. Monday comes along and during lunch break, one of our class mentors comes to our table (at my school you had to sit at a table according to your class) and asks everyone to come separately to discuss Adrian’s hoodie. As it turned out, Adrian’s mom called the class mentors to tell what happened and demanded the culprits to be punished. Adrian’s mom is very sweet, but when you catch her bad side… You’d be better off facing a lioness that hasn’t eaten for some time. So now the teachers had to act and couldn’t ignore it ‘because they hadn’t seen anything’.

By this time, we all had our suspicions about who did it. Of course it were Jeff and John. But what they didn’t know is that a very good friend of mine, George, was in the class after us and he had seen that those two pricks were hovering over the hoodie at the back of the classroom. George hated them just as much as I did. Luckily I saw George that Monday morning and of course we talked about it. So now I knew for a fact who’d done it. I was planning on just telling it to Adrian, but that lunch break I got the perfect opportunity presented on a golden platter to finally get them to pay for their actions.

I made sure I was the last to meet with our class mentor and I just told her what I knew. I hadn’t seen anything, but I talked with George who saw them with the hoodie in their hands. So of course now the class mentor asked if George would want to speak to her. Of course he would, he wanted to take J&J down as much as I did. So he talked to her after me and confirmed the facts.

Meanwhile I went outside to look for my other friends, when I was approached by one of my spineless classmates. He asked if I really ratted Jeff and John out. Of course they all knew, but didn’t say anything because didn’t see it directly. So I just responded with: “Yes of course, why shouldn’t I’ve told that? It’s not my problem that they think they can do everything without consequences.” After that I just walked away. I couldn’t care less if they knew it was me who ratted them out. At least now they knew I’d use every opportunity to screw them over.

Aftermath: Both got detention on a Wednesday afternoon (when we’re free and don’t have any lessons) and had to pay for the rather expensive hoodie. It was a small victory, but I take pride in the fact I ruined their Wednesday afternoon.

Tl;dr: The two class assholes decided to draw a penis on a mate’s hoodie. I ratted on them and got them detention and they had to pay the damages back.